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               ISU Faculty

                                                  ISU Administration
RICHARD L. BOWEN, Ph.D.. ........................ PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY ...................................................... 236-3440
Darrell Buffaloe ................................................... Director, Maintenance & Operations ......................................................... 236-2208
Stephen Chatterton ............................................... Director, Public Safety and Security ......................................................... 236-2832
William C. Duggan .......................................... Director, Computing and Communication ..................................................... 236-2499
Leonard Frazier .......................................................... Director, Affirmative Action .............................................................. 236-3973
Bradley H. Hall ................................................................. University Counsel ..................................................................... 236-4797
Kent Tingey ......................................................... Director, Institutional Advancement ......................................................... 236-3620
J. Kelley Wiltbank .................................... Director, Intercollegiate Athletics; General Counsel ............................................. 236-3234
JONATHAN N. LAWSON, Ph.D.. ........ VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS ............................................ 236-2362
Ronald Balsley ........................................ Director, Institute of Environment, Health and Safety ............................................ 236-2497
Janet C. Anderson ................................................ Interim Dean, College of Education ......................................................... 236-3259
Jennifer Fisher .................................. Executive Director, Enrollment Planning & Academic Services .................................... 236-2123
Linda C. Hatzenbuehler ........................................ Dean, College of Health Professions ......................................................... 236-3287
Victor S. Hjelm .................................................... Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ......................................................... 236-3053
Edwin House .................................................................. Dean, Graduate School ................................................................... 236-2665
Jay Kunze ................................................................. Dean, College of Engineering .............................................................. 236-2902
Allen K. Jackson ............................................ Director, Idaho Museum of Natural History ................................................... 236-3168
Clifton Jones .................................................... University Librarian & Dean of Libraries ..................................................... 236-2997
Ranaye J. Marsh .................................................. Dean, School of Applied Technology ........................................................ 236-2507
Rosemary Myers ................................................... Director, Individualized Education .......................................................... 236-3939
Anne Shinkwin .................................................. Director, Idaho Falls Education Center ....................................................... 526-1385
Michael Standley ................................................... Director, Registration and Records .......................................................... 236-2664
William E. Stratton ................................................ Interim Dean, College of Business .......................................................... 236-2135
Barbara G. Wells ........................................................ Dean, College of Pharmacy ............................................................... 236-2280
ROBERT W. PEARCE, Ed.D. .............. VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCIAL SERVICES ............................................ 236-2404
Leo Herrman ........................................................................ Budget Officer ......................................................................... 236-4277
Chris Johnson ............................................................ Director, Purchasing Services .............................................................. 236-3111
Douglas C. Pendleton .............................................................. Controller ............................................................................ 236-2512
Ken Prolo ................................................................... Director, Human Resources ............................................................... 236-2517
Michael F. Thomas ............................................................ Business Manager ...................................................................... 236-2404
JANET C. ANDERSON, Ed.D. ........................... DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS .......................................................... 236-2315
Greg Anderson .............................................................. Director, Student Union .................................................................. 236-2427
Jean Bokelmann ...................................................... Director, Student Health Center ............................................................ 236-2330
Cary Davis ........................................... Director, Center of Services for Students with Disabilities ......................................... 236-3599
Gail Furniss ............................... Program Development Director, Continuing Education and Conferences .............................. 236-3155
James Lupher ..................................................... Director, Career Planning & Placement ....................................................... 236-2380
Don Paulson ...................................................... Director, Counseling and Testing Center ..................................................... 236-2130
Ronald Peterson ........................................................ Director, University Housing .............................................................. 236-2120
Barbara Swanson .................................................... Director, Academic Skills Center ........................................................... 236-3662
Raymond Wallace .................................................... Advisor, International Students ............................................................ 236-2315
James Yizar ............................................................. Director, TRIO Student Services ........................................................... 236-3242
Sue Ferguson .................................................... Director, Early Learning Center/Baby U ...................................................... 236-2769
                                                                                                                       State Board of Education/ISU Faculty
                                                                                                                                                 ISU Faculty             x 231

                                      State Board of Education
Curtis H. Eaton ....................................................................... Member ................................................................. Twin Falls (1998*)
Anne Fox ...................................................... State Superintendent of Public Instruction ............... Coeur d'Alene (Ex-officio Member)
Harold W. Davis .................................................................... Member .................................................................. Idaho Falls (2000)
Thomas Dillon ....................................................................... Secretary ..................................................................... Caldwell (2000)
Jerry Hess .............................................................................. Member ........................................................................ Nampa (1997)
Carole McWilliam ................................................................... President ..................................................................... Pocatello (1999)
Judith C. Meyer .................................................................. Vice President ........................................................... Hayden Lake (1999)
Roy E. Mosman ..................................................................... Member ...................................................................... Moscow (1996)
*date current appointment expires

             Idaho State University Faculty Roster
(The date in parentheses is the date of first appointment at ISU. Asterisks denote members of the Graduate Faculty.)

Adamcik, Barbara, A.* Associate Pro-                           of Wisconsin; M.A., 1965; Ed.D., 1967,                          Averitt, Karen, Career Counselor and
fessor of Pharmacy Administration. B.A.,                       University of Wyoming. (1967)                                   Instructor of Counseling. B.A., 1967;
1974, University of California at Los An-                      Anderson, Jay E.,* Professor of Ecol-                           M.Ed., 1981, Idaho State University.
geles; M.A., 1981; Ph.D., 1984, Univer-                        ogy. B.S., 1959, Montana State Univer-                          (1981)
sity of Southern California. (1985)                            sity; M.S., 1967; Ph.D., 1971, Syracuse                         Aytes, Kregg John, Assistant Professor
Adler, David G.,* Professor of Political                       University. (1975)                                              of Computer Information Systems. B.S.,
Science; Coach, Golf. B.A., 1976, Michi-                       Anderson, Robert C.,* Professor of Bio-                         1984; Ph.D., 1993, University of Arizona.
gan State University; Ph.D., 1982,                             logical Sciences. B.S., 1963, Long Beach                        (1993)
University of Utah. (1985)                                     State College; M.S., Ph.D., 1968, Purdue                        Baergen, Ralph, Assistant Professor of
Aho, James A.,* Professor of Sociology.                        University. (1969)                                              Philosophy. B.A., 1983, University of
B.A., 1965, University of Washington;                          Anderson, Scott, Assistant Professor of                         Manitoba; M.A., 1989; Ph.D., 1990, Syra-
M.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1971, Washington State                      Music, Director of Choirs. B.A., 1982,                          cuse University. (1994)
University. (1969)                                             Whitworth College; M.Mus., 1984,                                Bain, Barbara A.,* Professor of Speech
Akersten, William A.,* Associate Profes-                       Westminster Choir College; D.M.A., Uni-                         Pathology and Audiology. B.S., 1963,
sor of Paleontology and Biological Sci-                        versity of Missouri-Kansas City, 1993.                          Kansas State University; M.A., 1965, Uni-
ences; Affiliate Faculty, Geology; Curator,                    (1992)                                                          versity of Iowa; Ph.D., 1981, University
Museum. B.S., 1964; M.A., 1967, Univer-                        Anderson, Sean K., Assistant Professor                          of Washington. (1989)
sity of Texas at Austin; Ph.D., 1973, Uni-                     of Political Science. B.A., 1975, Western                       Bakken, John, Instructor, Aircraft Main-
versity of Michigan. (1985)                                    Washington University; MBA, 1978, Uni-                          tenance Technology. Type A Idaho Voca-
Alexander, Kathleen, Assistant Profes-                         versity of Washington; MA, 1991; Ph.D.,                         tional Advanced Specialist Certificate in
sor of Physical Therapy. B.S., 1983; M.S.,                     1993, University of Oklahoma. (1993)                            Aircraft Mechanics, 1980. (1979)
1990, University of Oklahoma Health                            Arvidson, Cathy Ruth,* Assistant Profes-                        Balsley, Ronald D.,* Director, Institute
Sciences. (1991)                                               sor of Nursing. B.S.N., 1978, Vanderbilt;                       Environment, Health and Safety; Profes-
Allen, Virginia B.,* Chair, Department                         M.S.N., 1981, University of Florida; Ph.D.,                     sor of Marketing. B.B.A., 1965; M.B.A.,
of Counseling; Professor of Counseling.                        1990, Texas Women’s University. (1992)                          1976; Ph.D., 1979, University of Texas at
B.A., 1974, University of Montana; M.Ed.,                      Asp-Schussheim, Camilla, Instructor of                          Austin. (1978)
1978, South Dakota State University;                           Education. B.A., 1984, Ausburg College;                         Bartlomé, Patricia,* Associate Profes-
Ed.D., 1981, University of South Dakota.                       M.Ed., 1988, University of Arkansas                             sor of Pharmacy Practice. B.S., 1986,
(1981)                                                         Fayetteville. (1996)                                            University of Utah; Pharm.D., 1988, Uni-
Andersen, Erik L., Instructor, Manage-                         Attebery, Brian L.,* Professor of En-                           versity of Utah. (1989)
ment Technology. B.S., 1963, Montana                           glish; Director of American Studies. A.B.,                      Bary, Mary Kym, Instructor of Educa-
State University; M.Ed., 1993, University                      1974, College of Idaho; A.M., 1976; Ph.D.,                      tion. B.Ed., 1980, Arizona State Univer-
of Idaho. (1993)                                               1979, Brown University. (1982)                                  sity; M.Ed., 1992, University of North
Anderson, Janet,* Dean of Students; In-                        Attebery, Jennifer,* Assistant Professor                        Florida. (1994)
terim Dean, College of Education; Profes-                      of English. B.A., 1973, College of Idaho;                       Batté, JoNell, Clinical Instructor of
sor of Counseling. B.S., 1958, University                      M.A., 1974; Ph.D., 1985, Indiana Univer-                        Speech-Language Pathology. B.S., 1986;
                                                               sity. (1992)                                                    M.S., 1988, Idaho State University. (1992)
232 x       ISU Faculty

Beard, David V., Associate Professor of       land; Ph.D., 1988, University of Oregon;      Brooks, John Patrick, Associate Profes-
Computer Information Systems. A.B.,           (1989)                                        sor of Music; Band Director. B.S., 1980,
1978, Hope College; M.S., 1981; Ph.D.,        Bobell, John L.,* Professor of Vocational     University of Illinois; M. Mus., 1985;
1985, University of Michigan Ann Arbor.       Teacher Education, Corporate Training,        D.M.A., 1995, University of Cincinnati
(1995)                                        Occupational Training Management. B.A.,       College-Conservatory of Music. (1991)
Beckwith, Janette, Assistant Professor of     1962, Humboldt State University; M.A.,        Brown, Norris C., Instructor, Diesel Tech-
Pharmacy Practice. Pharm.D., 1969, Uni-       1965; Ed.D., 1973; Ph.D., 1978, Univer-       nology. Type A Idaho Vocational Ad-
versity of California San Francisco Medi-     sity of Missouri, Columbia. (1990)            vanced Specialist Certificate in Diesel
cal Center. (1992)                            Boes, Richard F.,* Professor of Account-      Mechanics, 1973. (1972)
Beitia, Helen G., Instructional Program       ing. B.S., 1970; M.B.A., 1971, Univer-        Bryan, Clifford E.,* Professor of Sociol-
Coordinator, Child Development. B.A.,         sity of Utah; Ph.D., 1978, Michigan State     ogy. B.A., 1966, William Penn College;
1977; M.Ed., 1992, Idaho State Univer-        University. (1977)                            M.A., 1969; Ph.D., 1971, Western Michi-
sity. (1988)                                  Bosworth, Kenneth W.,* Associate Pro-         gan University. (1971)
Belzer, Sharolyn J., Assistant Professor      fessor of Mathematics. B.S., 1977; M.S.,      Bullock, Ivan R., Instructor, Diesel/Die-
of Biological Sciences. B.S., 1986, Wash-     1980; Ph.D., 1984, Rensselaer Polytech-       sel Electric. Idaho Vocational Specialist
ington University-St. Louis Missouri;         nic Institute. (1992)                         Certificate, Type A, 1995. (1995)
M.S., 1988; Ph.D., 1994, University of        Bowen, Denise M., Chair, Dept. of Dental      Bunde, Daryl E.,* Associate Professor of
Michigan Ann Arbor. (1994)                    Hygiene; Professor of Dental Hygiene.         Zoology. B.A., 1959, Augustana College;
Bennion, John S., Assistant Professor of      B.S., 1975; M.S., 1976, Old Dominion          M.A., 1962, University of Texas; Ph.D.,
Engineering. B.S., 1987; M.S., 1990;          University. (1976)                            1965, Montana State University. (1965)
Ph.D., 1995, University of Utah. (1995)       Bowen, Richard L.,* University Presi-         Burke, Kelly, Assistant Professor of Com-
Benson, C. Scott,* Associate Professor of     dent; Professor of Political Science. B.A.,   puter Information Systems. B.A., 1974;
Economics. B.A., 1972, University of Cali-    1957, Augustana College; M.A., 1959;          M.B.A., 1991; Ph.D., 1994, University of
fornia, Berkeley; M.A., 1979; Ph.D., 1988,    Ph.D., 1967, Harvard University. (1985)       Hawaii at Manoa. (1995)
University of California, Davis. (1990)       Bowman, Sarah Y.,* Associate Profes-          Burns, Mary Jane,* Co-director,
Benson, E. Phillip,* Professor of Chem-       sor of Health Care Administration. B.A.,      Women's Studies Program; Assistant Pro-
istry. B.S., 1958, Geneva College; Ph.D.,     1958; M.S. 1973; Ph.D., 1988, University      fessor of Political Science. B.A., 1967,
1963, Michigan State University; B.B.A,       of Colorado at Denver. (1989)                 University of California, Berkeley; M.A.,
1984, Idaho State University. (1966)          Bowmer, Richard G.,* Assistant Chair,         1969, California State University, Los
Beran, Mary Lou, Coordinator, Data-           Dept. of Biological Sciences; Professor of    Angeles; M.A., 1972; Ph.D. 1983, Uni-
base Management (equivalent rank, Pro-        Botany. B.S., 1953; M. S ., 1957, Univer-     versity of Denver, Graduate School of
fessor). B.S., 1963, Mankato State College;   sity of Idaho; Ph.D., 1960, University of     International Studies. (1991)
M. Libr., 1968, University of Washing-        North Carolina. (1961)                        Burstedt, Carl D., Instructional Program
ton. (1968)                                   Boysen, Phyllis B., Clinical Instructor of    Coordinator, Design Drafting Technol-
Berent, Matthew K.,* Assistant Profes-        Speech-Language Pathology; Adjunct Fac-       ogy. Type A Idaho Vocational Specialist
sor of Psychology. B.A., 1983, Concordia      ulty. B.A., 1983; M.A., 1984, University      Certificate in Drafting/Design Technol-
College; M.A., 1989; Ph.D., 1995, Ohio        of Northern Iowa. (1992)                      ogy. B.S., 1977, Idaho State University.
State University. (1995)                                                                    (1966)
                                              Brackenridge, Sandra S., Assistant Pro-
Bledsoe, Arline, Instructor, Cosmetology.     fessor of Social Work. B.A., 1978,            Butler, Russell, Instructor of Automotive
Type A Standard Idaho Vocational Spe-         Newcomb College of Tulane University;         Collision Repair and Refinishing. A.S.E.
cialist Certificate; Cosmetology, 1972,       M.S.W., 1980, Tulane University. (1994)       Certificate, 1991. (1996)
Idaho State University; Instructor License,   Branch, Bobbie J., Assistant Professor of     Byers, Steven S., Assistant Professor of
1978. (1990)                                  Nursing. B.S., 1980; M.S., 1985, Idaho        Finance. B.A., 1982; M.B.A., 1989, Indi-
Bliss, Traci, Assistant Professor of Edu-     State University. (1992)                      ana University; Ph.D., 1996, Texas A&M
cation. B.A., 1970, Stanford University;                                                    University. (1996)
                                              Branson, Sandra, Instructor of Cosme-
M.P.A., 1975, University of Texas at Aus-     tology. B.A., 1972, Idaho State Univer-       Cady, Paul S.,* Associate Professor of
tin; M.A., 1981; Ph.D., 1986, Stanford        sity. (1996)                                  Pharmacy Administration. B.S., 1980; M.S.,
University. (1996)                                                                          1985; Ph.D., 1988, University of Arizona.
                                              Brey, Richard R.,* Assistant Professor        (1990)
Blomquist, Allen P.,* Professor of The-       of Health Physics. B.S., 1988; M.S., 1990;
atre. B.A., 1950, Idaho State University;     Ph.D., 1994, Purdue University. (1994)        Call, Bruce, Instructional Program Coor-
M.S., 1951, University of Wisconsin;                                                        dinator, Computer Software Engineering
Ph.D., 1967, University of Minnesota.         Bridges, Richard, Instructor of Techni-       Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
                                              cal General Education. Type A Idaho Vo-
(1958)                                                                                      Specialist Certificate in Data Processing;
                                              cational Advanced Specialist Certificate;
Blotter, Jonathan D., Assistant Profes-                                                     B.S., 1993, Idaho State University. (1984)
                                              B.S., 1968, Portland State University; Cer-
sor of Engineering. B.S., 1991; M.S., 1993,   tificate, Welding, 1975, Idaho State          Calley, Kristin, Assistant Professor of
Utah State University; Ph.D., 1996, Vir-      University. (1988)                            Dental Hygiene. B.S., 1988, Idaho State
ginia Polytechnic Institute. (1996)                                                         University; M.S., 1993, Old Dominion
                                              Brocket, Jeff, Clinical Instructor of Audi-   University. (1992)
Boag, Peter G.,* Associate Professor of       ology. B.S., 1982, University of Idaho;
History. B.A., 1983, University of Port-      M.S., 1987, Idaho State University. (1993)
                                                                                                               ISU Faculty    x 233
Campo, Antonio,* Professor of Engi-           Cowles, Lois Anne, Associate Profes-          of Professional Development for Schools.
neering. B.S., 1965; M.S., 1966, Univer-      sor of Sociology and Social Work. B.A.,       B.A., 1960, Nebraska Wesleyan Univer-
sity of Puerto Rico; M. Eng., 1967; Ph.D.,    1955; M.A., 1964; M.S.W., 1966, Indi-         sity; M.Ed., 1966, University of Nebraska;
1970, Texas A&M. (1991)                       ana University; Ph.D., 1990, Univer-          Ed.D., 1977, University of Montana.
Cantrill, Dante K.,* Professor of En-         sity of Wisconsin. (1993)                     (1992)
glish. B.A., 1967; M.A., 1969, Idaho State    Cree, Jonathan, Director, Family Prac-        De Jesus, Karl,* Assistant Professor of
University; Ph.D., 1974, University of        tice Residency Program, Dept. of Family       Chemistry. B.S., 1977, Texas Christian
Washington. (1975)                            Medicine (equivalent rank, Associate Pro-     University; Ph.D., 1986, University of
Capell, Maxilyn, Instructor of General        fessor). M.A., 1971, Oxford University;       Wisconsin, Madison. (1994)
Education, School of Applied Technol-         M.D., 1973, Oxford University and St.         Deagle, Frances K., Instructor, Office Tech-
ogy. B.A., 1966; M.A., 1977, Brigham          Thomas' Hospital Medical School. (1996)       nology. Type A Idaho Vocational Special-
Young University. (1995)                      Creelman, James, Instructor, Physical         ist Certificate in Office Occupations. (1969)
Carter-Cram, Kimberly K., Assistant           Therapy. B.S., 1971, U.S. Naval Academy;      Dean, Judith, Instructor of Education.
Professor of Foreign Languages. B.A.,         B.S., 1982, University of Maryland. (1990)    B.A., 1972, University of Illinois—Ur-
1989, Washington State University; M.A.,      Cresswell, Donald J.,* Associate Profes-      bana-Champaign; M.A.T. Colorado State
1991; Ph.D., 1996, University of Califor-     sor of Mathematics. B.A., 1961, Eastern       University, 1978. (1996)
nia, Los Angeles. (1996)                      Washington State College; Ph.D., 1967,        Dehle, Crystal, Assistant Professor of
Castille, Dorothy M., Assistant Profes-       Oregon State University. (1968)               Psychology. B.S., 1990, Washington State
sor of Anthropology. B.A., 1969, Univer-      Croker, Robert, E.*, Program Area             University; M.S., 1992; Ph.D., 1995, Uni-
sity of Southwestern Louisiana; M.A.,         Leader, Career, Technical, & Adult Edu-       versity of Oregon. (1996)
1986, California State University, Hay-       cation; Associate Professor of Vocational     Denner, Peter R.,* Director, Division I,
ward; Ph.D., 1996, University of Califor-     Teacher Education, Corporate Training.        College of Education; Professor of Educa-
nia at Berkeley. (1995)                       B.S., 1979, Purdue University; M.S., 1980,    tion. B.A., 1973, University of New Hamp-
Castle, Lyle W., Assistant Professor of       Indiana State University; Ed.D., 1983,        shire; M.S., 1975; Ph.D., 1981, Purdue
Chemistry. B.S., 1985, Southern Utah State    Washington State University. (1994)           University. (1982)
College; M.S., 1988, University of Ne-        Culbertson, Vaughn L.,* Chair, Depart-        Dial, T. Gail,* Chair, Dept. of Art and
braska; Ph.D., 1992, University of Florida.   ment of Pharmacy Practice and Adminis-        Pre-Architecture; Professor of Art. A.A.,
(1994)                                        trative Sciences; Associate Professor of      1967, Northeastern A. & M. Junior Col-
Cervantes, Eleonore K.,* Professor of         Pharmacy. B.S., 1971, University of           lege; B.S. Ed., 1970; M. A., 1971, Pitts-
Foreign Languages. B.A., 1964, Univer-        Nebraska, Lincoln; Pharm.D., 1981, Uni-       burgh State College; M.F.A., 1974, Indiana
sity of Washington; M.A., 1965; Ph.D.,        versity of Nebraska Medical Center,           University. (1974)
1975, University of Oregon. (1977)            Omaha. (1989)
                                                                                            Diedrich, Dana L.,* Professor of Phar-
Chang, Yueh - Jane,* Assistant Profes-        Cutchen, E. Faye,* Associate Professor        maceutical Sciences. B.S., 1969; M.S.,
sor of Mathematics. B.S., 1983, Chung-        of Sociology. B.S., 1959; Brigham Young       1972, University of Kentucky; Ph.D.,
Yuan Christian University; Ph.D., 1989,       University; M.A., 1967; Ph.D., 1972,          1974, The Pennsylvania State Univer-
Ohio State University. (1992)                 University of Utah. (1972)                    sity. (1991)
Christelow, Allan,* Chair, Dept. of His-      Daley, Steven E.,* Program Area Leader,       Dienstfrey, Sherri R.,* Associate Profes-
tory; Professor of History. B.A., 1969,       Child & Family Studies; Associate Pro-        sor of Theatre. B.S., 1977, University of
Stanford University; M.A., 1973; Ph.D.,       fessor of Special Education. B.A., 1976;      Nebraska at Lincoln; M.A., 1980, North
1977, University of Michigan. (1983)          M.A., 1978, California State University,      Dakota State University; Ph.D., 1986, Kent
                                              Dominguez Hills; Ph.D., 1988, Univer-         State University. (1987)
Christelow, Stephanie,* Professor of          sity of California, Los Angeles. (1990)
History. B.A., 1977, San Diego State Uni-                                                   DiSanza, James R.,* Associate Professor
versity; M.A., 1978; Ph.D., 1983, Univer-     Dando, Carla, Instructor, Management          of Speech Communication. B.A., 1982,
sity of California, Santa Barbara. (1990)     Technology. Advanced Vocational Spe-          California State University at Stanislaus;
                                              cialist Certificate, endorsed Vocational      M.A., 1985, San Francisco State Univer-
Christensen, Calvin D., Instructor,           Marketing and Work-based Learning Co-
Electronics Technology. Type A Idaho                                                        sity; Ph.D., 1989, Pennsylvania State
                                              ordinator; B.A., 1975, University of Hous-    University. (1989)
Vocational Specialist Certificate in
                                              ton; M.S., 1982, Troy State University.
Electronics Technology. (1971)                                                              Dishman, Paul Lake, III, Assistant Pro-
Christie, Carole R., Associate Professor                                                    fessor of Marketing. B.F.A., 1977, Trinity
                                              Daniels, Christopher K.,* Interim Chair,      University; MBA, 1987, North Texas State
of Dental Hygiene. B.A., 1979, Univer-
                                              Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Asso-       University; Ph.D., 1992, University of
sity of Northern Colorado; M. Couns.,
                                              ciate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.   North Texas. (1992)
1982, Idaho State University. (1979)
                                              B.S., 1972, Humboldt State University;
Clarke, Pamela,* Chair, Dept. of Nursing;                                                   Dixon, Kai, Instructor of Diesel/Diesel
                                              M.S., 1975, University of Wisconsin; Ph.
Associate Professor of Nursing. Nursing                                                     Electric Technology. A.A.S., 1988, Idaho
                                              D., 1982, Stanford University. (1988)
Diploma, 1971, University of Michigan;                                                      State University. (1996)
                                              Davis, Diane, Counselor and Instructor of
Ph.D., 1983, Wayne State University. (1986)                                                 Dolsen, Arthur,* Chair, Dept. of Foreign
                                              Counseling. B.A., 1954; M.Ed., 1965,
Coffland, Jack A.,* Professor of Educa-                                                     Languages; Professor of Foreign Lan-
                                              Idaho State University. (1967)
tion. B.S., 1966; M.Ed., 1967; Ph.D., 1969,                                                 guages. B.A., 1968, University of British
                                              Davis, E. Eugene (Gene),* Associate           Columbia; Ph.D., 1978, Trinity College,
University of Oregon. (1992)
                                              Professor of Education; Director, Office      Dublin. (1983)
234 x        ISU Faculty

