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					Conference highlights include:          Advisory board
■ Flexible supply chain of the          members include:
■ Manufacturing excellence – which
  strategies are truly value adding?        Chris McCann
                                            ES Country Manager-UK
■ Cost of goods reduction in food           Wal-Mart Global Procurement
■ Achieving high service, low cost,
  low stock                                 Andrew W A Trevis
                                            Plant Director
■ Doing more with less –                    Kraft Foods Bahrain
  Overcoming capex unavailability for
  major investments
■ Value creation – understanding the        Dr. Stephen King
  true cost/value of products               Industrial Performance Manager

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Day One                                                                                                                                        European Food Manufacturing and Safety Forum 2011

08:00 Registration and coffee

08:50 Chairman's introduction
        Andrew Hughes, Head of Operational Risk Management EMEA, HJ Heinz UK

08:55 Achieving High Service, Low Cost, Low Stock
        Staying compeitive: Implmenting with the most efficient manufacturing strategies
         •   Overcoming the barrier to good service to have high stocks
         •   Achieving low total stocks and improved service
         •   Having the right stock to define service
         •   How do you deliver flexibility of service at low stock?
         •   Analysing cost balanced with services
         •   Shorter run length = better service and responsiveness
        Duncan McIver, Head of Operations, Unilever Spain

09:30 Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies, Efficiency Gains and Cost Reduction
        Setting and achieving clear goals on water, carbon, power, agriculture, transporation and waste reduction throughout multiple manufacturing locations
         •   Developing a global strategy, setting a baseline and achieving measurable results
         •   Receiving the 1401 ISO environmental certification across multiple manufacturing locations
         •   Delivering big savings
        Andrew Hughes, Head of Operational Risk Management EMEA, HJ Heinz UK

10:00 Pre-arranged one-to-one meetings

11;40    Lean Process Improvement to Deliver Growth                                  Sustainability and Eco Manufacturing Strategies                            Mitigating Food Safety Risks
         Radical new approaches to culture, processes, work                          Implementing a successful sustainable manufacturing                        • Indentifying and analysing multiple risks
         patterns and measurements                                                   programme for Co2, waste and water reduction ·                             • Detecting hazards and taking preventative action
                                                                                                                                                                • Monitoring and analysing food components in the supply chain
          • Supporting process redesign to boost productivity and profitability
                                                                                     Overcoming environmental milestones
                                                                                                                                                                • Mitigating risks across the global supply chain
          • Successfully leading process improvement programmes                       • Reducing C02, water, chemical oxygen demand and re-using water          Dr .Hans Marvin, Chair, EFSA Emerging Risks Group The
          • Implementing cultural enablement strategies across the shop floor         • Achieving real results and bottom line benefits                         Nehterlands
            Ensuring staff have the correct knowledge to perform, and look at         • Tracking productivity and improvement
            further improvements                                                        Demonstrating operational and financial improvement to key stake
            Using statistical process control to achieve and maintain stable          •
          •                                                                             holders
            production processes to achieve volume growth                             • Embedding sustainability initiatives for the long term
         Richard Lloyd., General Manager, Constellation Wines Australia              Louis Lindenburg, Capability Director Global Sustainability ,
         and Europe UK                                                               Unilever

12:20    Future Automation in the Food and Beverage                                  Innovative Energy Solutions - Nothing Lost,                                Building Global Trust - How Effective is Your
         Industry                                                                    Everything Transformed                                                     Supply Chain Management Programme?

