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					                  JML Celebrates 25 Years of Success!

This July, JML celebrates its 25th birthday. The company was founded by John
Mills in 1986 from the basement of his house in Camden Town, London. The
company has seen rapid growth in recent years and now has over 300 staff in
the UK alone. Global expansion has also been critical to JML’s success and the
company has established offices in USA, Germany, Holland, Slovakia and
Singapore. John Mills is now a leading figure within the ERA being elected as
Chairman for Europe in 2010.

JML’s core business is the distribution through retailers of its own innovative
consumer product brands. JML also distributes some of the best known
products from the DRTV industry. The company has developed first class
relationships with key distributors across the world, and now has partnerships
in over 70 countries.

In the UK, JML pioneered the in-store video promotion concept in the early
1990’s and is now the world leader in this field. Today, JML’s Digital Media
Screens are used to promote JML products in thousands of retail stores across
Europe with in-store films typically 120s in length. The company promotes its
products with heavyweight TV advertising using 30s commercials which list the
retail stockists (rather than a phone number or URL).

Direct response is also an important element to JML’s operation and the
company runs four 24hr TV home shopping channels in the UK and one in
Germany. DRTV, press advertising, web and catalogue are all significant parts
of the UK business.

On Monday 4th July (also an important date for our American friends!), JML’s
hard working staff will be take a temporary well earned rest when they
celebrate this important milestone for the company and the achievements of
the past 25 years. Group Managing Director, Ken Daly said, ‘This is a really
important date for JML as we look back at our humble beginnings and
recognise the huge achievements the team have made. It’s been an incredibly
exciting journey and there’s been a lot of fun as well as hard work on the way.
We can’t wait to get stuck into the next 25 years as there are some massive
opportunities ahead of us.’

Notes for Editors:

       JML is celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary in 2011.
       The company launched on 4th July 1986 by John Mills
       It is a family-owned British business
       To date it has introduced more than 1,400 products in the UK
       Top sellers include - Ped Egg (4 million), Fast Fit Ironing Covers (14 million) and Snuggies (1

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