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					 Is the Tale of the

A Photo of the Backside, or the “Negative
 Side” of the Tail of a Colorful Peacock!
A Unique Tale of Provable Truth
         Ray Walter Swangkee 
   The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge,
   Box 305C10, King’s Mountain, Kentucky
   40442 The Divided States of United Lies!

    My E-mail Address is: as in,
   “The King at TELL ALL, dot, Network of Truth!”

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  “There are many People who seem to be the First in
this World, who shall be the Last in the World to come;
and there are many who seem to be the Last, who shall
  be the First: because the Judgments of the SUPREME
  RULER are Just, who Judges According to the Truth,
which some People say is Negative; but nothing is more
 Positive than the Whole Truth, even if it Proves every
  Person to be Wrong, and only God to be Right.” The
 New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) in PLAIN English
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

          Copyright, Dedication, and


          The Professor Wordcraft from
    The Universal College of Superior Knowledge

       This Unique Tale of Provable Truth is COPYRIGHTED
2003 AD, by Ray Walter Swangkee. All Rights are Reserved for
the Positive Enlightenment of a Deceived Humanity, which calls
that which is Good, EVIL; and calls that which is Evil, GOOD. No
Portion of this Booklet shall be Reproduced by any Means for
Sale: because it is provided Free of Charge by The Swangkee
Association of Truth Seekers and Treasure Hunters,

        This Special Booklet is now DEDICATED to those People
who Vainly Imagine that the Tale of the Peacock is NEGATIVE,
just because they have been Studying the BACK SIDE of the Tail
of a Peacock, instead of Studying the FRONT SIDE of it. Indeed,
they also read the Bible with the same State of Mind, and come to
the Conclusion that it is also a very NEGATIVE Book; but nothing
could be more Positive than the Utter Destruction of Wicked
People, which is the Basic Conclusion of the Book of Revelation,
which Predicts that 2/3rds of Mankind or more will PERISH during
the Great Tribulation, when the Earth will be CURSED with the
Seven Last Great Plagues, which seems to be a very NEGATIVE

 See the Peacock‟s Website for his Free Booklets, called: Justification of
Capitalization!, and: Is it a SIN to Make MERCHANDISE of The Words of
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Conclusion; but God says: “REJOICE over her, O you Heaven,
and you Holy Apostles and Prophets: because God has Avenged
you on her.” Chapter 18, verse 20.

        Now, I know that most People are Contented with the
present Situation on this Planet Earth: because they Live in a
CLOSED-MINED POSITIVE World, even Refusing to think about
any NEGATIVE Subjects  such as the millions of People who
are presently Starving to Death in Africa: because their Land has
not had Sufficient Rain in Years! Indeed, such People would rather
concentrate their Thoughts on POSITIVE Subjects  such as the
Election of the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge to be their
Righteous King, so that he might put an End to such Starvation.
However, since almost no one has even Heard of the Master Plan
of the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, it will be unlikely that
he will be Elected to be so much as the Janitor of the Local School
of Fools, much less the King of a New RIGHTEOUS One-World
GovernMint! Nevertheless, the only Positive Solution for all such
Massive Problems, is to Elect a Righteous King, even if some
People do not like the Looks of the BACK Side of the Peacock‟s
Tale, which is Admittedly the Negative Side, which is Designed
for all Unbelievers, being exactly like the Bible, which is a very
NEGATIVE Book unto those People who only look at the
Negative Side of it. In Fact, According to their View, the Bible is
full of CURSES; but, in Reality, it is full of BLESSINGS; but only
unto those Wise People who OBEY the Truth that is Revealed in
it, who do not Feel GUILTY by all of its Condemnations of Evil,
for which Cause most People do not even bother to read the Bible:
because it puts them to Shame. Indeed, they have their Favorite
Scriptures  such as Psalm 23  which they Use in Order to
Comfort themselves with during Times of Disease or Death; but,
as for the Remainder of that Bible, “it is just too Negative,” they
say. Yes, “it is just too Depressing.” Likewise, when you only
Study the BACK Side or the NEGATIVE Side of the Tale of the
Peacock, it also Appears to be Depressing: because it is so Gray
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

and Gloomy; but, behold, when you become a Believer in the
WHOLE Truth, you do not even Notice the Back Side of the Tale
of the Peacock: because you are so Fascinated with the Front Side,
which is the Bright and Colorful Side.

