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									ideazfirst    Innovative Ideas.
consulting    Better Business.

Brand & Marketing Consultants
                     Media Planning
advertising          Print advertisements

Brand management                             ideazfirst
Market Research & marketing                 consulting
planning & execution

  ideazfirst       Brand specific corporate &
  EVENTS           sales promotional events
                   Social / Cultural Events

July 11             Ideazfirst Consulting                 2
            ideazfirst                  Analyse website and suggest
     Website Usability Audit            improvements based on AC/AD

   Press releases &                                          ideazfirst
   Press conferences                                       public-relations

                                                 One-to one Marketing
          ideazfirst                             initiatives based on Customer
Customer Relationship Management                 likes and dislikes

       July 11                     Ideazfirst Consulting                         3
                            ideazfirst advertising
    Compelling. Distinctive. Unconventional. Advertising ideas that works.
   We manage development and implementation of distinctive and
    compelling advertising, develop and implement advertising strategy,
    facilitate the execution of smart and differentiating communications
   We work hand in hand with your branding & marketing team to design
    corporate logos, brand symbols, taglines, which reflect the brand values.
   We help the local brands give that international even global stature by
    creating strategic international advertising in English. We make ads “feel
    Indian” and that travel between cultures.

       July 11                   Ideazfirst Consulting                       4
                         ideazfirst consulting

industry insight
   We assess the current and future health of business
    categories YOU are engaged in.
   The potential of your growth in such business categories
   Identification of the current status of your brands in their
    existing markets and their opportunities for growth
   Opportunities for growth of your brands in new markets
   Find strategic business partners for a win-win marketing
    alliance and bring business synergies.

    July 11                Ideazfirst Consulting               5
                          consulting areas
marketing planning & execution

   To identify the strategic marketing initiatives we conduct a
   marketing audit (MA). This audit helps in devising long
   term strategic objectives. The various modules of MA are
   value audit, economic environment audit, competitor audit,
   end user audit and so on…

  July 11                   Ideazfirst Consulting            6
                         marketing planning
                        & execution (Contd…)
partners’ in progress
Understanding the
    financial,
    technical,
    infrastructural,
    manpower

     capabilities of the clients’ company, and identification of
     the gaps that will need to be filled to achieve the corporate

     July 11                Ideazfirst Consulting               7
                         marketing planning
                        & execution (Contd…)
start to finish accountability
   Devising sales and marketing strategy for
    achievement of quarterly and annual targets

   Enhancement of long-term brand values, market

   Appreciation of need for turnover growth, profit
    growth, EPS growth, and share price growth.
    July 11                      Ideazfirst Consulting   8
                      marketing planning
                     & execution (Contd…)

process deployment
    Identification of new products/ categories/ markets/
     businesses for future exploitation. New product launch
     would involve press releases and media conferences.

    Designing and executing Customer Relationship
     Management (CRM) programs, i.e. clubs, benefit
     schemes, newsletters etc.

    July 11               Ideazfirst Consulting               9
               customer relationship management

    Managing & filtering client databases & sending direct
     mailers to the target audience.
    Creation & management of a discussion board or
     electronic group.
    Presentation CDs for the corporate clients.
    Conceptualizing and developing custom CRM software
     solutions & websites for maintenance of customer

    July 11               Ideazfirst Consulting               10
                         event management
We specialize in brand specific corporate & sales
promotional events, social and cultural events.
Following are some of the categories of events we
manage: -
   Business and press conferences
   Road shows & Product launches
   Incentive Programmes and Themed Events
   Participation in melas & fairs
   Music concerts, Fashion shows & Live shows
   Any other brand centric BTL activity
    July 11                 Ideazfirst Consulting   11
                  event management (contd.)
Below are the event management services broadly
categorized in chronological order : -
   Venue finding
   Venue assessment and negotiation
   Theme development and application
   Collateral design and production
   Delegate contact management
   Registration and On-site management
   Branded merchandise provision
   Budgetary control
   Post-event analysis and reporting.
    July 11              Ideazfirst Consulting    12
                   past events
   85 Lansdowne – We managed the launch of Jamini Alhuwalia costume
    jewellery exhibition at 85 Lansdowne by inviting Ms. Sharbari Datta,
    renowned Kolkata based designer in association with Communications
   Ginger - Football Frenzy Launch – We managed the launch of Ginger -
    FIFA World Cup 2006 special menu by inviting Mr. Chuni Goswami,
    Former Captain of Indian Football Team and ex-sheriff of Kolkata & Mr.
    P.K. Banerjee, “Indian Footballer of the Millennium” in association with
    Communications 2.0.
   Office Linc – stationery and office supplies store launch in association
    with Communications 2.0. A one act play with a theme relevant to the
    store products was scripted and played for the press and other guests.
         July 11                   Ideazfirst Consulting                   13
     Past events (contd..)
   Inauguration of Kolkata Data Centre of UCO Bank at their Head office 2
    at Saltlake. This event also marked the launch of their CBS operation
    which was implemented by HP.
   Hewlett Packard press conferences announcing the implementation of
    Finacle (Core Banking Solutions) from Infosys at UCO Bank and UBI
    Bank, in association with Genesis BM. Both the events were held at
    Bengal Chamber of Commerce.
   Hewlett Packard press conference announcing the strategic tie-ups with
    Jadavpur University in association with Genesis BM.

