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									             Dunfermline City Centre Masterplan - Streetscape Consultation

                            Appendix 1, Consultation Feedback

Summary of Feedback

Total number of responses received: 84

From these, the following information was obtained:

       88% of respondents think that Dunfermline City Centre would benefit from continued

       75% of respondents think that the pedestrian area should be the highest priority for

       53% think that other areas of the city centre should be included in Phase 1 if funding
        can be secured.

       66% of respondents think that pedestrian access will be improved if traffic through the
        pedestrian zone is restricted to one-way.

       67% of respondents would like to see a city centre shuttle bus service.

       45% of respondents said they would use a city centre shuttle bus service.

       82% think it would be better if there were no disabled car traffic and delivery vehicles
        in the pedestrian zone during the day.

       37% think that having a shuttle bus service and easily accessible parking around the
        High street would make a big difference; whilst 33% said it would make little
        difference and 30% said it would make no difference at all.

       54% of respondents think that public art is a worthwhile investment for Dunfermline.

       86% of respondents live in Dunfermline or south-west Fife.

       93% said they regularly visit Dunfermline for shopping, work, etc.

       20% of respondents stated that they or someone in their household holds a blue
        disabled parking badge.

       49% of respondents were male; whilst 51% were female.
        The majority (47%) of respondents were aged between 45-64yrs; 34% were aged 25-
         44; and 12% were aged 24yrs or younger.

Full responses
Analysing Question

Do you think that Dunfermline city centre would benefit from continued investment in its

Responses : 68
 Yes 59 86.76%                 Yes :                                                 86.8%
 No     9 13.24%
                               No :                           13.2%
Analysing Question

Do you think that the pedestrian area should be our highest priority for improvement?

Responses : 69
 Yes 49 71.01%                          Yes :                                      71.0%
 No     20 28.99%
                                        No :                           29.0%
Analysing Question

If no, please tell us what you think should be our highest priority

Responses : 18
 City carparks/park-and-ride parks, so that we can access the high street and Kingsgate easily.
 General Aesthetic appeal of the streets and improvement of shops/cafes/pubs etc...
 Has to be combined with improved traffic flow and parking, development of buildings, etc. Should
 be a package.
 I feel that the idea of a pedestrian area has become dated, possibly a neater one way car
 system would be more appropriate this would mean that in times of darkness and colder weather
 when less shoppers are out the high street feels much safer as people know someone may drive
 by, I feel that if the pedestrian area is kept it wont be improving dunfermline in any way at all it
 will simply be continuing the mirrored effect it currently has with the likes of kirkcaldy, perth and
 stirling, can dunfermline not try and break the mould and try something new' What might work is
 a new one way system from the foot of the high street at the city chambers to east port or onto
 douglas street'
 I think the main area is fine but the other parts of the centre don't have much to offer so I think
 they should be the focus of new investment with a view to encouraging more new businnesses
 to open and so increase the overall size of the city centre. I think it tends to be just shopping
 centre and high street so others streets should be priority for new money and then you might get
 new shops, restaurants etc. there as well.
 Improved parking and attracting new shops to the town to encourage shoppers to use the centre
 of the town rather than travel to the Gyle Centre or further afield.
 improved shopping facilities and try and limit number of empty retail units by enticing new traders
 into Dunfermline town centre
 It's had enough done to it already
 Making safe current all paths and disabled access. Current paths and roadf surfaces in and
 around the town are poor and in need of repair.
 Other areas that you want to pedestrianise so that is in place for the disabled, locals, visitors &
 train. It will also help smarten more of the town and make it link. The Randolph are is long
 overdue and it would look good as shown in the plan with shops, cafes, restaurants from bus
 station down to the High Street it could incorporate the area vacabt on the wynd ne Giacomo
 Other City Centre areas - e.g.Bridge Street, Bruce Street
 Randolph Square/Queen Anne street - creation of square and civic space
 regeneration of 'side' streets bus station to high street revamp
 Removing underage drinking
 the bus station it is a cold and dirty dump the only place i know you can get wet a freeze 2 death
 wating 4 a bus and no were 2 get a hot drink after 6oclock''
 The road surfaces should not be the highest priority. Improving the actual outsidfe of the shops
 and buildings in the high street would be a better idea, along with more hanging baskets etc. The
 entrance to the glen and the streets leading to it need radically improved. The high st also needs
 to look to other cities such as Perth for ideas on how a properly pedestrianised area should be
 whole of city centre
 Yes I do think it should be a priority, but the pedestrian area should be pedestrian, no cars at any
Analysing Question

