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Common             Showcase of Innovations: E-Learning Inklings
Wealth               Media Enhancements Can Inspire Participation
 What is The Common Wealth (TCW)?
The Common Wealth is an online collaborative space where faculty can dialogue, exchange
ideas and find information related to teaching and learning. This website was created in
Blackboard and demonstrates creative applications of existing technology within Bb-
showing what can be done to make content areas interesting and engaging.
 How can you use The Common Wealth?
   Explore the sample online courses of other Regent Professors. When you see how
   others organize and deliver their online course you may get ideas for your course.
   Note: Student names and discussions have been removed (FERPA).
   Perhaps you know a graduate student who would like to monitor the growth and
   development of this community site as a research project.
   Visit the water cooler area and enjoy some casual conversation.
   If you’re a new faculty member, introduce yourself.
   If you’re not new, strike up a conversation with someone who is new.
   Explore education and technology resources.
   Share your challenges.

   Tour the Learning Community…
       o   Town Hall: Faculty can find out more information about The Common Wealth,
           The Center for Teaching and Learning, new faculty, the latest CTL newsletter, the
           community calendar, and a showcase of innovative course designs.
       o   Artisans Centre: This is where faculty can register for training classes and find
           resources on new ideas in teaching and learning.
       o   The Academy: This is really the heart of TCW. This area is where faculty are
           free to communicate and exchange ideas. Using discussion boards, faculty can
           participate in dialogues, post articles, and explore new teaching techniques with
           colleagues. Also, forums are provided for casual (non-academic) conversations.
       o   Franklin’s Key: This is the University’s instructional technology center providing
           links to video, audio, and visual design services.
       o   Revolutionary Square: This is a forum for sharing cutting-edge
           (“revolutionary”) ideas that will impact the e-Learning community (e.g., Apple’s
           new iPhone). Faculty can also post their blogs here.
       o   The Scholars Mint: Scholarly research not only requires time, but in most cases
           financial support to fund it. The Scholars Mint provides information about writing
           grant proposals to underwrite faculty research.
How do you get it? What do you need?
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       On the Learn tab, see My Organizations
       Click on

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  The Common Wealth: A Regent Learning Community

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