          • How can the food and beverage industry prepare its factories for
                                                                                       • ContourGlobal combines existing technologies to provide "win-          Led by LRQA
            the future in automation?
            How to Reduce the material input, how to reduce the energy                   win" solutions.                                                        • Is our food reliable enough?
          •                                                                              ContourGlobal's facilities simultaneously lower energy costs,
            consumption, how to reduce the maintenance costs,                                                                                                     How to deal with supply chain concerns, and particularly with food
                                                                                       • increase quality and reliability of the energy supplied and decrease   •
          • How to produce larger quantities, with new automation technology                                                                                      safety issues?
         Christian Schulze, International Senior Business Development                    emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants                • Benefits of robust supply chain management systems
         Manager,Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry , Beckhoff                          ContourGlobal develops projects, funds all required capital            Cor Groenveld, Global Product Manager Food,, Lloyd’s Register
         Automation GmbH                                                               • expenditures and manages our clients' energy needs through             Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA)
                                                                                         strong local presence and proven know-how
                                                                                     Joseph C. Brandt, Chief Executive Officer , Contour Global

13:20 Networking luncheon

14:20    Manufacturing Peformance Improvement                                                                              Sustainable Manufacaturing Strategies
         Delivering cultural change and manufacturing performance improvement through                                      Meeting aggressive company targets for green and sustainable efficiencies to allow
         excellence in health & safety                                                                                     significant cost reductions
                                                                                                                            • Reviewing the company's environmental impact and carbon footprint of products through reduction of
         Bob King., Head of Operational Excellence, Premier Foods UK                                                          energy usage and packaging
                                                                                                                            • Continuous improvement in environmental cost reduction by using innovative renewable technologies
                                                                                                                            • Gaining investments for green manufacturing projects - how do you achieve investment when ROI is low?
                                                                                                                           Tim Carey, Director, Sustainability and Technology, PepisCo USA

15:00    Tailor Made Intra-logistic Solutions in the Food and Beverage Industry                                            Moving Away From Functional, Silo Approaches in Environmental
                                                                                                                           Sustainability, H&S and Quality And Towards an Integrative Improvement

         Aiming for high customer service at lowest possible cost - the intra logistic in the
         area of conflict between quality demands, high level customer service and
          • Concept planning - key factor for success                                                                        • Creating the learning organisation: how to move from functional silos to a systemic culture where all
          • Adaptation to changing demands                                                                                     strategies are linked-up and operate in harmony rather than conflict.
          • Transition from realization to operation                                                                           How to embed an integrative continuous improvement strategy into your company’s DNA, and engage the
         Peter Riesterer, Director Sales International , Stöcklin Logistik AG                                                  entire workforce in the mission of the business.
                                                                                                                            • Dealing with the “Hidden cost of quality”
                                                                                                                               How to live the standards set by systems such as HACCP, BRC, FEMAS and ISO as part of your normal
                                                                                                                               day-to-day business
                                                                                                                           Robert Kent, Vice President, Western Europe, , Competitive Capabilities International
                                                                                                                           Ton Aerdts, Business Partner, Competitive Capabilities International, Holland
                                                                                                                           Christof Frenay, Business Partner, Competitive Capabilities International Belgium

16:00 Pre-arranged one-to-one meetings

17:20 Establishing Water Sustainable Operations
        Reducing the amount of water used in factories and working with local stakeholders to protect local water sources
        Laure Droual, Environment Manager, European Supply Chain, Coca-Cola Enterprises UK

17:55 Staff Engagement and Continuous Improvement
      Implementing an active workplace project to improve staff engagement productivity gains
       •      Knowing the requirements to deliver change and implementing them
       •      Promoting increased activity in the workforce as a tool to reduce sickness, stress related illness, chronic illness, injuries and accidents
       •      Sustaining long term continuous improvement initiatives
       •      Making people engagement happen
       •      Developing the right environment to stimulate change
       •      Reducing staff turnover
      Mark   Duddridge, Managing Director, Ginsters UK

18:30 Close of day 1 and drinks reception
Day Two                                                                                                                                     European Food Manufacturing and Safety Forum 2011

08:25 Chairman's opening remarks
        Andrew Hughes, Head of Operational Risk Management EMEA, HJ Heinz UK

