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					  A    P U B L I C AT I O N          O F   T H E
                                                   the Gold Star
                                                   C O L O R A D O     D E PA R T M E N T      O F     E D U C AT I O N
                                                                                                                                           J U LY 2 0 0 8

                                      “Life Changes” IN EDUCATOR LICENSING
                                                                                                         related Web site promises to have the CDE Web site up
                                                                                                         and operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
                                                                                                         365 days a year. The revamped Web site offers:
                                                                                                            • Web-based training in the form of just-in-time, in-
                                                                                                              teractive, PowerPoint or video-based training
                                                                                                              modules that demonstrate important procedures.
                                                                                                            • Live help desk support via phone and e-mail for
                                                                                                              technical issues.
                                                                                        Bonita              • Automated help function – “Ask CareerBuilder”
                                                                                        Vaughan               is available for technical help and troubleshooting
                                                                                        happily sits
                                                                                                              24 hours a day, seven days a week.
                                                                                        next to the
                                                                                        piles of            • Instructor-led training is available for audiences
                                                                                        renewals in           who benefit from a more traditional classroom en-
                                                                                        her many              vironment.
                                                                                                            • Customized search function for easy search by job
                                                                                                              title and location, and also by keyword.
                                                                                                         School districts across Colorado already are raving
                                                                                                         about the new Web site and its enhanced functionality,
                                                                                                         hoping it will increase the candidate pool and provide
                                                                                                         more quality, qualified candidates.
                                                                                                         The revamped Web site uses a copy and paste system so
                                                                                                         users won’t have to re-create their resume or cover let-
                                                                                                         ter. School districts with their own recruitment Web
                                                                                                         sites will benefit from the “redirect” feature and the date
                                                                                                         retention policy keeps job applications for a year and
                                                                                                         employers may access applications for up to two years.
                                               e often associate big “life
what’s inside?
hats off . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                           W   changes” with moving,
                                           switching jobs, getting married,
                                                                                                         Check it out at www.teachincolorado.com.
                                                                                                         Big change number two was the switch to an online
guest column . . . . . . 4                 or having a baby. Experts strongly caution                    payment system for educator licenses. Last year,
ergonomics &                               to never let major transitions overlap in order to mini-      the unit processed approximately 32,773 applica-
safety at work . . . . . . 4               mize stress. So stop for a moment and think about the         tions. Think of the man power that goes into the
a familiar face . . . . . . 5              educator licensing unit at CDE, which is managing             processing, data entry, accounting and filing of
calendar . . . . . . . . . . . 6           two key overhauls of their work…in a month.                   32,773 applications.
                                           Big change number one was the introduction of Teach-          Formerly, educators paid for their license by mail or
                                           inColorado.com. This is the new job resource tool for         by delivering a payment to CDE in person.
                                           educators across the state, re-launched in late June
                                                                                                         The new educator licensing payment engine, devel-
                                           with a new host, CareerBuilder.com.
                                                                                                         oped by Colorado Interactive, enables educators to
                                           CareerBuilder.com is the nation’s largest jobs-                                                     Continued pg. 2
                                 E D U C A T O R                     L I C E N S I N G                      c o n t .

    each day

    processed                         1st row: Donna Knight, Educator Licensing Front Desk; Norma Lawanson, OPS Office
                                      Manager; Anne Valdez, Evaluator and License Issuer; Barb Lautenbach, Alternative Licens-
    last year                         ing Program Coordinator; Phil Rollins, Out of State License Application Evaluator/Web
                                      Content Coordinator. 2nd row: Ed Almon, Teacher in Residence and Alternative Principal
                                      Program Coordinator; Dr. Jami Goetz, OPS Director; Joyce Gange, Alternative Licensing      Application
                                      front desk; Anne Marie Roberts, Special Assignments; Rebecca Moore, Mail Coordinator;
                                      Claudia Sanchez, Evaluator/Receipt Desk; Dezmond LaMoniquea, Evaluator/Induction.           Process
                                      3rd row: Theresa Marin, In State and Added Endorsement Evaluator; Amy Spruce, Alterna-
                                      tive Supervisor; Bonita Vaughan, Professional Renewal Application Evaluator; Jennifer
                                      Johnson, Evaluator/Mail Coordinator; Chris Hill, Fingerprint Coordinator. Not pictured:
                                      Barb Allen, Supervisor of Educator Licensing; Eric Yoder, Investigator .

