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92nd Alumni Speaker


									Alumni News      St. Vincent Alumni Association • P.O. Box 101 • Perryville, Missouri 63775

                                         Spring 2011 • Volume 49 • Issue 1

92nd Alumni Speaker
     Dave Keller, a 1974 graduate of SVHS, is a Principal in
the Dealership group of LarsonAllen LLP, Certified Public
Accountants, in the St. Louis, MO office. LarsonAllen
LLP is a Top 20 accounting firm with over 1,800 people
including 325 principals in 13 states and has been in
business since 1953. He devotes a significant amount of
his time to practice development and consulting with
new and used automobile dealers in the areas of general
business management and profitability, buying/selling
of automotive franchises, dealer financing assistance,
Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships and their
related finance companies (RFC), Lease Here Pay Here
dealerships (LHPH), sub-prime used vehicle dealerships
and dealership computer software operations and                Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation from the
efficiency.                                                    Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Dave is a
     He has developed various management software              Certified Public Accountant in Missouri and Illinois and
for controlling vehicle inventories (AUTO$ENSE™) and           a member of the American Institute of Certified Public
analyzing the profitability of automotive dealers (Dealer      Accountants (AICPA), the Missouri Society of Certified
Analytical). He also is a part owner and consultant for        Public Accountants (MSCPA) and the Association of
DealerBuilt™/LightYear™, a dealership management               Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).
software (DMS) company which provides software for                  Dave is a nationally recognized consultant for new,
all dealership operations to more than 150 dealerships         used and BHPH dealerships and has been a frequent
nationwide and is an approved vendor for Ford, GM,             speaker on various topics, including profitability, internal
Chrysler and many other new vehicle franchises.                controls, BHPH and RFC consulting and fraud prevention,
     Prior to merging his firm in November 2008 with           for National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA)
LarsonAllen LLP, Dave was a Partner with Davis, Keller &       and NCM Associates 20 group meetings for new vehicle
Wiggins, LLC in St. Louis, MO, founded by him and two          dealers, BHPH software conventions, BHPH and sub-prime
other partners in October 1988, where he was in charge         national conventions, National Independent Automobile
of the Audit and Management Advisory Services (MAS)            Dealers Association (NIADA) conventions, Texas
practices. Dave helped grow the firm from four people          Independent Automobile Dealer Association (TXIADA)
and a few new car dealership clients to over 35 people         conventions and seminars and other automotive groups.
providing services for over 200 dealerships and other               He currently writes monthly articles for a national
industry clients nationwide generating in excess of $3.5       automotive magazine and is a published author of more
million in accounting and consulting fees before merging       than 100 articles in various automotive trade magazines
with LarsonAllen LLP.                                          and newsletters published nationwide.
     Dave graduated from Southeast Missouri State                   Since October 1991, Dave has regularly monitored
University in May 1984 Summa Cum Laude with a                  the overall direction and advised on various operations
Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration          and financial matters for Keller Motors, a GM Chrysler
with a major in accounting and a minor in management.          dealership started by his father and now owned by him
After graduation, he joined a local Certified Public           and his siblings and managed by his brother and sister.
Accounting firm in St. Louis with a specialization in               Dave and his wife Vicki have a son and daughter who
new vehicle automobile dealerships. Upon passing the           both reside in Florida.
November 1984 CPA exam, he received his Certified
Public Accountant (CPA) designation from the Missouri
State Board of Accountancy. In April 1997 he received his        SV Ranked in Top 50...pg4
    Inside this issue   Alumni Speaker .... Cover               From the President
                                                                       Steve Rozier, Class of 1970
                        Class of 1961 & 2011 .....3                  Things are happening at St. Vincent High School! SVHS was selected as one
                                                                of the best 50 Catholic High Schools in America. This is fantastic! We need to
                        SV Ranked Top 50;                       thank everyone who was involved in this success - the administration, teachers,
                        Gym Renovations &                       students and parents with their support. Good job to everyone.
                        ACA Winners ...................4             St. Vincent Alumni are starting a new fund drive to upgrade our high school
                                                                gym. The funds received will go towards putting in air conditioning, new
                        Educational Foundation                  bleachers and a new wood floor. We need to raise at least $200,000 to complete
                        Updates ............................5   this task. There is much more that needs to be done to the gym but these are
                                                                the most crucial. We are asking for your financial help with this endeavor. See
                        Donations;                              the article on page 4 of this newsletter for more information.
                        Alumni Fun & Mayfest 2011                    Alumni Golf Tournament will be held at the Ste. Genevieve Golf Course on
                        Beach Party ...................6        April 29, 2011. The rain out date is Friday May 6. The tournament is a four man
                                                                scramble and cost $340 per team or $85 per person. Lunch will be served at
                                                                11am and golf starts at 12:30pm. I hope to see everyone there. This is a great
                        Fall Sport Wrap-up &
                                                                time and a big success for SV.
                        Deceased Alumni
                                                                     Alumni Banquet will be held on April 30, 2011 at the KC Hall. David
                        Members .........................7
                                                                Keller will be our keynote speaker this year. He is an avid supporter of SV. This
                                                                is always a great event to show your support and continued success to the
                        Alumni Golf Tournament &                graduates of St. Vincent.
                        Answers to Trivia ............8              Mayfest 2011 will be on May 6 & 7. We need your time and talent for this
                                                                event. We will once again be selling our usual pork burgers. This has always
                                                                been a great success and takes lots of manpower to get it done.
                                                                     This is such a great organization! All the help that we receive is so
                                                                impressive. The officers of the SV Alumni Association could not do everything
                                                                without your help. The board would like to thank each of you for your time and
                                                                talent that you have given in the past and will give in the future.
        Alumni Officers                                              If there is anything that I or the board can do for you, just let us know.
        Steve Rozier (1970)
                                                                SV Trivia......?????
        Vice President                                          1) What famous family of entertainers gave a public performance at SVHS
        Jonathon Paulus (2001)                                     October 1980?
        Secretary                                               2) In what year was girls basketball introduced at SVHS?
        Sara (Cissell) Schumer (2000)                           3) Can you name any or all of the Freshman Class officers for 1954?
        Treasurer                                               4) Do you know where the Alumni Banquet was held April 25, 1949?
        Lulu (Prost) Pingel (1979)
                                                                5) What year was the first car given away at the Seminary Picnic?
        Newsletter Editor                                       6) Do you remember what year the SV Alumni Association requested a doctor
        Susan (Klump) Verseman (1990)                              be present at all football games?
        Design & Page Layout                                    7) Who was the Football Captain in 1948?
        Sara (Cissell) Schumer (2000)
                                                                8) How many cheerleaders were there in 1954?
        Corresponding Secretaries
                                                                9) Who was the Editor of the Tribe in 1979?
        Linda (Schnurbusch) Kutz (1969)
        Megan Kutz (1997)                                       10) Can you name the two girls that went to Girls State in 1977?
        Amanda (Kutz) Martin (1995)                             “Got a question??? Send it to the Alumni, we will try to find an answer for you!

