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					Mesopotamia-The Land Between the Rivers
Presentation Project
Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Presenting the Cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia

   •   Overview
       PowerPoint Presentations provide an engaging method for collecting,
       summarizing, and organizing information. This Project Based activity
       integrates technology with the Social Studies Curriculum. Presentations
       may be used for student projects to demonstrate understanding of
       curriculum in a wide variety of disciplines.

       Creating PowerPoint Presentations give students a chance to be engaged
       and creatively involved in their learning. Motivated by the allure of
       computers, students’ focus and involvement increases.

       Students may work in teams or as individuals to complete this project.

   •   Grade level- 6th Grade

   •   California State Standards addressed
       6.2 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and
       social structures of the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and

   •   NET-S Standards addressed
       3.0   Technology productivity tools
                ß Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase
                   productivity, and promote creativity.
                ß Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing
                   technology-enhanced models, prepare publications, and
                   produce other creative works.
IMPORTANT: Before starting this project, all students should have an
accessible folder dedicated to this project either on an individual
computer or a server.

Guide for designing a non-linear PowerPoint presentation
     A.   Creating Backgrounds
     B.   Inserting Pictures
     C.   Inserting Text Boxes
     D.   Creating Hyperlinks
     E.   Creating the Presentation

  Launch PowerPoint and begin with a Blank Document

  Many versions of PowerPoint are used in schools. There may be some slight
  variation in the presentation of menus and options. The techniques remain consistent.
  The key is to read the screen and explore.
A. Create Backgrounds
   1. Right click on background for options> Slide Background

                                                            Move to
                                                            Slide Background
                                                            and let go

       Click Here     Then try these
1. Get creative. Read the screen and explore the Fill Effects.

                                                           Check out the Tabs

                                                            Try the controls

For initial attempts, it helps to keep it simple.
B. Insert Pictures
     Before inserting pictures, you need pictures to insert.
     Many pictures can be saved to your folder from the
     Internet. A Google Image search can be fruitful.
     PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to set the preferences for Google
     Images to the "strict filtering " setting.

                                                                 Right Click on the
                                                                 picture for options

Add pictures to your slide two ways:
1. You can Copy and Paste a picture directly from the Internet
2. Insert Picture from file

3. Drag picture to desired position
                 4. Add and arrange pictures to create the desired effect

Right Click on
picture for options

                 5. For this presentation, import, size, and place 5 pictures along a
                    map of the Ancient Mesopotamian region. Pictures represent
                    specific cultural aspects. Examples: Government, Religion,
                    Technology, Writing, Architecture, Jobs, and Trade.
C. Insert Text Boxes
   Titles and captions are created with Text Boxes

   1. Use Insert > Text Box

2. Design titles and captions with text tools, then place.


      D. Create Hyperlinks
           Connecting slides to make an interactive presentation

             1. Insert 5 new Slides. Insert > New Slide

             2. Select a captioned picture on the first slide to use as a link to
             another slide. Right Click on the picture > Choose Action Setting

Right Click on
picture for options
                 3. Select Hyperlink to: , view options, choose Slide

        1. Select Hyperlink to:

                                                     2. Click triangles to view options

                                                                       3. Choose Slide

                 4. Select slide to be linked to the chosen picture. When showing
                    Presentation, click on the picture to display the chosen slide.

1. Choose Slide number
  (slides may be named)

                                                                     2. Click OK
  E. Creating the Presentation
      Putting research, design, and technology together

        1. Design and create the first slide with Hyperlinks from
           captioned pictures to each of the remaining five slides.
              a. Background
              b. Map
              c. Title
              d. Five captioned pictures Hyperlinked to other slides




                         Hyperlinked Pictures
                            with captions
              2. Using the techniques from Parts A-D, create Slides to
                 illustrate the cultural aspects of Ancient Mesopotamia.

                  * Provide a Hyperlink that returns to the first Slide

                                                                                Text Boxes
            Example: GOVERNMENT SLIDE

* Picture with Hyperlink to first Slide                            Picture from File

                                          Text Box
Required for running a non-linear presentation
Before running the PowerPoint presentation, you must disable the
mouse click slide advance feature

Slide Show > Slide Transition > Disable On mouse click

                                                    On mouse click
                                                    box is not checked

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