Do you think that other areas of the city centre should be included in Phase 1 if funding can be

Responses : 65
 Yes 33 50.77%                                 Yes :                              50.8%
 No    32 49.23%
                                               No :                               49.2%
Analysing Question

If yes, then please tell us which streets or areas you think should be included

Responses : 27
 1 Key pedestrian routes within and giving access to the city centre, to ease access and provide a
 more comfortable urban pedestrian experience 2 The heritage quarter, as an aid to tourism
 all of them mentioned in the plan. I think the high street and shopping centre are fine and should
 not receive the biggest allocation of funds.
 area in front of the bus station
 Bruce street and bridge street. Possibly also New Row.
 Bus station area and adjacent streets
 Canmore Street.
 Carnegie Drive is a main thoroughfare and sets a dreadful example of our town.
 Carnegie Hall, Viewfield Square
 Chalmers Street carpark as it is the approach to tourist attraction St. Margaret's Cave. Toilet
 facilities should be a part of this.
 Cracked and broken pavements all over the town, brocken blocks in the road in Guildhall Street,
 Abbot House area. Post office to Bus stance area.
 East port and James street all the way down past the glen gates including Bridge Street.
 Possibly also including St Margaret St to link up round Monastery Street and St Catherine's
 East Port Street, Guildhall Street and New Row down to the Alhambra Theatre (as a minimum).
 Then Bridge Street and Chalmers Street.
 East Port, the New Row, The Maygate,, Bridge St, Bruce St
 heritage part of city. Bruce Street, Bridge Street and Chalmers Street.
 I think there could be so much more done with Bridge Street. It is very tired, dated and and dull
 looking. Its a shame as its sandwiched between lovely structures - the City Chambers and the
 Glen gates. It would be lovely to have a traditional look to the buildings and shop fronts to
 complement the chambers/gates.
 Not a great way to put a question when we can't see the background material without navigating
 out of the questionnaire.
 Pedestrian zone should be extended. I also think all cars should be banned from the town centre
 between the hours 8am-5pm. There are constantly cars driving through, I don't care weather
 they are disabled or not IT'S A PEDESTRIAN ZONE!!!!
 Phase 5 should be carried out at the same time, thus completing the City Centre Area.
 Queen Anne Street
 Queen Anne Street and the bus station (which already looks cheap and two decades old!)
 Randolph square, Queen Anne Street
 Randolph Square/Queen Anne street - creation of square and civic space
 Relocate the car parking from the Bridge Street Car Park to North of the Glen Bridge, to free the
 site for flagship retail development with linkages to the new Tesco, Bruce Street, High Street and
 the Glen Gates.
 The area around Abbot House, the road along to the Alhambra and up the New row from there.
 The botton end of the high street past the town clock is hprrid and dull, this should be a priority
 area in Phase 1.
 The New Row leading to the Alhambra Theatre. This is now a popular venue yet the public realm
 around it is disappointing with cracked concrete pavements and ugly raised beds.
 The planned disabled parking bays do not seem many when you consider the curent traffic in the
 town. Must ensure that there is room on pavement for wheel chairs to be assembled etc; and the
 train is put in place at the same time as the change over. The train should also link in the railway
 station, as it is not near the town centre and it is a steep climb up with unsuitable pathways. It
 could be timed in with the train arriving at the station from Edinburgh as Primark has generated
 much interest.
Analysing Question

Do you think that pedestrian access will be improved if traffic through the pedestrian zone is
restricted to one way?

Responses : 68
 Yes 45 66.18%                           Yes :                                     66.2%
 No    23 33.82%
                                         No :                            33.8%
Analysing Question

Would you like to see a city centre shuttle bus service?

Responses : 68
 Yes 45 66.18%                           Yes :                                     66.2%
 No    23 33.82%
                                         No :                            33.8%
Analysing Question

Would you use a city centre shuttle bus service?
Responses : 69
 Yes 31 44.93%                                Yes :                            44.9%
 No    38 55.07%
                                              No :                                  55.1%
Analysing Question

Do you think it would be better if there was no disabled car traffic and delivery vehicles in the
pedestrian zone during the day?

Responses : 69
 Yes 56 81.16%                     Yes :                                              81.2%
 No    13 18.84%
                                   No :                             18.8%
Analysing Question

How much difference would it make to you to have a shuttle bus and easily accessible parking
around the High Street?

Responses : 69
 A big difference     21 30.43%             A big difference :              30.4%
 A little difference 26 37.68%
                                            A little difference :            37.7%
 No difference        22 31.88%
                                            No difference :                 31.9%
Analysing Question

If you have any other comments or suggestions relating to traffic or accessibility in Dunfermline city
centre please share them with us here.

