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									  2011 MEDIA KIT
                   Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                  2011 Media Kit

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Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                           2011 Media Kit

   Our Purpose

   Internet Marketing Inc. is a full-service Internet marketing company that provides medium sized
   businesses across the globe with goal oriented and results driven solutions for increasing targeted
   exposure, customer acquisition, and profitability.

   Our Mission

   Everything starts with our Mission. This is how we define what we want to accomplish as an
   organization and how those accomplishments will benefit our customers.

   Our Mission is:

      To provide a holistic and creative approach to Internet marketing
      To foster customer loyalty through transparent results driven solutions
      To add a distinct and measurable value to our client's business objectives

   Why We Are Different

      Emphasis on first understanding our client's industry and their core business goals
      Design a marketing strategy that will help support those goals
      ROI Focused
      Customer acquisition, revenue generation and profitability are the foundation of each plan
      Our Directors and Strategists are all well-respected experts in their fields

   Our Clients

   We work with clients from all over the world from a variety of industries including: e-commerce,
   government and military, luxury hotel chains, medical, energy, health and wellness to name a few.

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Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                          2011 Media Kit

  Search Engine Optimization                                     Director: Benj Arriola
  Search Engines Today

  Search engine algorithms change regularly and Internet Marketing Inc. prides itself on being aware of
  the latest developments in SEO. Unlike many SEO companies who use outdated strategies and
  techniques, our search engine optimization team at IMI is constantly receiving SEO training and is
  aware of what search engines value the most today.

  We apply new developments into our SEO strategies through our:

     Accurate and extensive keyword research
     In-depth SEO labs and diagnostics
     Information architecture optimization
     Algorithmic optimization
     Prioritizing quality link building

  Why We Are Good at SEO

  Our SEO team, led by leading SEO expert Benj Arriola, has decades of combined experience. Team
  credentials include Search Engine Workshop certifications; Google Adwords and Yahoo certifications;
  PMP certifications; UNIX certifications; Computer Engineering degrees; accredited SEO speakers and
  bloggers; and certified speakers with PubCon, SEMCON, and SMX Internet Marketing Conferences.

  Our Results

  Road Runner Sports is the largest online retailer of running
  shoes in the world. IMI was hired to provide advanced SEO
  consulting in the areas of:

     Improving SEO information architecture
     Implementing algorithmic optimization
     Keyword expansion and drastic traffic increases

  BEFORE: Road Runner Sports was ranking for about 5,000
  keywords in the top 20 in Google

  AFTER: Road Runner Sports ranks for over 17,000 keywords in
  the top 20 in Google and organic traffic has quadrupled!
  View case study:
Website:                  3
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                         2011 Media Kit

  Pay Per Click Management                                   Director: Justin Mayerick
  About Paid Search

  Paid Search is one of the best ways to drive immediate results through
  online marketing campaigns. It allows clients to allot a specific
  monthly marketing budget for their online ads that are geo-targeted,
  continually monitored and highly optimized.
  Our Experience

  Internet Marketing Inc. has experience managing all sizes of PPC marketing campaigns including
  global efforts in multiple languages. IMI takes into account the differences in culture and business
  practices from region to region to maximize performance. We apply the best search engine marketing
  strategies to ensure the highest possible return of investment.

  Our Approach & Strategy

  Our sophisticated approach to search engine marketing takes many things into account. Everything
  starts with defining clear goals, objectives and milestones for your own pay per click program.
  Extensive research is done prior to launching any pay per click marketing campaign so that our team
  has an intimate understanding of your business, your industry, and your competition.

  Our campaigns are constantly monitored, analyzed, and optimized and our approach includes but is
  not limited to:

     Comprehensive Analysis
     Integration with Sophisticated Bid Management Tools
     Keyword Research, Analysis, and Application
     Ad Copy and Landing Page Optimization
     A/B Split Testing and Multivariate Testing
     Content, Retargeting, and Display Campaigns

  Our Results

  IMI was hired to take over all aspects of online marketing for Beauty Schools of America, a leading
  international cosmetology school. The PPC campaigns are a crucial factor for increasing enrollment.