Class of 1961                                              A Blast from the Past
 Donna Ernst Ballman          Geraldine Hoffman Kimmell     Bernard Stortz
 Sandra Williams Basler       David Kindle                  Marilyn Sutterer Van Doren
 Cynthia Schumer Bauer        Dorothy Wibbenmeyer Kline     Dorothy Welker Versheldon
 Glenda Gibbar Beckerman      Carolyn Reiss Kuchar          Pat Schnurbusch Vogel
 Vernon Berkbigler            Betty Walter Kutilek          Velda Weibrecht Walker
 Joana Schloss Bierk          June Mattingly                Marilyn Sauer Ward
 Charles Blechle              Pat Hagan McLain              Leona Horschman Warzala
 Judy Hoffman Bohnert         Mary Clendenin Moeller        Henry Weiss
 Joan Cissell Brewer          Ronnie Moll                   Richard Wibbenmeyer
 Alvin Buchheit               Marilyn Besand Montague       Alice Wibbenmeyer Wichern
 Judy Rozier Buchheit         Joann Elder Moore
 Norbert Buerck               Margaret Wingerter Morgan     DECEASED
 Judy Cissell                 Ruth Ann Mattingly Mueller    Donald Blechle
 Genevieve Devenyns Clarkin   Mike Onderdonk                Marilyn Brown Monteleone
 David DeWilde                Evelyn Buchheit Otte          Larry Buchheit
 Bernadette Braun Dignan      Russell Paulus                Tom Cattoor
 Robert Emmendorfer           Zelma Kline Penny             Gary Emmendorfer
 John Ernst                   Faye Weinkein Ponder          Harold Gibbar, Jr.
 John Fricke                  Glennon Ponder                Mary Ann Grass
 Mary Edith Weiss Gisi        Sheridan Kiefer Prevallet     Jim Kiefer
 Stanley Hayden               Jim Prevallet                 Weldon Kirn
 Marilyn Elder Hennemann      Jim Prost                     Earl Moore
 Leo Hoeh Jr.                 Jerome Rellegert              Robert Peterson
 Doris Baudendistel Hoehn     Rita Favier Rubel             Dale Schindler
 Gerald Hoffman               Anthony Sauer                 Sherry Schlattman Coen
 Jack Hoffman                 Patty Hayden Sauer            Mike Sutterer
 Judy Duvall Hotop            Sandra Ernst Schetter         Cardine Vernon Pruett
 Virginia Geringer Hunt       Willard Schnurbusch           Bill Voelker
 Robert Keller                Judy Gibbar Sexauer           Robert Winkler
 Donna Truman Keller          Velma Bert Soest