Dombeck, Mark J.,* Assistant Professor         Eilander, Leann, Instructor, Specialized      Specialist Certificate in Electronics; B.S.,
of Clinical Psychology. B.A., 1989, SUNY       Subjects. Type A Idaho Vocational Ad-         1981, Park College; M.Ed., 1990, Idaho
Albany; M.S., 1994; Ph.D., 1995, San           vanced Specialist Certificate in Business/    State University. (1982)
Diego State University/University of Cali-     Office Occupations; B.B.A., 1972, Idaho       Fontenelle, L. Judy,* Professor of Phar-
fornia, San Diego. (1995)                      State University. (1989)                      macology and Biochemistry. B.S., 1960,
Domitz, Gary L., Head Special Collec-          Eisenhauer, Laurie, Instructor, Dental        Louisiana State University; B.S. Pharmacy,
tions Librarian and University Archi-          Hygiene; Adjunct Faculty. B.S., 1976,         1981, Idaho State University; Ph.D., 1967,
vist (equivalent rank, Professor). B.A.,       Idaho State University. (1989)                Tulane University. (1969)
1966; M.L.S., 1967, Kansas State               Engebretsen, Terry O.,* Assistant Chair,      Force, Rex W., Assistant Director, Fam-
Teachers College. (1971)                       English and Philosophy, Assistant Profes-     ily Practice Residency Program (equiva-
Donovan, Claire, Academic Coordinator          sor of English. B.A., 1973, Lewis and         lent rank, Assistant Professor); Assistant
of Clinical Education; Assistant Professor     Clark College; M.A., 1975, Portland State     Professor of Pharmacy Practice . B.S.,
of Physical Therapy. B.S., 1990, Quinnipiac    University; Ph.D., 1982, Washington State     1988, Oregon State University; Pharm.D.,
College; M.A., 1995, Teacher's College,        University. (1988)                            1991, University of Texas Health Science
Columbia University. (1996)                    Enloe, Linda J.,* Associate Professor of      Center at San Antonio. (1993)
Drake, Ronald E., Assistant Professor of       Psychology. B.A., 1969, University of         Ford, Lawrence C.,* Chair, Dept. of
Nursing. B.S., 1965; M.S., 1966, Idaho         Georgia; M.A., 1971; Ph.D., 1973, Ohio        Mathematics; Associate Professor of Math-
State University. (1994)                       State University. (1974)                      ematics. B.S., 1968; M.S., 1970, Portland
Dundas, Mary L.,* Director, Dietetic In-       Erramouspe, John, Associate Professor         State University; Ph.D., 1974, California
ternship Program; Associate Professor,         of Pharmacy Practice/Administrative Sci-      Institute of Technology. (1984)
Health and Nutrition Sciences. B.S., 1966,     ences. B.S., 1981, Idaho State University;    Fortsch, David E., Instructor of Geology.
University of Minnesota; M.A.T., 1970,         M.S., 1983, Oregon State University. (1985)   B.S., 1958, Idaho State University; M.S., 1973,
Antioch University; Ph.D., 1984, Missis-       Evans, Colette Maria, Director, Health        University of Southern California. (1974)
sippi State University. (1996)                 Education Outreach Programs; Assistant        Foster Jr., Richard H., * Chair, Dept. of
Dunkle, Sandra E.,* Professor of Physi-        Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences.     Political Science; Professor of Political
cal Therapy. B.S., 1967, University of         B.B.A., 1990; M.H.E., Idaho State Uni-        Science. B.A., 1968, Chico State College;
California San Francisco Medical Center;       versity. (1996)                               M.A., 1970, McMaster University;
M.Ed., 1976, University of Florida; Ed.D.,     Evans, Scott E.,* Associate Professor of      M.P.A., 1972; Ph.D., 1974, University of
1986, Nova University. (1992)                  Art. B.S., 1976, Temple University;           Oklahoma. (1973)
Dunn, Steven C., Assistant Professor of        M.F.A., 1981, Indiana University. (1986)      Fouad, Rosmarie H., Instruction Librar-
Management. B.S., 1977, California State       Fallesen, Pete W., Department Chair,          ian (equivalent rank, Assistant Professor).
University-Long Beach; MBA, 1981,              Trades and Industrial Department. B.S.,       M.A., 1980, Idaho State University;
Boise State University; Ph.D., 1992, The       1970, University of South Dakota/Spring-      M.L.S., 1995, University of Arizona; D.A.,
Pennsylvania State University. (1993)          field; M.S., 1976, Texas A&M. (1988)          1990, Idaho State University. (1995)
Durfee, Eddy, Instructor of Diesel/Diesel      Farmer, Patricia A., Instructor of Special    Francfort, Erin R., Clinical Education
Electric Technology. Certificate, 1983,        Education. B.A., 1974; M.Ed., 1990; Ed.S.,    Coordinator; Instructor of Health and Nu-
Idaho State University. (1996)                 1995, Idaho State University. (1991).         trition Sciences; Registered Dietician. B.S.,
Durham, Henry C., Assistant Professor                                                        1986, University of Idaho; M.A., 1988,
                                               Farmer, Richard, Assistant Professor of
of Social Work. B.A., 1971, Boise State                                                      Idaho State University. (1990)
                                               Psychology. B.S., 1983 University of Or-
University; M.S.W., 1977, West Virginia        egon; M.A., 1988; Ph.D., 1993, Univer-        Francis, Charles A., Chair, Dept. of Ra-
University. (1992)                             sity of North Carolina, Greensboro. (1994)    diographic Science; Associate Professor
Durtschi, Ralph, Instructor, Electronic                                                      of Radiographic Science. B.S., 1974, Ohio
                                               Farrell, Larry D.,* Professor of Microbi-
Systems Technology. Type A Idaho Vo-                                                         State University; M.H.E., 1986, Ohio
                                               ology. B.S., 1964; M.S., 1966, University
cational Specialist Certificate in Electron-                                                 University. (1987)
                                               of Oklahoma; Ph.D., 1970, University of
ics Technology; A.T., 1972, Idaho State        California at Los Angeles. (1972)             Frantz, Alan C., Assistant Dean, College
University. (1986)                                                                           of Arts and Sciences; Assistant Professor
                                               Feige, Gary, Instructional Program Coor-
Earles, Randy A.,* Associate Professor                                                       of Foreign Languages. B.S., 1980, Idaho
                                               dinator, Machining Technology. Type A
of Music. B. Mus., 1974; M. Mus., 1976,                                                      State University; M.A.T., 1984, Indiana
                                               Idaho Vocational Advanced Specialist Cer-
University of Houston; D.M.A., 1991,                                                         University; Ph.D., 1994, University of
                                               tificate in Machine Shop, 1983. (1977)
University of Oklahoma. (1991).                                                              Denver. (1987)
                                               Feit, Stephen S.,* Professor of Counsel-
Edwards, Marilyn, Instructional Program                                                      Frazier, Timothy H.,* Associate Profes-
                                               ing. B.A., 1969, University of New
Coordinator, Culinary Arts Technology.                                                       sor of Mass Communication. B.M.E.,
                                               Hampshire; M.A., 1970; Ed.D., 1973, West
Type A Idaho Vocational Specialist Cer-                                                      1970, Vanderbilt University; M.F.A.,
                                               Virginia University. (1973)
tificate in Occupational Home Econom-                                                        1985, University of Florida. (1987)
                                               Fisher Jr., Robert J.,* Professor of Math-
ics; B.A., 1958, Idaho State College. (1966)                                                 Friedrichsen, Steven W.,* Associate Pro-
                                               ematics. B.A., 1975, College of the Holy
Egger, Alan G.,* Assistant Dean, Gradu-                                                      fessor, Program Chair, Idaho Dental Edu-
                                               Cross; Ph.D, 1981, University of Massa-
ate Studies; Professor of Mathematics.                                                       cation Program (IDEP). B.S., 1975, Seattle
                                               chusetts. (1989)
B.S., 1976, Colorado State University;                                                       University; D.D.S., 1979, Northwestern
                                               Fitzen, John E., Instructor, Electronics      University. (1983)
M.S., 1977, Ohio State University; Ph. D.,
                                               Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
1981, Colorado State University. (1984)
                                                                                                                ISU Faculty   x 235
Friend, Miles E.,* Professor of Art. B.A.,    M.Ed., 1982, Colorado State University.        M.S., 1962, Michigan State University;
1965, Ashland College; M.F.A., 1969,          (1992).                                        M.L.S., 1988, State University of New
University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., 1973, Uni-   Girvan, James T.,* Chair, Dept. of Health      York at Buffalo. (1990)
versity of Georgia. (1976)                    and Nutrition Sciences; Professor of Health    Griffin, Suzanne, Chair, Health Occupa-
Frost, James C., Instructor of Computer       and Nutrition Sciences. B.S., 1968; B.A.,      tions Department; Instructor, Health In-
Information Systems. B.S., 1974, Colo-        1972; M.A., 1978, Pacific Lutheran Uni-        formation Technology. B.S., 1990; M.Ed.,
rado School of Mines; M.A., 1989; MBA,        versity; Ph.D., 1986, University of Or-        1992, Temple University; R.R.A. (1993)
1989, Idaho State University. (1991)          egon. (1986)                                   Griffing, Barry,* Assistant Professor of
Gabardi, Wayne,* Associate Professor          Goettsch, Robert W.,* Professor of Phar-       Education of the Hearing Impaired. B.S.,
of Political Science. B.A., 1977, Stockton    macy. B.S., 1951, University of Colorado;      1956, Oklahoma University; M.S., 1957,
State College, New Jersey; M.A., 1981;        M.S., 1953; Ph.D., 1957, University of         Gallaudet University; M.A., 1963, Cali-
Ph.D., 1986, University of California,        Iowa. (1965)                                   fornia State University; Ed.D, 1974, Uni-
Santa Barbara. (1990)                         Gold, Robert S., Instructional Program         versity of California-Los Angeles. (1993)
Galizia, Virginia J., Associate Dean, Col-    Coordinator, Technical General Educa-          Griffith, John S.,* Professor of Biology.
lege of Pharmacy; Professor, Pharmacy         tion. Type A Idaho Vocational Specialist       B.S., 1966; M.S., 1967, Cornell Univer-
Practice and Administrative Sciences. B.S.,   Certificate - Related Subjects; B.A. En-       sity; Ph.D., 1971, University of Idaho.
1970; M.S., 1975, St. John's University;      glish, 1968, Brigham Young University;         (1977)
M.A., 1986, Queens College; Ph.D., 1990,      M.Ed. Counseling & Guidance, 1971,             Hackert, Ann M.,* Associate Professor
Graduate Center, City University of New       Brigham Young University. (1971)               of Finance. B.S., 1978, University of South
York. (1996)                                  Goldbeck, H. Janne,* Professor of En-          Dakota; Ph.D., 1987, Iowa State Univer-
Gantt, Gamewell D.,* Professor of Ac-         glish. B.A., 1967, Texas Christian Uni-        sity. (1984)
counting and Management. B.B.A., 1970,        versity; M.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1972,              Hackworth, Martin H., Instructor of
Texas Technological College; J.D., 1972,      University of Oklahoma. (1976)                 Physics; Academic Outreach Adjunct Fac-
University of Texas. (1982)                   Gordon, James B., Clinical Psycholo-           ulty. B.S., 1990; M.S., 1992, Eastern
Garner, Garland, E.,* Professor of            gist, Counseling and Testing Center; As-       Kentucky University. (1992)
Pharmacology Sciences. B.S., 1950,            sistant Professor of Psychology. B.S.,         Haddenham, Zelda, Instructor, Cosme-
Tulane University; B.S., 1953; M.S.,          1965; M.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1974, Ohio State      tology. Type A Interim Idaho Vocational
1953, University of Mississippi; Ph.D.,       University. (1989)                             Certificate in Cosmetology, Diploma from
1964, University of Tennessee. (1980)         Gould, Frederica A., Director, Ambula-         School of Hairstyling in 1964; Idaho Cos-
Gates, George D.,* Professor of Edu-          tory Care Services; Associate Professor of     metology Instructor License, 1965. (1987)
cation. B.S. F. S., 1960, Georgetown          Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sci-      Hale, Thomas F.,* Professor of History;
University; M.A., 1969, California State      ences. B.S., 1973; M.S., 1979, University      Director, Oral History. B.A., 1967,
University; Ph.D., 1977, University of        of Iowa. (1981)                                Bellarmine College; M.A., 1969; Ph.D.,
Wisconsin. (1977)                             Granger, Robert L.,* Assistant Profes-         1972, University of Kentucky; J.D., 1985,
Geddes, Daryl L., Instructor, Farm Busi-      sor of Art. B.F.A., 1975, University of        Northwestern School of Law, Portland.
ness Management. Limited Vocational           Minnesota; M.F.A., 1981, University of         (1977)
Certificate. (1994).                          Wisconsin-Milwaukee. (1988)                    Hall, Teri-Christine,* Associate Profes-
George, Gary, Instructional Program Co-       Gravatt, Darwin, Instructional Program         sor of Anthropology. B.A., 1976; B.S.,
ordinator, Dental Laboratory Technology.      Coordinator, Auto Collision, Repair and        1978; M.S., 1982; M.S., 1987; Ph.D., 1990,
Certified Dental Technician, 1974. (1992).    Refinishing. Type A Idaho Vocational           University of Wisconsin, Madison. (1990)
George, Thom Ritter,* Professor of Mu-        Specialist Certificate in Auto Body Re-        Hamlin, William,* Associate Professor
sic; Symphony Director. B.Mus., 1964;         pair, 1975. (1974)                             of English. B.A., 1980, Carleton College;
M.Mus., 1968, Eastman School of Music,        Green, David B., Instructional Program         M.A., 1983, University of Idaho; Ph.D.,
University of Rochester; D.M.A., 1970,        Coordinator, Electro/Mechanical Technol-       1989, University of Washington. (1991)
Catholic University of America. (1983)        ogy. Type A Idaho Vocational Specialist        Hansen, Vaughn, Instructional Program
Gesell, Thomas F.,* Professor of Health       Certificate in Electronics; Graduate, 1977,    Coordinator, Electromechanical Drafting
Physics, Director of Environmental Safety.    Electronic Systems Technology Program,         Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
B.S., 1965, San Diego State University;       Idaho State University. (l987)                 Specialist Certificate in Design Drafting
M.S., 1968; Ph.D., 1971, University of        Green, Joel N., Instructional Program Co-      Technology. B.S., 1977, Idaho State Uni-
Tennessee. (1991)                             ordinator, Diesel Technology. Type A           versity. (1970)
Gibson, Philip J., Department Chair, Busi-    Idaho Vocational Specialist Certificate in     Hanson, David K., Instructor, Hospital-
ness and Service Department. Type A           Diesel Mechanics, 1978. (1975)                 ity Management Technology. Type A
Idaho Vocational Specialist Certificate in    Gribas, John, Assistant Professor of           Idaho Advanced Vocational Specialist
Administration; B.A., 1985, Idaho State       Speech Communication. B.S., 1984, Mon-         Certificate in Marketing Mid-Manage-
University. (1981).                           tana State University - Billings; M.A.,        ment; B.S., 1984, Montana State Univer-
Gilliland, James, Instructional Program       1990; Ph.D., 1993, University of Kansas.       sity; M.Ed., 1993, Idaho State University;
Coordinator, Business Technology. Ad-         (1996)                                         Certified Hospitality Educator, 1994, Edu-
vanced Vocational Specialist Certificate,     Griffin, Nancy A., Assistant Director,         cational Institute of the American Hotel
endorsed Vocational Marketing and Work-       Idaho Health Sciences Library (equiva-         and Motel Association. (1990)
Based Learning Coordinator. B.Ed., 1974;      lent rank, Associate Professor). B.S., 1961;
236 x        ISU Faculty