                        Chapter 1 

        Did any Peacock ever See
     the Back Side of his own Tail??
        Well, without Double Mirrors, it would be Impossible for a
Peacock to See the Back Side of his own Tail; but that does not
prevent other People from Seeing it: because the Peacock does a
Dance for his Peahen, just in case she might Notice the Bright Side
of his Tale, and “fall in Love with it.” However, in a Society of
mostly Colorblind People, who cannot even Appreciate the
unlikely that they will Appreciate this Booklet, either.
Nevertheless, the Peacock has been Falsely Accused of being
NEGATIVE, just because there is a DARK Side on his Tale of
Truth. For Example, some People say that I am a
“FAULTFINDER, who finds Faults with every Person, every
Government, every Religion, every School, every Philosophy,
every Doctor, every Mechanic, every Scientist, every Politician,
every Lawyer, every Teacher, every House Builder, and every
Worker on this Earth!” Indeed, they say that most of my so-called
“Inspired Writings” are of the Devil, and that I am his Chief
Servant: because I Pick and Peck on the Brains of Snakes, rather
than Flatter People about all of their Good Works. However, when
the Judgments of Almighty God fall on this Nation of Hypocrites,
you will Know that I have been very POSITIVE: because I have
            Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Revealed HOW to Escape from that Awful Hellish Condition, even
if the Lady Doubtfulness does not Believe it. Indeed, we can
Exercise our Freedom of Speech in Order to Enlighten the Minds
of our Friends and Neighbors, who can all Exercise their Freedom
to Vote in Order to Elect ME to be their Righteous King, and
Together we will Eliminate all of these Massive Problems,
including Tax Slavery, Interest Slavery, Drug Abuse, Divorces,
Broken Families, Broken Hearts, Suicides, Crimes, Prisons, Wars,
and so on. After all, for every EFFECT, there must be a
CAUSE; and for every Cause, there must be a CURE. And that
is a very POSITIVE Message.

        Nevertheless, some People perceive differently, saying:
“But, KINGS are BAD, as History has Proven, which is WHY that
we have our Blest System of Good Government, which Elects
Presidents and Congressmen, who Represent the PEOPLE, who
Speak FOR the People, who Do what WE want the Government to
Do, which is WHY that we are more than 20 TRILLION Dollars in
DEBT, having more than 6.5 trillion Dollars worth of National
Debts, alone  not to mention Private Debts, Business Debts, City
Debts, County Debts, and State Debts.” †§‡§§2 However, why
Look at the NEGATIVE Side of that Subject?? Why not be
POSITIVE about it, and Understand that as long as we have a lot
of Rich Bankers, all is well in the World: because those Bankers
have lots of Money to Loan to us Poor Interest Slaves, who can
Borrow more and more Money in Order to RAISE our Standard of
Living: because we only Live for TODAY, and to Hell with
Tomorrow and whatever happens to the Great Grandchildren. Yes,
let us get ourselves so Deep into Debt that we cannot even
Understand how that anyone could Live without those Debts.
Moreover, let us think of those Debts as POSITIVE Aspects of
Life, rather than NEGATIVE Aspects: because this is the Richest
Country on Earth  thanks to those Friendly Bankers and to our
  See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Justification of Symbols,
Creatures, and Characters!
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Good Government, which have Discovered the PERFECT Systems
for making a few People FILTHY RICH, while keeping the
Masses of People in a State of Poverty, which is also a very
Positive Thing: because those Poor People have nothing better to
Do than to Service Bankers, Lawyers, College Professors, Doctors,
and Tax Masters. Indeed, it is the American Way, which has
worked fine for over 200 Years. Meanwhile, the Innocent Babies
are Crying for Mother‟s Milk, and the Imprisoned Black and White
Chickens are Squawking for Freedom from their Stinking Chicken
Houses; but WHO CARES, since this is the Greatest Nation on
Earth??!! †§‡§§

        “Oh, don‟t be so Negative,” says the Man from Under the
Lid on the Garbage Can, “but, just Change your Attitude toward
the American System of Good/Bad Government, and you will be
Happy with it. After all, we have better Health Care than any other
Country: because we have an Abundance of All-Mineral
Organically-grown Food in all GROSS Grocery Stores from
Polluted Coast to Polluted Coast. Moreover, we have Rivers and
Lakes full of Fish that have so much Mercury in them, that the
Government recommends that we do not consume more than one
Fish per Month: because such Fish might give to us CANCER 
Thanks to the DEPARTment of Good Food and Bad Drugs
Administration; or, is it the DEPARTment of Bad Food and Good
Drugs Administration?? Whatever, we have nothing to Worry
about, now that we have Disarmed our Nuclear Weapons, and have
Signed a Peace Treaty with the Lying Devil, who Promises to
Deliver us from the Negativism of the Bible, which is a Doomsday
Book that ought to be BURNED: because it Predicts that Babylon
will Fall; but HOW could Babylon Fall, since it is Established on
TRUTH and WISDOM??” †§‡§§ And thus, that is the Reasoning
of a FOOL.