Class of 2011
 Kelci Besand                 Kyla Kiefer                   Jessica Tullock
 Chelsie Boxdorfer            Travis Koenig                 Dylan Unterreiner
 Ryan Boxdorfer               Emma Miget                    Josh Welker
 Justin Breig                 Alyssa Pingel                 Brett Wengert
 Zachary Carron               Mitch Presnell                Kyle Wengert
 Emily Cissell                Olivia Robinson               Ryan Wiessing
 Nathaniel Comte              Amber Rollet                  Ashlee Wingerter
 Hannah DeWilde               Kiarra Roth                   Kali Wingerter
 Philip Ernst                 Dylan Ruebke                  Adam Winkler
 Anna Esswein                 Valerie Smith                 Eric Winkler
 Dominic Haertling            Kristen Staggs                Dustin Yamnitz
 Cassandra Janson             Alanna Steinbecker
 Alyssa Kapp                  Amanda Steinbecker      The New Kids on the Block
                           SV Ranked One of the Top 50
                              Catholic High Schools
             St. Vincent High School has been recognized as one of the top 50
         Catholic High Schools in the nation by the Catholic High School Honor Roll.
         Approximately 1300 Catholic High Schools in the United States were invited
         to apply for inclusion in the Honor Roll by completing three surveys that
         measure excellence in the areas of academics, civic education and Catholic
         Identity. In addition to being one of the top 50, SVHS is ranked #2 in the
         nation for Catholic Identity and #1 in teaching Theology.

    Gym Renovations
         Plans are under way to upgrade our gymnasium by installing a state-of-the-art hardwood floor, bleachers and
    air conditioning. The existing gym floor was installed in 1979 and is in dire need of replacement. The cost of this
    undertaking is approximately $200,000. We are hopeful this project can be completed for the upcoming 2011-
    2012 school year. To achieve this goal we are appealing to you for financial support. We encourage you to please
    consider a donation, especially if you are a former volleyball or basketball player. A gift from your graduating class
    would be a great way to show support for this project. Each of us has been blessed by God in a special way. Please,
    prayerfully consider how we use these gifts which God has given us. Any donation which you could provide is
    tax-deductible and will be accepted in the form of a check, or by gifting stocks and securities. All checks should be
    made payable to the St. Vincent Alumni Association and the address is P. O. Box 101, Perryville, MO 63775.
         Please contact one of the committee members listed below if you have any questions. It is our intention that
    future generations of children can experience the pride of attending St. Vincent High School.
                                                                 SVHS Gym Renovation Committee
                 Bruce Valleroy, 573-768-0569                          Mike Kutz, 573-547-1283                       Brian L’Hote, 573-547-1247
                  Steve Rozier, 573-547-1744                           Jim Lottes, 573-513-5321                      Gabe Hotop, 573-225-9925
                Kathy Robinson, 573-547-1267                         Mike Wengert, 573-547-8578                        Mel Kirn, 573-547-5396

