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					  Landlife Wildflower Seed
  and Plant Catalogue
  2011 to 2013


        Ox -eye D   tel: 0151 737 1819
                Musk Mallow and
                Meadow Cranesbill

Landlife is a charity taking action for a better
environment by creating new opportunities for
wildlife and encouraging people to enjoy them. tel: 0151 737 1819
Welcome                                               Contents
Welcome to our new wildflower seed and
plant catalogue. By growing wildflowers in your         1         Welcome
garden, you will be providing a rich source of         3         Consultancy & Charity Details
nectar for our declining bumblebee and butterfly        4-8       Wildflower Plants
                                                       9 - 11    Guide to Cornfield Annuals &
Our headquarters at the National Wildflower                       Sowing Table
Centre on the outskirts of Liverpool is literally      13 – 15   Cornfield Annual Mixtures
humming with bumblebees – no shortage of
                                                       16 – 17   Guide to Meadow Mixtures &
them here, and it is all down to the fact that we
                                                                 Sowing Table
have the right plants to attract them!
                                                       18 - 22   Wildflower Meadow Mixtures
If you need any help or advice, then please give
                                                       24 - 27   Creative Wildflower Mixtures
us a call on 0151 737 1819 or by email to Landlife Wildflowers started      28        Sowing Instructions for
growing wildflower seeds and plants for sale in                   Perennial Mixes
1978. All stock is from a known British origin,        29 – 33   Wildflower Seeds Single Species
sourced originally from the wild. For ecological       34 – 35   Gift Packet Range
reasons, we are unable to supply seeds and plants
                                                       36        Books and Manuals
outside the UK mainland, including Northern
Ireland.                                               37        Gift Vouchers
                                                       38 -39    Botanical and Common Name List
To maintain the integrity of our cultivated
stock, seed may periodically be collected under        40        Help and Advice
licence. Landlife is a registered environmental        43        Visitor and Conference Centre
charity and all proceeds from the sale of goods        44        Terms and Conditions
in this catalogue support our national creative
                                                       45        How to find us
conservation projects.                                tel: 0151 737 1819                            1
             er and
    Corn Ch

Consultancy Services
Landlife’s ecologists and project staff, with extensive ‘on the ground’ practical
experience, can offer site visits, report writing and wildflower specification
services. We have undertaken major projects across the UK for clients
that include local authorities, the Woodland Trust, Natural England,
the private sector, universities and Highways Agency contractors.
We have ploughs capable of soil inversion to a depth of a metre on large
sites with light soils. We can project manage and organise this specialist
work for you, including wildflower sowing. We can also support community
engagement events. For day rates and project quotations,
please contact: or telephone 0151 737 1819.

 Landlife Wildflowers’ Mixes comply with all of the requirements under Defra’s Fodder Plant Seed
 (England) Regulations 2002 (as amended).

                                                        Landlife Wildflowers Limited
                                                        National Wildflower Centre
                                                        Court Hey Park
                                                        Liverpool L16 3NA

                                                        Tel. 0151 737 1819
             VAT registration 548 4057 29
                                                        Fax. 0151 737 1820
            Company registration 1846784
              Charity registration 290510               Situated in Knowsley, ‘The Wildflower Borough’                               tel: 0151 737 1819                                   3
Wildflower Plants
You can create a wildlife area quickly using        Our plants are grown in 7cm pots using peat-free
wildflower plants (some seeds may take a             compost and have established root growth when
long time to establish, or germinate). Planted      you receive them. They normally flower in their
in groups of between 5 –10 per m2, native           first season after planting, dropping more seed or
wildflowers will create a burst of colour and        developing runners to colonise naturally.
life. You can use them in gardens, allotments,
                                                    The best time to plant is early Spring, once the
community green spaces - or plant up some tubs
                                                    ground frosts have loosened the soil, and it
and containers on your balcony or patio. A box
                                                    begins to warm up. Keep plants well watered and
of wildflower plants can make an unusual green
                                                    don’t plant in drought conditions. Plants arrive
gift too!
                                                    in waterproof boxes and need to be unpacked
You can plant some wildflower species into           quickly and watered. If you aren’t ready to plant
lawns or grassy areas, but they need space to get   out, keep them in their pots and water when the
started. Cut grass as short as possible and take    compost feels dry.
out an area of grass around the plants, checking
                                                    Plant dispatch commences around the beginning
back any weeds or rough grass while the plant
                                                    of March and continues through to mid
is establishing. Works best in areas of open turf
                                                    November. To ensure availability, plants may be
rather than dense lawns.
                                                    ordered over the winter and will be sent just as
                                                    soon as they are ready.


                                          Cuckooflower                        Fleabane

Plants may only be ordered in multiples of 10, but can contain any combination of species.
For example:
 3 Cowslip                            4 Field Scabious                  3 Teasel
 6 Primrose                           9 Ox-eye Daisy                    5 Yarrow
= Total 30 plants @ £1.70 each £51.00
All plants £1.70 each plus plant carriage of £5.00.

