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					                 Semester Novel Presentation

       This semester your project will entail a presentation of your book through a
BOOK TALK. A Book Talk is a quick presentation, or advertisement, of your
novel. You must include a recommendation, a summary, a favorite part, and an
artistic rendition of an event in your chosen novel. You are demonstrating your
knowledge of the book, while getting others interested in the book you selected.

   -   A summary of main events from the book, including a summary of your
       favorite part of the book (one paragraph).
   -   A sharing of meaningful quotes from the book – you must explain the
       significance of these quotes (at least 3, quotes should be longer than 4
   -   A reading of a powerful or emotional scene, including an explanation of the
       scene’s importance to the rest of the story (write the explanation as well)
       (one paragraph). Provide one photocopy of those pages to turn in with
       your project.
   -   An advertisement of the book featuring a short review of the plot, such as a
       collage of magazine cut-outs representing a character from the novel (you
       may use this to help explain your summary).

Your grade is based on these factors:
   1. Summary paragraph-(25 points)
   2. Effort/creativity/neatness displayed in your presentation/advertisement (50
   3. Explanation of emotional scene (25 points) Copy of scene must be
      included to receive these points.
   4. Quote explanations-(25 points)
      (125 points, total)

Your goal is to get us interested in your book! Be excited and have fun with this
assignment. The more creative you are with your advertisement, the more fun
you will have bringing your presentation together!!! This is your opportunity to be
creative and find something that interests you. Try to impress and make us want
to read your book!

*Note: The only written portion you must turn in will be the summary of the novel,
the quotes with their explanations, and an explanation of the most emotional or
important scene. Use MLA style. There should be NO sources used other than
the novel-you may NOT use Spark Notes,, Book Rags, or any
other source to complete this project. It must come from YOU!
Your presentation should be five minutes in length-no more, no less. Carefully
practice so you don’t go over or under!

Due Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011. Presentations will begin on this day, and
end on Monday, May 23, 2011. When we get closer to the due date, specific
presentation dates will be randomly chosen by lottery. You may volunteer,
however, to go on the first day if you wish. All work must be turned in on
Wednesday, May 18-regardless of absence.

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