Harmon, J. Frank,* Chair, Dept. of Phys-        Higgins, Janet, Coordinator, Library          Horiuchi, Linda, Cataloger, Library
ics; Professor of Physics. B.S., 1963, Port-    Systems (equivalent rank, Assistant Pro-      (equivalent rank, Assistant Professor).
land State College; M.S., 1965; Ph.D.,          fessor). B.A., 1989, Idaho State Univer-      B.A., 1986, University of the State of New
1968, University of Wyoming. (1969)             sity; M.A., 1994, University of Arizona.      York; M. Libr., 1990, University of Wash-
Hartman, Alan M.,* Professor of Psy-            (1978)                                        ington. (1995)
chology. B.A., 1954, San Diego State Col-       Hilbert, Kathleen, Study Skills Counse-       House, Edwin W.,* Dean, Graduate Stud-
lege; M.S., 1957; Ph.D., 1960, Washington       lor and Instructor of Counseling. B.A.,       ies and Research; Professor of Physiol-
State University. (1963)                        1968; M.Ed., 1970, Idaho State Univer-        ogy. B.S., 1960, Western Montana
Hatzenbuehler, Linda C.,* Dean, Col-            sity. (1969)                                  College; M.A., 1962, University of Mon-
lege of Health Professions; Associate           Hill, Jeffrey P.,* Assistant Professor of     tana; Ph.D., 1965, University of North
Professor of Psychology. B.A., 1969, John       Biology. B.S., 1982, State University of      Dakota. (1966)
Carrol University; M.A., 1971; Ph.D.,           New York; M.S., 1984, University of Cali-     House, Janet G.,* Associate Professor of
1977, Kent State University. (1976)             fornia, Davis; Ph.D., 1989, University of     Mass Communication. B.A., 1961, Uni-
Hatzenbuehler, Ronald,* Professor of            California, Riverside. (1991)                 versity of North Dakota; D. A., 1984,
History. B.A., 1967, Southwestern at Mem-       Hill, Linda C.,* Associate Professor of       Idaho State University. (1985)
phis; M.A., 1969; Ph.D., 1972, Kent State       Mathematics. B.S., 1966, University of        Howell, Janice J., Chair, Technical De-
University. (1972)                              California, Davis; M.A., 1968; Ph.D.,         partment. Idaho Vocational Administrator’s
Hawk, Brian, Instructor, Graphic Arts/          1973, University of Rochester. (1976)         Certificate; Type A Idaho Vocational Spe-
Printing Technology. Idaho Limited Vo-          Hill, Marjorie L., Instructor: Clinical Af-   cialist Certificate in Related Subjects. B.S.,
cational Specialist Certificate (1995); B.S.,   filiate, Nursing. A.A., 1985, North Idaho     1964; M.Ed, 1989, Idaho State University.
1990, Idaho State University. (1995)            College; B.S.N., 1987, Eastern Washing-       (1984)
Hayward, Karen S., Associate Professor          ton University; M.N. ,1993, Whitworth         Hughes, Scott S.,* Assistant Professor
of Nursing. A.S., 1980, Sierra College;         College. Idaho State University (1995)        of Geology. B.S., 1974, Virginia
B.S., 1982, Idaho State University; M.S.,       Hill, Richard D.,* Professor of Math-         Polytechnical Institute and State Univer-
1985, Idaho State University; Ph.D., 1994,      ematics. B.S., 1961, Montana State            sity; M.S., 1979, Northern Arizona Uni-
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,          University; M.A., 1964; Ph.D., 1968, Or-      versity; Ph.D., 1983 Oregon State
Idaho State University. (1986)                  egon State University. (1967)                 University. (1991)
Hedeen, Deborah L.*, Assistant Professor        Hitchcock, Leonard A., Associate Uni-         Huls, Thomas, Instructor, Diesel Tech-
of Special Education. B.S., 1984, Saint         versity Librarian, Collection Development     nology. Type A Idaho Vocational Ad-
Cloud State University; M.A., 1985, Lesley      (equivalent rank, Associate Professor).       vanced Specialist Certificate in Diesel
College; Ph.D., 1994, Syracuse University.      B.A., 1961, University of Iowa; M.A.,         Mechanics, 1982; B.A. in Vocational
(1993)                                          1964, Claremont Graduate School; C. Phil.,    Teacher Education, 1988, Idaho State Uni-
                                                1966, University of California, San Di-       versity. (1981)
Hefflinger, Roger G., Assistant Profes-
sor of Pharmacy Practice. Pharm.D., 1986,       ego; M.A., 1983, University of Iowa.          Humpherys, Randy, Instructor, Weld-
University of Nebraska. (1987)                  (1985)                                        ing. Weldor-Fitter Certificate, 1978; AWSI
                                                Hjelm, Victor S.,* Dean, College of Arts      and AWSE Certificate, 1994, Idaho State
Hellwig, Harold H.,* Associate Profes-                                                        University; Type A Idaho Vocational Stan-
sor of English. B.A., 1972, SUNY-Buf-           and Sciences; Professor of Political Sci-
                                                ence. B.S., 1961, United States Naval Acad-   dard Certificate in Welding, 1990. (1988)
falo; M.A., 1976, California State
University, Fullerton; Ph.D., 1985, Uni-        emy; Ph.D., 1966, University of Colorado.     Humphrey, Fowler Charles, Associate
versity of California-Los Angeles. (1987)       (1968)                                        Professor, Corporate Training, Vocational
                                                Hodges, Kathleen O., Associate Profes-        Teacher Education. B.S., 1964; M.S., 1969,
Herzog, Anita, Associate Professor of                                                         North Dakota State University; Ph.D.,
Dental Hygiene. B.S., 1969; M.Ed., 1972,        sor of Dental Hygiene. B.S., 1977; M.S.,
                                                1979, Old Dominion University. (1979)         1973, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Idaho State University. (1981)
Hess, Gretchen, Instructor of Dental            Hofman, Cornelius A.,* Chair, Dept. of
                                                Economics; Professor of Economics. B.S.,      Hunt, Daniel P., Assistant Professor of
                                                1957; Ph.D., 1964, University of Utah.        Foreign Languages. B.A., 1980; M.A., 1987;
Hewitt, Beverly J., Instructor of Nursing;      (1960)                                        D.A., 1990, Idaho State University. (1991)
Coordinator, Learning Resources Center.
                                                Hogan, Patricia I., Program Area Leader,      Huntly, Nancy J.*, Associate Professor
B.S.N., Idaho State University, 1975.
                                                Physical Education and Dance; Associate       of Ecology. B.A., 1977, Kalamazoo Col-
                                                Professor of Physical Education. (1996)       lege; Ph.D., 1985, University of Arizona.
Hess, Gretchen G., Instructor, Dental                                                         (1985)
Hygiene; Adjunct Faculty. B.S., 1974,           Holmer, Richard N.,* Associate Profes-
                                                sor of Anthropology. B.A., 1972; M.A.,        Hurd, Nancy, Instructor of Foreign Lan-
Idaho State University. (1978)
                                                1975; Ph.D., 1978, University of Utah.        guages. B.A., 1985; M.A., 1992, Brigham
Heyneman, Catherine A., Visiting Clini-         (1983)                                        Young University. (1993)
cal Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Prac-
                                                Holte, Karl E.,* Professor of Botany;         Hurley, Stephen C., Professor of Phar-
tice. B.A., 1980, University of California
                                                Adjunct Curator, Museum. B.A., 1954,          macy Practice and Administrative Sci-
San Diego; M.S., 1984, West Virginia
                                                Augustana College; M.A., 1961, State Col-     ences. A.A., 1966, American River
University; Pharm.D., 1993, Idaho State
                                                lege of Iowa; Ph.D., 1966, University of      College; Pharm.D., 1970, University of
University. (1994)
                                                Iowa. (1965)                                  California at San Francisco. (1976)
                                                                                                                   ISU Faculty   x 237
Hyde, Roberta S.,* Associate Professor            Johnson, George A.,* Director, MBA Pro-       Kalivas, John H.,* Professor of Chemis-
of Nursing. B.S., 1981; M.S., 1983, Ph.           gram; Professor of Management. B.S.E.E.,      try. B.S., 1978, California Polytechnic
D., (1991), Idaho State University. (1984)        1956, North Dakota State College; M.B.A.,     State University; Ph.D., 1982, University
Inouye, Richard S.,* Associate Profes-            1961, Ohio State University; D.B.A., 1971,    of Washington. (1985).
sor of Ecology. B.A., 1975, Reed College;         University of Oregon. (1973)                  Kangas, Kathleen A.,* Associate Pro-
Ph.D., 1982, University of Arizona. (1989)        Johnson, Mark A.,* Professor of Man-          fessor of Speech-Language Pathology.
Irwin, George, Assistant Professor of             agement. B.S., 1978; M.S.B.A., 1981, Cali-    B.S., 1974, Northern Michigan Univer-
Physics. B.S., 1983, Case Western Re-             fornia State University Los Angeles; Ph.D.,   sity; M.S.P.A., 1977, University of Wash-
serve University; M.S., 1985; Ph.D., 1990,        1988, University of Iowa. (1987)              ington, Seattle; Ph.D., 1990, Purdue
The Ohio University. (1992)                       Johnson, Richard A., Professor, Occupa-       University. (1990)
Isaacson, Eugene I.,* Professor of Phar-          tional Education. A.A.S., 1968, Southern      Kantabutra, Vitit, Assistant Professor of
maceutical Chemistry. B.S., 1956; Ph.D.,          State Community College; B.S., 1972; M.A.,    Mathematics. B.E., 1979, McGill Univer-
1963, University of Minnesota. (1969)             1976, University of South Dakota; Ph.D.,      sity; M.S.E., 1982; Ph.D., 1985, Johns
                                                  1979, Colorado State University. (1983)       Hopkins University. (1995)
Isle, Allen, Instructional Program Coordi-
nator, Graphic Arts/Printing Technology.          Johnson, Scott B., Instructor of Physics;     Kaufmann, Theresa M., Assistant Profes-
Idaho Limited Vocational Specialist Cer-          Academic Outreach and Arts and Sciences       sor of Nursing. A.D., 1968, Gwynedd Mercy
tificate, Type A. (1994)                          Honors Adjunct Faculty. B.S., 1985; M.S.,     College; B.S., 1971, Chestnut Hill College;
                                                  1987, Brigham Young University. (1991)        B.S., 1981, Idaho State University; M.S.,
Jackson, Allen, Director, Idaho Museum
                                                  Johnson, Tara, Instructor, Dental Hy-         1984, University of Portland. (1994)
of Natural History; Affiliate faculty, Dept.
of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal            giene; Adjunct Faculty. B.S., 1981, Idaho     Kawamura, Carole J., Assistant Profes-
Justice. (1995)                                   State University. (1985)                      sor of Dental Hygiene. B.S., 1967; M.Ed.,
                                                  Jolly, James P.,* Chair, Dept. of Manage-     1979, Idaho State University. (1975)
Jackson, Debra, Instructor, Practical Nurs-
ing. B.S., 1990, Idaho State University. (1993)   ment; Professor of Management. B.A., 1975,    Kearns, Richard L.* Associate Profes-
                                                  Purdue University; M.S., 1979; Ph.D., 1985,   sor of Health and Nutrition Sciences. B.S.,
Jacobson, Grace,* Associate Professor             University of Texas at Dallas. (1988)         1965, University of Nebraska; M.S.Ed,
of Nursing. B.S., 1957, Hartwick College;
M.S., 1981; Ph.D., 1993, Idaho State              Jones, Christopher A.,* Assistant Pro-        1971, Kearney State College; Ed.D., 1991,
University. (1981)                                fessor of English and Philosophy. B.A.,       University of Idaho. (1988).
                                                  1988, University of the South; M.A., 1990,    Keller, Barry L.,* Professor of Wildlife
Jarvi, Eric J.,* Associate Professor of           University of North Carolina at Chapel
Pharmaceutics. B.S., 1979, Southern Illi-                                                       and Population Ecology; Adjunct Cura-
                                                  Hill; Ph.D., 1995, University of Toronto.     tor, Museum. A.B., 1961; M. A., 1962,
nois University; M.S., 1981, George Wash-         (1995)
ington University; Ph.D., 1985, Oregon                                                          Western Michigan University; Ph.D.,
State University. (1990)                          Jones, Clifton H., Dean of Libraries          1968, Indiana University. (1970)
                                                  (equivalent rank, Professor). B.A., 1971,     Kerns, Timmothy, Instructor, Machin-
Jasinski, Dale W., Assistant Professor of         Claremont McKenna College; M.A., 1973,
Management. B.S., 1980, Northern Ari-                                                           ing Technology. Type A Idaho Standard
                                                  University of Oregon; M.A., 1985, Uni-        Vocational Specialist Certificate in Ma-
zona University; Ph.D., 1996, University          versity of Denver. (1991)
of Colorado. (1996)                                                                             chining, 1989; Combination Welding Cer-
                                                  Jones, D. Gary,* Professor of Educa-          tificate, 1976, California. (1989)
Jatkevicius, Jim, Reference Librarian             tion. B.S., 1959; M.Ed., 1963, Utah State
(equivalent rank, Assistant Professor).                                                         Ketterman, Anza, Instructor, Office Tech-
                                                  University; Ph.D., 1970, University of        nology. Standard Vocational Certificate;
B.A., 1983, Westfield State College;              Utah. (1970)
M.L.S., 1986, Southern Connecticut State                                                        B.S., 1990; M.Ed., 1992, Idaho State
University. (1996)                                Jones, Jana, Instructor, Education. B.S.,     University. (1992)
                                                  1974; M.Ed., 1981, Utah State University.     Kijinski, John L.,* Chair, Department of
Jenkins, Robert M., Instructional Program         (1995)
Coordinator, Automotive Technology. Type                                                        English and Philosophy; Professor of En-
A Idaho Vocational Advanced Specialist            Jones, Ralph E., Instructional Program        glish. B.A., 1972, Ohio State University;
Certificate in Auto Mechanics, 1976. (1974)       Coordinator, Farm Business Management,        M.A., 1973, University of Chicago; D.A.,
                                                  Standard Vocational Certificate. B.B.A.,      1977, Idaho State University; Ph.D., 1985,
Jenkins, Susan J.,* Associate Professor of        1969, Idaho State University. (1988)          University of Wisconsin. (1985)
Home Economics; Director, Center for Eco-
nomic Education. B.S., 1978; M.S., 1983;          Jue, Sandra G., Clinical Associate Pro-       Kilpatrick, John A.,* Professor of Man-
Ph.D., 1986, Kansas State University. (1988)      fessor of Pharmacy Practice. Pharm. D.,       agement. B.S., 1966, Arizona State
                                                  1972, University of California San Fran-      University; M.A., 1975; Ph.D., 1978, Uni-
Joe, Victor C.,* Chair, Dept. of Psychol-         cisco Medical Center. (1973)                  versity of Iowa. (1977)
ogy; Professor of Psychology. B.A., 1965,
Lewis and Clark College; M. A., 1968;             Jull, Paula,* Associate Professor of Mass     King, Kathleen M.,* Associate Professor
Ph.D., 1972, University of Montana. (1969)        Communication. B.F.A., 1979, Louisville       of English. B.A., 1979; M.A., 1980,
                                                  School of Art; M.F.A., 1982, Indiana          Sangamon State University; Ph.D., 1984,
Johnson, Edward W., Assistant Profes-             University. (1988)                            University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (1984)
sor of Biological Sciences. B. S., 1974,
City College of New York; M.S., 1981,             Kale, Milind, Visiting Instructor, Phar-      Kleist, David M.,* Assistant Professor of
University of Vermont; Ph.D., 1988, Colo-         macy Practice. M.D., 1986, T.N. Medi-         Counseling. B.A.,1987, University of
rado State University. (1995)                     cal College; M.S., 1991, Idaho State          Wisconsin; M.A., 1991, Governors State
                                                  University. (1995)                            University; Ph.D., 1995, Southern Illinois
                                                                                                University. (1995)
238 x       ISU Faculty

Kline, Lorrie S., Clinical Instructor of      Lane, Kathleen, Assistant Professor of        Levenson, Carl A.,* Professor of Phi-
Speech-Language Pathology. B.S., 1977;        Music. B.M.E., 1978, University of Mon-       losophy. B.A., 1967, Allegheny College;
M.S., 1978, Idaho State University. (1992)    tana; M.Mus., 1988, Yale School of Mu-        M.A., 1974; Ph.D., 1980, University of
Kline, William B.,* Professor of Coun-        sic. (1993)                                   Chicago. (1981)
seling. B.A. 1971; M.A., 1973, University     Lang, Patrick M.,* Professor of Mathemat-     Lighter, Richard D., Instructional Pro-
of Mississippi; Ph.D., 1978, University of    ics. B.S., 1980, Colorado State University;   gram Coordinator, Aircraft Maintenance
Michigan. (1991)                              M.S., 1982, Brown University; Ph.D., 1985,    Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
Klug, Beverly J.,* Associate Professor of     Colorado State University. (1985)             Advanced Specialist Certificate in Air-
Education. B.S., 1974; M. Ed., 1978; Ed.D.,   Langstraat, Lisa R., Assistant Professor      frame and Power Plant, 1981. (1980)
1983, University of Cincinnati. (1985)        of English. B.A., 1985; M.A., 1987, South-    Link, Paul K.,* Professor of Geology.
Knox, John M.,* Professor of Physics.         ern Illinois University/Edwardsville;         B.S., 1976, Yale University; B.S., 1977,
B.A., 1968, Gustavus Adolphus College;        Ph.D., Purdue University. (1996)              University of Adelaide; Ph.D., 1982, Uni-
Ph.D., 1981, University of Wyoming. (1984)    LaPier, Tanya Kinney,* Assistant Pro-         versity of California, Santa Barbara. (1980)