   We are unable to deliver plants outside the UK mainland and Northern Scotland

   Hedge Bedstraw                                                          Water Avens

                                      Common Knapweed                             tel: 0151 737 1819                          5
Wildflower Plants
Wildflower Plants £1.70 each                        Light        Moisture            Soil Type
Plant Species List




Plant Name               Colour        Height
Betony                   Purple        Low                                  
Birdsfoot Trefoil*       Yellow        Low                                   
Bugle                    Blue-Purple   Low                                
Chicory                  Blue          Tall                                  
Common Agrimony          Yellow        Tall                                   
Common Knapweed          Purple        Tall                                  
Common St. John’s Wort   Yellow        Medium                               
Cowslip                  Yellow        Low                                  
Cuckooflower              Lilac         Low                                 
Devil’s-bit Scabious     Blue-Purple   Medium                                
Enchanter’s-nightshade   White         Tall                                
Evening Primrose         Yellow        Tall                                 
Fennel                   Yellow        Tall                               
Field Scabious           Blue-Lilac    Tall                                   
Fleabane                 Yellow        Tall                                  
Foxglove*                Purple        Tall                                  
Fox & Cubs               Orange        Low                                 

 Common Agrimony
                                                                      Fox & Cubs
                                 Devil’s-bit Scabious
Greater Burnet            Red/Brown     Tall                 
Greater Knapweed          Purple        Tall                  
Greater Stitchwort        White         Low                 
Ground Ivy                Purple        Low                 
Harebell                  Blue          Low                   
Hedge Bedstraw            Cream         Medium               
Hedge Garlic              White         Medium               
Hedge Woundwort           Claret        Medium                 
Hound’s-tongue            Red           Tall                  
Jacob’s-ladder            Blue          Tall                  
Kidney Vetch              Yellow        Low                    
Lady’s Bedstraw           Yellow        Low                  
Lesser Celandine          Yellow        Low                 
Marsh Marigold*           Yellow        Low                   
Marsh Woundwort           Purple        Medium                
Meadow Buttercup*         Yellow        Tall                    
Meadow Cranesbill         Blue          Tall                    
Meadowsweet               Cream         Tall                    
Nettle-leaved Bellflower   Purple        Tall                  
Ox-eye Daisy              White         Medium                 
Pendulous Sedge           Cream         Tall                 
Primrose                  Yellow        Low                     
Purple Loosestrife        Purple        Tall                   
Ragged Robin              Rose Pink     Medium                 

         Harebell                     Meadowsweet            Ragged Robin
Red Campion                Pink           Medium                                 
Salad Burnet               Green          Medium                                 
Selfheal                   Purple         Low                                    
Small Scabious             Blue           Medium                                    
Sneezewort                 White          Medium                                 
Sweet Violet               Purple         Low                                     
Teasel                     Purple         Tall                                    
Tufted Vetch*              Blue-Purple    Tall                                     
Viper’s Bugloss            Blue-Purple    Tall                                     
Water Avens                Peach          Low                                       
Water Betony               Maroon         Tall                                      
Wild Marjoram              Pink           Low                                     
Wild Strawberry            White          Low                                      
Wild Thyme                 Lilac          Low                                      
Wood Avens                 Yellow         Medium                                  
Yarrow                     White          Medium                                  
Yellow Flag Iris*          Yellow         Tall                                    

While many plants in Britain are known to be poisonous, few are dangerously so, and cases of severe
poisoning in man or animals are relatively rare (MAFF, 1984). However, if any of the plants we have
highlighted are consumed, seek medical advice immediately.

           Selfheal                         Sweet Violet                   Wild Strawberry
Cornfield Annuals
Our Cornfield Annual Mixes are very easy to             Sowing Instructions for all of our
establish. They can be mixed with any of our           Cornfield Annual Mixes
perennial meadow mixes at a ratio of 2 parts
annuals to 1 part perennials to give first year         For a good show of Cornfield Annuals, surface
colour or sown on their own at 5 grams per             sow at 5g per square metre into a clean well
square metre for a showy display. The table on         raked level area. Annuals prefer a rich light soil,
page 11 will help you to work out how much             add your usual fertilizer to enrich poorer soils.
seed you need.                                         Poor soil will result in stunted growth.

Easy to Grow                                           No maintenance is required until after the
                                                       flowers have set seed. There are two ways of
Our Cornfield Annual Mixes are easy to grow             maintaining a cornfield annual patch.
in a sunny spot, and create a stunning effect
with blues, pinks, yellows, whites and reds. Sow
in the Spring or Autumn. Spring sown flowers              • Simply collect the ripe seed and lay out
usually appear in about 12 weeks. Create a                 on newspaper in a warm spot and when
patch of flowers in borders or, if you’ve only a            thoroughly dry, store in a dry cool place
small area, they are suitable for sowing into tubs         over winter. Remove all dead vegetation
and large plant pots for the patio. Watch birds            and sow your fresh homegrown seed
and butterflies become regular visitors to your             again the following Spring.
garden.                                                  • On light soils allow the seed to fall,
                                                           remove all vegetation and the following
                                                           Spring, simply rake the area over to
                                                           trigger the germination again. (This
                                                           is what farmers achieved when they
                                                           cultivated their fields in the Spring).
                                                           Annuals thrive on disturbed soils.                                 tel: 0151 737 1819                                      9
           t ure A
10   Signa
How much seed will I need
Use this table to help you calculate the amount of seed mix required.

  Sowing Rate for Annuals
  Usually Sown at 5g per Square Metre
   Area in m2              Seed Required                 Area in m2              Seed Required
       1            =          5 grams                       200          =          1 kilo
       5            =         25 grams                       500          =         2.5 kilo
      10            =         50 grams                      1000          =          5 kilo
      50            =        250 grams                     10000          =         50 kilo
      100           =        500 grams
  Note: 1 Acre is approx 4,000 m2; 10,000 m2 = 1 Hectare; 1 Hectare = 2.3 Acres

Our ready made annual mixes can be found on pages 13 -15. Many of our customers like to make
up their own mixes, so we have included a list of individual species that you can add to any of our
standard mixes or mix your own.

