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                                                             REGION/                    Begin
                     WETLAND NAME                           PROVINCE                  LAT-DEG
Marshes along the lower Rio Hondo                        Orange Walk and Corozal Districts   18
Marshes along the lower New River                        Corozal District                    18
Shipstern Lagoon and Shipstern Cay                       Corozal District                    18
Lagoons and marshes near High Bluff                      Corozal District                    18
Cays west of Ambergris Cay                               West of Ambergris Cay               17
Bennett's Lagoon                                         Corozal District                    17
Northern River Lagoon                                    Belize District                     17
Crooked Tree Lagoon                                      Orange Walk and Belize Districts    17
Burrell Creek Lagoon                                     Belize District                     17
Mussel Creek                                             Belize District                     17
Big Falls Rice Ranch                                     Belize District                     17
Cox's Lagoon, Mucklehany Lagoon and Cook's Lagoon        Belize District                     17
Faber's Lagoon and marshes to the north and east         Belize District                     17
Northern Lagoon                                          Belize District                     17
Southern (Manatee) Lagoon                                Belize District                     17
Laguna Seca                                              Orange Walk District                17
Punta Ycacos Lagoon                                      Toledo District                     16
                                                         Toledo District
The upper Moho River, Aguacaliente Swamp and Mafredi Lagoon                                  16
The lower Temash River and Temash Lagoon                 Toledo District                     16
 Begin   Begin   Begin   Begin   Begin End LAT- End LAT- End LAT- End LON-
       5       0      88      22      0      18       30        0       88
      15       0      88      25      0      18       22        0
      18       0      88       7      0                                 88
       6       0      88       7      0
      57       0      88       6      0      18        4        0       87
      58       0      88      10      0
      52       0      88      13      0
      45       0      88      32      0
      35       0      88      26      0
      35       0      88      28      0
      29       0      88      31      0
      30       0      88      30      0
      28       0      88      16      0
      22       0      88      19      0
      15       0      88      20      0
      38       0      89       3      0
      15       0      88      40      0
      11       0      88      58      0
       0       0      89       0      0
                                         AREA         MIN        MAX         SITE     PROVINC
  MIN      SEC      AREA       UNITS      OR           E            E        TION       TYPE
      45        0        60   KM       60 km of river      0                          8.1.1; 09, the 18.
                                                                       10 A slow-flowing river in11 &lowlands, bordered b
                         35   KM       35 km of river      1                          8.1.1; almost 11, 13, 16 & comple
                                                                        2 An extensive and 08, 09, impenetrable18.
      10        0     4,201   HA                           0
                                       Lagoon: 4,200 ha; Cay 1 ha                     8.1.1; 01, to brackish coastal lagoo
                                                                        3 A large shallow fresh 03, 07, 08 & 12.
                      2,500   HA                           0                          8.1.1; 07 & 08.
                                                                          A permanent brackish coastal lagoon and exte
      57        0             HA       Under 4 ha          0                          8.1.1; 01, 03 & 08.
                                                                          Five mangrove covered cays in a shallow sea
                       400    HA                           0                          8.1.1; 07 & 08.
                                                                          A brackish coastal lagoon with several mangro
                       800    HA                           0                          8.1.1; 07 & 08.
                                                                          A large brackish coastal lagoon with surroundi
                              HA                          15                          8.1.1; 09, 11, and 18.
                                       8,000-10,000 ha, possibly more. A complex of permament12 & seasonal, shallo
                          2   HA                           3                          8.1.1; 12 & and
                                                                        4 A small freshwater lake18. marshes, 2-3m de
                         30   KM       30 km of creek      4                          8.1.1; 09, 11 & 18.
                                                                          A slow flowing river with associated riverine lak
                      1,200   HA                          15                          8.1.1; 17 and shallow freshwater im
                                                                          A complex of canals & 18.
                              HA                          10
                                       Several thousand ha.                           8.1.1; freshwater lakes with some
                                                                          Three permament12 & 18.
                              HA       Several hundred ha. 0                          8.1.1; 07, fresh and
                                                                          A complex of shallow 08 & 12. brackish coast
                      3,200   HA                           0                          8.1.1; 07 & coastal lagoon and ass
                                                                          A permament brackish 08.
                      3,200   HA                           0                          8.1.1; 07 & 08.
                                                                          A deep brackish coastal lagoon and extensive
                        300   HA                         120                          8.1.1; 12.
                                                                          A shallow freshwater lake with extensive sedg
                      9,000   HA                           0                          8.1.1; 01, 02, 03, 05, 08 & 09.
                                                                          A large shallow sea bay incorporating the mou
                      1,600   HA                         200                          8.1.1; 10, 12 & 18.