Continued from pg. 1
pay their license fees online by credit       we now just handle the reporting and
card or electronic check. In the near         tracking mechanism. This is an enormous                                                 Mailed to CDE
future, Colorado Interactive will work        upgrade in our efficiency for our clients
with CDE to evaluate a service that           and our staff members.”                                                             Comes to mail desk, opened
                                                                                                                                   and entered into database
allows users to fill out and submit their
                                              Jami Goetz, director of educator licensing,
application online as well. For now, edu-
                                              lauded the work of staff in managing the                                               Moves to receipt desk
cators still need to mail or drop off a                                                                                               (process payment)
                                              details of both transitions.
hard copy of their application, with a
receipt of their online payment to CDE.       “These changes required enormous atten-                                       Separated into categories of applications
On August 1, the unit will no longer ac-      tion to detail and the staff worked together                                  and distributed to appropriate evaluators
cept checks. Applicants will only be          to make sure the new systems were
able to pay online.                           implemented as seamlessly as possible,”                                               Application evaluated and
                                              said Goetz. “Our goal is to make the job                                                updated in database
Norma Lawanson, who is overseeing the
                                              search and the application process as
transition said, “This has had a huge im-                                                                                        Approved application entered
                                              user-friendly as possible for teachers and
pact on the payment process in our office                                                                                            and license printed
                                              educators everywhere and these were two
and CDE’s accounting office. Instead of
                                              significant steps on that road. I can’t say
processing each payment separately, the                                                                                      Applications not approved are returned
                                              enough about how well our team worked                                            to applicant for more information
information is downloaded into a database
                                              together to make these changes possible.”
on a daily basis and sent to the treasury,
                                                                                                                                 Process takes 10 to 12 weeks
                                                                           pg 2
Maura McGrath, state library recep-
tionist, has gone above and beyond her job
duties as receptionist. She helped create
online maps to graphically show where
and what types of libraries staff are visiting
                                                 HATS                           OFF              This year Dr. Anita Foxworth has
                                                                                                 stepped into a role that has her at the center
around the state. She also streamlined the                                                       of some of the most exciting things hap-
monthly mailing that goes to schools and                                                         pening in the department. Recently named
libraries. The changes have helped cut costs     This year, Dr. Jeanette Cornier, a              director for achievement gap and academic
without diminishing the quality of this          new assistant commissioner, took the lead       support, Anita has been applying her con-
important communication tool. Maura's            in establishing a new unit, recently retitled   siderable knowledge about the CADI
ideas and expertise have elevated what has       teaching and learning. Under Jeanette's         process (Comprehensive Appraisal for
traditionally been just a voice on the phone     leadership, a cross-functional team has         District Improvement) to a new challenge.
to an asset to staff and clients alike.          forged new partnerships with six districts.     That is, how can the department leverage
                              -Eugene Hainer     Jeanette is also engaged in the launch of a     its resources in a way that directs more "on
                                                 new statewide Leadership Academy.               the ground" support to districts with the
The unit of online learning greatly appre-       Jeanette has handled the challenges with        greatest needs? With a deep commitment
ciates Kathleen Patrick (principal               grace and has greeted each with creativity      to social justice, Anita finds it easy to lead
consultant - school health services) and         and energy. Because Jeanette takes time         with her passion.
Tracey Cantrell (audit supervisor) for           to listen and learn, colleagues express                                           -Ken Turner
presenting valuable information to admin-        confidence in her. Her style allows her to
istrators of online programs at a workshop       enhance relationships, both inside and
on June 17. Kathleen provided guidelines         outside the organization, both vertically
on required health screening and immu-           and horizontally. The combination of
nizations to attendees including district        people skills and systems thinking make
administrators and those leading online          Jeanette a vital force for healthy change.
programs. Tracey presented a session on
auditing requirements for audits taking
place this summer as well as covering
what will be required under the new rules
                                                                                 -Ken Turner

for online learning. Each session was
very comprehensive, providing detailed
examples for participants.
                                   -Pam Ice