Make your own annual mix
  Species                     10g price                    100g price                 1kg price
  Corncockle                    £3.00                         £6.00                    £35.00
  Cornflower                     £5.00                        £16.00                    £98.00
  Corn Chamomile                £5.00                        £16.00                    £98.00
  Corn Marigold                 £5.00                        £16.00                    £98.00
  Corn Poppy                    £5.00                        £14.00                    £85.00

Ready made mixes are on the next four pages.                             tel: 0151 737 1819                                   11
                n Annual

Cornfield Annual Mixtures
 Signature                         Weight     Mixture Composition
                                   of seed
 Our best selling Cornfield Mix
 now includes Corn Chamomile.        60%      Corncockle             10g           £3.00
                                     10%      Cornflower             100g           £8.50
 Sow at 5gm2. Use the table on
 page 11 to help you calculate       10%      Corn Chamomile        250g       £18.00
 how much seed you will need.        10%      Corn Marigold         500g       £29.75
                                     10%      Corn Poppy             1kg       £48.50
                                                                    10kg      £445.00

 Companion                         Weight     Mixture Composition
                                   of seed
 The ideal mix for adding to our
 meadow mixes.                       50%      Corn Chamomile         10g           £5.00
                                     50%      Corn Poppy            100g       £15.00
 Because of high seed numbers
 this mix can be sown at 2g/m2.                                     250g       £28.25
                                                                    500g       £49.50
                                                                     1kg       £90.00
                                                                    10kg      £850.00                         tel: 0151 737 1819                        13
     Classic Annual M
Cornfield Annual Mixtures
 Classic                            Weight     Mixture Composition
                                    of seed
 White Chamomile really lifts the
 colours in this mix.                 20%      Corn Chamomile         10g           £5.00
                                      35%      Cornflower             100g       £15.50
 Because of high seed numbers
 this mix can be sown at 3g/m2.       35%      Corn Marigold         250g       £29.75
                                      10%      Corn Poppy            500g       £54.50
                                                                      1kg       £98.50
                                                                     10kg      £936.00

 Carnival                           Weight     Mixture Composition
                                    of seed
 Strong bright pinks, blues and
 reds.                                60%      Corncockle             10g           £4.00
                                      30%      Cornflower             100g       £11.50
 Sow at 5gm2. Use the table on
 page 11 to help you calculate        10%      Corn Poppy            250g       £19.75
 how much seed you will need.                                        500g       £34.50
                                                                      1kg       £58.50
                                                                     10kg      £515.00                          tel: 0151 737 1819                        15
Guide to Conservation
Meadow Mixtures
Landlife’s Wildflower Meadow Mixtures are            head start without the difficulty caused by
composed of common core species.                    competition from grass growth. No grass also
Our perennial meadow mixes, once established,       means much less maintenance, particularly in the
will flower every year.                              early years. You will find that local grasses will
                                                    rapidly find their own way in to your wildflower
Soils and Sowing                                    meadow, seed may be in the soil already, or will
Unlike the Cornfield Annuals, these mixes are        blow in. Wildflowers will quickly colonise and
more suitable for poor soils, light subsoils,       green up an area. Don’t worry, it will not look
grits, gravels and limey soils, but be patient,     bare without the grass and open spaces provide
establishment will be slow and don’t expect         room for grasshoppers to warm up. You can add
flowers until year 2. Sow in the Spring or Autumn.   annuals to the mix for first year colour.
For a good show of perennials, surface sow at
                                                    Yellow Rattle
1g per square metre into a clean well raked level
area. Mow or strim your meadow once the seeds       If grasses do start to invade, then a certain
have dropped in the Autumn and remove the           amount of control may be achieved by sowing
cuttings.                                           Yellow Rattle. For best results, sow in the
                                                    Autumn - as a winter frost can help the seed to
About Grass                                         germinate. After you have given your meadow
Beautiful areas of wildflower meadows can be         the final cut of the year, simply give the area
created without the use of grass in the mixtures.   containing the grass a hard rake over and surface
Since 2007 we have taken a bold step and            sow the Yellow Rattle seeds and firm down.
removed all grass from our meadow mixes.            This annual should germinate in the Spring and
Our most successful wildflower areas have            the developing plants then feed off the grass
been created without adding any grasses to          thereby weakening the sward. Once established
the wildflowers. We have decided to give the         Yellow Rattle should thrive in the meadow.
wildflowers sold in this catalogue the same

16                                  tel: 0151 737 1819
                                                    How much seed
                                                    will I need
                                                    Use this table to help you calculate the amount
                                                    of seed mix required.

