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					Rayburn Cookers
Special Offer Prices Including VAT @ 20% 1st January 2011

The Rayburn Cookmaster Range (Cooking Only)
200G or L                       Natural or Propane Gas                                   £3,495.00
200SFW                          Solid Fuel & Wood                                        £2,995.00
300K                            Kerosene                                                 £3,295.00
300W                            Wood only                                                £3,295.00
400G or L          (CF)         Natural or Propane Gas                                   £3,895.00
400K               (CF)         Kerosene                                                 £3,895.00
400G               (PF)         Natural Gas                                              £4,395.00
400K               (PF)         Kerosene                                                 £4,395.00
Cookmaster XT*     (PF)         Kerosene or Gas                                          £4,395.00
The Rayburn Cookmaster Plus Range (Cooking and Hot Water)
208G                 Natural Gas                                                         £3,760.00
208L                 Propane Gas                                                         £3,760.00
212SFW               Solid Fuel & Wood                                                   £3,210.00
308K                 Kerosene                                                            £3,495.00
The Rayburn Heatranger (Cooking, Hot Water & Central Heating)
216SFW (Low Output)   Solid Fuel & Wood                                                  £3,295.00
345W                  Wood                                                               £3,995.00
355SFW                Solid Fuel & Wood                                                  £4,095.00
480AG or AL (CF)      Natural or Propane Gas                                             £5,495.00
480CD        (BF)     Natural Gas                                                        £6,095.00
440K                  Kerosene                                                           £5,690.00
440KB        (BF)     Kerosene                                                           £5,875.00
460K                  Kerosene                                                           £5,875.00
460KB        (BF)     Kerosene                                                           £5,895.00
480K                  Kerosene                                                           £5,895.00
480KB        (BF)     Kerosene                                                           £6,095.00
499K                  Kerosene                                                           £6,095.00
499KB        (BF)     Kerosene                                                           £6,425.00
660K         (CF)     Kerosene                                                           £5,995.00
680K         (CF)     Kerosene                                                           £6,095.00
699K         (CF)     Kerosene                                                           £6,425.00
880K         (CF)     Kerosene                                                           £6,695.00
8120K        (CF)     Kerosene                                                           £7,255.00
8150K        (CF)     Kerosene                                                           £7,595.00

Standard Colours are Cream, Dark Blue, Aqua, Pewter, British Racing Green, Claret and Black
* Rayburn XT - Black only

Prices are for payment with order and collection from our premises.
Payment for appliances using credit cards are subject to a 2% charge (3% for American Express).
Prices are time limited and may be subject to change - please call to confirm a price.

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