Kovacs, Rudolph S.,* Associate Professor      fessor of Physical Therapy. B.S., 1990,       Lloyd, Arthur P.,* Professor of Counsel-
                                              Ithaca College. (1993)                        ing. B.S., 1961; M.S., 1962, Central Mis-
of Art. B.F.A., 1972, Ohio University;
                                                                                            souri State University; Ph.D., 1965,
M.F.A., 1975, University of Kansas. (1980)    Laquer, H. Turner,* Associate Profes-
                                                                                            University of Wyoming. (1967)
Kratz, Lawrence J.,* Professor of Math-       sor of Mathematics. B.S., 1977, Univer-
                                              sity of New Mexico; M.A., 1979; Ph.D.,        Lloyd, Marcia L.,* Professor of Physical
ematics. B.A., 1963, Xavier University;
                                              1982, Harvard University. (1989)              Education and Dance. B.S., 1962, Central
M.A., 1965, University of Wisconsin;
                                                                                            Missouri State University; M.A., 1965,
Ph.D., 1975, University of Utah. (1966)       Larson, Debra R., Instructional Program
                                                                                            University of Wyoming; Ed.D., 1986, Uni-
Kritsky, Delane C.,* Associate Dean,          Coordinator, Office Technology. Standard
                                                                                            versity of Utah. (1977)
College of Health Professions; Professor      Secondary Education Certificate in Office
                                              Occupations; A.S., 1973, B.S., 1977,          Loebs, Bruce D.,* Chair, Dept. of Com-
of Health Care Administration and Bio-                                                      munication and Theatre; Professor of
logical Sciences. B.S., 1965, Minot State     Brigham Young University; M.Ed., 1990,
                                              Idaho State University. (1988)                Speech Communication. B.A., 1959, Uni-
College; M.A., 1967, Sacramento State                                                       versity of California at Santa Barbara;
College; Ph.D., 1971, University of Illi-     Larson, Rodney Alan, Assistant Profes-        M.S., 1964; Ph.D., 1968, University of
nois. (1974)                                  sor of Pharmacy Practice and Administra-      Oregon. (1969)
Kunze, Jay F., Dean, College of Engi-         tive Sciences. B.S., 1988, Ferris State
                                              University; Ph.D., 1994, University of        Loether, Christopher,* Associate Profes-
neering; Professor of Engineering. B.S.,                                                    sor of Anthropology. B.A., 1981; M.A.,
1954; M.S., 1955; Ph.D., 1959, Carnegie       Minnesota. (1994)
                                                                                            1968; Ph.D., 1989, University of California,
Institute of Technology. (1995)               Lawson, Jonathan N.,* Vice President          Los Angeles. (1989)
Kurtz, J. Roger, Assistant Professor of       for Academic Affairs; Professor of En-
                                                                                            Loftin, Joni Grey, Clinical Instructor of
English. B.A., 1985, Eastern Mennonite        glish. A.A., 1992, York College of Penn-
                                                                                            Speech-Language Pathology; Adjunct Fac-
College-Harrisonberg, Virginia; Ph.D.,        sylvania; B.F.A., 1964; M.A., 1966; Ph.D.,
                                                                                            ulty. B.S., 1984, Appalachian State Uni-
1994, University of Iowa. (1994)              1970, Texas Christian University. (1995)
                                                                                            versity; M.S.P., 1986, University of South
Kvasnicka, Charles, Instructor, Automo-       Lay, Terry L.,* Assistant Chair, Dept.        Carolina. (1990)
tive Technology. Type A Idaho Voca-           of Mathematics; Associate Professor of
                                                                                            Lohse, Ernest S.,* Associate Professor of
tional Advanced Specialist Certificate in     Mathematics. B.S., 1969, Oklahoma             Anthropology, Curator of Anthropology,
Auto Mechanics, 1977. (1973)                  State University; M.A., 1975, Univer-         Museum. B.A., 1975, California State Uni-
                                              sity of Oklahoma; Ph.D., 1980, Univer-        versity, Chico; M.A., 1977; Ph.D., 1981,
LaHann, Prescilla P., Coordinator, In-        sity of Tennessee. (1980)
structor, Licensed Practical Nursing. Ad-                                                   University of Utah. (1989)
vanced Vocational Certificate; B.S. in        LeBlanc, Ronald P.,* Professor of Mar-        Long, Margaret Harvey, Instructor,
Nursing, 1974, University of Washing-         keting. B.S., 1973; M.S., 1975; Ph.D.,        Dental Hygiene; Adjunct Faculty. B.S.,
ton. (1990)                                   1981, University of Arizona. (1980)           1978, Idaho State University. (1990)
LaHann, Thomas R.,* Associate Profes-         Legge, Nancy, Associate Professor of          Longhurst, Thomas M,* Professor of
sor of Pharmacology. B.S., 1970, Beloit       Speech Communication, B.A., 1982,             Speech-Language Pathology. A.A., 1965,
College; M.S., 1975; Ph.D., 1977, Uni-        Wayne State University; M.A., 1984, In-       College of Eastern Utah; B.S., 1966,
versity of Washington. (1990)                 diana University; Ph.D., 1988, Pennsyl-       Brigham Young University; M.S., 1967,
                                              vania State University. (1991)                Utah State University; Ph.D., 1971, Uni-
Lai, James Chung Kang,* Professor of
Pharmaceutical Sciences. B.S., 1970, Uni-     Lester, Michael J.,* Associate Professor      versity of Minnesota. (1982)
versity College, Cardiff, Wales, U.K.;        of Physical Education and Health Educa-       Longmore, Dean R.,* Chair, Dept. of
M.S., 1971, the Medical School, Birming-      tion. B.S., 1976, Lewis-Clark State Col-      Finance; Professor of Finance. B.S., 1967,
ham University, U.K.; Ph.D., 1975, St.        lege; M.S., 1978, University of Arizona;      Brigham Young University; M.B.A., 1968,
Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College,       Ed.D., 1985, Oklahoma State University.       University of Utah; Ph.D., 1980, Univer-
London University, U.K.. (1991)               (1990)                                        sity of Missouri. (1978)
Lance, Deborah, Instructor, Computer          Leung, Solomon,* Assistant Professor of       Lowther, Leo, Instructor, Technical Gen-
                                              Engineering. B.A., 1978; M.S., 1982;          eral Education. Type E Idaho Vocational
Software Engineering Technology. Type
                                              Ph.D., 1989, University of Iowa. (1992).      Specialist Certification, Special Needs; B.A.,
A Idaho Vocational Standard Specialist
Certificate in Data Processing. (1987)                                                      1960; M.A., 1966, Idaho State University;
                                                                                            Ph.D., 1971, University of Utah. (1991)
                                                                                                                  ISU Faculty    x 239
Luckey, Angela S., Assistant Professor of      State College; Ph.D., 1968, University of       McRoberts, Jacqueline, Assistant Profes-
Education. B.M.Ed., 1965, Texas West-          Montana. (1968)                                 sor of Nursing. B.S., 1960, St. Louis Uni-
ern College; M.Ed., 1980, Idaho State          Mattocks, T. C., Director, Division II,         versity; M.S., 1990, Idaho State University;
University; Ph.D., 1996, University of         College of Education; Associate Profes-         Ed.D., 1995, University of Idaho. (1983)
Idaho. (1996)                                  sor of Educational Administration. B.S.,        McWhirter, Jon D., Assistant Professor of
Lyons, Guy R., Instructional Program Co-       1965, Montana State College; M.S., 1972;        Engineering. M.E., 1988, Texas A&M Uni-
ordinator, Laser Electro-Optics Technol-       Ed.D., 1987, Montana State University.          versity. (1988)
ogy. Type A Standard Idaho Vocational          (1996)                                          Medley, Kennard E., Clinical Instructor
Specialist Certificate, Electronics Technol-   Mauch, John E.,* Professor of Journal-          of Audiology. B.S., 1986; M.S., 1987,
ogy. (1981)                                    ism. B.A., 1958, University of Missouri;        Idaho State University. (1988)
Lyons, Michael, Instructional Program          M.A., 1971, California State University at      Meldrum, D. Jeffrey, Assistant Profes-
Coordinator, Electronics Technology.           Fullerton; Ph.D., 1976, University of Utah.     sor of Biological Sciences; Affiliate fac-
Type A Idaho Vocational Specialist Cer-        (1971)                                          ulty, Dept. of Anthropology. B.S., 1982;
tificate in Industrial Electronics and Tele-   Maughan, Ralph B.,* Associate Profes-           M.S., 1984, Brigham Young University;
communications. B.S., 1986; M.Ed., 1989,       sor of Political Science. B.A., 1967, Utah      Ph.D., 1989, State University of New York
Idaho State University. (1981)                 State University; M.A., 1969; Ph.D., 1971,      at Stony Brook. (1993)
Macon, Tommy, Assistant Professor of           University of Wisconsin. (1971)                 Mercaldo, David J.,* Associate Professor
Theatre. B.A., 1993, University of Ala-        McAleese, Willis J.,* Associate Profes-         of Education of the Hearing Impaired. B.A.,
bama at Birmingham; M.F.A., 1996, Uni-         sor of Health and Nutrition Sciences. B.S.,     1966, Roberts Wesleyan College; M.S.,
versity of Tennessee. (1996)                   1976, Northwest Missouri State Univer-          1973, University of Tennessee; Ed.D., 1977,
Madaras-Kelly, Karl, Assistant Profes-         sity; M.P.E., 1978, Idaho State Univer-         University of Rochester. (1990)
sor of Pharmacy Practice and Administra-       sity; Ph.D., 1990, University of New            Merrill, Clifton, Coordinator, Instructor,
tive Sciences. B.S., 1991; Pharm.D., 1992,     Mexico. (1989)                                  Civil Engineering Technology. Type A Idaho
University of Minnesota. (1994)                McArthur, Lorin, Instructor, Electronics        Vocational Advanced Certificate in Civil En-
Malepeai, Brenda B., Clinical Instructor       Technology. Idaho Standard Vocational           gineering Technology; A.T., 1977; B.S., 1988;
of Speech-Language Pathology. B.S.,            Specialist; Type A Idaho Interim Voca-          M.Ed., 1992, Idaho State University. (1985)
1976; M.S., 1977, Idaho State University.      tional Specialist Certificate. A.A.S. & A.T.,   Merrill, D. Lee, Laboratory Coordinator,
(1992)                                         1985, Idaho State University; B.A.S., 1988,     Instructor, Electromechanical Drafting
Marincic, Patricia A., Assistant Profes-       Boise State University. (1989)                  Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
sor of Health and Nutrition Sciences;          McBeth, Mark K., Assistant Professor of         Specialist Certificate in Drafting/Design;
Registered Dietician. B.S., 1982, Purdue       Political Science. B.A., 1987; M.P.A., 1989;    B.S. 1980, Idaho State University. (1971)
University; M.S., 1984, Colorado State         D.A., 1992, Idaho State University. (1995)      Miller, Deborah L.,* Associate Profes-
University. (1988)                             McCullough, Larry, Counselor and In-            sor of Dental Hygiene. B.S., 1974; M.S.,
Marsh, Ranaye J., Dean, School of              structor of Counseling. B.S., 1960; M.S.,       1985, University of Iowa. (1985)
Applied Technology. A.A., Frontrange           1967, Utah State University. (1967)             Mills, LaVonne Garner, Resident Physi-
Community College, 1972; M.A., Uni-            McCune, Joan H.,* Professor of Microbi-         cian, Dept. of Family Medicine; Medical
versity of Northern Colorado, 1979; Ph.D.,     ology. B.S., 1953, Montana State Univer-        Director, Dept. of Physician Assistant
Colorado State University, 1992. (1995)        sity; M.S., 1955, Washington State              Studies (equivalent rank, Assistant Pro-
Martin, Anthony,* Professor of Art. B.S.,      University; Ph.D., 1965, Purdue University.     fessor). B.A., 1976, Idaho State Univer-
1967, Kent State University; M.A., 1969;       (1980)                                          sity; M.D., 1981, George Washington
M.F.A., 1975, Illinois State University.       McCune, Ronald W.,* Professor of                University School of Medicine. (1992)
(1977)                                         Biochemistry. B.S., 1961, Kansas State          Minshall, G. Wayne,* Professor of Zool-
Martindale, Charlene, Assistant Profes-        University; M.S., 1964; Ph.D., 1966,            ogy and Ecology. B.S., 1961, Montana
sor of Business; Coordinator, Business         Purdue University. (1970)                       State University; Ph.D., 1965, University
Communications. B.S., 1959, University         McCurry, Michael O.,* Professor of              of Louisville. (1966)
of Idaho; M.A., 1969, Idaho State Univer-      Geology. B.S., 1974, University of Wash-        Mitchell, Ronald,* Associate Chair, Nurs-
sity. (1970)                                   ington; Ph.D., 1985, University of              ing; Assistant Professor of Nursing. B.S.
Mason, Barbara J., Associate Professor         California, Los Angeles. (1990)                 1972, Walla Walla College; M.S., 1976,
of Pharmacy Practice; Vice Chair, Boise        McDermott, J. David, PA-C, Clinical             California State University; Ph.D., 1988,
Pharmacy Program. Pharm.D., 1982,              Coordinator and Instructor of Physician         University of Utah. (1988)
University of Nebraska. (1987)                 Assistant Studies. B.G.S., 1986, Univer-        Mobley, William Cary,* Assistant Pro-
Mathews, Jerry*, Program Area Leader,          sity of Idaho; B.S., 1991, Western Michi-       fessor of Pharmaceutical Science. B.S.,
Educational Administration; Assistant Pro-     gan University. (1996)                          1980 University of Miami-Coral Gables;
fessor of Education. B.S., 1972, Northeast     McKnight, Laura E. G., Instructor, Health       B.S, 1985; Ph.D., 1993, University of
Louisiana University; M.Ed., 1976, Au-         and Nutrition Sciences. B.S., 1986, Idaho       Florida. (1994)
burn University; Ed.S., 1988, Northeast        State University. (1996)                        Montgomery, Tracy T.,* Associate Pro-
Louisiana University; Ph.D., 1995, Mis-                                                        fessor of English and Philosophy. B.A.,
sissippi State University. (1995)              McLaughlin, Diana G., Assistant Pro-
                                               fessor of Nursing. B.S., ISU, 1979, M.S.,       1975, Georgia State University; M.A., 1977;
Matthews, Leroy J.,* Professor of Psy-         ISU 1993, Idaho State University (1995)         D.A., 1987, Idaho State University. (1990)
chology. B.A., 1962; M.A., 1967, Fresno
240 x       ISU Faculty

Moore, Kevin L.,* Associate Professor         Nelson, S. Clive,* Associate Professor of    Parker, Stephen K.,* Associate Pro-
of Engineering. B.S.E.E., 1982, Louisi-       Pharmaceutical Sciences. B.S. University     fessor of Mathematics. B.S., 1966,
ana State University; M.S.E.E., 1983, Uni-    of Utah, 1953; M.S. University of Utah,      Westminster College; Ph.D., 1972, Uni-
versity of Southern California; Ph.D.,        1955; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1975.      versity of Utah. (1972)
1989, Texas and A&M University. (1989)        (1987)                                       Parker, Sydney J., Instructional Pro-
Moore, Thomas F., Associate Professor         Nickisch, Craig W.,* Professor of For-       gram Coordinator, Electronic RF/
of Radiographic Science, Allied Health        eign Languages. B.A., 1961, South Da-        Telcom Technology.AAS, 1988, Idaho
Professions. B.S., 1973, Eastern Oregon       kota State University; M.A., 1963,           State University. (1991)
State College; A.A.S., 1977, Oregon In-       Northwestern University; Ph.D., 1985,        Pastorino, Ray, Behavioral Scientist
stitute of Technology; M.Ed., 1988, Idaho     University of Nebraska. (1988)               (equivalent rank, Assistant Professor),
State University; Ph.D., 1995, University     Nilson, Douglas C.,* Associate Professor     Family Medicine. B.A., 1968, University
of Idaho. (1985)                              of Political Science. B.A., 1966, Univer-    of Iowa; J.D., 1971, University of Iowa;
Morris, Lloyd E.,* Professor of Health        sity of Washington; M.A., 1971; Ph.D.,       M.A., 1986, John F. Kennedy University;
and Nutrition Sciences. B.S., 1959; M.S.,     1976, University of Wisconsin, Madison.      Ph.D. 1990, Saybrook Institute . (1992)
1965, Northern Illinois University; Ph.D.,    (1989)                                       Paulson, Donald L.,* Director of Coun-
1972, University of Utah. (1976)              Nitse, Philip S., Assistant Professor of     seling and Testing; Assistant Professor of
Mullin, Anne E.,* Associate Professor of      Marketing. B.S., 1970, Arizona State         Counseling. B.A., 1966, Hamline Univer-
English; Director, Writing Center. A.B.,      University; MBA, 1988; Ph.D., 1994, Uni-     sity; M.S.Ed., 1968, Indiana University;
1958, Tufts University; M.A., 1985, Uni-      versity of Memphis. (1993)                   Ph.D., 1972, University of Iowa. (1991)
versity of Maine; Ph.D., 1990, University     Noakes, Sandra D., Assistant Professor       Pawar, Sheelwant B.,* Professor of Man-
of Massachusetts. (1990)                      of Physical Education. B.S., 1959, Uni-      agement. B.Com., 1953; B.A., 1957; L.L.B.,
Murdock, J. Larry, Head Access Services       versity of Utah; M.S., 1966, Brigham         1958, University of Bombay; M.B.A., 1962;
Librarian (equivalent rank, Associate Pro-    Young University. (1966)                     Ph.D., 1967, University of Utah. (1967)
fessor). B.S., 1964, Brigham Young Uni-       Norman, Lee,* Professor of Economics.        Pearce, Robert W., Vice President of
versity; M.Libr., 1965, University of         (1981)                                       Financial Services; Professor of Educa-
Michigan; M.S., 1975, Brigham Young                                                        tion. B.S., 1965; M.Ed., 1967, Phillips
                                              Oakes, Ann Sutton,* Associate Profes-
University. (1993)                                                                         University; Ed.D., 1972, Oklahoma State
                                              sor of Sociology and Social Work. B.A.,
Myers, Rosemary N., Assistant Profes-         1962, Wheaton College; M.A., 1986;           University. (1988)
sor of English; Director, Individualized      Ph.D., 1991, University of Northern Texas.   Pearson, Richard C.,* Program Area
Education Programs. B.A., 1950, Baylor        (1991)                                       Leader, Elementary Education; Associate
University; M.A., 1953, University of                                                      Professor of Education. B.A., 1961; M.A.,
                                              Ore, H. Thomas,* Professor of Geology.
Arkansas. (1960)                                                                           1963; M.L.S., 1969, Brigham Young Uni-
                                              B.A., 1957, Cornell College of Iowa; M.S.,
Myers, Rubalee, Director, Division II,        1959, Washington State University; Ph.D.,    versity; Ed.D., 1977, University of North-
College of Education; Professor. B.S.,        1963, University of Wyoming. (1963)          ern Colorado. (1986)
1968, Olivet Nazarene University; M.S.,                                                    Pehrsson, Robert S.,* Professor of Edu-
                                              Owens, John B.,* Professor of History.
1969, University of Illinois; Ph.D., 1982,                                                 cation. B.A., 1966, Queens College; M.S.,
                                              B.A., 1966, Oberlin College; M.A., 1968;
Oklahoma State University. (1993)                                                          1970, Long Island University; Ed.D., 1979,
                                              Ph.D., 1972, University of Wisconsin.
Naas, Paul J., Instructor, Computer           (1975)                                       Hofstra University. (1980)
Software Engineering Technology, Type A                                                    Pein, Deborah M., Instructor, Electrical
                                              Paarmann, Carlene, Assistant Chair,
Standard Vocational Specialist Certificate                                                 Technician/Applied Subjects. Type A Stan-
                                              Dept. of Dental Hygiene; Associate Pro-
in Computer Programming/Systems; A.S.                                                      dard Vocational Specialist Certificate; B.A.
                                              fessor of Dental Hygiene. B.A., 1972;
& B.S., 1974, Cameron College; M.S., 1982,                                                 Education, 1977, Idaho State University.
                                              M.Ed., 1978, Idaho State University.
Polytechnic Institute of New York. (1988)                                                  (1988)
Naftzger, Ernie, Associate Dean and In-                                                    Peña, Sally J.,* Associate Professor of
                                              Packer, Patricia, Instructor, Technical
structor of Counseling. B.A., 1964; M.Ed.,                                                 Education. B.A., 1967, Idaho State Uni-
                                              General Education. Type B Idaho Voca-
1974, Idaho State University. (1966)                                                       versity; M.A., 1977; M.A., 1981, Boise
                                              tional Specialist Certificate in Related
Nagel, Judith, Assistant Professor of Nurs-   Subjects; A.S., 1962, Canal Zone Junior      State University; Ph.D., 1989, University
ing. Nursing Certificate, 1971, James Ward    college; B.S., 1964, Spring Hill College     of Idaho. (1990)
Thorne School of Nursing of Passavant         (Jesuit); M.A., 1967, So. Illinois Univer-   Peterson, Charles R.,* Associate Profes-
Hospital. B.S.N., 1975, University of Illi-   sity. (1988)                                 sor of Ecology; Adjunct Curator, Mu-
nois Medical Center; M.S., 1980, Rush                                                      seum. B.S., 1972; M.S., 1974, University
                                              Park, Pamela,* Associate Professor of
University; (1995)                                                                         of Illinois at Urbana; Ph.D., 1982, Wash-
                                              Foreign Languages. B.A., 1972, College
Naidu, D. S.,* Professor of Engineering.      at Lincoln Center, Fordham University;       ington State University. (1988)
B.E., 1963, S.V. University, India;           Licence es Lettres Modernes, 1974, Uni-      Phelps, Paula, PA-C, Academic Coordi-
M.Tech., 1967; Ph.D., 1977, Indian Insti-     versity de Nancy; Ph.D., 1979, City Uni-     nator, Dept. of Physician Assistant Studies;
tute of Technology. (1990)                    versity of New York. (1985)                  Instructor of Physician Assistant Studies.
Neill, DeWitt T.,* Professor of Engi-         Parker, Barry R.,* Professor of Physics.     B.A. Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana,
neering and Nuclear Science. B.S., 1956;      B.A., 1959; M.S., 1961, University of        Biology and Sport and Movement Studies,
M.S., 1957; Ph.D., 1968, University of        British Columbia; Ph.D., 1968, Utah State    1988; University of Utah Physician Assis-
Oklahoma. (1968)                              University. (1967)                           tants Program, 1995. (1995)
                                                                                                                ISU Faculty   x 241
Phillips, William G., Professor of Fi-        Rankin, Roger A.,* Program Area Leader,         Roberts, Mark W.,* Professor of Psy-
nance. B.S., 1952, Waynesberg College;        Business Education; Professor of Educa-         chology; Director, Clinical Training. B.A.,
M.A., 1967; Ph.D., 1970, University of        tion. B.A., 1971; M. A., 1974, Adams            1971, Stanford University; M.S., 1975;
Nebraska. (1991)                              State College; Ph.D., 1981, Colorado State      Ph.D., 1977, University of Georgia; (1977)
Picard, Robert, Assistant Professor of        University. (1981)                              Robertson, Charles, Chair, Electron-
Accounting. B.S., 1976, Northern Michi-       Ransom, G. Michael, Assistant Profes-           ics Department; Instructor, RF/Telcom
gan University; M.B.A., 1984, University      sor of Accounting. B.A., 1970, Boise State      Technology Department. Type A Idaho
of St. Thomas; Ph.D., 1994, University of     University; M. T. Taxation, 1980, Port-         Vocational Specialist Certificate in
Kentucky. (1994)                              land State University. (1985)                   Electronics. (1984).
Pierson, Donald S.,* Chair, Dept. of So-      Rao, Bhamidipaty Kameswara,* Asso-              Robinson, Kristynia M., Associate Pro-
ciology, Social Work and Criminal Jus-        ciate Professor of Engineering. B.S., 1977,     fessor of Nursing. M.S.N., 1984; Ph.D.,
tice; Associate Professor of Social Work;     Regional Engineering College, India; M.S.,      1995, University of Utah. (1996)
Director of Social Work. B.S., 1969, Uni-     1982, Indian Institute of Science, India;       Robinson, Lee,* Professor of Engineer-
versity of Wisconsin, Whitewater; M.S.        Ph.D., 1988, University of Illinois,            ing. B.S., 1964; M.S., 1965, Utah State
W., 1971, Tulane University; D.S.W.,          Chicago. (1988)                                 University; Ph.D., 1968, Montana State
1984, University of California, Los Ange-     Ratcliff, Gene D., Internal Medicine            University. (1967)
les. (1985)                                   Specialty Coordinator, Family Medicine          Rodgers, David,* Chair, Department of
Pimentel, Jane,* Assistant Professor of       (equivalent rank, Clinical Associate Pro-       Geology, Associate Professor of Geol-
Speech-Language Pathology. B.S. (dual),       fessor). B.A. 1960, University of South-        ogy. B.A., 1981, Carleton College; Ph.D.,
1983; M.S., 1984, Idaho State University;     ern Mississippi; M.D., 1965, Tulane             1987, Stanford University. (1985)
Ph.D., University of Washington, 1990.        University Medical School. (1992)
                                                                                              Rodnick, Kenneth J, Assistant Professor
(1990)                                        Ratka, Anna,* Assistant Professor of            of Biological Sciences. B.S., 1979, Uni-
Plewa, Franklin J.,* Professor of Ac-         Pharmaceutical Sciences. M.Pharm., 1991;        versity of California, Davis; M.S., 1982;
counting. B.S., 1974, Western Illinois Uni-   Ph.D., 1985, Medical Academy, Poznan,           M.A., 1984, Oregon State University;
versity; M.S., 1978; Ph.D., 1983, Louisiana   Poland. (1992)                                  Ph.D., 1989, Stanford University. (1993)
State University. (1984)                      Reed, Julie, Clinical Instructor of Dental      Rodriguez, René G.,* Associate Profes-
Price, Nola A., Reference Librarian           Hygiene; Adjunct Faculty. B.S, 1976, Or-        sor of Chemistry. B.S., 1981, University
(equivalent rank, Instructor). B.A., 1958,    egon Health Sciences University. (1996)         of Colorado; M.S., 1984, University of
Huron College; M.A., 1959, University of      Reis, Priscilla R., Assistant Professor of      Minnesota; Ph.D., 1987, University of
Denver. (1991)                                Accounting. B.A., 1969, University of           Idaho. (1988)
Priddy, Kathleen S., Instructor, Office       Rhode Island; M.S., 1982, State Univer-         Rogo, Ellen, Associate Professor of Den-
Technology. B.S. VTTE, 1980; Type A           sity of New York, Albany; Ph.D., 1991,          tal Hygiene. B.S., 1978, University of
Idaho Vocational Advanced Specialist Cer-     Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute. (1994)      Missouri; M.Ed., 1981, University of
tificate in Business/Office Occupations.      Reitz, Shirley J., Assistant Professor of       Washington. (1992)
(1976)                                        Pharmacy Practice. B.S., 1980, South Da-        Ronald, Bruce P.,* Professor of Chem-
Prineas, Matthew L., Assistant Profes-        kota State University; Pharm.D., 1982,          istry. B.S., 1962, Portland State College;
sor of English and Philosophy. B.A., 1987,    University of Texas. (1989)                     Ph.D., 1968, University of Washington.
Carleton College; M.A., 1990, University      Remy, Jeannine, Assistant Professor.            (1968)
of Michigan Ann Arbor; Ph.D., 1995,           B.Mus., 1985, M.Mus., 1987; Northern            Rose, Fred L., State Board of Educa-
University of Rochester. (1995)               Illinois University; D.M.A., 1991, Uni-         tion Associate Academic Officer for
Prolo, Ken, Director, Human Resources;        versity of Arizona. (1992)                      Idaho Falls Programs; Affiliate Fac-
Assistant Professor, Management. B.S.,        Rhodes, Richard S.,* Associate Profes-          ulty, Biological Sciences. B.A., 1957,
1963; M.S., 1965, San Jose State Univer-      sor of Pharmacy Practice and Administra-        Willamette University; M.S., 1964;
sity. (1994)                                  tive Sciences. B.S., 1972, Mercer               Ph.D., 1968, Oregon State University.
Ptacek, Margaret B., Assistant Professor      University; B.S., 1978, Florida A&M Uni-        (1969)
of Genetics. B.S., 1981; M.S., 1984, Em-      versity; Pharm.D., 1983, Mercer Univer-         Rose, W. Jack,* Associate Professor of
poria State University; Ph.D., University     sity. (1987)                                    Physiology. B.S., 1975; M.S., 1979, Ohio
of Missouri-Columbia. (1996)                  Rinehart, Robert, Assistant Professor of        State University; Ph.D., 1985, Oregon State
Pumphrey, Lela D.,* Professor of Ac-          Physical Education and Dance. B.A., 1974;       University. (1987)
counting. B.B.A., 1968, University of         M.A., 1978, California State University, Sac-   Rosentreter, Jeffrey J.,* Associate Pro-
Southern Mississippi; MBA, 1973, Ar-          ramento; M.S., 1981 University of Arizona;      fessor, Chemistry. B.S., 1985, University
kansas State University; Ph.D., 1984, Uni-    Ph.D., 1993 University of Illinois. (1993)      of Montana; Ph.D., 1990, Colorado State
versity of Missouri. (1988)                   Roberts, Donald B., Pediatric Coordina-         University. (1991).
Rankin, Linda L., Assistant Professor of      tor, Family Practice, Dept. of Family Medi-     Rost, Robert H., Instructional Program
Health and Nutrition Sciences; Registered     cine. B.S., 1955, California Institute of       Coordinator, Welding. Type A Idaho Vo-
Dietician. B.S., 1974, Iowa State Univer-     Technology; M.D., 1963, Harvard Medi-           cational Advanced Specialist Certificate
sity; M.S., 1985, University of Wiscon-       cal School; (equivalent rank, Assistant         in Welding, 1973; AWSE Certification
sin; Ph.D., 1996, University of Idaho.        Professor). (1995)                              (1994). (1972)
242 x       ISU Faculty