                                                           Sowing Rate of Pure Perennial
       Meadow B                                              Wildflower Seed Mixtures
                                                    Usually Sown at 1 Gram per Square Metre
                                                       Area in m2                  Seed Required
Mix Composition                                             1               =          1 gram
                                                            5               =          5 grams
Our wildflower mixes list percentages of seed
                                                           10               =         10 grams
by weight. These percentages may seem high
                                                           50               =         50 grams
or low for some species. This is because some
                                                          100               =        100 grams
species of wildflower such as bellflowers can have
                                                          500               =        500 grams
over 5,000 seeds per gram whilst others such
                                                         1000               =           1 kilo
as Corncockle just 30. When putting the ready
made mixes together, we use this information,       NOTE:
alongside the knowledge we have on germination      1 Acre is approx 4,000 m2
rates, to try to ensure the mix has a good final
                                                    10,000 m2 = 1 Hectare
show. For example our Signature annual mix
has 60% Corncockle by weight, but by number         1 Hectare = 2.3 Acres
of seeds in the mixture it only makes up 2% of      For large scale meadow creation projects using
the final mix. Corn Poppy is in the mix at 10%       seed drilling techniques you can sow at rates as
by weight but accounts for 80% of the seeds         low as 0.5g/m2 or less.
in the mix. Please give us a call if you have any
questions about the make up of our mixes.                            tel: 0151 737 1819                              17
Wildflower Meadow Mixtures
 Gardener’s                           Weight      Mixture Composition
                                      of seed
 Double Delight
                                        60%       Corncockle             10g           £3.50
 Recommended sowing rate
                                         5%       Cornflower              50g           £8.00
 5g per m2.
                                        10%       Corn Chamomile        100g       £11.00
 Use the Cornfield Annual table
                                         5%       Corn Poppy            250g       £22.00
 on page 11 to help you calculate
 how much seed you need. With            5%       Meadow Buttercup      500g       £40.00
 the Gardener’s Double Delight,          5%       Meadowsweet            1kg       £75.00
 it is important that in Year 1,         5%       Ox-eye Daisy          10kg      £350.00
 as soon as the annuals have
                                         5%       Lady’s Bedstraw
 passed their best that you strim
 the area and remove the cuttings.
 This allows the light to reach the
 slower growing perennials.

Our first ever annual/
perennial combination mix
launched in 2010
(we’ve added a bit of Corn Poppy
because you asked us to!)

                                                Gardener’s Double Delight
Wildflower Meadow Mixtures
 Weight    Mixture Composition
                                                        Heritage Meadow
 of seed
                                                        Perennial wildflower meadow mix
    1%     Betony                 10g           £4.50   for light to medium soils.
    2%     Cowslip                50g       £16.50
                                                        Sow at 1g per m2.
   10%     Field Scabious        100g       £27.50
   15%     Lady’s Bedstraw       250g       £54.50
    5%     Musk Mallow           500g       £95.00
   30%     Ox-eye Daisy           1kg      £180.00
   10%     Ribwort Plantain
   23%     Wild Carrot
    4%     Yellow Rattle

                                                   Heritage Meadow               tel: 0151 737 1819                              19
Wildflower Meadow Mixtures
Traditional Meadow               Weight    Mixture Composition
                                 of seed
Perennial wildflower meadow mix
for medium to heavy soils.         18%     Common Knapweed        10g           £4.50
                                   30%     Meadow Buttercup       50g       £16.50
Sow at 1g per m2.
                                    5%     Meadowsweet           100g       £27.50
                                   20%     Red Campion           250g       £54.50
                                   10%     Ribwort Plantain      500g       £95.00
                                    3%     Selfheal               1kg      £180.00
                                    2%     St. Johns Wort
                                    5%     Teasel
                                    5%     White Campion
                                    2%     Yarrow
                                           Y rrow

20                                                    Traditional Mea
Wildflower Meadow Mixtures
 of seed
           Mixture Composition
                                         Price           Scottish Meadow
                                                         For northern moist soils -
    5%     Devil’s-bit Scabious    10g           £4.50
                                                         all species commonly found
    5%     Field Scabious          50g       £16.50      throughout Scotland.
    5%     Lady’s Bedstraw        100g       £27.50
                                                         Sow at 1g per m2.
   10%     Common Knapweed        250g       £54.50
   25%     Meadow Buttercup       500g       £95.00
   10%     Meadowsweet             1kg      £180.00
   15%     Ox-eye Daisy
   15%     Red Campion
    5%     Ribwort Plantain
    2%     Selfheal
    1%     Greater Burnet
    2%     Yarrow

                                                  Scottish Meadow                tel: 0151 737 1819                                21
Wildflower Meadow Mixtures
 Downland Meadow            Weight    Mixture Composition
                            of seed
 For Chalk, Limestone and
 Calcareous soils.             7%     Birdsfoot Trefoil         10g           £4.50
                               3%     Chicory                   50g       £16.50
 Sow at 1g per m2.
                               3%     Cowslip                  100g       £27.50
                               5%     Dyers Rocket             250g       £54.50
                               6%     Greater Knapweed         500g       £95.00
                               2%     Kidney Vetch              1kg      £180.00
                              15%     Lady’s Bedstraw
                              15%     Ox-eye Daisy
                              15%     Salad Burnet
                              10%     Selfheal
                               4%     Viper’s Bugloss
                              15%     Wild Carrot

Downland Mead

22                        tel: 0151 737 1819
       “thought you might like to see a picture of our paddock...
          we bought our wildflower seed from you last year.”
           Mill Farm, Frankby, Wirral (Photo courtesy of Stuart and Louisa Cockram).                     tel: 0151 737 1819                            23
Creative Wildflower Mixtures
Our Creative Mixtures can be sown to create        The edge of a freshly dug pond can be enhanced
authentic hedgerows when planted alongside         with our ready made mix. Native Cottage
shrubs such as Hawthorn, Hazel, Blackthorn and     Garden and Butterfly Bumblebee Border flowers
Guelder Rose. Once mature, hedgerows provide       will thrive alongside non-native favourites such
habitats that birds can nest in.                   as Hollyhocks, Wallflowers, Chrysanthemums
                                                   and Anemones.

