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					Little Paxton School Governing Body

      Minutes of the Full Governing Body Meeting held on
              Monday 10th May 2010 at 6.30pm

1.    Apologies for absence
      Apologies were received and accepted from Colette Farrand-Laine, Catherine
      Hall, Denise McMurray and Gary Villiers

      Those present:
      Alana Brown                  Nick Folkard
      Penny Conway (Chair)         Mike Kendall
      Carol Corn                   Lawrence Port
      Neil Donoghue                Bev Williams
      Barbara English (Head)       Babs Herlihy (Clerk)

      P Conway informed all governors present that Bev Elliott (an LA Governor) has
      resigned from the FGB for personal reasons. The Clerk will inform the LA. There
      is still a vacancy on the FGB for a non-teaching staff governor. A letter will be
      put up in the staffroom informing staff of the vacancy.

2.    Declaration of interests (a requirement of FMSIS)

      There was one change declared by B English. A new interests form will be
      completed and stored in the file at school.

3.    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.

      Full Governing Body (08.02.10) - The minutes were approved and accepted by the
      Full Governing Body.
      The school’s Assigned Inspector felt it worth exploring the idea of having a
      business manager in school whose role would be to take on the financial and
      business side of running the school.
      Action Point
      C Farrand- Laine to write to the Assigned Inspector who will see if any other
      schools in the local area would like to share a business manager.

      Site and Buildings (15.03.10) – The minutes were approved and accepted by the
      Full Governing Body.
      The meter in school has been linked to a computer so that school can more easily
      monitor the supply. EDF have now resolved the electrical problem from the
      substation to the school. Four quotes for the maintenance of the boiler have been
      obtained and one of these has been agreed. School boundary fence was repaired in
      the Easter holidays. School has so far received one quote for a fire shutter. P
      Loughran is now carrying out a weekly manual check of all emergency external
      gates and doors.
Little Paxton School Governing Body

      Finance (15.03.10) - The minutes were approved and accepted by the Full
      Governing Body.
      School communications (information via email to parents) is up and running.
      Personnel (15.03.10)- The minutes were approved and accepted by the Full
      Governing Body.
      Trainee teachers are settling well into their placements in our school.
      We are still collecting in Governor Audits from governors.
      Action Point
      Clerk to ask for the remaining governors to complete and hand in their forms.
      Curriculum (29.03.10) - One change to the minutes to be made by the clerk
      otherwise the minutes were approved and accepted by the Full Governing Body.
      Governors were informed that SATs are going ahead. B Williams kindly agreed to
      take on the role of Early Years Foundation Stage governor.

4.    Head’s Report

      The Head Teacher’s report was sent out to all governors prior to the meeting. B
      English went through the report with the governors.
      In addition B English informed the governors that there were two attempted
      break-ins to school, the alarm was triggered and P Loughran attended. No-one
      was found on site and nothing was taken. Staff are now more vigilant ensuring
      laptops and other valuable equipment such as visualisers are locked away each
      night. Also regular readings of the water meter have indicated a suspected water
      leak. This is currently under investigation.
      Statement of Purpose
      This document was circulated to all governors present prior to the meeting. One
      agreed change will be made by the clerk otherwise the document was approved
      and accepted by the FGB.

      SDP sections A6 D5 E5
      These documents had been sent out to all governors present prior to the meeting.
      P Conway explained the purpose of these documents to all governors present.
      They will be updated at the next meeting, when the schedule for governing body
      meetings, training and visits is agreed.

5.    Staff update.

      Confidential staff matter was discussed

      D Neal and R Duffett have now been given permanent contracts.
      Ruth Jenkins school’s Y2 teacher and SENCO has requested to enter phased
      retirement. This had been agreed at a previous Personnel Committee meeting. She
      has agreed to continue as SENCO and her contracted hours will be two days each
      week starting in September.
Little Paxton School Governing Body

      Following advertisement of the post of Y2 Class Teacher 19 applications were
      received. 3 candidates were called for interview. 2 were appointed from
      September 2010. They are Sarah Kennedy, a qualified teacher with 2 years
      experience, and Jessica Roberts, an NQT currently on her final placement in our
      school. One will work with a KS1 class the other with the additional KS2 class
      that will be set up from September.
      There is an anticipated increase in the number of children applying to attend Little
      Paxton School from now and into the future as housing is released on the new
      development on the edge of the village. The LA have given school an additional
      £28,000 in their budget for Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011 to cover costs of
      employing extra staff that will be needed. As the numbers of children in each
      year group are as yet unknown it is essential that the class structure is set to allow
      as much flexibility as possible, in order to admit new children to any year group.
      It is therefore likely that nearly all classes will be of mixed year groups.
      Action point
      P Conway to write a letter to inform parents of the possible changes to school.