Rowe, Jeannette C., Associate Professor       University of Oklahoma; Ph.D., 1970, Uni-      Shaughnessy, Gerald, Instructor of Of-
of Home Economics. B.S., 1954; M.A.,          versity of California, Berkeley. (1980)        fice Technology. Certificate. (1996)
1961, Montana State University. (1966)        Schliebner, Connie T.,* Assistant Pro-         Sherman Jr., Alvin F.* Associate Pro-
Ruby, Kenneth E., Assistant Professor of      fessor of Counseling. B.S., 1972, Kent         fessor of Foreign Languages. B.A., 1985;
Accounting. B.B.A., 1974; M.B.A., 1975;       State University; M.S., 1985; Ph.D., 1990,     M.A., 1987, Brigham Young University;
M.S., 1984, Boise State University. (1985)    Syracuse University. (1995)                    Ph.D., 1990, University of Virginia,
Ruckman, JoAnn S.,* Co-director,              Schmidt, Roger P.,* Associate Professor        Charlottesville. (1990)
Women's Studies Program; Professor of         of English. B.A., 1980; M.A., 1985; Ph.D.,     Short, Rande K., Associate Director,
History. B.S., 1960, Iowa State Univer-       1989, University of Washington. (1989)         Family Practice Residency Program, De-
sity; M.A., 1963, University of Chicago;      Schou, Corey D.,* Professor of Com-            partment of Family Medicine (equivalent
Ph.D., 1975, Northern Illinois University.    puter Information Systems (CIS). B.S.,         rank, Associate Professor). B.S., 1976,
(1974)                                        1968, Rollins College; M.S., 1970; Ph.D.,      McPherson College; M.D., 1980, Uni-
Rush, Robert E., Obstetrics and Gyne-         1972, Florida State University. (1985)         versity of Colorado Health Sciences Cen-
cology Coordinator, Family Medicine                                                          ter. (1994)
                                              Schou, Sue, Instructor of Management;
(equivalent rank, Associate Professor).       Coordinator of Statistics. B.S., 1971; M.S.,   Shropshire, Sandra K., Associate
B.A., 1954, Walla Walla College; M.D.,        1974, Florida State University. (1992)         University Librarian, Technical Services
1958, Loma Linda University. (1992)                                                          (equivalent rank, Associate Professor).
                                              Schow, H. Wayne,* Professor of English.        B.A., 1983, University of Idaho; M.L.S.,
Ruska, Ruth, Instructional Program            B.A., 1960; M.A., 1961, Utah State Uni-
Coordinator, Cosmetology. Type A Idaho                                                       1986, University of Arizona. (1987)
                                              versity; Ph.D., 1970, University of Iowa.
Vocational Specialist Certificate in Cos-     (1967)                                         Shropshire, Stephen L.,* Assistant Pro-
metology; Idaho cosmetology Instructor                                                       fessor of Physics. B.S., 1985; M.S., 1988;
                                              Schow, Ronald L.,* Professor of Audiol-
License, 1966/1968. (1984)                                                                   Ph.D., 1991, Washington State Univer-
                                              ogy. B.S., 1967; M.S., 1969, Utah State
Rylance, Billie Jo,, Assistant Professor of                                                  sity. (1991)
                                              University; Ph.D., 1974, Northwestern
Education. B.A., 1970; M.Ed., 1988, Uni-      University. (1975)                             Sieber, Sharon*, Assistant Professor of
versity of North Dakota; Ph.D., 1996,                                                        Foreign Languages. B.A., 1977; M.A.,
                                              Schwendig, W. Lee,* Professor of Mar-
University of Illinois. (1995)                                                               1982; Ph.D., 1992, Indiana University.
                                              keting. B.B.A., 1967, Idaho State
Sadid, Habib,* Associate Professor of                                                        (1994)
                                              University; M.S., 1968, University of
Engineering. B.S., 1978, University of        Wyoming; Ph.D., 1979, University of Ne-        Singarajah, Thana, Instructor of Coun-
Tehran, M.S., 1984; Ph.D., 1988, Wash-        braska. (1968)                                 seling; Academic Outreach Adjunct Fac-
ington State University. (1991)                                                              ulty; Arts and Sciences Honors Adjunct
                                              Scott, Darrell F., Assistant Dean, College     Faculty; Affiliate Faculty. B.I.T., 1979,
Sagness, Richard L.,* Director, Office of     of Business; Instructor of Finance. B.A.,
Clinical Experiences and Student Services;                                                   Bradford University of Technology,
                                              1969, Idaho State University; M.B.A.,
Professor of Education . B.A., 1961, Uni-                                                    Bradford, England; M.Coun., 1984; Ed.D.,
                                              1970, Sacramento State College. (1970)
versity of Northern Iowa; M.S., 1964,                                                        1988, Idaho State University. (1990)
                                              Seeley, Rodney R.,* Chair, Dept. of
Kansas State Teachers College; Ph.D.,                                                        Sirotnak, Nancy L., Assistant Professor,
                                              Biological Sciences; Professor of Physiol-
1970, Ohio State University. (1979)                                                          Physical Therapy. B.S., 1986, University
                                              ogy. B.S., 1968, Idaho State University;
Salzman, Stephanie,* Director, Office                                                        of Vermont; M.S., 1993, Idaho State Uni-
                                              M.S., 1971; Ph.D., 1974, Utah State
of Standards & Assessment; Professor of                                                      versity. (1990)
                                              University. (1973)
Education. B.A., 1968, University of                                                         Smedley, Thayne C.,* Professor of
                                              Semenza, Jenny, Reference Librarian
California, Los Angeles; M.A., 1983, Cali-                                                   Audiology. B.S., 1960; M.S., 1964, Utah
                                              (equivalent rank, Instructor). B.A., 1991,
fornia State University, Sacramento; Ed.D.,                                                  State University; Ph.D., 1969, Stanford
                                              Idaho State University; M.L.S., 1993,
1986, University of the Pacific. (1986)                                                      University. (1983)
                                              Brigham Young University. (1995)
Sarraf, Tahmoores,* Professor of Soci-                                                       Smedley, Weston B.,* Professor of Engi-
                                              Senekowitsch, Joerg, Assistant Profes-
ology. B.A., 1964; M.A., 1966, San                                                           neering. B.S., 1965; M.S., 1966, Utah
                                              sor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. B.S., 1984,
Francisco State College; Ph.D., 1972, Uni-                                                   State University; Ph.D., 1972, Brigham
                                              University of Frankfurt-Germany; Ph.D.,
versity of Washington. (1972)                                                                Young University. (1966)
                                              1988, University of Frankfurt-Germany.
Sato, Alyce,* Associate Professor of Nurs-    (1992)                                         Smith, Jane Coe, Clinical Instructor of
ing. B.S., 1969; M.Ed., 1976, Idaho State                                                    Speech-Language Pathology. B.A., 1979;
                                              Sept, Sandra, Instructional Program Co-
University; M.S., 1979, University of Port-                                                  M.S., 1981, Western Michigan Univer-
                                              ordinator, Technical General Education.
land; Ph.D., 1991, University of Utah.                                                       sity. (1986)
                                              Type E Idaho Vocational Specialist Cer-
(1976)                                                                                       Smith, Jill M., Assistant Professor of
                                              tificate in Special Needs; B.A., 1965;
Sato, Chikashi, Associate Professor of        M.Ed., 1977, Idaho State University.           Accounting. B.S., 1968, University of
Engineering. B.S., 1971, Fukushima Na-        (1979)                                         Montana; M.B.A., 1975, Idaho State Uni-
tional College of Technology; M.S., 1976,                                                    versity. (1986)
                                              Sharp, William T.,* Professor of
University of Kansas; Ph.D., 1981, Uni-
                                              Pharmacy Administration. B.S., 1957,
versity of Iowa. (1995)
                                              Washington State University; M.S., 1963,
Scalarone, Gene M.,* Professor of Medi-       University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., 1979,
cal Microbiology and Immunology. B.S.,        Oregon State University. (1975)
1962, Kansas State College; M.S., 1965,
                                                                                                                  ISU Faculty   x 243
Smith, Kenneth A.,* Interim Associate           SUNY at Stony Brook; M.H.C.A., 1981,           Stroud, Karla F., Instructor, Office Tech-
Dean, College of Business; Professor of         George Washington University. (1995)           nology. A.A., 1988, College of Southern
Accounting. B.S., 1968, University of           Stenson, Carol M.,* Program Area               Idaho; B.A., 1990, Idaho State University.
Montana; Ph.D., 1971, University of             Leader, Special Education; Professor of        (1993)
Texas. (1970)                                   Special Education. B.A., 1956; M.Ed.,          Stuffle, Roy Eugene,* Professor of Engi-
Smith Jr., Laurens H.,* Associate Pro-          1969, University of Montana; Ph.D., 1978,      neering. B.S.E.E., 1966; M.S.E.E., 1969,
fessor of Physiology. B.A., 1977, Eastern       University of Iowa. (1978)                     Rose Polytechnic Institute; M.S.B.A.,
Connecticut State University; M.A., 1979,       Stephens, Trent D.,* Professor of Anatomy      1975, Indiana University; Ph.D.E.E., 1979,
University of Kansas; Ph.D., 1985, Uni-         and Embryology. B.S., 1973; M.S., 1974,        Purdue University. (1989)
versity of Maryland. (1989)                     Brigham Young University; Ph.D., 1977,         Sutter Jr., E. John,* Professor of Chem-
Snarr, Terry, Instructional Program Co-         University of Pennsylvania. (1981)             istry. B.S., 1965, Siena College; Ph.D.,
ordinator, Instrumentation Technology.          Stevens, Dennis, Assistant Professor of        1969, Purdue University. (1971)
Type A Idaho Vocational Specialist Cer-         Pharmaceutical Sciences. (199)                 Swansbourne, Clive R., Associate Pro-
tificate in Electrical Instrumentation. A.S.,                                                  fessor of Music. B. Mus., 1975, Royal
                                                Stites, Robert H., Instructor, Design Draft-
1973, Utah Technical College; B.S., 1975,                                                      college of Music - London; M.A., 1982;
                                                ing Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
Brigham Young University; M.Ed., 1989,                                                         D. M. A., 1986, Yale School of Music.
                                                Specialist Certificate in Drafting/Design.
Idaho State University. (1985)                                                                 (1990)
                                                B.S., 1970, Idaho State University. (1973)
Sommer, Stefan, Curator, Adult Educa-                                                          Swanson, Barbara D.,* Assistant Pro-
                                                Stocks, Anthony W.,* Chair, Dept. of
tor and Grant Writer, Museum; Affiliate                                                        fessor of Counseling; Director, Academic
                                                Anthropology; Professor of Anthropol-
Faculty, Dept. of Biological Sciences. B.S.,                                                   Skills Center. A.A., 1961, Cottey College;
                                                ogy. B.A., 1962, University of Utah; M.A.,
1980, University of California, Berkeley;                                                      B.A., 1963, University of Northern Iowa;
                                                1974, California State University, Los
M.S., 1986, University of Maryland; Ph.D.,                                                     M.Ed., 1965, University of Northern Iowa;
                                                Angeles; Ph.D., 1978, University of
1993, University of New Mexico. (1994)                                                         Ph.D., 1983, University of Minnesota.
                                                Florida. (1979)
Sorensen, David N.,* Chair, Dept. of                                                           (1978)
                                                Stone, Jack C., Instructor, Automotive
Speech Pathology and Audiology, Profes-                                                        Swanson, Merwin R.,* Associate Dean,
                                                Technology. Type A Idaho Vocational
sor of Speech-Language Pathology. B.S.,                                                        College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of
                                                Advanced Specialist Certificate in Auto
1970; M.S., 1971, University of Utah;                                                          History. B.A., 1964, State College of Iowa;
                                                Mechanics, 1976; B.S., 1992, Idaho State
Ph.D., 1980, Purdue University. (1985)                                                         M.A., 1966, University of Pittsburgh;
                                                University. (1970)
Spadafore, Gerald J.,* Program Area                                                            Ph.D., 1972, University of Minnesota.
                                                Story-Phelan, Brenda, Visiting Clinical
Leader, School Psychology; Professor of                                                        (1972)
                                                Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice.
School Psychology. B.A., 1964; M.A.,                                                           Sweat, Robert C., Instructional Program
                                                Pharm.D., 1992, Idaho State University.
1965, Adams State College; Ed.D., 1969,                                                        Coordinator, Business Equipment/Com-
University of Nebraska. (1969)                                                                 puter Technician. Type A Idaho Voca-
                                                Stowe, Dennis C.,* Associate Professor
Spall, Richard D.,* Professor of Pathol-                                                       tional Specialist Certificate in Business
                                                of Mathematics. B.S., 1974; University
ogy. B.A., 1966, Oregon State University;                                                      Equipment Repair. (1978)
                                                of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.A., 1977;
M.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1972, Oklahoma State                                                        Swetnam, Ford T.,* Professor of English.
                                                Ph.D., 1980, University of California,
University. (1981)                                                                             A.B., 1963, Hamilton College: M.A., 1964;
                                                Berkeley. (1988)
Spiegel, Kathleen M., Director, Medical                                                        Ph.D., 1967, Cornell University. (1979)
                                                Stratton, William E.,* Interim Dean, Col-
Technology Program; Assistant Professor                                                        Swetnam, Susan H.,* Professor of En-
                                                lege of Business; Professor of Manage-
of Biology. B.S., 1971, Old Dominion                                                           glish. B.A., 1972, University of Delaware;
                                                ment. B.S., 1963; M.S., 1965,
University; M.S., 1972, Idaho State Uni-                                                       M.A., 1975; Ph.D., 1979, University of
                                                Carnegie-Mellon University; Ph.D., 1974,
versity; Ph.D., 1983, University of Utah                                                       Michigan. (1979)
                                                Case Western Reserve University. (1974)
School of Medicine. (1991)
                                                Streubel, Donald P.,* Professor of Biol-       Tate, Paul D.,* Professor of Philosophy.
Spinner, Jeri, Instructor, Office Technol-                                                     B.A., 1967, University of Texas; M.A.,
                                                ogy. B.S., 1962, University of Wisconsin;
ogy. B.S., 1981, Utah State University;                                                        1972; Ph.D., 1976, Yale University. (1976)
                                                M.S., 1968, University of Alaska; D.A.,
M.B.A., 1985, University of Idaho. (1995)
                                                1975, University of Northern Colorado.         Taylor, Noble G., Instructional Program
Stanek, Alan E.,* Chair, Dept. of Music;        (1974)                                         Coordinator, Law Enforcement Training.
Professor of Music. B.M.E., 1961, Uni-                                                         Type A Idaho Vocational Advanced
                                                Strickland Jr., Albert Wesley, * Pro-
versity of Colorado; M. Mus., 1965,                                                            Specialist Certificate in Law Enforcement
                                                gram Area Leader, Secondary & Technol-
Eastman School of Music, University of                                                         Training. (1978)
                                                ogy Education; Associate Professor of
Rochester; D. M. A., 1974, University of
                                                Education. B.S., 1963, University of           Thackray, Glenn D., Assistant Professor
Michigan. (1976)
                                                Florida, Gainesville; M.S., 1965, Notre        of Geology. B.S., 1985, Beloit College;
Stegner, Tesa, Assistant Professor of Eco-      Dame; M.Ed., 1966; Ph.D., 1976, Univer-        M.S., 1989, University of Oregon; Ph.D.,
nomics. B.S., 1983, Valparaiso Univer-          sity of Florida, Gainesville. (1994)           University of Washington. (1994)
sity; Ph.D., 1989, Washington State
                                                Strommen, Dennis,* Chair of Dept. of           Thompson, Adrienne, Instructor, Practi-
University. (1992)
                                                Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry. B.A.,       cal Nursing. Type A Standard Idaho Vo-
Stein, Walter, Chair, Dept. of Physician        1966, Wisconsin State University; Ph.D.,       cational Specialist Certificate; B.S., 1986,
Assistant Studies; Associate Professor,         1970, Cornell University. (1992)               Idaho State University. (1995)
Physician Assistant Studies. B.S., 1973,
244 x        ISU Faculty