                       STUDENTS AT ST. VINCENT HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                 The Annual Catholic Appeal awarded three local high
                                                                                           school juniors at St. Vincent Catholic High School $1500 in tuition
                                                                                           scholarships. These students are the winners of an essay contest
                                                                                           on stewardship, the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA), and this year’s
                                                                                           Appeal theme, which was “Come Together in Christ”. Stephen Graf
                                                                                           placed first in the essay contest earning $750, Mallory Tucker came
                                                                                           in second earning $500 for her essay, and Alyssa Graff’s essay ranked
                                                                                           third to earn $250. The ACA is held each spring in nearly 200 parishes
                                                                                           throughout the Archdiocese. Catholics make pledges to support
                                                                                           programs that assist the homeless, the hungry and families seeding
                                                                                           an education for their children. Scholarships for students in Catholic
                                                                                           schools, tuition grants, and support for teachers’ salaries are provided
                                                                                           through the Appeal. Resources for pro-life programs, assistance
                                                                                           for women and their babies, and family counseling are also made
                                                                                           available through the ACA to people of all faiths. In addition to the
                                                                                           scholarship program, the ACA provides direct financial assistance
        (left to right) Peg Lord with the ACA presents a check to the three scholarship    to archdiocesan, regional, and parish high schools. SVHS received
      winners Alyssa Graff, Stephen Graf and Mallory Tucker, along with Fr. Milton Ryan.   $125,000 in assistance this year.

St. Pat’s Auction
     The St. Vincent Educational Foundation supports our school system with three major fundraisers each year. Our
eleven-member board works year round to ensure quality Catholic education continues to thrive in our community.
     The 26th Annual St. Pats Dinner-Auction was held on March 12, 2011. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of
those in attendance. Final tabulations show the Auction raised over $80,000 again this year. Thank you to all who
participated in any way for your continued generosity.
     The Variety Show, performed every other year, was again an enjoyable and entertaining weekend. The profit from
this year’s show was $5,700. Thank you to Sr. Marilyn Schneider, Michelle Kapp, and Bill Fischer for their direction of the
show and to all who shared their time and talent to once again make it a success.
     The Phon-a-thon, July 2010, raised almost $36,000. Thanks to our out-of-town alumni who continue to answer the
call on this event. Your generosity shows everyone the pride you have in St.Vincent Schools.
     Barb Pickle was the winner of a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt at the Seminary Picnic Car Raffle. This fundraiser is a joint
venture between Keller Motors and the Foundation. We generated a profit of $13,231.85. Thank you to Velda and
Steve Keller for their continued support each year.
     Providing quality Catholic education for our youth continues to be a top priority of the Foundation. I am
extremely proud of the role our alumni play in helping to provide funds for this endeavor. Please keep the Foundation
in mind for any tax-exempt contributions you may wish to make. I welcome any input and look forward to hearing
from you.
     ~ Debbie Prost