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like the Irreverent Snake,
hisss: “O Proud Peabrain Peacock, you might think that your so-
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

called „Tale of Truth‟ is very Colorful, just because of all of your
Sarcastic Statements; and you might even think that some of us
Americans LIKE your Tale of Lies and Half-truths, or perhaps
even LOVE it; but the Truth is that we HATE to be Reminded of
our Sins, and we also HATE any Person who Reminds us of them
 even if that Person is Jesus Christ: because we are Satisfied
with our Prosperity, which is the PROOF of our Goodness. After
all, if we were not GOOD People, God would not Bless us; but,
because we are the Best People in this World of Woes, we are
Blest with all Kinds of Riches, including a POSITIVE Mind.
Indeed, I used to think that things were Bad, until I read a Verse in
the Bible, which reads: „Fret not yourself because of evildoers,
neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity: because
they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither away as the
green herb.‟ Psalm something. Yes, it crossed my Mind that there
is never anything to Worry about: because all is well in America.
Yes, America Prospers, and therefore all is well.” †§‡§§ Well, O
Sssnake, if all were Well in America, why would News Reports be

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Blind White Cow with
a Red Tale, moo: “O Peacock, I do not Fret myself over any Evil
News Reports, even as Negative as they are: because I look at the
POSITIVE Side of Life. For Example, there was the Shooting of
the Students in the Columbine High School, near Denver,
Colorado, wherein 15 Students and 1 Teacher were Massacred,
which was a very Positive Incident: because it Taught to US one
Good Lesson  don‟t Allow your Children to go to Public
Schools without their Pistols, so that they can Protect themselves
against such Wild West Outlaws. And Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke
Fame would Agree with me, that all School Teachers should have
their Pistols in their Desks, or even Submachine Guns on their
Desks: because it is a LACK of Weapons that brought about that
Incident in Littletown, Colorado. Indeed, even if the Principle had
been Wearing his Pistola, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold might not
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

have been so Bold during that Positive Day of Great Blessings,
wherein they Changed our Minds about the VALUE of Law
Enforcement in general, which must be Enforced from the Ground
UP. Indeed, all Parents should also be Wearing their Pistols, just in
Order to keep Law and Order at HOME, as Matt Dillon would
Advise: because that is where we Learn all such Lessons, as little
Children, who should not be Frightened with Whips and Sticks:
because Pistolas are more Effective. Yes, just as soon as some
Child Vomits out his Meal of Dog Food or Hog Slop, that Parent
should whip out his Pistol, and say: „You Damned Little Brat, get
down there on the Floor and LICK IT UP, before I Inject your Ass
with a 45 caliber Slug,‟ at which Time little Johnny will say: „but
Daddy, I Love Dog Food and Hog Slop; but only after it is Fried in
your Mother‟s Blubber,‟ at which Time little Johnny will whip out
his Pistola, and shoot his own Father between the Eyeballs, just for
Forcing him to lick up his own Vomit, which he should do, even if
it Tastes Bad: because all Children should OBEY their Parents,
even if their Parents are Feeding them with Dog Food and Hog
Slop.” †§‡§§ Well, O Cow, you are a bit Sarcastic, and very
Funny; but you have Failed to give to us any POSITIVE Solutions
for such Massive Problems.

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Teddy Bear, say: “O
Peacock, if you were a Wise Man, you would not Fret yourself
over any of that Negative News: because it is not Good for your
Soul. No, it is no Good for any Person to be Upset by such
Negative News  much less an Endless String of Evil News
Reports on the Devil‟s Vision, which can get a Person into a very
NEGATIVE State of Mind.3 Therefore, you are better off to Watch
COMEDIES, or even Soap Operas, than to Fret yourself over those
Evildoers. Yes, get your Teddy Bear and go to SLEEP; but don‟t
Allow such Negative News to Trouble your Mind: because Jesus
clearly said, „Evildoers shall wax worse and worse. Moreover, you
 See my Website for my Free Book, called: Is Television a Gift from God, or
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