  The campaign involves:                                   The result:
    Multilingual PPC in Google, Yahoo, and Bing              Increased CTR by 75%
    Facebook Ads                                             Drastically decreased CPA
    Ongoing landing page optimization and testing            Driving over 1,500 conversions per month

Website:               4
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                                2011 Media Kit

  Online Reputation Management                                 Director: Benj Arriola
  Internet Marketing Inc. offers advanced proven tactics for
  Online Reputation Management (ORM). We specialize in
  aggressive strategies that focus on removing negative
  content from the search engines.

  Why is Online Reputation Management So Important?

  Your company has worked hard to grow and build a great reputation in your industry and among your
  current and potential customers. It can be extremely damaging to your brand to have negative
  content and denigrating websites appearing when people search keywords related to your company
  or industry. This can result in decreases in organic traffic and lost revenue.

  It is almost impossible to have negative content removed from sites like this and can turn into a long
  legal battle should your company choose to pursue that strategy. In the meantime, how does a
  company protect itself from potential lost revenue and a tarnished brand name? The answer is
  simple. Online reputation management will provide both offensive and defensive maneuvers that will
  help your brand maintain proactive control of the online message.

  Our Results

  IMI was hired by a major medical supply company to primarily to push down results from denigrating
  websites. Some of these sites like ranked #3 in Google for branded keywords.
                                                                       ROR Article Position on Google
     The article ranked #3 in Google
     Legal alternatives had failed
     The brand was being severely damaged

  The Result: Through strategic online reputation
  Management strategies and advanced link building
  IMI pushed the negative result from page 1 to page 6
  In Google!

Website:                5
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                              2011 Media Kit

  Website Design & Development
  Director: Sean Klope
  Your website is the most important tool for reflecting your
  brand image and capturing new potential clients,
  customers, and business relationships. Your website must
  have the ability to engage visitors and entice them to take
  specific “actions”. At Internet Marketing Inc. we start by
  understanding your business goals and creating an
  interactive user experience designed to help you reach
  those objectives.

  Our Experience

  Internet Marketing Inc. has experience building websites
  for all types of business across many different industries.

     Simple to large complex websites, both B to C and B to B
     Usability and conversion optimization techniques applied
     E-commerce storefronts
     Advance graphic design and development
     Content Management Systems
     All websites built to be SEO optimized

  SEO Website Development

  Internet Marketing Inc. is also a leading Search Engine
  Optimization agency, so you can be confident that we are
  following all SEO best practices and constructing search
  engine friendly platforms that will be visible in the SERPs. It
  does not stop with the “you build it and they will come”
  theory. IMI builds it, then we SEO it, then they will come!

  Website Development Languages                              Our Process

     PHP                           MYSQL                     1.   Functional Specifications Document (FSD)
     HTML, XHTML, HTML5            ASP.NET                   2.   Site Architecture
     AJAX                          JavaScript                3.   Design & Usability
     FLEX                          ColdFusion                4.   Development, QA, & Launch
     FLASH                                                   5.   Continuous Optimization
Website:                   6
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                            2011 Media Kit

  More Services
  Behavioral Retargeting

  One of the best compliments to other online marketing strategies that are increasing traffic and
  visibility is Retargeting. Retargeting uses cutting edge banner display technology to serve ads to your
  website visitors. Retargeting is a great way to keep your brand relevant and increase return

  Social Media Marketing

  Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing online marketing strategies today. Social media
  creates a fusion between marketing, PR, advertising, and true customer interaction. Like other
  Internet marketing efforts and website advertising, social media is an investment in your long term
  online visibility. Internet Marketing Inc. provides cutting edge social media marketing services, where
  we manage campaigns fully, or provide consulting with your team. These services are designed to
  improve your brand’s exposure on the social web.

