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PowerPoint Presentation - Mixed Reality Lab


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									                                      Doc. Ver1.0

       I want to ~

About the With       you.

                                   Aug, 2007

                            Yongsoon Choi
                                MXR Lab, NUS
Human beings…
                                                  Always want to communicate with others..
                                                  • Our ancestor have left many good heritages, wall painting , papers and a
                                                  hieroglyphics to send and share their messages.

                                                  • Nowadays Owing to the development of technology, email, mobile phone,
                                                  on Screen Chatting system and so on, these New media can communicate
                                                  with others easily.

                                                     Do You Remember ‘Willson’ who is friend of Tom
                                                            Hanks in the Movie ‘cast away’?
                                                              => We cannot live alone.

    As times go by, Types of Media are changed,
  But Basic Human beings needs are not Changed.

       “ i want to be connected with you.”

Human Being’s Communication
                                                                Is not only Text and Speech.
                                                                • When We observing the people’s communication. We can know the human
                                                                being’s communication did not consist of only text and words.

                                                                • Facial expression, body gesture, touch, and so on, sometimes these things
                                                                explains more information of one’s real and initial information and Feelings.

                                                                       What do you feel to see the below image?

Trough the Facial Expression, Hand Gestures, Touch, and so on

       “ Sometimes these things explains more….”

Research Topic & I Think…
                                                               Interaction Design is Love                !
                                                               • This is My Interaction design Philosophy.
                                                               • Technology is very important but the most important thing is the human who use,
                                                               wear, play …these technology.

                                 Touch              See
I want to               walk
                                                               So, Technology have to think of User and forward to
                                                               Human being. So It’s important to understand the user
                                                               behaviors and their needs.
               Dance                                           My research Topic and Interest is
                                               Run             • Interaction with others using smart objects to express owner’s feeling and info..
                                                               • Find their needs and design the Usage patterns and make the new concept design
                                                               and service development.
                                                               • Via User Research and Observation, designing the interface and service more
                                                               easy, natural, comfortable, interesting. Lovely…

            Sleep                Kiss        Feel
My Research topic is Interaction with user and others people
   using the smart object with . So my research Topic is

                        “with you.”

My Interaction View Point
                                                              I Have 3 Interactions View Point with smart Clothes …
                                                              • Focusing on types of clothes, when interaction relationships are classified
                                                              through the case analysis of wearable computing concept design and smart

                                                              • First, interactive relationship between wearer and smart clothes,
                                                              • Second, interactive relationship is between smart clothe and smart object,
                                                              • Third, interactive relationship is between the smart cloth wearer and
                                                              surrounding people who observe the clothes.

                                                             When we observe the people. We can see the many
                                                                interaction Cases Using the apparel types.

 My Interesting Interaction relationship is Interaction 3.

 “ That Interaction relationship is more important to
    expression method and human’s emotions”

Apparel is…
                                                              A Good Communication tools and good media of
                                                              wearer and others
                                                              • the apparel have been also used as a form of communication for a long time ,
                                                              for the wearer’s personality, occupation, emotion, social position, and
                                                              information of their surrounding circumstance and wearer’s initial information,
                                                              and so on

                                                                      You can guess easily what situation will be
                                                                                 happened to her .

Wearer’s Personality, Occupations, surrounding circumstance
             and initial information and so on.

  “ Apparel can be used good communication media. ”

Owing to…
                                                                   Development of Wearable Tech. and related Tech. …
                                                                   • It became possible to use the light and electronic materials in the cloth.

                                                                   • wearable technology is more smaller , natural, and finally it will be like a real
                                                                   apparel types. So It is important to approach to this field with a fashion and
                                                                   design view points.

                                                                     Is it possible to make the apparel to express the
                                                                    wearer’s feeling, emotion and information. using the

Development of Wearable technology and related technology.
It is possible to use electronics devices and lights in apparel.

  “wearable tech. and related tech. is more smaller, and
finally its shapes will be like a real apparel types. So It is
  important to approach with a fashion design view and
                    design view point.”

to make the Friendly and Natural Interface in Apparel
                                                            I willing to find the metaphor of clothing elements…
                                                            • Cloth Fastener tightens a certain part of clothes, and enables opening/
                                                            closing/ attaching/ detaching, which causes changes in the form of clothes,
                                                            partly or totally

                                                            •. Cloth Fasteners are possible to expand the border of expression of clothing
                                                            by forming new textures and structures.

                                                            • Cloth Fasteners are possible to change the general silhouette or partial form
                                                            flexibly, which produces formative functions that change the design.

                                                              This is Removable Cloth Concept Design of
                                                            CPCompnay.,inc, Cloth can be changed as a back
                                                                   pack using these cloth Fasteners.

  To make the Friendly and Natural Interface on Smart
Cloth, I use the Cloth Fastener as a metaphor, After User
 research of the Cloth Fastener usages. And I extracted
the usages pattern and usage words from user research.

   “ Cloth Fastener is a good metaphor, it is very
             friendly, easy to control. ”

Electronic Switch Button using Cloth fastener.
                                                                   Electronic Switch button Cloth fastener.
                                                                   • And base on the these cloth fastener usage pattern & metaphor data, I can
                                                                   make the simple Electronic switches that are 1ch, and over 2ch.

                                            Ex)1CH. Snap Button

                                1ch                                    it is possible to make the detachment and
                                                                  combination Multi-Functional wearable system using
                          3ch                                        these friendly interfaces cloth fastener-Switch
                                            Ex)4CH. Snap button
                                                                   Buttons. The cloth elements like a hood and cuffs
                                                                    can be used as a good functional system parts.
  Trough the analysis of variable electronic switches. I
could know that the structure of switch is consist of elec.
         Power connection and disconnection.