To contact the foundation you can send correspondence to 1010A Rosati Court, Perryville, MO 63775.
                                                      PHON-A-THON RESULTS
  The following is a report compiled as the 2010 appeal comes to a close. We thought you might like to see how your class compared to other
               graduating classes. After the 2010 appeal, contributions were paid for a total of $35,753.91. Another Record Year!!
   Year       Donors      Amount                      Year        Donors      Amount                    Year         Donors      Amount
   1936          1          $25.00                    1959          20        $1,163.09                 1982           10         $315.00
   1937          0            $-                      1960          18         $840.00                  1983           12        $1,055.00
   1938          1          $40.00                    1961          25       $1,373.125                 1984           10         $845.00
   1939          5         $240.00                    1962          15       $1,700.625                 1985            9         $275.00
   1940          3         $175.00                    1963          13         $695.00                  1986            2         $225.00
   1941          2          $30.00                    1964          15       $1,032.50                  1987            6         $390.00
   1942          5        $1,270.00                   1965           9         $265.00                  1988           10         $410.00
   1943          5         $120.00                    1966          17         $457.50                  1989           7          $295.00
   1944          5         $440.00                    1967          19         $567.50                  1990           4          $175.07
   1945          6         $280.00                    1968          14         $607.50                  1991           3           $55.00
   1946          5         $670.00                    1969          13         $247.50                  1992           3           $80.00
   1947         12         $427.50                    1970           9       $1,775.00                  1993           3          $105.00
   1948          9         $267.50                    1971          10         $685.00                  1994           5          $370.00
   1949          6         $885.00                    1972          14         $347.50                  1995           5          $175.00
   1950         14         $515.00                    1973          10         $575.00                  1996           5          $205.00
   1951          5         $185.00                    1974          11         $685.00                  1997           5          $620.00
   1952          7         $635.00                    1975           5         $130.00                  1998           5          $115.00
   1953         15         $567.50                    1976          15       $1,360.00                  1999           1           $25.00
   1954          7         $160.00                    1977          10       $1,065.00                  2000           2           $70.00
   1955          9         $555.00                    1978          12         $947.00                  2001           4          $320.00
   1956          8         $225.00                    1979           7         $875.00                  2002           2           $50.00
   1957         15         $732.50                    1980           9         $275.00                  2003           2           $40.00
   1958         19        $2,475.00                   1981          13         $560.00                 Parents         2          $225.00
                                                                                            Honorary Members           4          $165.00

                                                                                                          Total        588      $35,753.91

        In the case of a couple each graduating from SVHS the amount donated is evenly divided between the two graduating classes.

                                                   THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED!!!

         Jim Meyer (1974) accepting on the behalf of Alumni Association..
                                                                            A generous donation for SVHS…
        A bIg Thanks to buchheit                                            In memory of the late Margaret (Regelsperger) Leible
     Stores and Kenny buchheit for a                                        1926-2010, eight new desktop computers and tables
          $500.00 donation to                                               were purchased for the high school library and were
                                                                            ready for student use at the start of the school year.
         SV Alumni Association.
                                                                            Mrs. Leible graduated from SVHS in 1943. She was
                                                                            married to the late Harry Joseph Leible. She is the
                                                                            great-grandmother of two of our SVHS students, Luke
                                                                            and Emma Janet. Thank you to Mrs. Leible and all of
                                                                            her family members for the generous donation and
                                                                            support of SVHS.

                                                                            Alumni Fun
                                                                                 Alumni Golf Tournament
                                                                                 •	 April	29,	2011	at	Ste.	Genevieve	Country	Club	
                                                                                 •	 Contact	Ken	Schumer	with	any	questions
       In memory of the late David (guido)                                       Alumni Banquet
                                                                                 •	 Saturday,	April	30,	2011
       Winkler, the Class of 1983 held a dance
       in honor of David to raise money for the                                  Mayfest Porkburger Stand
                                                                                 •	 May	6	(3pm-11pm)	and	May	7	(11am-11pm)	
       gym renovations. With the combination
       of David’s bowling team donation                                          Homecoming Weekend 2011
                                                                                 •	 Bonfire	–	Thursday	Sept.	15	at	7	pm	
       and the dance, a check of $1800 was
                                                                                 •	 Parade	–	Friday	Sept.	16	at	6	pm	
       presented to the Alumni Association.                                      •	 Football	Game	–	Friday	at	7:30	pm	
       Pictured above is Pres. Steve Rozier, Jay Lottes, Jr.                     •	 St.	Vincent	Indians	vs.	Herculaneum	Blackcats	
       (1983), sister Mary Milfelt (1974) and father Linus                       •	 Cow	Patty	Plop	During	4th	Quarter	of	game	
       (buddy) Winkler (Honorary Member) sitting.                                •	 Alumni	Mass	–	Saturday	at	5:15	pm	