  Country Lane                         Weight    Mixture Composition
                                       of seed
  Perennial Mix ideal for woodland
  edge, semi-shady spots or borders.      5%     Common Agrimony                10g           £4.50
                                          3%     Cow Parsley                    50g       £16.50
  Sow at 1g per m2.
                                          2%     Foxglove                     100g        £27.50
                                         10%     Hedge Bedstraw               250g        £54.50
                                          5%     Hedge Garlic                 500g        £95.00
                                         15%     Common Knapweed                1kg      £180.00
                                         10%     Meadowsweet
                                          3%     Nettle-Lvd Bellflower
                                         20%     Ox-eye Daisy
                                         25%     Red Campion
                                          2%     St. John’s Wort

  Country Lane
Creative Wildflower Mixtures
 of seed
           Mixture Composition
                                         Price           Wetland/Pond Edge
                                                         Perennial mix ideal for damp soils
    5%     Devil’s-bit Scabious    10g           £4.50
                                                         and pond edges.
   35%     Meadow Buttercup        50g       £16.50
                                                         Sow at 1g per m2.
   15%     Meadowsweet            100g       £27.50
    3%     Purple Loosestrife     250g       £54.50
    2%     Ragged Robin           500g       £95.00
    5%     Selfheal                1kg      £180.00
   10%     Teasel
   25%     Yellow Flag Iris

                                             Wetland/Pond Edge                tel: 0151 737 1819                                  25
Creative Wildflower Mixtures
Cottage Garden                 Weight    Mixture Composition
                               of seed
For a traditional display of
annuals and perennials.          25%     Corncockle              10g           £4.50
                                 15%     Cornflower               50g       £16.50
Sow at 1g per m2.
                                  5%     Corn Marigold          100g       £27.50
                                  5%     Corn Poppy             250g       £54.50
                                 10%     Evening Primrose       500g       £95.00
                                  1%     Foxglove                1kg      £180.00
                                 2       Lupin
                                  1%     Meadow ranesbil
                                         M adow Cranesbill
                                         Meadow Cranesbill
                                  4%     Musk allo
                                         M s Mallow
                                         Musk Mallow
                                 1        x-ey Daisy
                                         Ox-eye Da s
                                         Ox-eye Daisy
                                  4%     Teasel
                                         T asel

 Cottage Garden

                           tel: 0151
                                                         tel: 0151 737 1819
Creative Wildflower Mixtures
 of seed
           Mixture Composition
                                        Price           Butterfly/
    2%     Birdsfoot Trefoil      10g           £4.50
                                                        Bumblebee Border
   23%     Cornflower              50g       £16.50      A collection of flowers highly
                                                        attractive to butterflies, bees and
   13%     Evening Primrose      100g       £27.50
                                                        flying insects.
   10%     Field Scabious        250g       £54.50
                                                        Sow at 1g per m2.
    1%     Foxglove              500g       £95.00
   10%     Lady’s Bedstraw        1kg      £180.00
    3%     Common Knapweed
   15%     Ox-eye Daisy
   20%     Red Campion
    3%     Viper’s Bugloss

                                        Butterfly/Bumblebee Border               tel: 0151 737 1819                                   27
Sowing Instructions
Sowing Wildflower Perennial Mixes                     When you have cleared your area of all weeds
                                                     and the soil is nice and crumbly, spread the
Sow in the Spring or Autumn at around 1g
                                                     seed at the recommended rate, and in the early
per m2. Good ground preparation is essential.
                                                     stages, keep well watered. Some species may
Wildflowers will not survive or compete in areas
                                                     need a frost to help to break dormancy, so be
of lush grass or weed growth such as thistle,
                                                     patient, the seeds will lie in the soil until the
bindweed and nettle. It may be that you need to
                                                     conditions are right for germination to occur.
spend a season clearing the ground of all weeds
before attempting to sow. Don’t sow perennial        Unless sowing with a companion annual mix,
wildflowers into problem areas or in heavy shade      do not expect to see flowers in the first year
such as below conifers, it won’t work.               - perennials need to grow for at least 2 years
                                                     before the plants are mature enough to flower.
If I could give you only one piece of advice it
would be hold back sowing your wildflower             Year 1 maintenance - just keep an eye on it and
seeds to give time for weed seedlings to emerge      spot treat or remove any obnoxious weeds and
from freshly rotovated or dug over soil. Weed        rough grases that find their way into the area.
seed can be buried in the soil and only when it is   Make sure the seedlings are getting sufficient
brought to the surface does it germinate. Once       light.
you have sown perennials, it is very difficult to
                                                     Year 2 and onwards - as for year 1, allow the
then deal with an emerging weed problem. Take
                                                     seeds to ripen and fall into the soil - usually
care not to bury the wildflower seed, it needs
                                                     towards the end of August. Cut back hard.
light, warmth and water to grow. It can be quite
                                                     Remove the cuttings, as they could stop the light
difficult to spread 1g (little more than a pinch)
                                                     reaching seeds that have just fallen.
of seed over a square metre. You can mix the
seed with a light coloured carrier, this helps you
to spread it more evenly. Sand and bran (usually
purchased from pet shops) make good carriers.

28                                   tel: 0151 737 1819
Single Species Wildflower Seed
 Common Name               Flower           Plant    No. Seeds   £ Per        £ Per
                           Colour           Type     Per Gram    Gram      10 Gram
Betony                     purple           per           700     1.00         4.50
Birdsfoot Trefoil          yellow           per           500     1.50        10.00
Bladder Campion            white            per          2000     1.50         8.00
Bluebell                   blue             per           200     1.50        10.00
Chicory                    blue             per           700     1.50         8.00
Common Agrimony            yellow           per            40     1.00         4.50
Common Knapweed            purple           per           400     1.20         7.00
Common Mallow              pink             per           150     1.20         7.00
Common St Johns Wort       yellow           per         10000     1.20         7.00
Corncockle                 purple           ann            30     1.00         3.00
Cornflower                  blue             ann           100     1.00         5.00
Corn Chamomile             white            ann          1000     1.00         5.00
Corn Marigold              yellow           ann           400     1.00         5.00
Corn Poppy                 red              ann          8000     1.00         5.00
Cow Parsley                white            per           200     1.00         6.00
Cowslip                    yellow           per          1000     1.50         8.00
Key ann= Annual per=Perennial bi=Biennial