    “ It is very important to find the suitable cloth
 fastener and materials to make a electronic Switch
        Button. It must have conductor part and
                   nonconductor part”

Light Materials on apparel…
                                                                have to be light ,no heat, and flexible…
                                                                • To use light material on clothing, this material must be light, Not heat material,
                                                                and flexible.
                                                                •. So LED is used as a Dot-shape Light, and EL-Wire and EL-Strip can be
                                                                used a Line-shape light, and EL-Sheet can be used a plain-Shape light.

  LED,             EL-Wire,         EL-Stripe,       El-Sheet

                                                                These Luminex material is weaving with Light-fiber
                                                                 and Real-Fiber, so it is needed the LEDs on the
                                                                           edge of Luminex fabrics.

  To make the well-shaped Smart apparel types. It is
 important to use the light material is light, and Not hot
               light, and must be flexible.

      “ It must be Light, Not hot, and flexible ”

1st Concept Design
                                                                Hear with you.
                                                                • according to the wearer’s attaching module, Trough the light Equalization
                                                                and visualization, wearer Express the Wearer’s listening music Information
                                                                and status information.

                                                                • It is possible to change the using module using the cloth fasteners that is a
                                                                friendly interface of users for a long time.

                                                                To Express the maximum light feedback. I designed
                                                                         with tuck in the Apparel design.

Expression the Wearer’s Feeling and Situation with a Lighting

                “ I want to hear with you . ”

2nd Concept Design
                                                            Feel with you
                                                            • According to the Wearer’s Functionality association character. The Pattern of
                                                            apparel and visual design of apparel are changed.

                                                            • and also other people can change the wear’s apparel visual design with

                                                            To Express the Maximum light feedback. I designed
                                                                     with tuck in the Apparel design.

 According to the functional association, the patterns of
 apparel are changed and Other people can change the
     wear’s apparel visual design. With touching ,

              “ I want to feel with you. ”

Movie Clip & Photos

Now research
               Communication is not consist of only Text and Verbal
               • Sometimes Human’s Body gesture and facial Expression explains more

               • This study’s aim is to find the relation to emotion and apparel types
               expression using the light,

               • and base on these study. Finally I willing to find the method of exchanging
               wearer’s emotions and feeling to other people using the light in apparel types.

               Is this possible to exchange the wearer’s emotions
               and feelings with the others with the light -apparel
               types ?

Light-Apparel Types Expression
                                                         Using light Apparel Types Expression.
                                                         •The Expression of using light in Apparel types can be divide apparel Types
                                                         Expression and Light Expression.

                                                         Simple test of relation fabric and light
                                                         • According to the types of Fabric and light , I can find out that these two
                                                         material is influenced with each other.
                                                         - the thickness, density and reflection degrees of Fabric types
                                                         - Spot, Line, plane types of light shape
                                                         - relation to fabric color and light color

                                                         Separate the Visual Language Element of Apparel and
            Diagram of Visual Language Elements
                                                         Light Expression.
                                                         •Apparel Expression’s elements are color, shape, texture, textile, and so on,
                                                         and light Expression element are color, shape, textile , blink , and so on

                                                         •in detail, Shapes, color, and texture are mutually complement influenced with
                                                         each other. And the other visual languages are characteristic influenced.

     The test of relation fabric sorts and light sorts

8 basic Human Emotions
                                                                     Basic 8 Human emotions
                                                                     •There are so many studies about human emotions.
                                                                     • so, It is not a easy to form of human emotions and its expression. these are
                                                                     different of their individual experience, learning, and culture,
                                                                     •. In this study, among the various forms of human emotions, those that are
                                                                     most fundamental were extracted and by integrating various studies, they
         optimistic                                submission        were classified into 8 emotions
                          joyful   shameful
                                                                     joyful, excited, anger, hateful, sad, surprising, fearful,
                                                                     and shameful
                 excited                         fearful
Aggressive                                                   dread

                  anger                      surprise

                        hateful        sad
             contempt                               disappointment


                        8 Human basic Emotions

Relation to emotion and Expression
                                                       Extraction psychological words in each visual
                                                       language elements.
                                                       • Using the Preceded emotional Studies, I extract the psychological and
                                                       emotional words and its expression from every visual language elements .

                                                       • For example horizon line means short, Broad, quite, calm and the red color
                                                       means that Love, danger, liveliness, activeness.

                                                       Re-Group the visual language’s expression
                                                       • with these basic low data, re-group the each visual language expression
                                                       ordering by these 8 human basic emotion.

        Extraction psychological word and Expression

Emotion Matrix and Future work
                           Matrix of relation to Emotion and Expression
                           • With these data, I can make the matrix for expression of emotions using light
                           in apparel types.
                           • Using this Matrix, it will be able to see the expression of light-apparel types
                           • This matrix has so basic data, so i need to consider of more visual language
                           elements, It need more consideration about changeable and variable Visual
                           Language elements.
                           • As I mentioned before, it is not a easy thing to form of one’s emotion as a
                           simple expression. Because it is very different of their individual experience,
                           learning, and culture, and so on. but this kind of study is need to make the
                           concept design.

                           Future work
                           • through scenarios of use and ideation, interactions using light in clothing will
                           be designed and a selection among these will be made to produce a concept
                           design of interaction that uses light in clothing.
                           • when light is used in clothing, additional elements that have psychological
                           effects need to be identified, and through user evaluation,
                           • studies pertaining to direct expression through symbols or text using light
                           also need to be conducted.

Contact to

    Interaction Design is LOVE.                  Thank you.
       If you need for more Information and any question, Feel free to Contact to me.

                                     YongSoon, Choi

                               Email : goodsoon96@naver.com


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