shall Hear of Wars and Rumors of Wars; but let not your Heart be
Troubled: because, if you can Believe in God, you can Believe in
the American Justice System: because it is Founded on the Words
of God, which is just a Lie; but you do not have to Believe it, just
because I said it. Indeed, you can Prove that it is a Good System of
False Government: because it does what is Right and Wrong for
all of the People, and especially for the Innocent Children, who
are given Shots of Puss from the Time that they are Born: because
they need Snake Venom in Order to Prevent all such Diseases as
Cancer, which are Caused by a LACK of Shots of Puss, as well as
a Lack of X-rays, and Radiation Treatments.‟ See Luke 49: 51,
King Tut‟s Version. Therefore, whether or not you Believe the
Bible, it is not Good to Worry about the Evils that are happening in
this Beautiful World: because „all things Work Together for Good
unto those Wise People who Love God and Obey all of his
Commandments, and all of the others shall be Damned.‟ And that
is all that I have to say about it.” †§‡§§

       Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Fox with a Bushy Tale,
say: “O Teddy Bear, if you had HALF of a Brain, you would
Know that Jesus never knew anything about the American Justice
System, much less about Shots of Puss and Poisons: because they
did not have Witchdoctors 2,000 Years ago. Besides that, there is
not one Person in a thousand that could Understand your Negative
Sarcastic Statements, even if they could Force themselves to read
them. Therefore, even you need to Learn to be more Positive:
because People are TURNED OFF by such Negative Sarcastic
Speeches. Indeed, I have an Aunt Wretched who would not read so
much as ONE Line from a Negative Book like this: because she
would rather read Recipe Books, which are very Positive.
Moreover, she has the PROOF of their Positivity: because she
weighs in at around 450 Pounds, being mostly LARD, you might
say: because she likes to Cook with LARD, which is Rendered
Hog Fat. However, she has a Negative Sister who CRITICIZES her
Cooking, and Despises her Sister‟s FAT, who weighs in at about
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

120 Pounds, and Looks really nice  except for her Long Nose
and Bushy Tail, or Petticoat; but I told her not to Worry: because
even God has a Sense of Humor, which is why that he gave more
Common Sense to a Horse, than he gave to a Dog, which will Eat
his own Dung and SMILE. And she said, „O you Filthy-minded
Fox, God did not give any Person any more Common Sense than
he gave to any other Person: because he is a God of Justice, who is
“no Respecter of Persons,” as the Bible states. In other words, he
does not care what a Person LOOKS like; but only what he ACTS
like and SAYS. Indeed, God Judges by the HEART; but People
Judge by the Outward Appearance, which is very Deceiving, even
as your Bushy Tale of Lies and Half-truths.‟ And I said, „But, you
have just now Proven that God does give more Wisdom to some
People than to others, or else their Hearts would all be the SAME.
Yes, there would not be any Difference between Stinking Skunks
and Peaceful Deer, if they were all Created EQUAL; but the Truth
is, none of them were Created Equal: because God wanted each
Creature to be UNIQUE. Likewise, each Person is also Unique:
because each one has a certain DEGREE of Wisdom and Good
Understanding, according to his or her Obedience to certain Divine
Laws. And, in the Case of your Fat Sister, she has Lost Control of
her own Appetite, and has therefore become a very NEGATIVE
Person, who has a BAD Influence on all of her Children, who are
also little Fat Hogs; but, at the same Time, you are a very
POSITIVE Influence on those same Children, who can SEE that
you are Healthier and Happier. Indeed, you can RUN and Play; but
your Sister is too Fat to run and play, except to play with herself in
the Bathtub, which has given her an Unnatural Hunger: because it
is not Good to Masturbate yourself too much, which she Admits is
her Weakness. However, she does not know HOW to Overcome it:
because she is ADDICTED to it, just like she is Addicted to her
Eating LARD. Nevertheless, in this Society, we are supposed to be
Politically Correct in our Manner of Speech, which Means that I do
not Dare to Speak Evil of your Fat Sister: because she has a
DISEASE, which is not her Fault. Indeed, she simply INHERITED
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

