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									                               PREPOSITIONS WORKSHEET

A.    Underline all of the prepositions in each sentence.

1.    The ancient Greeks recite poems at major public events.

2.    Religious festivals were not complete without poems, either.

3.    Epics, long narrative poems about heroes, were most popular.

4.    During the Middle Ages, European poetry flourished.

5.    The earliest English epic, Beowulf, dates from the 700s.

6.    In the poem, the hero Beowulf battles a monster.

7.    Troubadours, or poet-musicians, recited poems to the people.

8.    Among their favorite subjects were love and knightly deeds.

9.    Poems concerning knights were called "romances".

10.   Throughout medieval Europe, poetry was popular entertainment.

B.    Underline each prepositional phrase, double underlining the preposition.
      Circle the object or objects of the preposition.

11.   The Renaissance was a time of renewed interest in art and learning.

12.   Renaissance poetry appeared after 1450 in Italy and France.

13.   New and intricate forms were developed by Renaissance poets.

14.   Poets now wrote in their native languages instead of Latin.

15.   Within a few decades, English poetry reflected these changes.

C.    Underline the adjective phrase in each sentence and circle the word it

16.   A cloud of mystery surrounds Shakespeare's early life.

17.   Legends about him suggest he was a wild, high-spirited boy.

18.   Young Will may have joined a company of traveling actors.

19.   The theaters in London were his main training grounds.

20.   He eventually became a dramatist without equal.
D.    Underline the adverb phrase in each sentence and circle the word or word it

21.   Shakespeare had become a noted playwright by 1594.

22.   His historical plays were very popular among his audiences.

23.   Then, because of a plague, many theaters closed temporarily.

24.   Shakespeare wrote poetry during these months.

25.   At this time, poems received more acclaim than plays.

E.    Underline the prepositional phrase or phrases from each sentence. Identify
      each as an adjective phrase (adj.) or an adverb phrase (adv.).

26.   Shakespeare used a wide range of settings and characters.

27.   Kings, peasants, witches, and ghosts all appear in his work.

28.   Shakespeare also experimented with grammar and vocabulary.

29.   Into his theater crowded the wealthy and the poor of London.

30.   Until 1610, he created two masterpieces a year.

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