  Services Include:

     Custom social media strategy handbook                    Social media consulting and training
     Design and development of social media pages             Social media paid search
     Blogging strategy                                        Video optimization

  Email Marketing

  The goal of email marketing goal is to promote repeat business or engagement from a company’s
  existing and potential customer base. Email marketing management is an essential online marketing
  tactic for all e-commerce, lead generation, and informational websites. We offer a variety of services
  that support Email marketing including:

     Email Marketing Consultation                             Email template design
     Email Database Integration                               Campaign reporting
     Email Database Maintenance/Management                    Landing page design and development
     General Email Marketing Campaign Management

  Affiliate Marketing

  The goal of Internet Marketing Inc's Affiliate Marketing services is to generate quality leads and sales
  for clients on a performance basis. With us, you pay only for successful sales and leads that make you
  money. We partner the leading Affiliate Marketing agencies that have proven results!

Website:                 7
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                          2011 Media Kit

  Strategic Partnership with Internet Marketing Inc.
  Why partner with Internet Marketing Inc?

  Internet Marketing Inc’s (IMI) has one of the best Internet marketing teams the world has to offer.
  IMI has grown 100% per year each of the last three years and it is because we deliver results. As a
  partner IMI has the ability to meet your client’s Internet marketing needs while adding more value to
  your scope of services. Our goal is to manage your client’s online exposure and reputation, increase
  revenue, and decrease cost per acquisition.

  Services include:

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis and Findings
     Pay Per Click(PPC) Keyword Analysis
     Online Reputation Management (ORM)
     Industry & Competitive Analysis (What are your clients competitors doing online?)
     Recommendations including (SEO, PPC, ORM, Email, and Mobile)


  We at IMI will take you through a brief 30 minute webinar to educate you on the services our
  company offers and will also provide a press release and email template for you to reach out to your
  clients to set up meetings. Each month we will email you a report on the status of your clients.


  IMI compensates 10% per month residually on closed deals. Simply set up the meeting and we will
  execute and do the heavy lifting. All commissions are paid through direct deposit to your bank
  account on the 30th of each month. It’s that easy.
  (IMI Minimum Client Spend $5000/month)

  To obtain a partnership agreement, simply contact:

  Cort Davies | Director of Business Development | (858) 769-3807

Website:               8
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                           2011 Media Kit

  Internet Marketing Inc. Managers
  Brent Gleeson, Co-Founder & CEO

  Brent Gleeson has extensive experience in the Internet marketing and online media industry. As co-
  founder and Chief Executive Officer of Internet Marketing Inc. it is Mr. Gleeson’s primary focus to
  oversee operations and execute strategic growth strategies. Internet Marketing Inc. has become a
  powerful player in the industry offering Search Engine Marketing strategies and Website
  Development to clients all over the world.

  Gleeson spent five years in the United States Navy as a Navy SEAL. During his service at SEAL Team
  Five he completed several combat deployments to Iraq and Africa in support of the War on Terror.
  Gleeson’s Navy SEAL Task Unit worked closely with CIA and OGA to track and capture high value
  terrorists and insurgent leaders. Gleeson is involved in his community, his church, and charitable
  organizations such as the Naval Special Warfare Foundation, the Navy Seal Warrior Fund, the SEAL
  Tribute Committee and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Gleeson is also on the
  Advisory Board for Spectrum Pacific Learning, a leading e-Learning software development company.

  Gleeson earned his undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist
  University, studied at Oxford University in England, and earned master degree in real estate finance
  and development from the University of San Diego. Gleeson is also involved in the University of San
  Diego’s undergraduate and MBA entrepreneurship programs and is a guest lecturer each semester.
  Outside of the office Gleeson enjoys running, swimming, skydiving, and spending time with his four
  year old son.