Responses : 38
 1 The pedstrian experience will be improved if traffic through the area comes from one direction.
 It will not in itself "improve pedestrian access", as your question states 2 A city centre shuttle
 bus, on the route suggested in the report is unacceptable. It only provides for limited access
 around the city centre. A service should aid accessibility for all and linkthe following: the park
 and ride; bus station; train station; heritage quarter; carnegie birthplace; Pittencrieff and public
 parks; carnegie retail park; swimming baths and linking to all car parks for disabled people
 1. Far too many cars using the High street, they drive down way to fast and pedestrians have to
 jump out of the way... 2.Queen Anne Street has too many taxis, during the day they are lined all
 along the street and move for no one. This is a main street to and from the bus station and
 should be one of the first to be regenerated.
 A big difference if shuttle bus only, the centre should be completely pedestrian except for the
 shuttle bus.
 A one way only system would be a big improvement but there really is far too much traffic
 considering this is supposed to be a pedestrian area.
 A Park and Ride option would be better than a shuttle bus.
 Although I think this is a good idea there is absolutely no way you will manager to secure funding
 for this.
 an electric bus shuttle service,sorry but are you all mad, point one, it is silent and a mother with
 children who are regularly nearly hit, by disabled drivers, people abusing the system or delivery
 lorriesthis seems like lunacy. point two, there is bus station in the city center. point three
 .edinburgh's multi million over spend tram fiasco.!
 As a chartered town planner born in Dunfermline, I strongly welcome the Council's view that
 pedestrianisation would increase the vitality and viability of Dunfermline city centre. However, the
proposal for a Civic Square opposite the Bus Station is completely inappropriate for the City and
will have a negative visual impact on the City's skyline and upon the High Street and the listed
City Chambers in particular. The Civic Square will be poorly linked to the High Street and will
overdominate the buildings on the High Street. The Civic Square will not attract 'quality retail' as
a secondary shopping area without a major retail 'anchor' and it will end up as a poorly-linked
open area with a limited offer (fast food and bookmakers), as a locus for antisocial behaviour. An
alternate scenario would be to free up the Bridge Street car park by relocating car parking North
of the Glen Bridge, alongside the new Tesco store. The Bridge Street site could accommodate a
sizeable 'flagship' ret
As an active person I would choose to walk around town, but a service for those less able is a
good idea
As well as restricting delivery times, articulated/large delivery vehicles should be banned all
together. Disabled drivers seem to think they can park wherever they like, no matter what
obstructions they cause. Parking should be barred completely on double yellow lines and traffic
wardens should be more active in ensuring free-flow traffic.
Definately need to reduce traffic along the High Street/Douglas Street as it is always busy with
cars travelling along it and parked along it. However, there is a problem with it being a hilly town
centre for disabled, and elderly people. Not certain the town is big enough to warrant a shuttle
bus, though it would definiately be need and to be frequent with sufficient, space, apparatus to
facilitate pick up of the disabled so they don't get cold waiting around. They will be severly
inconvenienced firstly getting out of the car then havinf to get out of wheelchair to get on the bus
or will it be a lower platform job accomodating several chairs'
disabled drivers should be allowed onto high street at non peak times and speed restricted to
5mph,bucket lorries should be off the steet by 9am as well as deliveries,the fife bus service
should have a pick up point outside the old job centre
Dunfermline centre is small and easy to get around. I appreciate that there are those in
Dunfermline with mobility issues that may benefit from a shuttle service, a better alternative
would be to have a mobility scooter service if there is a high demand/need.
Fully support proposals - so important to reduce parking and make the street safer for
Given the hilly nature of the side streets leading to and from the High Street I think it is important
to retain disabled parking facilities on the High Street. It is be very difficult, for example, to push
a wheelchair from Carnegie Drive car park to the High Street.
In your own words "Dunfermline Centre is relatively compact and easy to navigate" so why
encourage laziness by spending money on a shuttle bus. Pedestrians need to be encouraged to
go into shops to keep the trade local, by providing a shuttle bus people will bypass some of the
shops. it seems to defeat the purpose! By providing adequate disabled parking and the shop