    Mayfest 2011 “BEACH PARTy”
        Once again, it is time for the annual Perryville Mayfest. The Mayfest will be held at the Perryville square
    May 6 and 7, 2011. The theme of the Mayfest is “BEACH PARTY” .
        Of course, we will have the Porkburger stand as in years past and ask that you please support the Alumni
    by working a shift or two and purchasing a few of those delicious burgers. Please stop by and enjoy one of our
    delicious porkburgers. Thank you for your help.

 Fall Sports Wrap-up                                                        FOOTBALL
        Another school year is coming to an end and another sports          · First Team- Derek Joggerst
                                                                            ·	 Second	Team	–	Taylor	Sauer,	Ryan	Boxdorfer,	
   season at SVHS. The Fall 2010 sports season was outstanding
                                                                            Dominic Haertling, Nathan Comte, Derek Joggerst,
   for our Girls Volleyball team. The Lady Indians won their 5th            Adam Winkler, Sean Martin, Philip Ernst
   District Championship in the last 6 years. They finished in the top      ·	 Honorable	Mention	–	Tim	Schumer,	Travis	
   8 in the state. Their final record was 19-15-3. They defeated the        Koenig, Lucas Carroll, Taylor Sauer
   top-ranked team in the state and defending State Champions               All-Region
   Scott City to win the District crown. The SVHS football team was         ·	 Second	Team	–	Derek	Joggerst,	Taylor	Sauer,	
   hit with a few injuries this past football season. The Varsity team      Ryan Boxdorfer, Dominic Haertling, Travis Koenig,
                                                                            Mitchell Presnell, Ryan Weissing, Sean Martin,
   ended the season with a 3-7 record while the JV and Freshmen
                                                                            Philip Ersnt
   teams both had 4-2 records. The SVHS Lady Indians Softball team          VOLLEYBALL
   was very young this past season. With only one Senior, three             All-State
   Juniors and the rest of the team Sophomores and Freshmen, the            ·	 Honorable	Mention	–	Chelsie	Boxdorfer
   team finished with a respectable record of 7-17.                         All-Region
        The SV Lady Indians Basketball team enjoyed a very                  ·	 First	Team	–	Chelsie	Boxdorfer,	Miranda	
   successful season. The girls won the Small School JCAA                   Unterreiner, Monika Smith
                                                                            ·	 Second	Team	–	Amanda	Steinbecker
   Conference and finished out first in their District which SV hosted
   at the Perryville Park Center. The Lady Indians defeated the No.         · Amanda Steinbecker, Monika Smith, Chelsie
   2 Seed New Haven Lady Shamrocks 37-30 in the District Final.             Boxdorfer
   They went on to sectionals to lose a tough battle against the            All-Conference
   Meadow Heights Lady Panthers who were ranked fourth in the               ·	 First	Team	–	Chelsie	Boxdorfer,	Alanna	
   final regular-season state poll. The Boys Basketball couldn’t win        Steinbecker
   the close games this year and lost 9 games by less than 10 points.       ·	 Second	Team	–	Miranda	Unterreiner,	Addie	
   The SV Ladies Indians swim team had another member qualify for
   state. Freshman Natalie King made it to state this past year.            All-Conference
        The spring is under way. The Golf team returns quite a              ·	 Second	Team	–	Casey	Unterreiner
   few players from their 4th place state finish last year so they          ·	 Honorable	Mention	–	Jackie	Richardet,	Jade	
   have a promising season ahead. The SVHS girls soccer team                Geile, Kayla Seabaugh
   who finished 3rd in State last year, looks to make another state         All-District
   championship run this year. And the SV baseball team, who will           ·	 First	Team	–	Kayla	Seabaugh,	Jackie	Richardet,	
   be very young this year, looks to hit and pitch their way to some        Casey Unterreiner
   wins this year.