  Brandon Fishman, Co-Founder & President

  Brandon Fishman has over 10 years of experience in the online marketing and advertising industry. He
  has co-founded 5 Internet Companies and currently serves as the President of Internet Marketing Inc.
  Mr. Fishman’s primary role is to oversee all US and International Sales as well as running the Search
  Engine Marketing Division of IMI.

  Fishman has co-founded international real estate marketing companies that have achieved enormous
  success. In addition, Mr. Fishman is co-owner of the West Coast office for Americas Media Group
  Worldwide, a leading global media agency for luxury real estate and luxury brands.

  Fishman received his undergraduate degree in Finance from Emory University and his Masters degree
  in Real Estate from the University of San Diego. Fishman also spent time studying at The London
  School of Economics. Fishman is heavily involved in his community and works closely to help several
  charities working with Breast Cancer and the Navy Seal Warrior Fund to support the families of fallen

Website:                9
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                          2011 Media Kit

  Internet Marketing Inc. Managers
  Benj Arriola, SEO Director

  Benj Arriola has been in the SEO space since 2004 and in web design and development since 1997.
  Benj has a very comprehensive and detail-driven SEO approach to every project concentrating on
  maximum results with minimum efforts to get the best out of SEO that economically scales over time.
  As the SEO Director, Benj will be the main SEO Strategist and Trainer of the company using up-to-date,
  ethical SEO methodologies.

  Aside from a wealth of experience in working with top brand Fortune 1000 SEO clients, prior to
  Internet Marketing, Inc. Benj has been a speaker in various major conferences here and abroad and
  also smaller local meet-up groups. He regularly contributes to some online SEO forums and for fun.
  Benj has joined many SEO keyword ranking competitions in the past and has won several from 2006
  to 2009 with the most prestigious among them was the 2007 SEO World Championship where Benj
  won a brand new car beating other SEO professionals from other countries.

  Justin Mayerick, SEM Director

  Justin Mayerick was recruited by IMI for his deep knowledge of Web Analytics and Strategic SEM
  tactics. He has worked with hundreds of clients from small, mid-size companies to Fortune 500
  enterprises. Most recently, he dedicated his skills to manage the Marketing and Sales programs for
  Showing Suite, Inc. a leading SaaS Real Estate Software company for North America. With an array of
  online marketing and business development experience, Justin has a proven track record for
  maintaining profitable business relationships with customers, analyzing data, and implementing
  unique strategies in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

  He began his SEM career in 2001 at Engine Ready Inc. a search engine software and SEM agency in
  San Diego where he learned the basics of PPC and Online Advertising. He has worked for Agency’s
  and dedicated clients managing campaigns and improving clients SEM programs over the last 10

  Sean Klope, Web Dev Director

  Sean has been involved with the internet and web design since CompuServe was the leader on the
  email front and MS Frontpage was the lead design tool! Since exiting the Navy in 1993, he has
  provided web and marketing support to a variety of organizations; manufacturers, environmental,
  retail and interactive design agencies as well as owning/running his own web design and
  development company. He is now the Director of Web Development here at IMI, guiding the flow of
  development and keeping up with the most modern and most efficient, secure and dynamic website
  coding available.

Website:               10
Phone: 866-563-0620
                                                                                  2011 Media Kit

   Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule and
   introductory presentation about how IMI can help your business

   Corporate Headquarters                     Southwest Regional Office

   Internet Marketing, Inc.                   Internet Marketing Inc. Las Vegas
   8885 Rio San Diego Drive,                  10161 Park Run Drive, Suite 150
   Suite 301, San Diego, CA 92108             Las Vegas, NV 89145
   Ph 1-866-563-0620                          Phone: 702-835-6986
   Fx 1-866-780-5126                          Fax: 702-835-6987
   Read About This Office                     Read About This Office

   Southeast Regional Office

   Internet Marketing Inc. Miami
   2520 Coral Way Ste 2094
   Miami Fl 33145
   Ph 1-866-563-0620
   Fx 1-866-780-5126


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