mobility scheme I fail to see why there needs to be access into the PEDESTRIANISED area for
vehicles, some disabled people are also lazy.
It would be good to pedestrianise Chalmbers Street.
It's very difficult to find the masterplan on the Council site and the artists impressions should be
clickable to show larger versions.
Many disabled or elderly people are unable to shop in Bridge Street or visit the Glen, or other
'outlying' areas due to lack of public transport.
more parking would be a bonus and I think that free or very cheap parking is a must. we think
the city centre is lovely but a little small so whatever can be done to increase its size and
diversity would be great.
More short-term car parks/parking, with reasonable rates. More and more local people are going
to Livingston or the Gyle, where parking is free and there are no time limit restrictions. We need
to encourage all Dunfermline residents to shop in OUR local town, as well as encouraging
people from Alloa/Sirling, Perth, Kirkaldy etc., etc to come through to Dunfermline. The Bus
station has been improved, so we need to improve parking facilities in Dunfermline - especially
with more park-and-ride facilities (even if this was only used for weekend shoppers)
No buses come up past the library this is bad for Dunfermline is all about hills and access to the
bottom part of the HIgh Street is needed. James Street, for some reason the buses have
 stopped almost going there, this is bad for people and businesses it is now a deserted area. East
 Port during the bad weather was crowed with people waiting for buses it proved dangerous ont
 he south side of the street people waiting for buses and trying to get money out of banks.
 Smaller buses could help go round routes double deckers are out always empty.
 no parking on high st will make a big difference you go up on a sunday and you cannot move 4
 blue badge holders who think it is there right 2 park where they like no disrespect 2 disabled
 people but some of them do take it 2 extrems
 Please see my answer to question 1, in addition to this i feel that the dotto train would be a
 complete waste of money, money that could be better spent being saved for the City Chambers
 Car Park Project.
 Please split pedestrian traffice from delivery vehicles. Yes to disabled traffic during the day but
 not delivery traffic.
 Rip up the expensive & costly to maintain Slabbing/Monoblocking and replace it with
 Coloured/textured Tarmac. This would decrease the costly repairs/maintenance currently being
 carried out on the slabbing. Until there is no heavy vehicle access to the high street slabbs are
 not a realistic option
 The centre is small, so I can't see why it would require a shuttle bus. There are plenty central car
 parks, everything is in walking distance. Keep the high street for pedestrians only.
 The high street is a nightmare to walk down, especially with young children. To call it a
 pedestrainised area is a joke, and something needs to be done about the high volume of traffic
 in the area as it ruins any potential of an enjoyable shopping experience. There is ample parking
 in Dunfermline,however some of the car parks do need to be upgraded.
 The Shuttle Bus running from The High Street must pass the Bus Station and Train Station to
 encourage tourists and shoppers from other parts of Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians
 The shuttle bus should take in the Railway Station and the proposed Tesco development in
 Carnegie Drive. If this is not available, shoppers will go to Tesco and no further. There is a need
 for 'Long Term Parking' on the route of the shuttle bus.
 there is no point having a pedestrian High Street is you have to constantly worry about cars/vans
 revving engines behind you to get out of their way. Often seems that there are more cars parked
 on high street than in car parks.
 There's a real problem with traffic in what is supposed to be a pedestrian zone
 This should have been happening ten years ago when the Eastern expansion was already
 established and the population of the city was beginning to grow steadily.
 traffic at the bottom of Townhill Road is delayed in Holyrood place as traffic turning into Appin
 Crescent has to share a lane with traffic heading for the East port until the road widens from 2 to
 3 lanes. This road could be made wider
 We are the Salvation Army Charity Shop and rely heavily on donations from the public which
 often means a vehicle coming down the High Street, will the proposals affect this'
 when the new bus station was being built the shuttle bus from the car park was a huge asset to
 many people and I shopped more in the town centre when it was available i can count on one
 hand how many times i have been since it stopped
 Zero traffic should be permitted on High Street at all, and billiards should be implemented to all
 access points to the high street to stop anyone trying it.
Analysing Question