09:00 Value Creation - Understanding the True Cost/Value of Products
        Analysing profitability of products throughout the total value chain
          •   Using financial analysis techniques to fully understanding if products are making money
        John Darbyshire, Global Head of Coffee and Beverage Operations, Nestle Switzerland

09:40 Successful Packaging Strategies
        Creating a standard on what to expect and demand from the packaging supply chain
         •   Understanding the impact of packaging on food safety
         •   Developing HACCP models for packaging materials
         •   Setting an industry standard
         •   Creating the Food Safety Alliance for packaging
         •   Communicating what suppliers need to do in order to supply packaging technology to the food industry
        Wynn Wiksell, Manager, Packaging QRO - Global Sourcing Development, General Mills, Inc. USA

10:20    Implementing a Carbon Reduction Programme                                                                      Global Supply Chain Quality Management and Food Safety
         Achieving measurable results with a focused environmental and carbon reduction                                 Successfully auditing global suppliers and mitigating risk to ensure food safety
         programme · Replacing fossil fuels with a combined heat and power biomass plant                                 • Effectively managing the quality of all suppliers and packers going into the factory
          • Reducing water                                                                                               • Creating a successful audit strategy for global suppliers
          • Benchmarking carbon footprints with similar food manufacturers and achieveing 60% reduction                  • Working closely with suppliers in order to mitigate risk
          • Achieving carbon trust certification and communicating this on front of pack                                 • Ensuring food safety
          • Converting to fair trade                                                                                    Deirdre NicCarthaigh, Head of Technical Services, HJ. Heinz Ireland
         Simon Houghton-Dodd, Head of Quality and Sustainability, Tate & Lyle UK

11:00 Morning refreshments

11:30 Establishing a Lean Qualification
        Training staff and embedding lean tools throughout the organisation alongside HACCP, hygeine and health and safety standards
          •   Food manufacturing excellence qualification: What is it?
          •   Why bother training?
          •   Selecting a training provider
          •   Taking valuable lessons from the pilot
          •   Opportunities and threats
          •   Determining the future
        Tony Salt, Training and Development Leader, Swizzels Matlow Ltd UK

12:10    Practical Application of Lean Manufacturing Principals to Food Processing                                      Keeping it Simple with Plant-Wide Optimisation

                                                                                                                        Led by: Rockwell Automation
         Led by: Matcon
                                                                                                                         • How can I identify my energy consumption and then reduce it
          • Examining areas of waste reduction with a key focus on the reduction of work-in-process and finished         • How do I know where my cost reduction opportunities reside
            goods inventory                                                                                              • How do I enhance the performance of my existing assets
          • Developing optimal flow for various products with respect to throughput and frequency                       Uwe Kueppers, Director Information Software EMEA, Rockwell
          • Implementing sensible automation to maximize production efficiency
         Hans Pettersson, Director of Lean Solutions , Matcon Group Ltd.

13:10 Themed luncheon discussions

14:40 Improving Business Processes through Powerful Collaborations
        What could I achieve by building my external capabilities?
          •    Realising the business benefits of outside collaboration strategies and approaches
          •    Enlarging and finding way smart ways to maximise revenues
          •    Improving and quickening up key processes with outward innovation strategies
        Dr. Graham Cross, Head of Open Innovation and Supplier Alliances, Unilever Belgium

15:15 Using Advanced TPM Methodology to Achieve Full Supply Chain Optimisation
        Learning, implementing and sharing the language of continuous improvement
         •    Strengthening supply chain partnerships by defining common objectives and a shared vision
         •    Using and sharing the same language, concepts and methods
         •    Providing education and training to learn best practice for suppliers and customers
         •    Achieving bottom line benefits – shared KPI’s
         •    Making processes leaner and achieving just in time delivery
         •    Creating powerful supply chain partnerships through collaboration, orchestration and acknowledgement of interdependence
        Henk Eertink, Managing Director, TPM Solutions International B.V

15:50 Chairman's closing remarks
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