 Birdsfoot Trefoil        Bladder Campion           Bluebell             Cowslip

                   k                                       1819
                                             tel: 0151 737 18
                                               l                                   29
Single Species Wildflower Seed
 Common Name               Flower           Plant      No. Seeds     £ Per          £ Per
                           Colour           Type       Per Gram      Gram        10 Gram
Dark Mullein               yellow           bi             8000       1.20          7.00
Devil’s-bit Scabious       blue/purple      per             800       1.20          8.00
Dyers Rocket               yellow           bi             4500       1.20          7.00
Evening Primrose           yellow           bi             1800       1.20          7.50
Field Scabious             violet           per             150       1.20          7.00
Figwort                    purple           per           10000       1.80         13.00
Foxglove                   purple           bi            10000       1.20          6.50
Giant Bellflower            violet           per            3000       1.50          8.50
Greater Knapweed           purple           per             150       1.20          7.00
Greater Mullein            yellow           bi            10000       1.20          7.00
Harebell                   blue             per           10000       3.00         30.00
Hedge Bedstraw             white            per            1500       1.00          5.00
Hedge Garlic               white            bi              300       1.00          5.00
Hedge Woundwort            claret           per             900       1.20          7.00
Hoary Plantain             brown            per            2000       1.20          7.00
Kidney Vetch               yellow           bi               60       1.20          7.00
Key ann= Annual per=Perennial bi=Biennial

 Evening Primrose              Foxglove             Hoary Plantain           Kidney Vetch

30                             tel: 0151 737 1819
Single Species Wildflower Seed
 Common Name               Flower           Plant      No. Seeds   £ Per           £ Per
                           Colour           Type       Per Gram    Gram         10 Gram
Lady’s Bedstraw           yellow            per            1500     1.00            6.00
Long Headed Poppy         red               ann            8000     1.20            7.00
Lupin                     blue              per              50     1.00            6.00
Meadow Buttercup          yellow            per             500     1.00            5.00
Meadow Cranesbill         blue/purple       per             100     1.50            9.00
Meadowsweet               cream             per            1000     1.00            5.00
Musk Mallow               pink              per             500     1.00            5.00
Nettle-L’vd Bellflower     purple            per            4000     1.20            7.00
Ox-eye Daisy              white             per            2000     1.00            5.00
Pendulous Sedge           cream             per            1500     1.00            5.00
Purple Loosestrife        purple            per            3000     1.20            7.00
Ragged Robin              pink              per            5000     1.20            7.00
Red Campion               pink              per            1000     1.00            5.00
Ribwort Plantain          brown             per             300     1.00            5.00
Salad Burnet              green             per             300     1.20            7.00
Selfheal                  purple            per            1400     1.00            5.00
Key ann= Annual per=Perennial bi=Biennial

Meadow Buttercup            Musk Mallow             Ox-eye Daisy           Salad Burnet                         tel: 0151 737 1819                        31
Single Species Wildflower Seed
 Common Name               Flower           Plant      No. Seeds    £ Per           £ Per
                           Colour           Type       Per Gram     Gram         10 Gram
Small Scabious             blue             per             800     1.50           12.00
Sq.St’md St Johns Wort     yellow           per            6000     1.20            7.00
Sweet Cicely               white            per              22     1.00            5.00
Teasel                     purple           bi              300     1.20            7.00
Toadflax                    yellow           per            7000     1.20            7.50
Upright Hedge Parsley      white            per             600     1.20            9.00
Vetch (mixed)              pinks            ann              50     1.20            7.00
Viper’s Bugloss            blue/purple      bi              200     1.50            9.00
Water Avens                peach            per            1000     1.20            7.00
Welsh Poppy                yellow           per            8000     1.50           10.00
White Campion              white            ann             700     1.00            5.00
White Melilot              white            bi              400     1.20            7.00
Wild Carrot                white            bi              500     1.20            7.00
Wild Marjoram              pink             per            8000     1.20            7.00
Woad                       yellow           bi              200     1.20            7.00
Wood Avens                 yellow           per            1000     1.20            7.00
Key ann= Annual per=Perennial bi=Biennial

       Teasel               Viper’s Bugloss         White Campion           Wild Marjoram

32                            tel: 0151 737 1819
Single Species Wildflower Seed
 Common Name                   Flower            Plant          No. Seeds       £ Per           £ Per
                               Colour            Type           Per Gram        Gram         10 Gram
Yarrow                         white             per                 4000        1.20            7.00
Yellow Flag Iris               yellow            per                   20        1.20            7.00
Yellow Rattle                  yellow            ann                  300        1.20            7.00

Key ann= Annual per=Perennial bi=Biennial                Transplant or pot on when the seedlings are large
                                                         enough to handle. For either sowing method,
Seed numbers given per gram are approximate.
                                                         ensure the seeds are visible on the soil surface.
Wildflowers can be sown throughout the Spring,
                                                         Keep well watered in dry weather.
Summer and Autumn. However, some seeds sown
in the late Autumn may not germinate until the           Once established in the garden, the plants can be
following Spring.                                        cut back after the seed has fallen.
For best results sow directly on to a well-raked
soil or into pots in a gritty peat free compost and
place outside.