Do you think that public art is a worthwhile investment for Dunfermline?

Responses : 68
 Yes        37 54.41%                              Yes :                            54.4%
 No         16 23.53%
                                                   No :                     23.5%
 Not sure 15 22.06%
                                                 Not sure :                  22.1%
Analysing Question

Do you live in Dunfermline or south-west Fife?

Responses : 69
 Yes 59 85.51%                    Yes :                                               85.5%
 No     10 14.49%
                                  No :                            14.5%
Analysing Question

Do you regularly visit Dunfermline for shopping, work or any other reason?

Responses : 69
 Yes 64 92.75%             Yes :                                                       92.8%
 No      5       7.25%
                           No :                            7.2%
Analysing Question

Do you or does someone in your household hold a blue disabled parking badge?

Responses : 69
 Yes 12 17.39%                     Yes :                          17.4%
 No     57 82.61%
                                   No :                                               82.6%
Analysing Question

Are you male or female?

Responses : 69
 Male        33 47.83%                            Male :                            47.8%
 Female 36 52.17%
                                                  Female :                           52.2%
Analysing Question

Age range

Responses : 68
 0-24    10 14.71%                                 0-24 :                   14.7%
 25-44 26 38.24%
                                                   25-44 :                       38.2%
 45-64 29 42.65%
 65-74       1    1.47%                            45-64 :                       42.6%
 75+         2    2.94%
                                                   65-74 :                1.5%

