Above: Bursting with feathery, floral ac-
                                                                                cents, Come Rain Come Shine is a whimsical
                                                                                fixture with a starting retail price of about
                                                                                      Left: A close-up of the colorful chande-
                                                                                lier’s intricate design.

          WITH A CAUSE
       Artecnica’s Come Rain Come Shine fixture isn’t all fluff. It’s part of an
         effort to shed light on the destitute hands that piece it together.
                                               BY AYESHA J. GALLION

    f a peacock, Mardi Gras, and a    manufacturer Artecnica’s Come Rain       cheerful, quirkiness.
    beach ball could be fashioned     Come Shine fixture. There’s no other          To bring this innovative product
    into a chandelier, you’d prob-    residential luminaire like it that de-   to market, Artecnica, the British
    ably have Los Angeles-based       mands attention while imparting gay,     Council, and designer Tord Boontje

collaborated with Coopa-Roca in               is popular in Europe. “So far we’ve                   lier. Designed by Boontje in 2004, it
Rocinha, Brazil. It is this 20-year-          had better numbers overseas because                   is also available in all black for the
old organization, located in Rio de           more distributors have picked it up,                  customer or interior décor expert
Janeiro’s largest slum, that hires im-        and they’re dealing with multiple re-                 who wants to cloak a room in playful,
poverished women with sewing skills           tailers.”                                             dramatic mystery.
to make the chandelier.                            Merchants usually keep one for                        Artecnica’s Garland Light, Mid-
     Grateful locals are able to use          display, Burns notes. The high-end                    summer Light, Until Dawn curtain,
their homes as a workshop, earn               piece sells for approximately $3,000                  and Fairy Tail greeting card are
a modest living, and still tend to            to $7,000, and customers purchase                     some of the products also created
their children and other domestic             it in advance from the store of their                 by Boontje. In addition, he was be-
responsibilities. The only times the          choice. “It’s a made-to-order item,                   stowed with the Bombay Sapphire
seamstresses venture into the office is        and it takes about 6-8 weeks to ar-                   Glass Design Award in 2002, while
to deliver finished pieces and/or to           rive,” he informs.                                    the following year he was nominated
get fabric. With more than 150 mem-                Come Rain Come Shine appears                     for Designer of the Year by Elle Deco-
bers, the group focuses on an array of        as buoyant as a helium balloon in                     ration. Boontje, a Netherlands native
craftwork in the fashion and decora-          midair. The metal structure is a con-                 and graduate of the Royal College of
tive industries.                              coction of ribbon, organza, silk, and                 Art in London, has created numer-
     Zoe Melos, director/production           handmade flowers which are placed                      ous lighting, accessories, and furni-
for Artecnica, mentions that the              upon and strung from the chande-                      ture designs, including the Blossom
fixture is the                                                                                                                  chandelier
company’s first                                                                                                                 for Swarovs-
joint effort with                                                                                                              ki’s Crystal
Coopa-Roca.                                                                                                                    Palace in
The illuminated                                                                                                                2002.
ball of texture                                                                                                                   The Come
is also part of                                                                                                                Rain Come
Artecnica’s De-                                                                                                                Shine fixture
sign With Con-                                                                                                                 is available
science cam-                                                                                                                   in three
paign, which                                                                                                                   sizes and is
focuses on mak-                                                                                                                available in
ing products                                                                                                                   black or mul-
connected to                                                                                                                   ticolor. The
humanitarian                                                                                                                   measure-
and eco-friendly                                                                                                               ments are:
agendas.                                                                                                                       small, 16"
     “Our part-                                                                                                                wide x 32"
nership with                                                                                                                   high; medi-
Coopa-Roca is                                                                                                                  um, 18" wide
providing real                                                                                                                 x 40" high;
work for women                                                                                                                 and large,
in a third-world                                                                                                               22" wide x
country. It’s                                                                                                                  44" high. No
lifting their self-                                                                                                            more than
esteem,” she                                                                                                                   12 have been
says of the em-                                                                                                                sold inter-
ployees in her                                                                                                                 nationally,
native country                                                                                                                 according
of Brazil. “It’s                                                                                                               to Burns,
very exciting                                                                                                                  and most
to witness this                                                                                                                are sought
whole connec-                                                                                                                  by interior
tion between                                                                                                                   designers
handcrafts and                                                                                                                 who place
technology.”                                                                                                                   the chande-
     Tim Burns,                                                                                                                lier in public
a member of                                                                                                                    venues such
the sales depart-                                                                                                              as museums
ment, says that                                                                                                                and restau-
the chandelier       Come Rain Come Shine in black adds a shadow of playful sophistication to its surroundings.                rants. 


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