      Yarrow                  Yellow Flag Iris                              tel: 0151 737 1819                                 33
Seed Packet Singles
Full colour packets make ideal gifts for family and friends.
Seed packet 16 single species @ £1.30 each

 Bats-in-the-Belfry              Corncockle                    Cornflower       Corn Marigold

       Cowslip                Evening Primrose                 Field Poppy     Field Scabious

      Foxglove                  Musk Mallow                    Ox-eye Daisy    Red Campion

       Selfheal                     Teasel                 Viper’s Bugloss     Meadowsweet

34                                       tel: 0151 737 1819
Seed Packet Collections
Collections 5 packets @ £3.50 each

  Cornfield          Poppy           Butterfly          Summer           Cottage
  Collection        Fields          Collection         Glory           Garden

                                                 Annuals in a Bag £8.50
                                                           Quirky little gift sack
                                                           containing 100g
                                                            of our best selling
                                                            Signature Annual Mix.
                                                             Sufficient seed to
                                                              cover a 20 square
                                                               metre plot. Ideal for
                                                                attracting butterflies
                                                                 and bumblebees
    Buy 5 Collection Packets plus                                 back to our
      a copy of How to make                                       gardens.
    Wildflower Habitat Gardens
       FOR JUST £12.50                  tel: 0151 737 1819                         35
Manuals and Guides written and                                                 Woodland
published by Landlife.                                                         Wildflowers
                    How to make Wildflower
                    Habitat Gardens                                            Price £5.00

                    A pocket size guide to      A guide to creative conservation techniques for
                    creating wildflower areas.   working in and developing woodlands.
                                                This comprehensive guide is a must for anyone
                                                involved with community groups and woodland
                                                management. Helps with planning events and
                    pp16                        contains useful Health and Safety information
                    Price £2.00                 and easy to follow and adapt risk assessment
                                                templates. Contains full colour images

                     Soil Inversion Works                              Wildflowers Work
                                                                       New third edition
                     The preliminary findings
                     of Landlife’s four-year                           An innovative full colour
                     Soil Inversion project.                           guide to creating and
                                                                       managing wildflower
                     Exploring a new forestry
                                                                       landscapes. Ideal for
                     technique to create
                                                                       landscape architects,
                     the right starting point
                                                                       local authorities,
                     and respond to climate
                                                                       community groups
                     change impacts and loss
pp54                                            pp48                   or anyone involved in
                     of biodiversity. UNESCO
Price £12.50                                    Price £12.50           practical conservation
                     Award for Excellence.
                                                                       projects. UNESCO Award
                                                                       for Excellence.
Gift Vouchers
Buying for friends or family and not sure what to choose,
then why not send a Gift Voucher? Available in £5.00,
£10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £25.00 and £50.00.
We can post to the recipient’s address together
with a Catalogue for them to make their choice.