The educator licensing unit has two new
employees. Dezmond LaMoniquea                                                                                                  BUILDING
is performing beyond expectations and is                                                                                       C U LT U R E
a positive addition to the unit. Rebecca
Moore came from Cherry Creek School                                                                                           CDE intern Alex
District and always has a good attitude, is                                                                                   Jones watches the
tireless and always attempts to surpass the                                                                                   West High School
daily goals she sets for herself. We have                                                                                     Mural Club paint
entered the summer rush and are very for-                                                                                     murals as a part of
tunate to have two new employees who
                                                                                                                              Santa Fe Arts District's
are team players.
                                 -Jami Goetz                                                                                  Alley Beautification
                                                                                                                              Project for Denver
Candy Vargas continually goes above                                                                                           Arts Week. Alex,
and beyond in her communication to school                                                                                     along with Christine
districts regarding special education data                                                                                    Hingle and Crystal
collection. Candy frequently works into the                                                                                   Santovena in the
evening and on weekends when mandated                                                                                         office of standards
data collections are due, providing                                                                                           and assessment are
‘hands-on’ technical assistance and other                                                                                     working with the
support. Given the federal government’s                                                                                       mural club on
significant increase in data collection ele-
                                                                                                                              Building Culture, an
ments over the last several years, this has
been a major challenge to Candy and her                                                                                       art project that will
team. Via her 32 years with CDE coupled                                                                                       bring student artwork
with her overall competence and educa-                                                                                        to the walls of CDE.
tion, Candy is viewed as a leader on both
the state and national level. Hats off to
Candy Vargas!
                               -Ed Steinberg

                                                                    pg 3

                                                                   My journey to               ties for Colorado’s public education system. From
                                                                                               those meetings the idea of a new state-level foun-
                                                                   the Colorado                dation was born.
        Kelly Leid                                                 Department of
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                         Education has               As part of “Forward Thinking,” the Colorado
         COLORADO LEGACY                                                                       Legacy Foundation (CLF) is a new privately
           FOUNDATION                                              been anything               funded nonprofit, founded by CDE to build ongo-
                                                                   but common.                 ing statewide leadership capacity to meet the
                                         Originally I set out to become an orthopedic sur-     global demands of today’s rapidly expanding,
                                         geon, but instead earned a degree in business from    knowledge-centered economy. The foundation
                                         Arizona State University. I also hold a master’s in   seeks to accelerate improvements within the P-12
                                         business administration from the University of        education delivery system through strategic,
                                         Denver and a master’s in public administration        statewide public-private partnerships that prepare
                                         from ASU. Eventually I found myself staging col-      an increasing number of college-ready students for
                                         legiate and professional sporting events at ASU,      an economically and socially vibrant Colorado.
                                         including five NCAA National Championship             The foundation will have its own board of trustees
                                         football games and a Super Bowl.                      and will focus on a few, but significant “tipping
                                                                                               point” issues to advance learning in the new cen-
                                         In 1996, I returned to Colorado (I am a third gen-    tury. There are a variety of initiatives planned, in-
                                         eration native) thinking I was done with sports.      cluding an annual luncheon to honor educational
                                         Instead, as director of operations, I had the op-     innovations called the Commissioner’s Cup, a
                                         portunity to lead the Metro Denver Football Sta-      council on innovation and entrepreneurship, an an-
  tip                                    dium District’s effort to design and build a new
                                         home for the Denver Broncos. After INVESCO
                                         Field, I headed back to Arizona as the vice presi-
                                                                                               nual best practices guide, a series of business
                                                                                               round tables to strengthen relationships between
                                                                                               CDE and the state’s business community, an an-
                                         dent of operations for the AZ Tourism & Sports        nual summit to tackle system innovations and the
                                         Authority to help build a new stadium for the         Colorado Legacy Scholars, an initiative to attract
                                         Arizona Cardinals.                                    Colorado’s best and brightest to teaching in hard to
             CDE Tip                     In 2002, I once again returned home, but this         staff districts and subject matter.
                                         time to work for Oakwood Homes, a local resi-
             of the                      dential developer and homebuilder. Only a year
                                                                                               At sixteen, a life-threatening illness taught me to
             Month                       into the job an opportunity arose to serve as exec-
                                                                                               cherish each and every moment. To that end, I am
                                                                                               deeply humbled to be a part of the CDE team and
                                         utive director for the owner’s education founda-
                                                                                               the opportunity before us. These are exciting
 Would you like to learn                 tion, the Foundation for Educational Excellence.
    more about the                                                                             times for public education and I truly believe that
                                         The foundation serves as a catalyst for the devel-
   Colorado Growth                                                                             CDE is set to play a significant role in helping
                                         opment and utilization of cutting edge educa-
        Model?                                                                                 shape the future for Colorado’s 800,000 plus stu-
                                         tional initiatives that result in school and
                                                                                               dents. Whenever I talk about my vision for edu-
           Visit                         community revitalization.
                                                                                               cation, it always comes back to a quote that is
                                         This is where my journey at CDE begins. With          attributed to President Kennedy not long after his
   index_accredit.htm to
 watch the training video.               five plus years of educational reform work on         death that sums up my fundamental belief about
                                         wide range complex educational issues for Oak-        the work ahead, “Some men see things as they
                                         wood Homes, Commissioner Jones and I met this         are and say why. I choose to see things as they
                                         past summer to discuss challenges and opportuni-      could be and say why not.”

