M-COMB Femtosecond Fiber Laser

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					M-COMB Femtosecond Fiber Laser

Femtosecond Source Engineered for Metrology Applications
New features make the M-Comb an ideal core component of versatile optical frequency comb systems
with improved performance. The three optical output ports can be amplified and by subsequent
frequency conversion the IR and the VIS spectral ranges are simultaneously available for precision
measurements. The high repetition rate entails larger spacing between the comb modes, which
ensures easy and straightforward frequency measurements, and provides higher optical power per
comb mode.

Features and Benefits
• Engineered for ultrahigh stability and ultralow phase noise
• Highest fundamental repetition frequency available on the market
• Truly turn-key operation by self-starting mode-locking mechanism with
  integrated microcontroller ensuring uninterrupted operation
• Temperature stabilized
• Repetition rate 250 MHz
  – tunig range 2.5 MHz, coarsly adjustable with stepper motor
  – fine-tuned and locked with a Piezo
• CEO frequency
  – tunable within the free spectral range of 250 MHz with intracavity wedge
  – stabilized by pump power modulation

Applications Include                                                                          An optical frequency comb system based on a
• Optical frequency standards                                                                 M-Comb with a stabilized octave spanning
• Absolute distance measurements                                                              spectrum enabling the measurement of optical
• Optical clockworks                                                                          frequencies with unprecedented precision and
• Low noise microwave synthesis                                                               flexibility.
• Transfer of ultrastable timing signals
  and frequency standards
• High resolution spectroscopy

                                             Spectrum of M-Comb

Optical Power [dBm]







                        1300   1350   1400   1450   1500   1550   1600   1650   1700   1750
                                              Wavelength [nm]
         a fr r i
           l   cg
         c lo pin

 u sa
R s i:
 rme eg l n .
Po n ro bIc
 u s , 0 2 8 Mo c w
R si 1 7 5 , so ,
 -t B h o t a 1 /
   r      o
1s . u v s v , 211
 e f : 74 52 11 0
T l x + -9 -2 -2 8
 w . n ss
        o e .
w wme l ytms u r
  e     n ss
         o e .
s l @me l ytms u r

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