Tokle, Robert J.,* Professor of Econom-        Volkers, Ray, Instructor, Computer Soft-     Limited Vocational Specialist Certificate,
ics. B.A., 1980, University of Wisconsin-      ware Engineering Technology. Type A          Type A, 1994. (1994)
Madison; Ph.D., 1986, Iowa State               Idaho Vocational Specialist Certificate in   Wells, Barbara G., Dean, College of Phar-
University. (1986)                             Data Processing; B.B.A., 1968, Idaho State   macy; Professor of Pharmacy Practice.
Towsley, Debra L., Clinical Instructor of      University. (1982)                           B.S., 1965; Pharm.D., 1977, University of
Speech-Language Pathology. B.S., 1984,         Vrooman, John L., Assistant Professor        Tennessee. (1995)
Brigham Young University; M.S., 1986,          of Economics. B.B.A., 1969, University       Wells, Douglas, Associate Professor of
Idaho State University. (1992)                 of Texas-Arlington; M.A., 1972; Ph.D.,       Physics. B.A., 1982, Rutgers University;
Treasure, W. David, Instructor, Weld-          1976, University of Texas-Austin. (1994)     M.S., 1984, University of Virginia; M.S.,
ing. Type A Idaho Vocational Advanced          Wabrek, Richard M.,* Associate Pro-          1985; Ph.D., 1990, University of Illinois.
Specialist Certificate in Welding, 1989;       fessor of Engineering. B.S., 1971,           (1996)
AWSI and AWSE Certification, 1994.             Valparaiso University; M.S., 1976, Uni-      Wells, Fred V.,* Associate Professor of
B.S., 1987; M.Ed., 1992, Idaho State Uni-      versity of Vermont; Ph.D., 1985, New         Chemistry. B.S., 1973; M.S., 1976,
versity. (1988)                                Mexico State University. (1989)              Brigham Young University; Ph.D., 1984,
Trinklein, Michael J.,* Professor of Mass      Wahl, Russell E.,* Director, Philosophy;     Oregon State University. (1983)
Communication. B.S., 1982, University          Professor of Philosophy. B.A., 1974, Colby   Wells, Gary R.,* Professor of Finance.
of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; M.A., 1983, Uni-         College, Waterville, Maine; M.A., 1977;      B.S., 1960, Idaho State College; M.S.,
versity of Iowa; (1984).                       Ph.D., 1982, Indiana University. (1985)      1967, Brigham Young University; Ph.D.,
Trost, Charles H.,* Professor of Biol-         Walsh, Dennis M.,* Professor of En-          1971, University of Utah; (1972).
ogy; Adjunct Curator, Museum. B.S.,            glish. B.A., 1963, University of Notre       Wenger, Charles, Reference Librarian
1960, Pennsylvania State University; M.S.,     Dame; M.A.T., 1966, Harvard Univer-          (equivalent rank, Associate Professor).
1963, University of Florida; Ph.D., 1968,      sity; Ph.D., 1973, University of Notre       B.A., 1963; M.A., 1974, University of
University of California. (1968)               Dame. (1979)                                 Denver; (1992).
Turner, Reed L.,* Professor of Theatre.        Walsh, Mary Ellen,* Professor of En-         Weppner, Robert S.,* Chair, Dept. of
B.A., 1971, Southern Utah State College;       glish. B.A., 1961, North Texas State Uni-    Health Care Administration; Professor of
M.A., 1975, Brigham Young University;          versity; M.A., 1967; Ph.D., 1971,            Health Care Administration; Affiliate fac-
M.F.A., 1984, University of Oregon.            University of Arizona. (1971)                ulty, Dept. of Anthropology. B.S., 1958;
(1984)                                         Walsh, Robert O., Assistant Professor,       M.S., 1961, University of Wyoming;
Umbach, David B., Assistant Professor          Health and Nutrition Sciences. B.S., 1978,   Ph.D., 1968, University of Colorado;
of English and Philosophy. B.A., 1988,         Brigham Young University; M.S., 1987,        (1981).
Clarion University of Pennsylvania; M.A.,      Idaho State University; Ed.D., 1966, Uni-    West, Kevin, Program Coordinator, Physi-
1990, Purdue University; Ph.D., 1995,          versity of Idaho. (1996)                     cal Therapy Assistant. A.A.S., 1987, Tide-
Purdue University. (1995)                      Warnock, Douglas, Assistant Professor of     water Community College; B.S., 1990,
Urfer, Alexander G.,* Chair, Department        Art. B.A., 1975, University of California,   Virginia Commonwealth University.
of Physical Therapy, Professor of Physi-       Santa Barbara; M.A., 1979, San Jose State    (1996)
cal Therapy and Biological Sciences. B.A.,     University; M.F.A., 1986, Hunter College,    Weston, Audrey D.,* Associate Profes-
1972, Montclair State College; M.A., 1974;     City University of New York. (1995)          sor of Speech-Language Pathology. B.S.,
Ph.D., 1976, Ohio State University; P.T.       Watkins, Gary L., Associate Professor of     1968; M.A., 1974, University of Nebraska;
Certificate, 1990, Mayo Clinic. (1977)         Radiographic Science. B.S., 1984, Uni-       Ph.D., 1991, University of Wisconsin,
Van Pelt, Tamise J., Assistant Professor       versity of Texas Health Science Center at    Madison. (1990)
of English. B.A., 1969, Kansas State           Dallas; M.Ed., 1985, Arizona State           Westphal, Jonathon A., Assistant Pro-
University; M.A., 1988, University of Ne-      University; Ph.D., 1996, University of       fessor of Philosophy. B.A., 1973, Harvard
vada-Reno; Ph.D., 1994, University of          Idaho. (1986)                                College; M.A., 1975, Sussex University;
Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (1994)             Watkins, Sheila,* Assistant Professor of     Ph.D., 1981, University of London. (1990)
Vaughn Jr., William H., Instructor of Art      Nursing. B.S., 1972, Duke University;        Whiting, Leon, Instructor of Machining
and Architecture. B.S., 1960, Idaho State      M.S., 1981, University of Portland; M.S.,    Technology. Advanced Vocational Spe-
University. (1986)                             1987, University of Georgia; Ph.D., 1994,    cialist Certificate. (1996)
Vik, Peter, Assistant Professor of Psy-        Gonzaga University. (1991)
                                                                                            Widdison, Dana, Instructor of Practical
chology. B.S., 1982, University of Cali-       Watts, Robert T.,* Associate Professor       Nursing. B.S., 1991, University of Ne-
fornia, Davis; M.A., 1986, San Diego State     of Computer Information Systems (CIS).       vada Las Vegas. (1996)
University; M.A., 198?); Ph.D., 1992, Uni-     B.A., 1961; M.S., 1965, University of
                                                                                            Wiegand, Gayl H.,* Professor of Chem-
versity of Colorado. (1996)                    Oregon; Ph.D., 1971, University of New
                                                                                            istry. B.S., 1961, State University of Iowa;
Vittetoe, Dennis, Instructor, Electronic       Mexico. (1978)
                                                                                            Ph.D., 1965, University of Massachusetts.
Systems Technology. Type A Idaho Vo-           Watwood, Mary Elizabeth,* Assistant          (1965)
cational Specialist Certificate in Electron-   Professor of Biology and Hazardous Waste
                                                                                            Wiggins, Theresa S., Director, Idaho
ics Technology. (1976).                        Management. B.S., 1981; Ph.D., 1987,
                                                                                            Health Sciences Library (equivalent rank,
Vizkelethy, Gyorgy, Assistant Professor        University of Georgia; (1991).
                                                                                            Associate Professor). B.A., 1972, Univer-
of Physics. M.S., 1983, Roland Eotvos          Weimer, James, Instructional Program         sity of Southern California; M.S., 1973,
University, Budapest; Ph.D., 1986, Roland      Coordinator, Electrical Technician. Idaho    University of Illinois at Chicago. (1992)
Eotvos University. (1992)
                                                                                                      ISU Faculty    x 245
Wilkins, Sandra K.,* Associate Professor       Andersen-Wyman, Kathleen, English      Comparini, Erik N., College of
of Home Economics. B.S., 1969; M.S.,           and Philosophy                         Engineering
1974; Ed.D., 1979, University of Tennessee.    Arcano, Genie, Arts and Sciences       Crawford, Van M., Academic Outreach
(1988)                                         Honors (English and Philosophy)        (Communication and Theatre)
Willer, Janene A., Clinical Instructor of      Asp-Schussheim, Camilla, College of    Creelman III, James E., Physical
Speech-Language Pathology. B.A., 1971;         Education                              Therapy
M.A., 1972, University of Northern Iowa.
(1992)                                         Baim, Robert, College of Business      Croft, Robyn, Academic Outreach
                                               Barger, Susan, Academic Outreach       (English and Philosophy)
Wilson, Cindy,* Assistant Professor of
Pharmaceutical Sciences. B.S., 1984,           (Sociology, Social Work and Criminal   Czerepinski, Jackie, Communication
                                               Justice)                               and Theatre
Pennsylvania State College; Ph.D., 1990,
East Carolina University School of Medi-       Barnes, Julie, Dental Hygiene          Davis, Katherine, Academic Outreach
cine. (1995)                                   Barte, Paul T., Academic Outreach      (English and Philosophy)
Winston, Vern D.,* Professor of Micro-         (Music)                                Dickey, John H., Academic Outreach
biology. B.S., 1970; Ph.D., 1976, Univer-      Batacan, John, Health and Nutrition    (Psychology)
sity of Nebraska. (1980)                       Sciences                               Dittman, John, Academic Outreach
Winter, Timothy P.,* Associate Profes-         Batté, JoNell, Speech Pathology and    (Communication and Theatre)
sor of Physical Education. B.S., 1977,         Audiology                              Dyer, Gary R., English and Philosophy
Lock Haven State University; M.S., 1978,                                              Eckert, Monica, Academic Outreach
                                               Beitel, George A., College of
Indiana University; Ph.D., 1984, Univer-                                              (English and Philosophy)
sity of Tennessee. (1984)
                                               Bennett, Lunawati, Academic Outreach   Edinborough, Charles, College of
Winton, William, Instructor, Electronic                                               Engineering
                                               (Biological Sciences)
Systems Technology. Type A Idaho Vo-
cational Specialist Certificate in Electron-   Bilyeu, Charles E. "Chick", Academic   Ellison, Jimmy, Dental Hygiene
ics; B.S., 1983, Norfolk State University.     Outreach (Communication and Theatre)   Evans, Douglas, Academic Outreach
(1984)                                         Bowman, Albert S., College of          (Biological Sciences)
Wissa, Maher F., Instructor of Civil En-       Business                               Fillmore, Brad, Academic Outreach
gineering Technology. B.S., 1962, Egypt;       Box, Gaylen, Academic Outreach         (Biological Sciences)
M.S., 1972, University of Louisville.          (Political Science)                    Fischer, Ronald, English and
(1993)                                         Boyle, Phyllis, Academic Outreach      Philosophy
Woodhouse, William M., Clinic Medi-            (Communication and Theatre)            Fisher, Carol, Mathematics
cal Director, Department of Family Medi-       Boysen, Phyllis B., Speech Pathology   Flanigan, Thomas, English and
cine (equivalent rank, Assistant Professor).   and Audiology                          Philosophy
B.S., 1979; M.D., 1983, University of
Iowa. (1994)                                   Braun, Loren, Academic Outreach        Force, Wendy, College of Pharmacy
Wolper, James S.,* Associate Professor                                                Foster, Shirley, Dental Hygiene
of Mathematics. A.B., 1976, Harvard Uni-       Bringhurst, Louis, Dental Hygiene
                                                                                      Fryer, Benjamin, Academic Outreach
versity; Ph.D., 1981, Brown University.        Broadhead, Kaylynn, Communication      (Biological Sciences)
(1991)                                         and Theatre
                                                                                      Furness, Dewey, Academic Outreach
Yates, Bill, Associate Professor of Edu-       Brockett, Jeff, Speech Pathology and   (Mathematics)
cation. B.S., 1972, University of Oregon;      Audiology
                                                                                      Gee, Kerry, Academic Outreach
M.Ed., 1984, St. Martin's College; Ph.D.,      Brown, Kory, College of Business       (Economics)
1988, University of Oregon. (1996)
                                               Bunde, Carolyn, Academic Outreach      Gilbert, Janine, Academic Outreach
Young, Glenna, Instructional Coordina-         (Biological Sciences)                  (English and Philosophy)
tor, Health Information Technology. A.S.,
                                               Burgess, Joseph Charles, English and   Gould, Drusilla, Anthropology
1986, Boise State University; Accredited
Records Technician. (1995)                                                            Green, Daniel, Academic Outreach
                                               Burgh, Mark, Academic Outreach         (Mathematics)
                                               (English and Philosophy)
Adjunct Faculty                                                                       Green, Errol, Academic Outreach
                                               Burton, Steve, Academic Outreach       (Mathematics)
Acree, Susan, Design Drafting                  (Biological Sciences)
Technology                                                                            Halverson, Aileen P., Chemistry
                                               Bybee, Darryl, Dental Hygiene
Akers, Adrienne, Academic Outreach                                                    Hammon, Darrel, Academic Outreach
                                               Call, Thomas, Dental Hygiene           (English and Philosophy)
(Physical Therapy)
Akers, Douglas, Dental Hygiene                 Casperson, Kerry, Health Care          Hansen, Andra, Communication and
                                               Administration                         Theatre
Alder, Maribeth, Health Care
Administration                                 Catennaci, Edward N., English and      Harker, Yale, Physics
Andersen-Wyman, Dana, Academic                                                        Harris, Ann Marie, Mathematics
Outreach (English and Philosophy)              Clawson, Cherie N., Communication
                                               and Theatre
246 x       ISU Faculty

Hedberg, Kathleen, Academic               Latchaw, Kelly, Academic Outreach      Nielsen, Steven F., Idaho Dental
Outreach (History)                        (English and Philosophy)               Education Program (IDEP)
Hegge, Stephen, Academic Outreach         Leek, Leslie, Communication and        Nieschmidt, Ernest, Physics
(English and Philosophy)                  Theatre                                Norton, Melissa Ann, English and
Heisler, Charles, Academic Outreach       Leman, Tom, Academic Outreach          Philosophy
(Communication and Theatre)               (Sociology, Social Work and Criminal   O'Brien, William J., Music
Hill, Marjorie L., Nursing                Justice)
                                                                                 Olsen, Kathleen, Nursing
Hiller, Hollen J., Idaho Dental           Llewellyn, Robin, Academic Outreach
                                                                                 Olson, Lyle, Academic Outreach
Education Program                         (Biological Sciences)
                                                                                 (Communication and Theatre)
Hillis, Paula, Academic Outreach          Loftin, Joni Grey, Speech Pathology
                                                                                 Omar, Nuri, Academic Outreach
(English and Philosophy)                  and Audiology
Hofle, Mary M., College of Business;      LoPiccolo, John, Music
                                                                                 Ormond, Errol, Dental Hygiene
College of Engineering                    Lowther, Leo M., Academic Outreach
                                                                                 Packer, Patricia, Academic Outreach
Holmes, Brian, Academic Outreach          (English and Philosophy)
                                                                                 (English and Philosophy)
(Biological Sciences)                     Lynch, Kathleen, Academic Outreach
                                                                                 Parker, Allene M., English and
Horan, John R., Physics                   (Biological Sciences)
Horowitz, Irwin, Physics                  Maheras, Barry, Academic Outreach
                                                                                 Perry, Virginia, Academic Outreach
Huber, Jay H., Academic Outreach                                                 (Communication and Theatre)
(Mathematics)                             Malepeai, Brenda K., Speech
                                                                                 Person, Folke, English and Philosophy
                                          Pathology and Audiology
Hulet, Marjanna, Academic Outreach                                               Peterson, Leanna, Academic Outreach
(English and Philosophy)                  Marlow, Kirt, Arts and Sciences
                                                                                 (Foreign Languages)
                                          Honors (Physics)
Hunt, Judith, Health Care                                                        Pfister, Thomas, English and
Administration                            Maroney, Rob, Academic Outreach
                                          (Biological Sciences)
Hutton, Judith, Academic Outreach                                                Phippen, Earl F., Academic Outreach
(English and Philosophy)                  Marsden, Louis L., Academic Outreach
                                                                                 (Political Science)
Jasper, Daniel A., Sociology, Social                                             Phoenix, E. Chilton, Sociology, Social
Work and Criminal Justice                 Maughan, Jacqueline, Academic
                                                                                 Work and Criminal Justice
                                          Outreach (English and Philosophy)
Jenkins, Dian, Speech Pathology and                                              Pond-Bell, Michele, Radiographic
Audiology                                 McClusky, John E., Academic
                                          Outreach (Art and Pre-Architecture)
Jenkins, Robert J., Academic Outreach                                            Pringle, Brian Craig, Mathematics
(Foreign Lanugages)                       McCune, David F., Dental Hygiene
                                                                                 Puglisi, Steven, Communication and
Jenks, Michael Academic Outreach          Meade, Constance, Remedial Instruc-
(Anthropology)                            tion (Mathematics)
                                                                                 Quayle, Amil, English and Philosophy
Jennings, Kelly, English and Philosophy   Medley, Kennard E., Speech Pathology
                                          and Audiology                          Quinn, Larry, Academic Outreach
Johnson, Chris, Academic Outreach                                                (History)
(Health and Nutrition Sciences)           Mesina, Janet, Academic Outreach
                                          (Mathematics)                          Redd, Sherrill, Music (also Academic
Johnson, Sanae, Academic Outreach                                                Outreach)
(Foreign Languages)                       Metcalf, R. Warren, History
                                                                                 Reinke, Darrell, Academic Outreach
Johnston, Jamie, Academic Outreach        Misseldine, Thomas H., Mathematics
(Communication and Theatre)               Molinsky, Michael, Mathematics
                                                                                 Richardson, Dallin, Academic
Jones, James L., College of Engineer-     Morris, Joe H., Health and Nutrition   Outreach (Biological Sciences)
ing (also Affiliate Faculty)              Sciences
                                                                                 Rouse, Robert, Communication and
Kale, Melind, Pharmacy Practice and       Morris, Susan, Academic Outreach       Theatre
Administrative Sciences                   (English and Philosophy)
                                                                                 Ryan, Kevin, Health Care
Keezer, Helen, Academic Outreach          Moses, Fred, Academic Outreach         Administration
(English and Philosophy)                  (Anthropology)
                                                                                 Rylance, Dan, Academic Outreach
Kelso, Mary Ann, Academic Outreach        Moses, Janet, Speech Pathology and     (History)
(Mathematics)                             Audiology
                                                                                 Sakols, Hugh, Academic Outreach
Kirk, Andrew, English and Philosophy      Murphy, Patrick, Counseling (also      (Biological Sciences)
Kline, Lorrie, Speech Pathology and       Affiliate Faculty)
                                                                                 Sammons-Lohse, Dorothy, Academic
Audiology                                 Murray, Heather, Academic Outreach     Outreach (Anthropology)
Kuhlman, Erika, History                   (Mathematics)
                                                                                 Schiers, Jolene, Academic Outreach
Kunicki, Catherine M., Mathematics        Naftzger, Cynthia, Dental Hygiene      (Mathematics)
Larson, Howard, College of                Nelson, Margaret, Academic Outreach    Schmidt, Jim L., Academic Outreach
Engineering                               (English and Philosophy)               (Counseling); Affiliate Faculty,
                                                                                                     ISU Faculty   x 247
Counseling                                Yost, Luther L., Mathematics              Berglund, Patricia Davis, Pharmacy
Searcy, Scott S., Mathematics             Young, Marla, Dental Hygiene              Practice and Administrative Sciences
Shelton, LeRoy, Academic Outreach         Zaltzman, Neli, Academic Outreach         Bergmeier, Terri, Sociology, Social
(Foreign Languages)                       (Foreign Languages)                       Work, and Criminal Justice
Shiffman, Daniel S., English and          Zollinger, Jann, Dental Hygiene           Bevins, Robert, Physical Therapy
Philosophy                                                                          Bibo, Julie, Physical Therapy
Singleterry, Jr., Robert C., College of   Affiliate Faculty                         Birkenhagen, W. Kurt, Family
Engineering                               Acevedo, Charles, Physical Therapy        Medicine
Smart, Steven, College of Engineering     Adams, Terry R., College of               Bitton, Sidena, Speech Pathology and
Smith, Jane Coe, Speech Pathology         Engineering                               Audiology
and Audiology                             Agent, Sue, Pharmacy Practice and         Blacksher, Jay, Physician Assistant
Sonnemann, Cara, Academic Outreach        Administrative Sciences                   Studies
(Biological Sciences)                                                               Blair, Paula, Pharmacy Practice and
                                          Aiken, Jerry, Physical Therapy
Spain, LuAnn, Dental Hygiene                                                        Administrative Sciences
                                          Albrecht, Mark J., Sociology, Social
Speciale, Tom, Academic Outreach          Work, and Criminal Justice                Bloxham, Scott R., Physical Therapy
(Mathematics)                                                                       Boe, Roger W., Family Medicine;
                                          Allen, Paul, Family Medicine
Stallings, Richard, Academic Outreach                                               Pharmacy Practice and Administrative
                                          Anderson, David Howard, Pharmacy          Sciences
(Political Science)                       Practice and Administrative Sciences
Studebaker, William, Academic                                                       Bohn, Janice, Physical Therapy
                                          Anderson, Lynn Hunter, Family
Outreach (English and Philosophy)         Medicine                                  Bohus, Robert, Family Medicine;
Thomas, G. Jean, Academic Outreach                                                  Physician Assistant Studies
                                          Anderson, Mary Ann, Physical
(English and Philosophy)                  Therapy                                   Bokelmann, Jean M., Family Medi-
Thornburg, Mark L., Mathematics                                                     cine; Pharmacy Practice and Administra-
                                          Apel, William A., Biological Sciences     tive Sciences
Tokle, Joanne G., College of Business     Armour, Bill, Physician Assistant         Bolinger, Patricia Marion, Counseling
Tolman, Jennifer G., Dental Hygiene       Studies
                                                                                    Bond, Diana L., Pharmacy Practice and
Torres, Terri, Academic Outreach          Arnold, Daniel J., Physical Therapy       Administrative Sciences
                                          Aspinwall, Laura, Physical Therapy        Bosley, Craig Lynn, Family Medicine
Towsley, Debra L., Speech Pathology       Austin, Steven R., Radiographic
and Audiology                                                                       Boyce, Robert, Pharmacy Practice and
                                          Science                                   Administrative Sciences
Valenzuela, Mariana E., Foreign           Baker, Michael, Family Medicine;
Languages                                                                           Bradbury, Andrew, Family Medicine
                                          Pharmacy Practice and Administrative
Vance, Kathy, Health and Nutrition        Sciences; Physician Assistant Studies     Brady, Margo Jones, Physical Therapy
Sciences                                  Banducci, Lee Ann, Physical Therapy       Branahl, James E., Pharmacy Practice
Vick, Richard, Academic Outreach                                                    and Administrative Sciences
                                          Barker, Lisa, Physical Therapy
(Sociology, Social Work and Criminal                                                Breese, Craig, Family Medicine
Justice)                                  Barone, Mary Beth, Physical Therapy
                                                                                    Bringhurst, Michael Ken, Pharmacy
Walker, Joseph W., Mathematics            Barrash, Warren, Geology                  Practice and Administrative Sciences
Warren, Lori, Speech Pathology and        Bartholomay, Roy C., Geology              Briski Jr., Theodore P., Pharmacy
Audiology (also Affiliate Faculty)        Baumgardner, Judy M., Physical            Practice and Administrative Sciences
Watkins, Anni, Academic Outreach          Therapy                                   Broadhead, Mark Hall, Family
(Geology)                                 Bavaro, Vitorrio Jerome, Law              Medicine; Pharmacy Practice and
Webster, Shelley, Academic Outreach       Enforcement                               Administrative Sciences
(Biological Sciences)                     Bateman, J. Michael, Family Medicine      Brody, Wendy R., Pharmacy Practice
Wesen, Donna, Speech Pathology and        Bayles, Britt C., Pharmacy Practice and   and Administrative Sciences
Audiology                                 Administrative Sciences                   Brower, Gail, Radiographic Science
Wilde, Sue Ann, Academic Outreach         Bechard, Marc Joseph, Biological          Brown, Kim, Physical Therapy
(Mathematics)                             Sciences                                  Brydon, William, Family Medicine
Willer, Janene, Speech Pathology and      Belan, Tammy, Physical Therapy            Bubalo, Joseph S., Pharmacy Practice
Audiology                                 Bell, Kathleen J., Physical Therapy       and Administrative Sciences
Wilson, Jeffrey J., Civil Engineering     Belnap, Bryant, Physical Therapy          Bullington, Kurt, Pharmacy Practice
Technology                                                                          and Administrative Sciences
                                          Benedetti, Ric, Physical Therapy
Wistisen, Sharon, Academic Outreach                                                 Bunde, Carolyn W., Biological
                                          Bennett, Ralph G., College of
(English and Philosophy)                                                            Sciences
Wolfley, Jeanette, Anthropology
                                          Bennion, David A., Physical Therapy
248 x      ISU Faculty