her Disease from her Father and Mother, who were also Fat Hogs:
because they also Cooked with LARD. Therefore, they have
Proven that “we are what we Eat,” which is also True of our
Spiritual Food, such as reading this Booklet.‟ And she said, „It
does not matter what a Person reads, just so long as she reads
something from the Bible, each Day, which is the only Spiritual
Food there is: because it is the only thing that actually Satisfies the
Spirit of a Person.‟ And I said, „You must be Joking! Have you
never read such Master Pieces as What is The MASTER PLAN
of The Master Farmer?? Have you not Discovered how
Satisfying such Literature is, which Reveals things that are not
even mentioned within the Bible, which Answers our Important
Questions?‟ And she said, „No, I have never read that Book, and I
do not care to read it: because it might have some Negative
Opinions in it.‟ And I said, „But what is so Negative as your own
Attitude, which is the very Cause for so much Evil in this World of
Woes? Indeed, because you Refuse to even READ such a Book,
you have no Idea what it is all about; but I can tell you that if we
did what that Book Teaches, all Wars would CEASE, and we
would all be Living in a State of PEACE. However, it seems that
you do not Care how many People Perish in Wars, nor how many
Die with Diseases: because you have a Negative Attitude of “I
don‟t Care,” or “I don‟t give a Damn,” as my Daddy would say.
However, THAT is the Negative Mind, as Opposed to the
POSITIVE Mind, which has Love and Concern for the Welfare of
other People, and especially for their Health: because, without
Good Health, how can any Person be Positive?‟ And she
Answered, „I must Confess, O Fox, that you are Right  that a
Positive-minded Person would have Love and Concern for the
Health, Wealth, and Welfare of ALL People: because we are all
the Children of God, who were Created in his Image, having
Bodies, Minds, and Spirits. Yes, he Loves us, even if he Destroys
certain Evil ones that are among us; but it Appears to me that he
Allows most of the Good People to be Destroyed by those Wicked
People. For Example, Jesus and his Disciples were Destroyed by
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

the Romans, who never did Repent, as far as I know.‟ And a Voice
from Heaven Speaks: „O you of Little Faith, and Slow of Heart to
Believe, how Long will you Suffer in your State of Ignorance? Do
you not Know that Life goes on and on, so that People might Learn
their Lessons, which none of them could possibly Learn within one
Lifetime? Truly, truly, I say to you, that this is the End of this Age,
when all Mentally Capable People will be Tested in Order to
Discover their Faith in me and my Words of Truth, which none of
you have Proven to be Wrong. Indeed, you will Learn to be
Positive-minded, and Do what is Right and Good for all of you, or
else you will Perish with those Wicked People who are Negative-
minded, who will not Confess the Truth about any Subject: because
they are not Honest. In Fact, if they were Honest, they would
Confess their AWFUL Condition, which is an Hellish Condition,
when Compared with that of my Holy Angels. However, because
they have never even Seen my Holy Angels, they would not have
any Idea concerning that Subject and what I am Referring them to,
which is a State of Mind and Body, which only Holy People know
anything about: because they have taken Positive Steps toward the
Kingdom of All that is Good, which Steps begin with an Honest
Confession concerning your Condition, or concerning your State
of Affairs, which, in general, is better for some People, than for
others; but for most Confused People, who are only a Step or 2
away from Drunkenness, Gluttony, Drug Overdose, Suicide,
Divorce, Murder, Rape, or whatever, your Condition is a Living
Hell on Earth: because you have Traded your Good Health for
Sensual Pleasures, and have Sold your Souls to the Devil. Yes,
even now you can See other People who would rather be Watching
those Comedies on Television, rather than Study my Words of
Truth, which I have Inspired my Peacock to Reveal to you: because
he is one of my Honest Servants, who will write whatever he is
given to write, even if it Proves himself to be Wrong, which many
People would call Negativism. However, to be Negative, is to be a
LIAR, Deceiver, TRICKSTER, Fraud, CHEATER, and General
Criminal. Yes, a Greedy SELFISH Hog is NEGATIVE: because he
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

only thinks of his own great god GUT; but my People, who are
called by my Name, think of the Lives of other People, and how
they can Help them to become Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise:
because that is a POSITIVE Attitude, which comes from Self-
denial. Yes, the Hungrier that a Person gets, the more he or she
thinks of all of the other Poor Hungry People in this World of
Woes, who would not be Suffering at all, if the World were
Governed by a Righteous King: because he would provide a Way
for all People to become Moderately Rich, if they were Willing and
Able to Learn and Work. Yes, he would simply Mint and Print the
Necessary New Money, in Order to Use that Money WISELY, in
Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work,
in Order to do all Kinds of Good Works, such as the Building of
Beautiful Planned City States, called: $wangkee Lowtels,
Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses, which have more than 248
Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them, all of
which are POSITIVE Reasons and POSITIVE Advantages; and
that Stonework would Represent that New Money, which would
make it the Best Hard-earned Money in this World, being backed
up and Represented by that Stonework. Therefore, all of the
Positive-minded People will use their Freedom of Speech in Order
to Enlighten the Minds of their Friends and Neighbors, in Order to
Exercise their Freedom to Vote, in Order to Elect a Righteous
King to Rule over them, even if some Negative-minded Dimwitcrat
or Reprobate Disagrees with the Kingship Philosophy: because
there is no other Kind of Government that is Just and Fair for all
of the People: because the Masses of People are Ignorant, and do
not Know what is Best for them, as I will now Prove. Therefore,
listen Well, and do not Close your Mind, lest you are left in the
Darkness of Ignorance. Indeed, if you had a dozen Children, and
you gave to them a VOTE concerning how much Pie, Cake, Candy,
and Iced-cream that they should Eat, all of your Children would
become SICK from Eating too much. Likewise, if you had a
Business with a hundred or more Employees, and you gave to them
a VOTE concerning how much they should be Paid for doing
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