                                                                          A complex of fast-flowing rivers, freshwater lak
                                                           0              A very deep brackish coastal km of river.
                                                                                      8.1.1; 07, and 35
                                       Uncertain, but probably at least 20,000 ha of mangroves08 & 09.lagoon, subject t
 PRINCIP                                                                                  RESEAR
    AL         LAND      PROTEC          LAND       WATERF OTHER                           CH AND REFERE
VEGETAT TENURE              TION          USE         OWL         FAUNA THREATS CONSER                   NCES
            Various; the State owns all areas below high a The area is The only threatvery rich in be onca andground in
                         None.        and swampPoorly known; Aramus guarauna isThere are several villages is difficult Tapirus C
                                                    forest; in water mark. reportedly still at known Dendrocygna higher of acces
                                                                region of semi-humid Acommon, and area Leo excessive hunting.
Swamps with forested hammocks Primitive agriculture and subsistence hunting.forest. present seemswhichon autumnalis and b
            Mostly state owned (upCultivation of grass and with some areas. There isisininis inaccessible by road, and area nev
Semi-humid forest, mangrove swamps and high sugar caneScirpus marshes. be presentpollution fromin the immediate whichat L
                                       to the high Poorly mark), in cleared private holdingsone sugar mill numbers include has dis
                                                    water known; species The main threat areadrier areas. the sugar mills, Tigrisom
                                                                No information. to
                                                                             likely       The        significant
            State owned. None.        Fishing; fishermen and grassy collectof White-wingedavifaunal surveys have been and Myc
                                                   Shipstern Lagoon 50 pairs eggs and youngDovescolony ofof egrets werestorks Sh
                                                                About was formerly
                                                                             Persecution site of a large from the Egretta and nesting
                                                                                           of the birds colony asiatica colony on at
Mangrove swamps dominated by Rhizophora mangle,occasionally marshes. theSeveralbreedingZenaidabreedingalba conducte
            State owned.  grassy      Fishing       hunting. No information. for threat seems up of breeding of Egretta alba, 30
                                                                             The          Aerial surveys to 100 pairs hunting.
Mangrove swamps andNone. marshes. andAn important breeding area onlyCiconiiformes; to be excessivebirds were conducte
            State owned. None.        None, other than the occasional raiding for birds' coloniesboat surveys are much persecuted
                                                                The OspreyThe of Ciconiiformes, of onsome cormorants and pelican
                                                                               Pandion haliaetus by fishermen. were conducted by su
                                                                                          Aerial and with Cayo
Mangrove swamps with Rhizophora mangle. An important breeding area breeding nests nests waterfowlRosario, and the bayDo
            State owned.  grassy      Some         Birds observedinformation. isin Several and April 1984have been conducted b
                                                                No during surveys some persecution of the included 50 breeding p
Mangrove swamps andNone. marshes. hunting, but otherwise little disturbed. February aerial surveysbreeding birds.
            State owned.  grassy      Some         Birds otherwise very little disturbed.
                                                                No during aerial disturbancesurveys were conducted by Dora Weyer
                                                                             Some         Aerial from fishermen.
Mangrove swamps andNone. marshes. fishing, butobservedinformation. surveys in February and April 1984 included 140 bre
            Largely state owned, including allthe the centre of area shrub borderswildlife.lagoons; forests constructedhaveseaso
                         The greaterThe area landextremely importantlagoons highway theAbout 260been ofindustry conductedin
                                       part of the An below extensive mark. for listed in hassite description have birds within cam
                                                   basin, including thethe very There Numerousrecentlyholdings, Haematoxylum a ic
                                                                The all logwoodrich in are the campechianum during the dry 19th
                                                                               are Haematoxylum private habitat and large the been
                                                                                           to some critical species of been areas un
Abundant submergent aquatic vegetation in waslagoons; high water is A major waterfowl, andavifaunal surveys were inincluded fe
            Land belowNo legal protection, state owned; adjacentowners colony owned byandhave afforded expanding conducte
                          high forest.mark is but hunting a small breeding ofTapirusvillageland Crocodylus moreletii nests), and th
                                                    present and pastanectens, surrounding avifaunal surveys the lake some prote
                                                                Lutra dry lands are of Cochlearius cochlearius have been known t
                                                                                           bairdii Tennessee Agriculture are
In a region of humid tropical water Occasional There is and fishing. The nearbySeveralof Burrell Boom is (15-20Ltd. towardsto
            Areas swamp forest with patches much Crooked Audubon Society,forest. Belize Audubon put Alcedinidae. Large ind
                         None, but at mark and Afterthecane,fishing Lagoon,in nets; and richestkingfishers several small private
                                        the request of some shorelineis None perhaps Government thereSociety sportprohibiting sh
                                                   of wild theThe area are state owned; elsewhere some illegal "Belize City Area"
                                                                  and humid tropicalpresent except for has waterfowl Belize. and
                                                                              rich at The prey and
Riverine marshes,below high waterFishing, includingof Belize Tree with illegalbirds ofthe hunting.area forareup signsinhunting, The
            Formerly owned bywith RiceFalls butvery shrubs now shooting forestswiderich damage untilcrops. Leo onca and Ta
                         forest, the high cultivation; there is on feeding area ducks which in wildlife, including tropical forest. h
                                      Big grasses and importantsurrounding by the cannals; Government humid is sold. Arde
                                                   A Farm, has been prohibited, exceptunder aof waterfowl area
                                                                The dry ground known.are Weyer and the Belize Audubonand
                                                                              in receivership variety region supervision, Society
Rice fields and swamp No habitat protection,Ricehuntingbutsomeheld Noneoffor aDorafor Anatidae, theoftheincluding manyup for
            Partly state sedges and partly owned by theand fishing.bairdii and has someWeyer private potentialseveralfrom develo
                         owned         palms; andhunting forest. Mucklehany Lagoon is but there isconducted threatforest. Cook
                                                     swamp Big Falls Rice None atCrocodylus to the west humid tropical Lagoon, ans
                                                                Tapirus       Farm, present, small has are Mucklehany avifaunal
                                                                                          nested moreletii a holdings.