Buzzi, Klaus,Physics; College of           Colwell, Frederick S., Biological       Doyle, Mike, Physician Assistant
Engineering                                Sciences                                Studies
Byars, Anne, Physical Therapy              Comstock, Stephen, Pharmacy Practice    Drake, Cathy, Physical Therapy
Byrd, William P., Pharmacy Practice        and Administrative Sciences             Driessen, Kathryn M., Physical
and Administrative Sciences                Condron, John, Pharmacy Practice and    Therapy
Byron, James, Pharmacy Practice and        Administrative Sciences                 Driver, Paul, Pharmacy Practice and
Administrative Sciences                    Connelly Jr., John William,             Administrative Sciences
Cade, Tom J., Biological Sciences          Biological Sciences                     Dubois, Linda, Pharmacy Practice and
Calazzo, Louis C., Pharmacy Practice       Cook, Darryl B., Family Medicine;       Administrative Sciences
and Administrative Sciences                Physician Assistant Studies             Duggan, Maureen, Speech Pathology
Call, Benjamin, Family Medicine            Coonce, Shannon, Pharmacy Practice      and Audiology
                                           and Administrative Sciences             Dvorak, Edith A., Pharmacy Practice
Call, Lloyd, Physician Assistant Studies
                                           Cording, Margaret, Pharmacy Practice    and Administrative Sciences
Cameron, Lisa, Radiographic Science        and Administrative Sciences             Dyer, Donald A., Family Medicine
Campbell, Mark A., Pharmacy Practice       Corn, Paul Stephen, Biological
and Administrative Sciences                                                        Eberle, Chris S., College of Engineering
Canham, Charles D., Biological                                                     Eckroth, Susan G., Pharmacy Practice
                                           Corwin, Barbara L., Physical Therapy    and Administrative Sciences
                                           Cox, Kim L., Family Medicine            Eide, Tami, Pharmacy Practice and
Cantrell, Wendy C., Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences                Cravens, Greg, Pharmacy Practice and    Administrative Sciences
                                           Administrative Sciences                 Ellenbecker, Todd S., Physical
Capell, Rick, Law Enforcement
                                           Cravens, Jennifer A., Pharmacy          Therapy
Cardinal, Jean Marc, Religious             Practice and Administrative Sciences
Studies                                                                            Ellis, Judy, Physical Therapy
                                           Cronin, Beth, Sociology, Social Work,   Ellis, Julie, Physical Therapy
Carlson, R. Douglas, College of            and Criminal Justice
Engineering                                                                        Endo, Ronald, Pharmacy Practice and
                                           Cronn, Sandra, Physical Therapy         Administrative Sciences
Carlson-Lammers, Rena, Biological
Sciences                                   Cusack, Barry J., Pharmaceutical        Eng, Allen, Radiographic Science
                                           Sciences; Pharmacy Practice and
Carmichael, Jannett, Pharmacy                                                      England, David E., Pharmacy Practice
                                           Administrative Sciences
Practice and Administrative Sciences                                               and Administrative Sciences
                                           Cushing, Mark S., Idaho Dental
Charan, Nirmal, Pharmaceutical                                                     Erickson, Peter, Physical Therapy
                                           Education Program
Sciences                                                                           Fackrell, Robert, Dental Hygiene
                                           Dalley, Jim, Law Enforcement
Chelenes, John, Pharmacy Practice and                                              Fall, Laura M., Family Medicine
Administrative Sciences                    Davidson, Mark W., Physics
                                                                                   Fernandez, Lisa Marie, Physical
Cherry, Robert S., Biological Sciences     Davis, Wendi Record, Pharmacy
                                           Practice and Administrative Sciences
Chesson, Peter Leith, Biological                                                   Fischel, David R., Family Medicine;
Sciences                                   DeChristoforo, Robert, Pharmacy
                                                                                   Pharmacy Practice and Administrative
                                           Practice and Administrative Sciences
Chester, Earl, Jr., Pharmacy Practice                                              Sciences
and Administrative Sciences                DeNagy, Stephen A., Counseling
                                                                                   Fisher, Edward E., Family Medicine
Chichmanian, Judy M., Pharmacy             Denison, Arthur, Physics
                                                                                   Fonnesbeck, Kevin, Law Enforcement
Practice and Administrative Sciences       Denney, Doris E., Pharmacy Practice
                                                                                   Fornarotto, John M., Family Medi-
Childress, Michael J., Biological          and Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   cine; Physician Assistant Studies
Sciences                                   Denny, Eve, Pharmacy Practice and
                                                                                   Fowler, Randall S., Family Medicine
Christon, James, Family Medicine           Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   Fox, Robert Lee, Pharmacy Practice
Chugg, Laura, Sociology, Social Work       Dent, Larry A., Pharmacy Practice and
                                                                                   and Administrative Sciences
and Criminal Justice                       Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   Francisco, Michael L., Family
Clark, Tim W., Biological Sciences         Dero, Douglas P., Family Medicine
                                                                                   Medicine; Physician Assistant Studies
Clifford, Jerry H., Pharmacy Practice      DeSano, Edward A., Family Medicine;
                                                                                   Frisch, Donald, Pharmacy Practice and
and Administrative Sciences                Physician Assistant Studies
                                                                                   Administrative Sciences
Clifford, Linda Valenti, Pharmacy          Desfosses, Dan, Physical Therapy
                                                                                   Fugate, Chad, Physician Assistant
Practice and Administrative Sciences       Desmond, Kevin, Pharmacy Practice       Studies
Clough, Susie, Speech Pathology and        and Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   Fuller, Dennis K., Pharmacy Practice
Audiology                                  Devitt, Michael J., Physical Therapy    and Administrative Sciences
Clyde, Willis, Physical Therapy            Dickens, Michael D., Pharmacy           Furlano, Joan K., Pharmacy Practice
Coker, Steven Lloyd, Family Medicine       Practice and Administrative Sciences    and Administrative Sciences
                                           Dooley, Karen, Physical Therapy
                                                                                                   ISU Faculty    x 249
Gardner, Valerie, Pharmacy Practice      Halderson, James, College of             Jackson, Cary Vincent, Family
and Administrative Sciences              Engineering                              Medicine
Garrard, Elwyn A., Pharmacy Practice     Hammann, Linda, Physical Therapy         Janssen, James, Physical Therapy
and Administrative Sciences              Hardin, Creighton A., Family             Jeffery, Arthur Boyd, Pharmacy
Garrison, Charles O., Biological         Medicine; Pharmacy Practice and          Practice and Administrative Sciences
Sciences; Family Medicine                Administrative Sciences                  Jeffrey, Jacqueline (Jackie), Physical
Gebo, Dave, Pharmacy Practice and        Harkins, Ed, Physical Therapy            Therapy
Administrative Sciences                  Harmer, Mickey K., Sociology, Social     Jensen, Jerry, Physical Therapy
Gebo-Shaver, Lorri D., Pharmacy          Work and Criminal Justice                Jensen, Lloyd R., Pharmacy Practice
Practice and Administrative Sciences     Harris, Glenn Ferguson, Family           and Administrative Sciences
Gendron, R. Timothy, Pharmacy            Medicine                                 Johnsen, Eric, Counseling
Practice and Administrative Sciences     Harris, V. Lynn, Law Enforcement         Johnson, Christopher J., Health and
Gerlach, Lorraine, Counseling            Hart, Kenyon, College of Engineering     Nutrition Sciences
Gilbert, Rev. Carla, Religious           Havlicak, Mark, Sociology, Social        Johnson, Kelly, Physical Therapy
Education                                Work and Criminal Justice                Johnson, Kim, Religious Education
Gillerman, Virginia, Geology             Heckard, Ralph, Pharmacy Practice        Johnson, LeMar J., Biological
Glennon, James M., Idaho Museum of       and Administrative Sciences              Sciences.
Natural History                          Hegman, Greg, Pharmacy Practice and      Johnson, Renee, Dental Hygiene
Goff, Michael, College of Engineering    Administrative Sciences
                                                                                  Johnson, Rodney, Sociology, Social
Goldspiel, Barry R., Pharmacy Practice   Heilman, June E., Family Medicine        Work and Criminal Justice
and Administrative Sciences              Heinrich, Steven, Physical Therapy       Jones, Ed, Sociology, Social Work and
Good, James, Pharmacy Practice and       Herold, William L. Roy, Family           Criminal Justice
Administrative Sciences                  Medicine; Pharmacy Practice and          Jones, James L., Physics
Goodwin, R. Eric, Speech Pathology       Administrative Sciences
and Audiology                                                                     Joseph, Anthony (Tony), Family
                                         Hill, Kelly, Physical Therapy            Medicine; Physical Therapy
Goy, Gary, Pharmacy Practice and         Hill, Kevin Scott, Family Medicine;
Administrative Sciences                                                           Kaake, Russell H., Biological Sciences
                                         Pharmacy Practice and Administrative
                                                                                  Katz, Sharon, Counseling
Graff, Steven C., Pharmacy Practice      Sciences
and Administrative Sciences                                                       Keay, Leonard, Biological Sciences
                                         Hobbs, Ross, Sociology, Social Work,
Graham, Bernie, Physics                  and Criminal Justice                     Kelley, Delmar K., Biological Sciences;
                                                                                  Dental Hygiene
Graham, Garry, Physical Therapy          Hogan, William E., Family Medicine;
                                         Pharmacy Practice and Administrative     Kennedy, Robert Michael, Family
Grant, Gary A., Physical Therapy
                                         Sciences                                 Medicine; Physician Assistant Studies
Greene, Wess R., Physical Therapy
                                         Hogenauer, Alfred F., Pharmacy           Keown, Gary, Physical Therapy
Gregorio, Sebastian Ned, Pharmacy
                                         Practice and Administrative Sciences     Kerr, Caroline, Speech Pathology and
Practice and Administrative Sciences
                                         Holman, Robert, Family Medicine          Audiology
Grek, Andrea, Physical Therapy
                                         Hopkins, Cassandra L., Pharmacy          Khericha, Soli T., College of
Griffeth, Gary, Physical Therapy                                                  Engineering
                                         Practice and Administrative Sciences
Griffeth, Russell, Physical Therapy                                               Kittridge, Shawna L., Pharmacy
                                         Horman, Briggs, Physical Therapy
Griggs, Neil, Pharmacy Practice and                                               Practice and Administrative Sciences
                                         Horton, Jon D., Pharmacy Practice and
Administrative Sciences                                                           Klaja, Luke, Physical Therapy
                                         Administrative Sciences
Gronholz, M. Jill, Family Medicine;                                               Kleven, D. Keith, Physical Therapy
                                         Hubbs, Jerry, Law Enforcement
Pharmacy Practice and Administrative
Sciences; Physician Assistant Studies    Hull, William (Bill), Physical Therapy   Klitgaard, Steve, Physical Therapy
                                         Hunt, Judy, Health Care Administration   Kosusko, Cathleen, Physical Therapy
Gross, Mary Elizabeth, Pharmacy
Practice and Administrative Sciences     Hunt, Winslow Robert, Family             Krewsun, I. Harry, Pharmacy Practice
                                         Medicine                                 and Administrative Sciences
Grothe, Dale R., Pharmacy Practice and
Administrative Sciences                  Huntsman, Bryan, Physical Therapy        Kriener, Sister Mary Boniface,
                                                                                  Radiographic Science
Gundlach, Catherine, Pharmacy            Hyde, E. F., Family Medicine
Practice and Administrative Sciences                                              Kuntz, Mel A., Geology
                                         Isaacs, Lori L., Pharmacy Practice and
Hackett, William R., Geology             Administrative Sciences                  Lackey, John M., Family Medicine
Hackworth, K. Bobi, Sociology, Social    Ivanich, William J., Pharmacy Practice   Laliberte, Rev. Joan, Religious
Work and Criminal Justice                and Administrative Sciences              Education
Hadlock, David R., Family Medicine;      Jacobs, Robert, Pharmacy Practice and    Landis, Jesse, Pharmacy Practice and
Physician Assistant Studies              Administrative Sciences                  Administrative Sciences
250 x      ISU Faculty