6.    Head’s Performance Management.

      N Folkard, C Hall and D McMurray are happy to continue to do this. N Folkard
      reported that as far as he knew everything is on track.
      Action point
      HTPM panel to arrange a date for a mid-year review with the Head Teacher

7      Report of meetings with School’s Financial Advisor (22.04.10)-to agree
      2010/11 Budget

      The budget was set on 27.04.10 with the school’s Financial Advisor and was
      rewritten, with further advice, on 04.05.10 to take account of the additional
      funding for the planned changes in the Autumn and Spring terms (see item 5
      above). A copy was handed out to all governors present. This was discussed,
      approved and agreed by the governors present. A signed copy was given to the

8.    Governor Visits to school

      P Conway thanked L Port and M Kendall for their recent visits to school. Their
      reports had been circulated to all governors prior to the meeting.
      L Port has looked at TOPPs. He reported that this database is a useful way for
      staff to monitor and track children’s progress. The software can also assist with
      monitoring the progress of specific groups.
      M Kendall has looked at how TAs in school undertake intervention programmes.
      He reported that TA’s said that many children seem to grow in confidence as a
      result of the programmes, and their attitude to and enjoyment of work improves.
Little Paxton School Governing Body

       They felt the intervention programmes had a positive impact on the results the
       children achieve.

9.    Governor Training

      Safeguarding training was attended by P Conway on 25.02.10. P Conway informed
      governors that the training was helpful in updating her on safeguarding issues.
      Termly Briefing attended by P Conway and N Donoghue, they reported that a new
      vetting and barring scheme is being introduced. From November 2010 the law will
      require all new school staff to be registered with the Independent Safeguarding
      Authority (ISA). There will be a rolling programme to include existing school staff.
      This is more up to date than CRB checks, which are not continually up dated.
      From 19.04.10 Cambridgeshire joined a pilot scheme for dealing with complaints.
      This will mean that if complaints are not resolved through the school’s complaints
      procedure they will now be dealt with by the LA complaints ombudsman, rather
      than passing to the DCSF.
      Index training held in school on 18.01.10. This was briefly discussed and action
      points raised by the training have been addressed and where relevant fed into the

10.   Policy Review.

      Child Protection and Safeguarding policy
      Some changes were agreed and will be made by the clerk otherwise this policy was
      approved and accepted by the FGB.
      Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development policy
      Some changes were agreed and will be made by the clerk otherwise this policy was
      approved and accepted by the FGB.
      School Self Evaluation policy
      Changes were agreed and will be made by the clerk otherwise this policy was
      approved and accepted by the FGB.

      Action point
      Clerk to make agreed changes to all the above policies.

11.   SIP Note of visits.

      The notes of visits have been sent out to all governors prior to the meeting. Action
      points raised are being addressed.

12. Correspondence received.

      Information has been received about the Single Central Record, this was given to
      the clerk. Information was made available to governors about school meals. All
      parent governors present were given an information leaflet about election of parent
Little Paxton School Governing Body

     governor representatives to the CCYPS Scrutiny Committee. Booklets about the
     development of sustainable schools were made available to governors

13. Any Other Business

     B English informed governors present that ten Y3 children from school will be able
     to go to Peterborough with children from other local schools to visit the cathedral
     and a Hindu Temple. This visit is free and is funded by the Inter Faith Project. A
     letter will be sent to all parents of Y3 children inviting their children to take part. If
     there are more than 10 wishing to take part a random draw will be used to allocate
     the places.

   Meeting closed at 8.50pm

Dates of next meetings

Committees Evening                        Monday 7th June 2010 starting at 6.30pm

Curriculum Evening                        Monday 21st June 2010 starting at 6.30pm

FGB meeting                               Monday 12th July 2010 starting at 6.30pm

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