                     Deceased Alumni Members
     We wish to express        Harvey Zahner                         1929     Rita (Sauer) Siegmund                      1955
our deepest sympathy           Nora (Feltz) Bircher                  1933     Helen (Ratcliff ) Ponder                   1955
to the families of those       Esther (Blessing) Hornbuckle          1933     Joan (Esselman) Hayden                     1956
Alumni who have gone           Vivian (Gorman) Ernst                 1937     Weldon Kirn                                1961
                               Merlin Prost                          1937     Harold Gibbar, Jr.                         1961
before us this past year. We
                               Mildred (Kiefer) Mitchell             1937     Julie Harter                               1962
apologize for anyone we
                               Edward Prost                          1940     Gloria (Schumer) Gebhardt                  1963
may have left off our list.    Paul Hoffman                          1942     Kathleen (Klump) Carron                    1964
If you know of an Alumni       Garnell Klobe                         1942     Judy Sutterer                              1965
member we missed, please       Margaret (Regelsperger) Leible        1943     Bobby Rollet                               1965
contact us at: SVHS Alumni     Bernetta (Kirn) Beaman                1943     Nick Huber                                 1970
Association / PO Box 101 /     Mary Lou (Hoffman) Naeger             1945     Mary Ann (Fulton) Kahl                     1972
Perryville, MO 63775.          Barbara (Herforth) Walter             1951     Debbie Meyer                               1976
                               Gerald Weisler                        1953     Gabriel Feltz                              1981
                               Ruth (Wood) Unterreiner               1955     Lance Martens                              1981
                               Norma (Welker) Grief                  1955     David Winkler                              1983

Alumni Golf Tournament
     Just the thought of golf and spring weather can put positive thoughts in our minds and put all of us in good
 moods, especially with the long, wet and cold winter we are having.
     The date for the 2011 Alumni Golf Tournament is set for Friday, April 29, 2011 at Ste. Genevieve County Club,
 with the rain out date being Friday, May 6, 2011. Check in starts at 11:00 a.m. Tee off is at 12:30 sharp. Lunch will
 be served prior to tee off. Rozier’s will again be providing the pork steaks for the evening meal.
     We would like to thank our corporate sponsors: Lee Lottes with Lakenan Insurance in Ste. Genevieve and
 Kohlfeld Distributing of Jackson. Thanks to Schemel & Tarrillion who provided the coolers. We would also like to
 thank all of our $100 hole sponsors.
     God bless and hope to see all of you there.                                    ~Kenny Schumer

Answers to Trivia...
1)   The Plummer Family, who had the Plummer Family Country Music Show at Branson for many years, performed at the SVHS gymnasium in
    October 1980.
2) Girls Basketball was introduced at SVHS in 1977.
3) Freshman class officers in 1954 were Glen Schott, Glennon Zoellner, Eugenia (Moll) Steffens and Gerald Winkler
4) In 1949, the Alumni Banquet was held at the Seminary Grove and a dance followed at the Hilltop Club.
5) The first year a car was given away at the Seminary Picnic was 1939 under the direction of Father Steele.
6) At the Alumni meeting October 10, 1952, it was decided to have a doctor present at all football games and the Alumni would purchase a
7) The football captain in 1948 was Jack Fiala.
8) In 1954, there was a total of 6 cheerleaders. June (Hagan) Bodenschatz, Sr. Joan McDermott, Sr. Norma Richardet, Stella (Young) Karl, Norma
    (Welker) Greif and Audrey (Herforth) Modde.
9) The editor of the Tribe in 1979 was Sue (Emmendorfer) Robinson.
10) The two girls chosen to go to Girls State in 1977 were Cindy (Fassold) Yamnitz and Kim (Schumer) Finger.
    We apologize for any errors. If you have a question or would like any information please let us know, we will do our best to help you . Thanks!

permit No. 31                                                                                         RetuRn SeRvice RequeSted
perryville, mo
                                                                                                   P.O. Box 101 • Perryville, MO 63775
 u.s. postage
  NoNprofit                                                                                   St. Vincent Alumni Association

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