Landres, Peter B., Biological Sciences   Massanari, Marc J., Pharmacy Practice    Monaghan, Jeffrey L., Pharmacy
Langley, Karen S., Physics               and Administrative Sciences              Practice and Administrative Sciences
Lansche, James McLaren, Physical         Massarat, Nicole, Pharmacy Practice      Moore, Diane, Sociology, Social Work
Therapy                                  and Administrative Sciences              and Criminal Justice
LaPatra, Scott E., Biological Sciences   Mathis, Lisa Crowley, Pharmacy           Moore, Richard, College of Engineering
                                         Practice and Administrative Sciences     Moore, Robert, Pharmacy Practice and
Lassere, R. John, Physician Assistant
Studies                                  Maus, Errol R., Pharmacy Practice and    Administrative Sciences
                                         Administrative Sciences                  Moran, Ardith L., Biological Sciences
Lauletta, Jack, Pharmacy Practice and
Administrative Sciences                  Mayes, Dean, Physical Therapy            Morgan, Susan M., Pharmacy Practice
Lavine-Anderson, Nancy C., Physical      Maynard, Richard M., Family              and Administrative Sciences
Therapy                                  Medicine; Pharmacy Practice and          Morrill, Gregory, Pharmacy Practice
                                         Administrative Sciences                  and Administrative Sciences
Lawless, Charles P., Family Medicine
                                         McBurnett, Laura, Physical Therapy       Morris, Don, Sociology, Social Work
Lee, Carlton K.K., Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences              McCormack, John C., Pharmacy             and Criminal Justice
                                         Practice and Administrative Sciences     Morris, Jack, Physical Therapy
Lewis, Todd, Physics
                                         McDermott, J. David, Pharmacy            Morris, Randall C., Biological
Lile, James Michael, Pharmacy            Practice and Administrative Sciences
Practice and Administrative Sciences                                              Sciences
                                         McDonald, Hugh Gregory, Anthropol-       Morrison, John L., College of
Liszewski, Michael J., Chemistry         ogy; Geology                             Engineering
Little, David, Physical Therapy
                                         McFarlane, Harold, College of            Mott, H. William, Family Medicine
Liu, Jingwen, Pharmaceutical Sciences    Engineering
                                                                                  Murphy, Martha Belt, Physical
Livingston, Cathy, Physical Theapy       McGary, Kim L., Pharmacy Practice        Therapy
Lovetro, Michael D., Pharmacy            and Administrative Sciences
                                                                                  Nagel, Melody B., Physical Therapy
Practice and Administrative Sciences     McGee, Kraig C., Family Medicine;
                                         Physician Assistant Studies; Speech      Nathan, Grace A., Pharmacy Practice
Luedtke, Karla, Dental Hygiene                                                    and Administrative Sciences
Lund, Paula, Physical Therapy            Pathology and Audiology
                                                                                  Nelson, David, Pharmacy Practice and
Lussie, William G., College of           McInturff, Don E., Family Medicine;
                                                                                  Administrative Sciences
Engineering                              Pharmacy Practice and Administrative
                                         Sciences                                 Newhouse, Kenneth E., Family
Mack, Maureen C., Pharmacy Practice                                               Medicine; Physical Therapy
and Administrative Sciences              McRoberts, Andrew, Family Medicine;
                                         Physician Assistant Studies              Newsom, Teresa J., Pharmacy Practice
Madden, Larene M., Radiographic                                                   and Administrative Sciences
Science                                  McWilliams, John, Physical Therapy
                                                                                  Nickasch, Leo J., Pharmacy Practice
Mader, Shelley, Physical Therapy         Meagher, Cecilia M., Pharmacy
                                                                                  and Administrative Sciences
                                         Practice and Administrative Sciences
Malm, Cynthia, Law Enforcement                                                    Nigg, David W., College of Engineering
                                         Mechtilde, Sister, Pharmacy Practice
Maloff, Stephen M., Family Medicine;     and Administrative Sciences              Norman, Douglas, Family Medicine
Physical Therapy; Physician Assistant
                                         Merrell, Dennis S., Radiographic         O’Neil, Jan, Pharmacy Practice and
Studies; Speech Pathology and
                                         Science                                  Administrative Sciences
                                         Metcalf, Rhonda, Physical Therapy        O’Rear, James H., Physics
Malone, Richard E., Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences              Meyer, Larry, Pharmacy Practice and      Olenick, Kelley W., Speech Pathology
                                         Administrative Sciences                  and Audiology
Mambourg, Scott E., Pharmacy
Practice and Administrative Sciences     Meyers, Dana, Dental Hygiene             Olsen, Richard, Pharmaceutical
Mangus, Charles Robert, Physical         Mickelson, Michael R., Biological
Therapy                                  Sciences; Family Medicine, Physical      Olyaei, Ali, Pharmacy Practice and
                                         Therapy                                  Administrative Sciences
Mann, Nancy, Physician Assistant
Studies                                  Mill, Gerald P., Speech Pathology and    Onnen, Dianne B., Pharmacy Practice
                                         Audiology                                and Administrative Sciences
Manske, Thomas, Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences              Millbrandt, Marriette K., Speech         Ostfeld, Richard Simon, Biological
                                         Pathology and Audiology                  Sciences
Mariani, Robert D., College of
Engineering                              Miller, Judy Ann, Radiographic           Ostrom, Mary Beth, Pharmacy Practice
                                         Science                                  and Administrative Sciences
Marietta, Gayla, Physical Therapy
                                         Minor, James R., Pharmacy Practice       Oswald, Roger, Pharmacy Practice and
Markham, O. Doyle, Biological                                                     Administrative Sciences
Sciences                                 and Administrative Sciences
                                         Minshall, Judy N., Biological Sciences   Otto, Mick, Physical Therapy
Marsh, Frederick, Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences              Moen, Jon P.G., Biological Sciences
                                                                                                    ISU Faculty    x 251
Paananen, Dennis Edwin, Biological        Reddish, Ed, Pharmacy Practice and       Selznick, Hugh, Family Medicine
Sciences                                  Administrative Sciences                  Semadeni, Tim, Physical Therapy
Pachorek, Robert E., Pharmacy             Redfern, Timothy, Physical Therapy       Sena, Gary, Physician Assistant Studies
Practice and Administrative Sciences      Reifman, Kenneth S., Pharmacy            Sharp, Linda, Sociology, Social Work
Paine, Jonathan Turner, Family            Practice and Administrative Sciences     and Criminal Justice
Medicine                                  Reynolds, Timothy D., Biological         Shea, Ruth E., Biological Sciences
Palmer, Kelly Page, Pharmacy Practice     Sciences
                                                                                   Sherman, Stephen A., Radiographic
and Administrative Sciences               Rice, Margaret L., Pharmacy Practice     Science
Parker, Beverly M., Pharmacy Practice     and Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   Shields, Chris, Pharmacy Practice and
and Administrative Sciences               Riechman, John, Family Medicine          Administrative Sciences
Patchin, Gary M., Pharmacy Practice       Riley, Jean Gale, Family Medicine        Shinohara, Y. Todd, Pharmacy
and Administrative Sciences
                                          Riley, Kimberly, Pharmacy Practice       Practice and Administrative Sciences
Pattie, Ryan, Chemistry                   and Administrative Sciences              Shoaf, Debonny, Biological Sciences
Paulson, Gerald, Physics                  Ritter, Richard C., Physical Therapy     Sieren, Gail, Pharmacy Practice and
Payne, Kathleen A., Pharmacy Practice     Roberto, Francisco Figueroa,             Administrative Sciences
and Administrative Sciences               Biological Sciences                      Silcock, Marilyn, Pharmacy Practice
Pederson, Catherine Cashmer,              Robison, Karen, Pharmacy Practice and    and Administrative Sciences
Physical Therapy                          Administrative Sciences                  Simkins, Deanna, Physical Therapy
Pehrsson, Dale, Counseling                Rosentreter, Roger, Biological           Simon, Rod, Pharmacy Practice and
Perotto, Sandra K., Biological Sciences   Sciences                                 Administrative Sciences
Petersen, Roger K., Physical Therapy      Ross, Theresa Lynn, Speech Pathology     Singarajah, Thana, Counseling
Bryon, Pharmacy Practice and Adminis-     and Audiology
                                                                                   Smith, Dave M., Pharmacy Practice and
trative Sciences                          Rossi, Joseph P., Pharmacy Practice      Administrative Sciences
Pinson, Larry L., Pharmacy Practice       and Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   Smith, Marie, Physical Therapy
and Administrative Sciences               Rufi, Gene V., Family Medicine
                                                                                   Smith, Richard P., Geology.
Polman, James Kevin, Biological           Ruggerio, Robert J., Pharmacy
                                                                                   Smith, Robert (Bob), Pharmacy
Sciences                                  Practice and Administrative Sciences
                                                                                   Practice and Administrative Sciences
Poreba, Jan, Pharmacy Practice and        Ryan, Kevin, Health Care
                                                                                   Smith, Robert W., Geology
Administrative Sciences                   Administration
                                                                                   Smith, Sherise R., Physical Therapy
Poremba, Sheryl, Physical Therapy         Ryan, Timothy Davis, Physical
                                          Therapy                                  Smith, Ty, Family Medicine
Powell, Christine C., Physical Therapy
                                          Saletnik, Beata, Pharmacy Practice and   Smock, Gary, Physical Therapy
Powell, Debbie, Physician Assistant
Studies                                   Administrative Sciences                  Snow, Thomas B., Pharmacy Practice
                                          Salisbury, Catherine, Dental Hygiene     and Administrative Sciences
Power, Michael, College of Engineering
                                          Sammons-Lohse, Dorothy,                  Solbrig, Ronald, Family Medicine;
Prather, Maureen R., Pharmacy
                                          Anthropology                             Physician Assistant Studies
Practice and Administrative Sciences
                                          Sanderson, Thomas W., Family             Sommer, Stefan A., Biological
Price, Richard N., Pharmacy Practice
                                          Medicine                                 Sciences
and Administrative Sciences
                                          Santos, Tim, Pharmacy Practice and       Southworth, Finis, College of Business
Przybylski, Kevin Gerard, Pharmacy
Practice and Administrative Sciences      Administrative Sciences                  Spitz, Julia, Physical Therapy
Pucino Jr., Frank, Pharmacy Practice      Sawyer, Dennis, Pharmacy Practice and    Spradlin, Charla-Jo, Physical Therapy
and Administrative Sciences               Administrative Sciences                  Spraker, Kevin, Radiographic Science
Pullen, Gary K., Pharmacy Practice and    Schaefer, Robert, College of             Stancliff, Leslie, Physical Therapy
Administrative Sciences                   Engineering
                                                                                   Stander, Michael D., Pharmacy
Pulling, Barton, Political Science        Schaftel, Hershel D., Pharmacy           Practice and Administrative Sciences
                                          Practice and Administrative Sciences
Pyeatte, Michele A., Pharmacy Practice                                             Staples, Mary E., Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences               Schossberger, Peter F., Family           and Administrative Sciences
Quigley, David R., Biological Sciences                                             Steffen, Kay, Physical Therapy
                                          Schubert, William, Family Medicine
Ramagopal, Mudumbi V., Pharmaceu-                                                  Stephens, Alan G., College of
tical Sciences                            Scott, Liesa F., Pharmacy Practice and   Engineering
                                          Administrative Sciences
Rambur, Timothy A., Pharmacy                                                       Stephens, James D., Geology
Practice and Administrative Sciences      Seaman, R. Lynn Greenberg,
                                          Pharmacy Practice and Administrative     Stephens, George, Family Medicine
Rassuchine, Brad, Pharmacy Practice       Sciences                                 Stephenson, Leslie, Sociology, Social
and Administrative Sciences                                                        Work and Criminal Justice
252 x      ISU Faculty

Stevens, Dennis L., Pharmaceutical       Weber, Rex, Physical Therapy             Beal, Merrill D., Professor of History
Sciences                                 Weber, Steve, Family Medicine            (1947-1966)
Stevens, Karen, Physical Therapy         Weeg, Stephen C., Health Care            Beebe, Thomas G., Instructor of
Stranger, Kathy, Physical Therapy        Administration                           Electronics Technology (1957-1989)
Stuart, Nichell D., Pharmacy Practice    Welhan, John A., Geology                 Benintendi, Wilma, Associate
and Administrative Sciences                                                       Professor of Education (1967-1984)
                                         Wells, Lisa, Radiographic Science
Sullenger, Dorsie, Pharmacy Practice                                              Berryman, Josephine, Professor of
                                         Wentowrth, Kirk C., Pharmacy
and Administrative Sciences                                                       Music (1938-1972)
                                         Practice and Administrative Sciences
Susla, Gregory M., Pharmacy Practice                                              Bielby, Victor C., Instructor of Civil
                                         Whitaker, Mary M., Speech Pathology
and Administrative Sciences                                                       Engineering Technology (1966-1993)
                                         and Audiology
Talboy, Frank, Pharmacy Practice and                                              Bilyeu, Charles E. “Chick”, Professor
                                         White, Karl, Sociology, Social Work
Administrative Sciences                                                           of Speech and Drama (1950-1982)
                                         and Criminal Justice
Taylor, Cynthia, Pharmacy Practice                                                Black, James M., Instructor of
                                         Wieland, Kari, A., Pharmacy Practice
and Administrative Sciences                                                       Electronics Technology (1963-1993)
                                         and Administrative Sciences
Taylor, Donna, Pharmacy Practice and                                              Blount, Charles W., Professor of
                                         Wilkens, Robert C., Pharmacy Practice
Administrative Sciences                                                           Geology (1975-1990)
                                         and Administrative Sciences
Thane, Mary, Physical Therapy                                                     Bliesner, Frances E., Professor of
                                         Will, George, Sociology, Social Work,
Thomas, John H., Family Medicine;                                                 Theatre (1967-1995)
                                         and Criminal Justice
Speech Pathology and Audiology                                                    Braun, Loren, Professor of Chemistry
                                         Williams, Paul L., Geology
Thornley, Susanne, Pharmacy Practice                                              (1957-1989)
                                         Wiltse, John, Pharmacy Practice and
and Administrative Sciences                                                       Brown, Donald D., Professor of Art
                                         Administrative Sciences
Thursby, Jacqueline, Anthropology                                                 (1956-1994)
                                         Wise, David, Family Medicine
Tollan, Michael F., Physical Therapy                                              Browning, Wallace E. Jr., Professor of
                                         Wise, Jennifer, Religious Education      Physical Education (1963-1990)
Torres, Maxsimo, Family Medicine         Wolfram, James H., Biological            Butler, B. Robert, Professor of
Troshynski, Thomas, Pharmacy             Sciences                                 Anthropology (1960-1989)
Practice and Administrative Sciences     Wood, Donald, College of Engineering     Call, Ellis, Instructor of Electronics
Trost, Jim Paul, Radiographic Science    Woodman, Jean Gale R., Pharmacy          (1960-1975)
Trybus, Carole, College of Engineering   Practice and Administrative Sciences;    Carlile, Clark S., Professor of Speech
Tunison, Carl David, Pharmacy            Physician Assistant Studies              (1947-1973)
Practice and Administrative Sciences     Woods, John C., Physical Therapy         Cole, Franklin R., Professor of
Unsworth, Virgie A., Sociology, Social   Wortley, Richard D., Physical Therapy    Pharmacognosy (1956-1991)
Work and Criminal Justice                Wray, Grover, Sociology, Social Work     Condie, Helen, Associate Professor of
Vanek, David, Family Medicine            and Criminal Justice                     Home Economics (1966-1988)
Van Kirk, Robert W., Biological          Wyckoff, Candice, Speech Pathology       Corbin, William, Associate Professor
Sciences                                 and Audiology                            of Speech (1955-1980)
Varesko, Rudolph W., Physics             Yost, Christian, Physician Assistant     Cosgrove, Frank P., Dean of Pharmacy
Vaught, Ron, Pharmacy Practice and       Studies                                  (1968-1979)
Administrative Sciences.                 Zaltzman, Arthur, College of             Crabtree, Robert, Instructor/Division
Vestal, Robert E., Pharmaceutical        Engineering                              Manager (1965-1988)
Sciences                                 Zerkel, Steve, Physical Therapy          Craven, Evelyn, Professor of Education
vonDohlen, Carol Dean, Biological                                                 (1963-1986)
Sciences                                 Emeritus Faculty                         Cullen, Arthur, Assistant Professor of
Wald, Deborah L., Physical Therapy                                                Education (1970-1990)
                                         Anderson, Clair, Professor of Physical
Waligora, Heidi, Sociology, Social       Education (1956-1982)                    Cullen, Carol, Instructor of Office
Work, and Criminal Justice                                                        Occupations (1963-1990)
                                         Arcand, George Myron, Professor of
Ward, Thomas E., Biological Sciences     Chemistry (1965-1990)                    Dahlquist, Ernest A., Instructor/
                                                                                  Manager, Technical Education Division
Warren, John A., Pharmacy Practice       Asboe, Donald E, Assistant Professor
                                         of Speech Communication and Theatre      (1960-1989)
and Administrative Sciences
                                         (1947-1986)                              Deagle, Shirley, Instructor, Office
Wathne, Richard, Family Medicine
                                                                                  Technology. (1964-1996)
Watson, Richard T., Biological           Bagley, Carol, Professor of English
                                         (1965-1984)                              Disdier, Frank, Instructor of Electron-
                                                                                  ics (1954-1978)
Watson-Martin, Diane, Sociology,         Barnes, Norma, Associate Professor of
                                         Home Economics (1934-1952)               Downing, Joan K., Public Services
Social Work and Criminal Justice
                                         (1956-1966)                              Director, Library (equivalent rank,
                                                                                  Professor) (1969-1986)
                                                                                                       ISU Faculty   x 253
Dressen, Harold, Instructor in             Johnson, Frank J., Instructor of Civil    Pinson, Price, Joseph, Professor of
Upholstery (1949-1977)                     Engineering Technology (1966-1993)        Physics (1959-1992)
Eastman, Philip, Vice President for        Johnson, George R., Professor of          Rexroat, Melvin, Professor of
Financial Services (1956-1988)             Mathematics (1933-1974)                   Education; (1962-1989)
Echo, Mary T., Associate Professor of      Jones, Gordon F., Associate Dean,         Rice, Lawrence H., Professor of
Home Economics (1975-1987)                 School of Applied Technology (1968-       English. (1956-1994)
Edeen, Henry O., Instructor of Machine     1995                                      Rost, Arley F., Professor of Education
Shop (1952-1976)                           Judd, Arthur, Professor of Education      (1951-1968)
Edgar, Thomas E., Professor of             (1959-1980)                               Rucker, Jack, Director, School of
Counselor Education (1966-1987)            Kidd, Paul F., Instructor of Graphic      Vocational-Technical Education
Faler, Kenneth T., Professor of            Arts (1965-1995)                          (1955-1976)
Chemistry and Physics (1967-1991)          King, William L., Professor of            Sahlberg, Jeanne H., Instructor of
Fouad, Mahmoud H.,* Professor of           Philosophy (1960-1994)                    Office Occupations (1967-1990)
Economics (1967-1994)                      Kirkpatrick, David, Professor of          Saul, William E., Professor of Botany
Garbett, Harold, Instructor of Drafting    Military Science, Director of Housing;    (1955-1985)
and Design Technology (1959-1989)          (1951-1955, 1958-1981)                    Shelton, LeRoy R., Professor of
Geisler, Don, Instructor of Auto           Kissane, Leedice, Professor of English    Foreign Languages (1960-1990)
Collision Repair and Refinishing (1971-    (1938-1970)                               Shiflett, William H., Instructor of
1992)                                      Lane, Frank N., Professor of Math-        Electronics (1945-1975)
Goff, Glen F., Instructor of Electronics   ematics (1959-1973)                       Simmons, Robert, Instructor of
Technology (1960-1989)                     Laura, Joe, Instructor of Automotive      Machining Technology (1965-1989)
Greenwood, Audrey, Professor of            Technology (1967-1993)                    Smith, Denzell S., Professor of English
Foreign Languages (1957-1978)              Lawrence, Dennis, Instructor of           (1972-1991)
Hagler, Vern, Instructor of Graphic        Upholstery (1971-1992)                    Smith, Dorothy, Instructor of Office
Arts/Printing Technology (1976-1994)       Lerch, Robert, Professor of Education     Occupations; (1966-1990)
Harris, Wesley M., Associate Professor     (1971-1995)                               Smith, Mervin, Professor of Engineer-
of Music (1947-1977)                       Liljeblad, Sven S., Professor of Social   ing and Nuclear Science. (1969-1995)
Head, Ray, Instructor of Diesel/Diesel     Sciences, Museum Field Representative     Stephens, Alan, Director, Nuclear
Electronics (1967-1992)                    (1941-1966)                               Science and Engineering; Professor of
Heckler, George E., Professor of           Linder, Allan, Professor of Bioscience    Engineering (1986-1996)
Chemistry (1956-1988)                      (1963-1988)                               Stevenson, Robert C., Dean of the
Helfant, Mary Linda, Associate             Lu, Joseph, Professor of Libraries        University; Professor of Economics
Professor of Journalism (1948-1964)        (1972-1992)                               (1929-1962)
Higgins, Nevada Marie, Professor of        Lundberg, Kenneth, Associate              Strawn, Mary, Assistant Professor of
Pharmacy (1957-1972)                       Professor of Business (1948-1974)         Geology (1956-1978)
Hillyard, Ira W., Professor of Pharma-     Marcum, R. Laverne, Professor of          Sutcliffe, Roy M., Instructor of
cology (1969-1991)                         Education (1969-1984)                     Electronics Technology (1958-1989)
Hilzman, John, Professor of Mathemat-      Marley, Bert, Professor of History        Taylor, Albert E., Dean of the Graduate
ics (1960-1982)                            (1967-1989)                               School; Professor of Chemistry
                                           Maynard, Boyd, Instructor, Upholstery     (1930-1973)
Hodson, Boyd W., Professor of
Business (1931-1969)                       1977-1995)                                Thomas, Victor, Instructor of Electrical
                                           McDonald, Walter, Instructor of           Technology (1970-1993)
Hogge, Donna, Associate Professor of
Physical Education (1949-1984)             Electrical Technology (1960-1981)         Todd, Louise, Instructor of Licensed
                                           McGee, Shanna, Professor of Psychol-      Practical Nursing (1967-1982)
Holt, Milton “Dubby”, Director of
Athletics (1946-1979)                      ogy (1964-1985)                           Tullis, James, Professor of Biological
                                           Mealey, Harold, Professor of Music        Sciences (1965-1996)
Hoskyn, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor
of Foreign Languages (1957-1966)           (1947-1971)                               Tyler, Glen E., Professor of History
                                           Millner, William, Professor of Business   (1955-1974)
Huck, Wilburn, Associate Professor of
English (1957-1990)                        (1971-1983)                               Vegors, Stanley, Professor of Physics;
                                           Missal, R. David, Associate Professor     (1958-1992)
Jacob, Dorothy, Reference Librarian
(equivalent rank, Assistant Professor)     of Music, Director, Concert Band (1957-   White, John A., Professor of Biology;
(1963-1990)                                1986)                                     Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology;
                                           Obermayr, Lorna, Associate Professor      (1966-1984)
Jacob, Wilmer F., Professor of English
(1947-1971)                                of Art (1974-1988)                        Wigginton, Waller B.,* Professor of
                                           Pincock, John E., Instructor, Diesel      English. (1961-1994)
Jensen, Mary Donna, Associate
Professor of English (1964-1989)           Technology (1970-1996)
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254 x       ISU Faculty

Wilkes, Colleen, Instructor of Office
Technology (1975-1995)
Williams, Esther, Associate Professor
of Home Economics (1968-1987)
Williams, Thomas, Professor of
Mathematics (1954-1984)
Wilson, Albert E.,* Professor of
Engineering and Nuclear Science

Athletics Coaches
Adler, David, Head Coach, Women's
Goeltz, Robert, Head Coach, Tennis
Janssen, Brian, Head Coach, Cross
Country /Assistant Coach, Track and
MacLachlan, Bill, Head Coach,
Women's Volleyball
McInelly, Ardie, Head Coach,
Women's Basketball
Walsh, Tom, Head Coach, Football
Nielsen, Dave, Head Coach, Track and
Peterson, Ron, Head Coach, Men's
Williams, Herb, Head Coach, Men’s