                                            SAFETY & ERGONOMICS

               here are two main ways to prevent ergonomic injuries and to lessen their impact if they occur. One way is to correctly use
               your equipment and tools. The second way is to modify work habits — in other words, avoid undesirable motions, improve
               your posture, spend less time on certain tasks and take allowable breaks.
         Pay attention to your body so you can correct ergonomic disorders as soon as you detect them. Learn to adjust chairs, keyboards,
         lighting and other controllable factors for your maximum comfort and health.
         Please contact Human Resources at 303-866-6770 for more information or if you’d like to get an ergonomic evaluation done for
         your work area.

                                                                       pg 4
Afamiliar face
             T E N         Q U E S T I O N S                       w i t h     G A R T H                S C H A E F E R

                                                            Garth at Lamayuru, an 11th century monastery in Ladakh, northern India.

                                                                     6    Care to tell us about your family/upbringing? I
                                                                              grew up in Virginia in a big family. I’m the fifth of six
                                                                              kids. My sister Lorna, who is nine years older than me,
                                                                              named me after children’s book illustrator Garth
                                                                              Williams. My Mom disputes this, though I tend to believe
                                                                              my sister.

                                                                     7    What was your motivation to work in the field of
                                                                            public education? Volunteering and service have
                                                                              been a part of my own life since I graduated from high
                                                                              school. I like to think it has afforded me some great expe-
                                                                              riences, opportunities and perspective. Working in the

 In a nutshell, what do you do? As part of the preven-
                                                                              service-learning office allows me to encourage others to
    tion initiatives team, I direct the service-learning office,
                                                                              make meaningful and intentional experiences part of their
    promoting service-learning as a teaching methodology
    through grants and professional development.