 Our wildflower garden continues
  to delight us - here’s a photo.
                                                   Watching to fi
                                                                  nd out what
                                                      we have plant
       Landlife Wildflowers customer -                                 ed!
       Val Corbett, Hertfordshire.                              tel: 0151 737 1819            37
Seeds Botanical and Common Names
BOTANICAL                COMMON                     BOTANICAL
Achillea millefolium     YARROW                     Geranium pratense
Achillea ptarmica        SNEEZEWORT                 Geum rivale
Agrimonia eupatoria      COMMON AGRIMONY            Geum urbanum
Agrostemma githago       CORNCOCKLE*                Glechoma hederacea
Ajuga reptans            BUGLE                      Pilosella aurantiaca
Alliaria petiolata       HEDGE GARLIC               Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Anthemis arvensis        CORN CHAMOMILE             Hypericum perforatum
Anthriscus sylvestris    COW PARSLEY*               Hypericum tetrapterum
Anthyllis vulneraria     KIDNEY VETCH               Iris pseudacorus
Campanula glomerata      CLUSTERED BELLFLOWER       Isatis tinctoria
Campanula latifolia      GIANT BELLFLOWER           Knautia arvensis
Campanula rotundifolia   HAREBELL                   Leucanthemum vulgare
Campanula trachelium     NETTLE-LEAVED BELLFLOWER   Linaria vulgaris
Cardamine pratensis      CUCKOOFLOWER               Lotus corniculatus
Carex pendula            PENDULOUS SEDGE*           Lupinus polyphyllus
Centaurea cyanus         CORNFLOWER                 Lychnis flos-cuculi
Centaurea nigra          COMMON KNAPWEED            Lythrum salicaria
Centaurea scabiosa       GREATER KNAPWEED           Malva moschata
Chrysanthemum segetum    CORN MARIGOLD              Malva sylvestris
Cichorium intybus        CHICORY*                   Meconopsis cambrica
Circaea lutetiana        ENCHANTER’S-NIGHTSHADE     Melilotus albus
Cynoglossum officinale    HOUND’S-TONGUE*            Myrrhis odorata
Daucus carota            WILD CARROT                Oenothera spp.
Digitalis purpurea       FOXGLOVE*                  Origanum vulgare
Dipsacus fullonum        TEASEL                     Papaver dubium
Echium vulgare           VIPER’S-BUGLOSS            Papaver rhoeas
Filipendula ulmaria      MEADOWSWEET                Plantago lanceolata
Filipendula vulgaris     DROPWORT                   Plantago major
Foeniculum vulgare       FENNEL                     Plantago media
Fragaria vesca           WILD STRAWBERRY            Primula veris
Galium mollugo           HEDGE BEDSTRAW             Prunella vulgaris
Galium verum             LADY’S BEDSTRAW            Pulicaria dysenterica
COMMON                       BOTANICAL                     COMMON
MEADOW CRANESBILL            Ranunculus acris              MEADOW BUTTERCUP*
WATER AVENS                  Ranunculus ficaria             LESSER CELANDINE
WOOD AVENS                   Reseda lutea                  WILD MIGNONETTE
GROUND IVY*                  Reseda luteola                DYERS ROCKET
FOX AND CUBS                 Rhinanthus minor              YELLOW RATTLE*
BLUEBELL*                    Sanguisorba minor             SALAD BURNET
COMMON ST JOHN’S WORT*       Sanguisorba officinalis        GREATER BURNET
SQ STEMMED ST JOHN’S WORT*   Scabiosa columbaria           SMALL SCABIOUS
YELLOW FLAG IRIS*            Scrophularia nodosa           FIGWORT*
WOAD                         Silene latifolia              WHITE CAMPION
FIELD SCABIOUS               Silene dioica                 RED CAMPION
OX-EYE DAISY                 Silene vulgaris               BLADDER CAMPION
TOADFLAX*                    Smyrnium olusatrum            ALEXANDERS
BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL*           Stachys officinalis            BETONY
LUPIN*                       Stachys sylvatica             HEDGE WOUNDWORT
RAGGED ROBIN                 Succisa pratensis             DEVIL’S-BIT SCABIOUS
PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE           Thlaspi arvense               FIELD PENNY CRESS
MUSK MALLOW                  Thymus polytrichus            WILD THYME
COMMON MALLOW*               Torilis japonica              UPRIGHT HEDGE PARSLEY
WELSH POPPY                  Verbascum nigrum              DARK MULLEIN
WHITE MELILOT*               Verbascum thapsus             GREATER MULLEIN
SWEET CICELY                 Vicia cracca                  TUFTED VETCH*
EVENING PRIMROSE             Vicia sativa                  COMMON VETCH*
WILD MARJORAM                Viola odorata                 SWEET VIOLET
GREATER PLANTAIN              While many plants in Britain are known to be poisonous,
HOARY PLANTAIN                few are dangerously so, and cases of severe poisoning in
COWSLIP                           man or animals are relatively rare (MAFF, 1984).
SELFHEAL                     However, if any parts of the plants we have highlighted are
FLEABANE                           consumed, seek medical advice immediately.
Help and Advice
Landlife is a registered charity and celebrated      Our team of experts will be happy to advise.
its 35th birthday in 2010. Through our trading       Our booklet How to Make Wildflower Habitat
company, Landlife Wildflowers, we promote and         Gardens featured on page 36 is packed with
supply native British wildflowers. Most of the        concise, useful information that will help when
wildflowers featured in this catalogue are grown      planning areas and costs just £2. Landscape
on our 30 hectare National Wildflower Farm in         architects, contractors and those planning
Merseyside.                                          larger areas will find our award winning
                                                     manual Wildflowers Work particularly useful.
Not only do these fields produce seeds for sale,
                                                     For shopping around the clock, visit our web
they also provide valuable habitats for birds,
                                                     store on
butterflies, bees and other insects. The fields are
surveyed on a regular basis to support Landlife’s    Happy gardening and don’t forget to give us a
creative conservation work.                          call if you need any advice or help.
We hope that reading through this catalogue will
have given you the inspiration and information
that you need to create your own wildflower
garden - large or small. If you have any questions
about using wildflowers, then please give us
a call on 0151 737 1819 8.00am - 5.00pm
Monday - Friday

40                                  tel: 0151 737 1819
 National W
                  ildflower C
A Place of
            ation, Lea
                       rning   & Conserv
                            entre Caf
                ildflower C
     National W

A Visitor and Conference Centre
Events on how to use wildflowers can help you garden successfully.
Wildflower demonstration areas can also inspire you, so why not pay us a visit?
The National Wildflower Centre is open 7 days a week from the beginning of March
to the end of August from 10.00am to 5.00pm.
Our family friendly and accessible Café and Conference facility
is open Monday to Friday throughout the year.
Events, groups and conference enquiries to
0151 738 1913 or email                             tel: 0151 737 1819               43
Terms and Conditions
1 This catalogue cancels all previous catalogues.
2 Payment must be sent with order.
3 Prices include VAT. If the VAT rate changes,
  then we reserve the right to adjust our prices as
  printed in this catalogue to reflect the change.
4 Our seed is viable, pure and true to type. Seed
  not meeting these standards will be replaced or
  refunded if returned undamaged within 30 days.
5 We cannot be held responsible for non-
  germination of seed, weed infestation or any
  consequential loss due to conditions outside of
  our control.
6 It may occasionally be necessary to make          7 SCHOOLS & LOCAL AUTHORITIES -
  substitutions in the species composition of         When an order is made without payment it
  mixtures and plants. Any changes will be            must be accompanied by an official order form
  notified.                                            or requisition bearing an order number and
                                                      invoice/delivery address.
                                                    8 Our plants are despatched from early Spring
                                                      to the end of Autumn in waterproof recycled
                                                      boxes. If the plants arrive damaged or you are
                                                      not satisfied with their quality, please contact
                                                      us within 2 working days.
                                                    The placing of an order assumes the acceptance of
                                                    the above terms of business and in no way affects
                                                    the statutory rights of a customer.

44                                     tel: 0151 737 1819
How to find us
National Wildflower Centre,                   Tel. 0151 737 1819
Court Hey Park,                              Fax. 0151 737 1820
Liverpool L16 3NA                  
                                             Situated in Knowsley, ‘The Wildflower Borough’

OPENING HOURS: Collection of orders by appointment only.

                                                  ...happy to
                                                              help!                     tel: 0151 737 1819                            45
        ifts a nd Vouch
Green G      what to b
         Not sure voucher on page 3
          ose a gif t
  Then cho