Marshes with grasses, None. and Occasional Poorly known; Jabiru mycteriawith Dorasurrounded by ofabundant, especially nea
             marshes and None.        Fishing and some hunting. CentralBelize Egretta caerulea,hastricolor, E. thula, E. alba,and b
                                                                The            American Otter Lutra anectens has been reported, Eudo
                                                                                          Dora Weyer E. the area; several avifaunal s
Freshwater State owned. mangrove swamps. An important feeding area for City is encroaching onconducted nearby land has be
            State owned, but Bird Cay is underOne care ofmostBelizeTrichechusSociety, butpine savanna Belize; the maina Point
                          sedge and grass marshes; of few coconut palms onat part areas inland boat passage hunting conducte
                                       under the protection of the Belize Audubon Society. avifaunal surveys thefrom Gales occa
                                                    the a the Manatees None Birdmanatus are for are lacking support colony
                                                                 the important breeding of except occasional to have been
                                                                             Audubon Regular
                                                                                          Cay, and watefowl in visitors.
Mangrove swamps andSupposedlyDuck hunting and fishing; the lagoon formspresent the forfundsuncontrolled towest. and warde
            Mostly state sedge with somemarshes; pine no large breeding colonies oftourist is common, thevillage ofinconducte
                         None.        Mainly private holdings. manatee west.present, Ciconiiformes, but particularly isGales Po
                                                   There are savanna some hunting Several avifaunal surveys have been an lowe
                                                                The          None at      and except for some The lagoon the
Mangrove swamps, and owned,and grass subsistence fishing, with to theTrichechus manatusrecreation. hunting pressure. impo
            grass marshes.
                         None.        A Ltd., a logging company. poor for waterfowl,Abercrombie et al surveyedal reported in areaa
                                                   Apparently very
                                                                Abercrombie Indians cultivate marijuana on theet the lake the the
                                                                             None foundbut Jabiru mycteria has nearby escarpment,
                                                                                                       of Crocodylus moreletii in
Sedge and Owned by Belize Estates very remote and undisturbed area:et alknown.a number Abercrombie been(1980).in 1978, a
            State owned. None.         sedge marshes.
                                                   In previous years is still a small caysnumberwaterfowlwildlife has colony of Egrett
                                                                 of fishing; and illegal hunting of the manatee manatees, particularly
                                                                             Heavy hunting supportedavifaunal surveys were manatus,
                                                                                          A pressure a all and Trichechus conducted
Mangrove swamps, and grass andA considerable amountThere the mangrove population ofof on large breeding resulted in dras
             marshes, swamp forest, and stands the flooded are breeding abundant, and andhas conducted refugees are Turtle
                         None.        Subsistence hunting byTapirus bairdii riceis an bamboo in Centralof Mafredi,species occur C
                                                   There are no large sp, wild colonies of Weyer rice fields. many Snapping pour
                                                                 local Indians; is cane, increase
                                                                             There growing Ciconiiformes, but
                                                                                                         south American avifaunal surv
Freshwater Various; Mafredi Lagoon puremuch ofof Lonchocarpusis state owned.Doraeast theagriculture, and fivesouth of Blue in
            State owned. None.        Fishing in the lagoon, and noinformation at present,brief Ciconiiformes havefishing. number
                                                   Poorly known; some hunting. in height. but avifaunal known to be large
                                                                Little up tobreeding colonies of there hunting and been located, bu
                                                                                30m       One
Mangrove swamps dominated by Rhizophora mangle, with treeslargeNone is available,other than are survey has been conducte
            S FOR
Dora Weyer.
Dora Weyer.
Dora Weyer. 2c & 3a.
Dora Weyer. 2c & 3a.
Dora Weyer. 2c & 3a.
Dora Weyer.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer.
Dora Weyer.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer. & 3a.
Dora Weyer.

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