       July 11                  Ideazfirst Consulting                  14
     Past events (contd..)
   Screening of “Bin Laden’s spy in America” at Crossword, Kolkata on
    behalf of National Geographic Channel. This was in remembrance
    of completion of five years of the 9/11 blasts.
   We managed Fashion Show to showcase the Autumn Collection
    launch for United Colors of Benetton in association with Genesis
    BM at the Oberoi Grand. This also marked the first visit to Kolkata
    by Mr. Luciano Benetton, the Chairman of Benetton Group and
    announcing their expansion plans in Eastern part of India.
   Dealers’ meet for Abdos Chemicals to launch the TAO detergent
    sachet and sales target fixing at Peerless Inn - Kolkata.

        July 11                  Ideazfirst Consulting                    15
     Past events (contd..)
   Managed the birthday bash with gifts and discount offers for
    Wonderland, Park Street toy store.
   Christmas Carnival at Swabhumi, Kolkata in association with 107.8
    Power FM and Swabhumi.
   Pokemon Party targeting children of 10-15 age group at Landmark,
    Emami Market, Kolkata.
   Rajasthani Gaming Festival with traditional games like Gulli-Danda,
    Teer-Dhanush, Ludo etc at Aangan – vegetarian restaurant at
    Swabhumi in association with 93.5 Red FM

        July 11                  Ideazfirst Consulting                    16
     Promotional activities
   In-shop promotions for HLL Lux Body Wash where we promoted the
    product by recruiting female beauty advisors, at 40 retail outlets (U2 &
    MT) in Kolkata for a period of three months.
   Van promotion for Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management, where a
    branded Maruti Omni visited all the HS schools and colleges, and
    distributed brochures containing the course details.
   Godrej Sara Lee Ambipur car perfume sales promotion activity at Bharat
    Petroleum outlets where our promoters approached cars and sold the
    starter kits and refill packs with a special offer from Pepsi for one month.
   Sampling & sales promotion of TAO Detergent powder by participating in
    Rath Mela at Medinipur & Srirampur, West Bengal for Abdos Chemicals
    – a FMCG company.
        July 11                 Ideazfirst Consulting                  17
     ideazfirst public-relations
    Positive publicity through press releases and other media
     related activities covering business & trade publications,
     regional publications, television, radio and online media.

    We work closely with freelance PR consultants as well as
     PR agencies depending on the client’s requirements and
     the budgets.

    July 11               Ideazfirst Consulting             18
             Website Usability Audit

We work on the basic premise of AC / AD i.e. Authentic
Content & Attractive Design for any website to set itself apart
from millions of websites on the Internet. The best websites in
the world are best because they have authentic and well-
researched content with attractive layout and design.

   July 11                Ideazfirst Consulting              19
                     our valued clients (B2B)
   Ginni Systems Limited - An Oracle Partner specializing in ERP &
    CRM solutions
   Abdos Chemicals - A FMCG company manufacturing in detergent
    powders and cakes
   Bausch & Lomb Eyecare (I) Pvt Ltd – The largest contact lens &
    contact lens solutions manufacturer.
   Minisoft Technologies (P) Ltd – An IBM, Cisco & APC partner
    specializing in networking & power protection systems.
   Swastika Industries – Commercial burner manufacturing company in
    association with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).
   Hewlett Packard – The largest computer hardware and services
    provider in the world.

        July 11               Ideazfirst Consulting               20
    our valued clients (B2C)

   Hindustan Lever Limited – The largest FMCG company in
   Godrej Sara Lee – Manufacturer of the best selling brand of
    car perfumes – Ambipur.
   Club Mahindra Holidays – Mahindra Group company offering
    holiday resorts with a lifetime membership options.
   Business Development Services (P) Ltd – A personal
    finance management solutions company with strategic alliance
    with B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre.
   Sumangalam Industries – An FMCG company manufacturing
    moth repellants, air freshners & napthalene balls.
      July 11               Ideazfirst Consulting                  21
                    our valued clients (B2C)
   Benetton India (P) Ltd – One of the largest fashion-wear chain
   Aquatica Water Park – Theme water park in Kolkata promoted by
    Vishal Garments.
   Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd – Largest manufacturers of pens and
    stationery products.
   Landmark, Emami Market – A large departmental store with books,
    toys, music & stationery items.
   Club Bites – A chain of restaurants with strategic alliance with
    Hindustan Petroleum (HP).
   Springboard Study Home – An IIT/JEE classroom coaching centre

        July 11                 Ideazfirst Consulting                  22
Our Team
    Our team has more than thirty man years of consolidated
    work experience in events management and marketing
    Rajesh Kishanpuria – Chief Strategist – MBA – Marketing.
    Ruchi Kishanpuria – Chief Operations Officer – MBA – Finance.
    Ronak Agarwal – Account Manager.
    Pawan Gurnani – Account Manager.
    Pawan Mitra – Creative Director.
    Sankhabrata Kar – Creative Visualizer.
    Jeet – Events & Promotions Co-ordinator.

    July 11                 Ideazfirst Consulting                    23
                         thank you

                                       Please contact us at -
9, Old China Bazaar Street, R.No. 36, Kolkata – 700 001. (033) 2242-1867
        60B, Dhan Devi Khanna Road, Kolkata – 700 054 (033) 2364-9601

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