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									          Score a Touchdown with
                 Your iLinc

Mary Alice Rau
Senior Manager – Knowledge Transfer
SYNNEX Corporation
Implementation (Pre-Game)
•   Plan
•   Plan
•   Plan
•   DO
•   Troubleshoot
•   Fix
Implementation -1st Qtr
• 1st Down – Know when and how your existing
  service will terminate

• 2nd Down – Engage internal Technical Support

• 3rd Down – ID all users

• 4th Down – Test everything and duplicate as
  closely as possible
Implementation -2nd Qtr
• 1st Down – Establish your training plan

• 2nd Down - Train and convert a small group first

• 3rd Down - Get feedback from your small user

• 4th Down – Communicate with your iLinc team
Implementation -Half Time!
• Questions?
Implementation -3rd Qtr
• 1st Down – Have a back up plan

• 2nd Down – Have an internal and/or iLinc Technical
  support resource, trained, available and on hand

• 3rd Down– ID any issues and resolve them

• 4th Down – ID and train all remaining users
Implementation -4th Qtr
• 1st Down – Notify users of termination of existing

• 2nd Down - Make sure the IT department
  considers download and/or installation rights for
  users and future security changes

• 3rd Down - Communicate as appropriate

• TOUCHDOWN! Reflect on lessons learned.
Implementation - Post Game
• Summary
  –   Confirm existing service termination date
  –   Engage Technical Support
  –   ID all users
  –   ID unique user requirements
  –   Test all required features
  –   Establish your training plan
  –   Don’t sweat the issues, work them out

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