                                                                          You recently traveled to India. Can you share

 How long have you been with CDE?
                                                                            some of your experience? This spring I volunteered
    Five years.
                                                                              for my second time with the Himalayan Dental Relief
                                                                              Project in Nepal and India. As a non-dentist, my job was

 What has been the high-point in your job at CDE?                             to usher kids from the waiting area to the dentists, clean
    Working with AmeriCorps*NCCC to develop the Civics                        dental tools, make sure all the dentists were constantly
    Troupe; a theatre group that traveled to several Colorado                 busy and keep records on the kids we saw. Of the three
    School Districts performing scenes from the lives of im-                  clinics I was a part of, we served more than 1,700 kids. I
    portant figures in American history.                                      also had some side adventures including a brief hike in
                                                                              the Everest region, a road trip near the disputed border of

4Based on what you know about CDE; who has the                                India and Pakistan and visits to several Buddhist monas-
    coolest job/what is it? Dana Scott, State Coordinator                     teries (complete with yak butter tea).
    for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth.

                                                                          Favorite … {movie, book, restaurant, vacation
                                                                             spot}? Book: “Omnivore’s Dilemma,” Movie: “The Life

5If you could change one thing about public edu-
     cation in Colorado, what would it be? The quick
    answer: I would make public education more relevant
                                                                              Aquatic,” Restaurant: Dolores River Brewery

    and interesting for students. According to “The Silent                Care to share any words of inspiration you live
    Epidemic: Perspectives on High School Dropouts,” the                     by? This could be my favorite quote: "Security is
    top reason high school dropouts quit school is that classes               mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do
    were not interesting. Through service-learning or any                     the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding
    number of different strategies, engaging students in their                danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.
    own education, I believe, is critical to their success and to             Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
    that of the school system.                                                                                              Helen Keller

                                                                   pg 5
  I 1988 Ford F-150 4x4 pickup, 92,400 miles, auto, air, toolbox, dual gas
                                                                                             Classified Ads
    tanks, heavy suspension, extras, $3,200. Contact Denise Burrows at
    ext. 6252.

  I Black 2002 Kohler and Campbell piano, like new (only used for lessons for two years!). $1000. Karen Connell x6903.

                                                                                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                   after HOURS                                                                                        July08
                                                                                            July 8 English Language Acquisition Unit and
       What CDE employees are doing after                                                          the Unit of Student Assessment Quarterly
            work or on the weekend:                                                                Meeting, State Office Building, Room 403

      Christine Deines, senior consultant and new                                       July 15-17 4th Annual Colorado Positive Behavior
      employee in the literacy grants and initiatives                                              Support (PBS) Pre-Symposium and
      unit graduated recently from the University of                                               Symposium: Behavioral Support for all
      Denver with a MLIS degree in library science.                                                Students through PBS and RTI
                                                                                                   Denver Marriott Tech Center, Denver

      Attend a rowing club regatta on July 12,                                          July 17-18 Diversity Libraries Summit
      Row the Rockies. Everyone is welcome to                                                      Colorado Mountain College
      watch and cheer Holly Baker (assessment                                                      Glenwood Springs
      support). For more information, visit:
      http://rockymountainrowing.org/rowTheRockies                                      July 21-24 School Nurse Orientation
                                                                                                   Holiday Inn, Frisco
                                                                                 July 28-Aug. 1 Intensive Math Planning Workshop
      Janelle Krueger (prevention initiatives), will                                            Adams 12 Education Center, Denver
      attend her 30-year class reunion in Holyoke over
      the July 4th weekend. She had fun producing a
                                                                                  For more information on these events, visit
      booklet for the reunion that includes photos
      and updated information of her classmates.
      There were 56 graduates in her class - one of
      the rather "large" classes for Holyoke.

      Theresa Marin (educator licensing) earned
      her bachelor's degree from Regis University
      this spring in human resource management.

The Gold Star is a monthly newsletter for and about the Colorado Department of Edu-
cation employees distributed at the beginning of every month. Deadlines are on the
10th of the month preceding publication. If you have great ideas, interesting photos,
or if you would like to write a story, please submit it to:

the Gold Star                      CDE Communications Office
                                   201 E. Colfax Ave., Room 501
                                   Denver, CO 80203
                                   303-866-3898 or 303-866-2334
                                   Fax: 303-866-6938
                                                                                                                                   JULY 2008

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