Blackberry Tethering by wpr1947


									                   How to Tether your Blackberry
What you will need:
    1. A Blackberry connected to a Network                         3. Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 or later
    2. Blackberry USB Cable                                           installed
                                                                   4. Your Laptop
Step 1:
Logon to your laptop, start the Desktop manager and connect the Blackberry to the laptop via the Blackberry USB
Cable. The PC should detect and install the Blackberry drivers and once this is done you will see the Desktop
Manager icons in your system Tray as in Pic. 1

                                Pic . 1

Step 2:
You will be asked for your password (if one is set) as in Pic 2, go ahead and enter the password you use to unlock the
Blackberry. If you are asked for a Keystore password as in Pic 3 press cancel.

                                                  Pic. 2         Pic. 3

Step 3:
Once you are able to select options in the Desktop Managers Main menu, click on IP Modem as in Pic. 4

Pic. 4
If this is the first time you have tethered your Blackberry, you will need to configure the connection to your network
by clicking on the Configure Button and Selecting your network as in Pic. 5, if you have Tethered before, you can skip
this step

                        Pic. 5

Step 4:

Click 'Connect ' on the Desktop Manager and after you have been authenticated you will connect to your network as
in Pic. 6

                                                         Pic. 6

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