                                                   75+ :                  2.9%
Analysing Question

Please tell us what you like and dislike about Dunfermline city centre
Responses : 51
Dislike -lack of colour ie flowers beds, hanging baskets more seats at the bottom end of the high
street not enough family run specialist shops Like - The Glen being at the bottom of the high
All the shops are in the Kingsgate and the rest of the town centre looks tired and jaded. Too
many charity shops
Although I live close to the centre I rarely visit it because shopping is not a major interest in my
life and I rarely need the kinds of goods that are sold in Dunfermline. I am mainly walking
through it to get to another part of town. I like the landscaped area that was created after the Co-
op building was demolished.
As I have mobility problems, I am unable to access some shops as they are too far from the bus
Cars should be banned from going down the high street, we can walk down kirkcaldy high street
and not worry about them...why not Dunfermline' Taxis should be limited in numbers in Queen
Anne street and not take over the whole road...
Dirty, unkept, trees on buildings, no mainenance of any damage done to pavements roads,
windows takes forever. No banners up when they should be flowers are always half dead on
display except when put up at Pink Strings etc. Broken walls and steps not repaired masonary
lying around buckets in streets Kirkgate smells bad black bags waiting to be lifted bins not
emptyed. Boarded up buildings everywhere cross from Post Office, Pilmuir Street, Abbot Street
etc. Street Signs no signs for Station, signs dirty, faded or can't see them for trees. No parking,
costs the earth, Glenrothes does not pay.
disabled cars blocking the high street
Dislike : Mismatched/ugly street paving on the high street and surrounds, Delapadaed shop
fronts, an empty kingsgate expansion, terrible BLUE street lights, billiards, bins and seats (WHY
BLUE!' - ugliest things ever!) and abandoned old buildings on the high street. ALSO the terrible
christmas lights of the high street.... id rather have none than those ugly old things - even a net
of white lights would be cheaper and would look classy. Like : Modernised shop-fronts such as
primark, 3, O2 etc.....
DISLIKE ease with which cars invade the pedestrian areas in the evening without hindrance.
Dislike empty shops in the Kingsgate. The empty space of the old co-op, The empty building on
the corner of the High Street and Guidhall Street (town centre nr cross). The East Port needs
regenerating at far end old cinema etc:Like the Abbey, Palace, Pittencrief Park, views from the
High Street to Bridges.
don't like the state of the buildings and the volume of traffic
Dslike: dead zone from 5pm and 10pm. constant battle with cars/vans on high street lack of
place for decent lunch car parks all over place and price variations Like varied shops
Dunfermline has a very nice but would benefit from more local produce/locally owned
businesses. Money should be spent on encouraging more small business operators.
I don't like empty buildings, council should do something about this.Pigants there are to many of
them in town centre.
I hate the way it looks very old and run down.
I like Dunfermline City Centre's character such as Dunfermline Abbey, Palace, Abbot House and
would like Fife Council to highlight the profile of historical Dunfermline to encourage more
tourists into the town centre
I like that it is compact I dislike all the traffic
I like the accesability of city-centre facilities in a relatively small area. I dislike vehicle drivers'
disregard for pedestrians in what is a pedestrian area.
I like the idea of the stone circle acting as a civic square of sorts outside the Glen Gates (Louise
Carnegie Memorial Gates). I don't like traffic coming around that tight bend outside the City
I like the local shops but am disgusted at the way it has been allowed to be so run down. The
extended shopping centre is a great improvement but the High Street, Bruce Street, Bridge St
and the Maygate are disappointingly run down. I regularly drive along Carnegie Drive and am so
saddened to see the state of many of the shops and the old factories etc - this gives such a poor
impression of our town. The car park at B&Q shopping area should be more accessible for the
Kingsgate which would encourage occupancy of the units which have been empty for years now.
There is a lack of grass cutting/ weed pulling in the growing season on Carnegie Drive and
around the roundabout near the train station - these are main entrances to our town centre.
I like the stone circle which acts as a civic square of sorts at the Glen Gates (Lousie Carnegie
Memorial Gates) off Chambers Street. I do not like traffic passing around that tight bend outside
the city chambers, it is just not very safe.
It's boring
it's quite nice to look at and has a nice range of shops but this could be better and a few more
restaurants would be nice for example. it's small compared to some other centres but if it could
be tastefully expanded i.e. new developments in keeping with current architecture then that
would be nice. the park is brilliant.
Its the best Small Town center i have visted. It needs to become more of a rival to Edinburgh
with more Pubs/Bars Resturants and high end Retail. Fast Food Chains should also be inivted
back into the High Street and Kings Gate. Since the Burger King was shut Mc Donals has had
manopoly over the city center for low priced fast food.
Like 1 Its compactness with ready access to heritage, retail and leisure facilities/areas 2 good
accessibility by bus transport 3 good townscape 4 improving shopping and other facilities Dislike
1 traffic domination of all streets 2 traffic in the pedestrianised area making life difficult for
pedestrians and particularly those with prams and children 3 poor quality of pedestrian routes
and standard of pavement in and on routes from car parks and from areas outside but adjacent
to the city centre 4 chewing gum on pavements 5 poor quality facilities for pedestrians to cross
streets, particularly at High Street Bruce Street corner and at the top of New Row
Like - historical feel to town. good shops. Dislikes - not enough done to promote the city's
shopping, history etc. Lots of empty shops (are the rates too high') Again needing more
encouragement for shopkeepers to come to Dunfermline
Like - Kingsgate extension, new bus station, new car park, City Chambers, Glen, Abbey,
Maygate area in general is lovely, Public park, Debenhams Dislike - unoccupied shops, Andrew
Erskine church (so much potential for use), Old Thompson's building, Bridge Street un-inspiring,
lack of pedestrian crossing from Kingsate (the court end) towards B&Q - accident waiting to
Like - The fact there is places to go before and after Dunfermline Athletic home games. Dislike -
The streets are very busy and sometimes overcrowded.
Like - the increase in shops that the centre has begun to offer. dislike - the amount of cars in the
high street. smokers gathering outside the entrance to the centre. does not feel family friendly.
distance between train station and bus station. Price of parking.
Like: Everything is close together, plenty of parking if required. Central bus station. Dislike:
Looks a bit drab and dated in places, empty shop units, uneven pavements, cars in supposed
pedestrian areas, would like more shops to stop people travelling to Edinburgh etc.
Like: Lots of cafes, Abbot House, Kingsgate and easy access to Dunfermline Abbey and the
Glen. Dislike: Too much traffic in a pedestrian area. Cars parking on double yellow lines. Too
many charity shops and too many closed down shops and too much litter.
LIKE: historic street pattern and historic buildings; green spaces DISLIKE: poor quality materials
Little parking
Maygate, Heritage Quarter redevelopment, walk way from Monastery Street to Kirkgate is
uplifting, the peacocks, Pittencrieff Park/Carnegie House redevelopment. I like the view looking
down the High Street, Bridge Street to Glen Gates. I like being able to walk into a beautiful park
from the town centre.
Overall Dunfermline has the makings of a very good town centre. Unfortunately it's let down by
its public realm. As well as the High Street, Bridge Street and Bruce St also require addressed
as these have some abandoned/run down buildings which ruin the entrance to the Glen. Public
art should be carried out in consultation with local artists rather. Vacant units should again be
used to promote the work of local artists.
Poor parking - and the narrow streets clog easily when it is busy or bad weather. There are too
many retail units which have become charity shops, suggesting little is done to drawn in new
traders - Bridge Street in particular faces dereliction if action is not taken to attract new retailers.
The area is particularly important because of its proximity to the Glen - always a draw for visitors
and tourists.
Proximity of Pittencrieff Park to shopping area makes it possible to combine shopping and time
in the park with the children. Hate the fact the carnegie trust building doesn't open its car park at
weekends to allow the public to more easily enjoy the pleasures of the park (surely carnegie's
original aim'!). Too many vehicles in high street, and they take little consideration. Too many
cash generator type businesses. Don't like the stalls in the middle of the thoroughfare of the
kingsgate either.
shopping in town is terrible i never do i go 2 glasgow have done 4 years better class of shoping
and not full of charity shops shoe and card shops we are over run with them
Street clutter. substandard materials used for road and pavement surfaces. Empty shops and
buildings Poor looking shop fronts componded by the number of charity shops which have poorly
laid out shop windows. Disabled parking in the perdestrian area (designated area outwith the
high street would be preferable. Requires more quality shops. Lack of a good museum/art
gallery. If I was a tourist as it stands I would be very disappointed. The green space south of the
bus station is poorly designed and is an open space that has no interesting features. It could be
the site for displaying public art. for the residents of Dunfermline and visitors. Dunfermline has
potential fro drawing in tourists as it is close to Edinburgh but it needs facilties and needs to be
attractive for those to make the decison to visit the town.
The City Centre as it is at the moment is very out dated, i feel that the centre does not take risks
as it should for its calculated risks that will inturn bring more tourists to the town centre more
shoppers and in turn retailers with overall will create a better economy for the town centre. Plus
there should be a greater push to get more retailers into the high street is self.
The City is wonderful, central to the history of Scotland, with unique historic buildings and the
unparalleled environment of Pittencrieff Park. Pedestrianisation would help the City and the run-
down western High Street, but please don't ruin the built heritage of Dunfermline with an
inappropriate 'Civic Square' parachuted in from Edinburgh Bus Station. Make the most of what is
there already, in particular the potential offered by the Bridge Street Car Park.
The extension of the Kingsgate has revitalised the town. A temporary method of signs for shops
nearer the Glen Gates to encourage shoppers to head down from the Kingsgate would be good
until something more permenant is put in place.
the homeless hostel right in the center, means when i go to the new debenham's nearly alway's
people hanging about outside doors smoking talking about james bank or going to court from
james bank. more druggies,alcoholics hanging about in city center area's don't want my son's
seeing that during day time disgusting.
The lack of big name shops. (I dislike that)
the parking costs at the multi storey makes you want to rush in and out as quick as possible so I
find myself going to the shop that I need to them straight back out again. don't find the time to
browse or buy anywhere else.
There are several streets, i.e the bottom of the town (towards the glen gates) that look tacky,
empty and unloved.
There is not a big enough variety of shops so it is easier to buy items online There are too many
pubs and no places for older people to go out in the evenings The bus station is awful and
access to it from Queen Anne street not safe. I like the pedestrian area but would prefer to have
no cars in it
There should be no access to large delivery lorries to the High Street area. Provision shold be
made outwith the city centre for transfer of goods to smaller delivery vehicles.
Too many cars on high street and too many closed retail pemises
too many vans etc in "pedestrian"area.uneven road surfaces,cobbles and paving that is slippy
when wet.street advert boards that block roadways.excess litter. nighttime has traffic in places it
shouldnt be,more litter and people ignoring signs,byelaws and generally making life
uncomfortable for normal folk.too many pubs
Analysing Question

If you have any other comments or suggestions about the Dunfermline Public Realm Masterplan
please share them with us here.

Responses : 26
1 I strongly support the development of the former Randolph Street area, and including
pedestrian squares off Queen Anne Street but also off High Street 2 The Public Realm
Masterplan is deficient, in that it does not take into account, or even mention the green spaces in
the city centre, e.g. Maygate, at Carnegie Hall. These and a number of others are an integral
part of the public space in the city centre and all need work carried out on them to be fit for good
pedstrian purpose 3 The funding for the different stages/elements of the projectshould be
evaluated in terms of social and economic spin-offs and with clear reference to pedestrian
A simple shop frontage scheme (i.e a grant to improve shop signage and utilise empty shop
fronts for local art work even from schools) would assist in improving the appearance.
Everyone seems to ignore the Public Park. Its wasted apart from being used by dog owners.
Have not seen plan yet
I am looking forward to the opening of the new musuem and art gallery.
I believe it would be a good idea to improve access to the Glen Gates (Louise Carnegie
Memorial Gates) from the High Street. This should involve the pedestrianising of Chambers
Street and part of Bridge Street (to as far as the entrance/exit of the Bridge Street car park). This
would enhance the stone circle outside the gates becoming a proper civic square within the city
centre. I would also look at the area around Dunfermline Abbey. I always feel when i cross the
zebra crossing on Kirkgate that there is usually constant traffic coming along the Maygate. Part
of the Maygate from the Carnegie library to the junction with Kirkgate and area around the city
chambers should be pedestrianised. My final point would be to improve access between the
Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum on the southern edge of the city centre to the main city
centre. Current pedestrian access to the museum via the Glen is poor and with the recent
weather, virtually impossible!
I believe it would be a good idea to improve access to/and from the Glen Gates (Louise
Carnegie Memorial Gates) by pedestrianising Chambers Street and pedestrianising part of
Bridge Street (to as far as the entrance/exit of the Bridge Street car park). This would benefit and
enhance the stone circle outside the gates as a civic square within the city centre. The improved
access would also encourage, for example, more parents with small children to come into the
park from the High Street. You also need to look at the area around Dunfermline Abbey. Even
though there is a zebra crossing on the Maygate, traffic coming along the Maygate seems to
think it has the priority over the pedestrian. I would seriously look at pedestrianising the Maygate
from the Carnegie library to the zebra crossing and also to remove traffic from having pass
around that tight bend outside the city chambers. My final point would be to improve access
between the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum on the southern ed
I hope that it is realised that if the ex Co-op gap site is redeveloped a major archaeological dig
will be needed first. In the recent Burgh Survey this was identified as the heart of the original
burgh, dating back probably to the 12th century. There is copious documentary evidence of the
buildings on this site from the 16th century onwards. The 'Heritage Quarter' comprises much
more than just the area around the Abbey. Much of Dunfermline's heritage is still underground
and to wantonly destroy it unexplored would be a major act of vandalism. I cannot sufficiently
stress the importance of this. I note that bars are mentioned as one element of the
redevelopment of this site. The last thing Dunfermline needs is yet more bars - there are already
far too many as it is. If we are to have public art imposed upon us can I put in a strong plea for a
public consultation first so that we who have to look at it are not faced with the hideous and
incomprehensible concrete expressions of the twis
I truly hope this goes ahead, it would be dissapointing if not as Dunfermline should be leading
the way forward for other small cities & towns instead of seemingly being forgotten about. My
Mum still goes on about how people used to come from all over to shop in Dunfermline and now
most people end up in Perth/Stirling etc
i would really like to see the high st full of varied shops again and busy with shoppers but people
have only a certain amount of money to spend each week and i think they will be drawn to the
new tesco and goodness knows what the roads will be like then around town the're bad enough
It all sounds very exciting, but we need better eating facilities rather than just fast foods, I would
love to see a cafe culture develop and the ability to have a drink at an outside table, which at
present you cannot do on a nice day
public art is a nice idea but that could be horrible as well.
public art is waste of the little money that will be given ,dedicated police patrols in and around
high street
Regeneration is essential and well overdue.
Renewal of the floodlighting systems on the public buildings and the Dunfermline Abbey is
essential. Funding must be secured for future maintenance and running costs. Tourist Signage
as used in St Hellier, Jersey should be investigated. Correct spelling of Abbot Street would give
more confidence in the interests of the consultants.
Rennovate old buildings such as the corner one across from Vodafone, and adapt them for retial
use to try and attract shops like H&M to open a high street store. Shopping is generaly poor. I
love the idea of public art and other attractive features.
The lack of big name shops. There needs to be more shops like H&M, HMV (permanent), Zara,
Topman,this will really boost the town and give it the boost it needs
The out of town car parking was popular as saved on car parking fees. Need to ensure all
surfaces and entries to shops are suitable for disabled wheelchair access. Another feature like
the circle of people Perth High Street, but we have the Mercat Cross. More History on the
Boards about the Linen/Silk Industry and signs to Carnegie's House
The plan is NOT on that page and using "click here" isn't accessible for those using screen
readers and is bad practice.
The snow hit traders hard in the run up to Christmas. Care would need to be taken that they
don't suffer during the upheaval of new paving
The view from the top of the multi-storey is truly spectacular - can't a cafe or similar be put up
there'! I wish we could get rid of Primark too...
There is very little detail available on that URL, some specifics would have been nice if you
wanted feedback
too many late licences,too little supervision.
When looking at the cost report for project, one key point form option one should be retained if a
cheaper option is found overall and that is the Whinstone Kerbs as this stone is noticiably far
superior than its alternatives proposed. In addition although i have already stated this PLEASE
DO NOT IMPLIMENT A WASTE OF MONEY DOTTO TRAIN! if the reason behind this is to aid
disabled access in the centre possibly look at car parks such as that on the new row and how
access is gained to the high street from there' maybe something that resembles the current
Waverly Steps development would work well here'
Yes the proposed Randolph Square is facing NORTH, this is rediculous, it will be windy cold dull
and uninteresting. It should face SOUTH facing the sun. Everyone has enjoyed sitting on the
south side of the Square this last couple of years it has proved a great attraction. Needs to be
redesigned. The High Street and Dunfermline itself needs to remember it is a Monastic City,
small and could be beautiful, exiting for visitors. Look at other places to see what they do with
small narrow streets to keep them clean and attrative to all.

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