almost nothing, and even doing a Bad Job of that, your Business
would most certainly Fail, and go Bankrupt: because most People
are Selfish and Greedy, and do not take all things into Account,
such as the Expenses of Operating a Business. Indeed, there are
Greedy Employers and Selfish Bosses; but there are also equally
Greedy Employees and Selfish Workers, who are not Contented
with the Adam and Eve Lifestyle, who Lust after every Thing that is
Advertised for Sale, even if it Pollutes the Air until they cannot
Breathe. In Fact, you People have had more than 200 Years to
Experiment with your DUMBmocracy, and just LOOK at what a
MESS you have gotten yourselves into, having Prisons that are
FULL of so-called “Criminals,” who are mostly just Proud
Spoiled Babies, who should have been Spanked with the Board of
Education, and should have been Whipped with the Rod of Truth,
and should have been made to PROVE the Goodness of
Dumbmocracy. Yes, even now, you can Prove it by VOTING for a
Righteous King  except that your Evil System of Bad
Government does not Allow for such a Position, and even Denies
that there is such a Thing as a RIGHTEOUS King. However, I am
a Righteous King, who has just now told you what a Righteous
King would Do in Order to get enough Money in Order to Hire
ALL of the Able and Willing People to go to Work, in Order to
Build Beautiful POSITIVE Planned City States; and yet you will
not Vote for ME to be your Righteous King. NO, but you will stand
beside that Mob of Fools who SCREAMED OUT: “CRUCIFY
HIM, CRUCIFY HIM!”  who did not Know that Jesus Christ
was their Righteous King. Indeed, they Exercised their
Dumbmocracy, and even Voted to MURDER the Most Righteous
Person who ever Lived: because they were Persuaded to Believe a
BIG LIE, even as you People have been Persuaded to Believe a
BIG Lie  that Democracy is GOOD; but it is called MOB
RULERSHIP. Yes, you should Study a Booklet by the Colorful
Peacock, called: Were you Born to be a Master, or a Servant??,
which will Answer your Questions on this Subject. That Booklet is
provided Free of Charge by the Swangkee Association of Truth
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Seekers and Treasure Hunters, Worldwide, which you may Join
by making any Kind of a Contribution for the Cause of Truth, even
if it is only to give away a Copy of that Inspired Booklet to some
Poor Lost Soul, who has not Discovered that he or she was Born to
be a SERVANT: because the Masses of People were not Born to be
Kings and Queens, or else your God would be a God of Confusion
and Disorder. But, behold, I am the God of Reason and Logic, who
does all Things for a Good Purpose, including the Confounding of
the so-called “Wise” People, who attend that School of Fools and
the Universal College of almost Worthless knowledge, which does
not Capitalize such Important Words as World, Earth, Sun, Love,
Faith, Hope, Patience, Trust, and so on; who are so Barbaric that
they do not even Know how to SPELL Correctly. For Example,
they spell “NOLIJ” k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e, as if it NEEDED a K, W, D,
and an extra E! Moreover, they have more than 20 Ways to spell
the single Sound of “OO,”  as in school, rule, who, do, through,
two, Sioux, crew, blue, fruit, lieu, rheumatism, rhubarb,
rendezvous, ghoul, group, pooh, and so on  which could be
spelled with a single Symbol, such as Q.4 For Example, “school”
would be spelled “S-K-Q-L,” and so on. Thus, the “Sq Indeeunz
miit bee beter Rqlerz hq dq grqp krq rondaavqz with blq frqts in lq
uv rqbrrb, rqmatizm, and prooshqtoo, withowt much pq pq.” In
other words, if those School Administrators were Truly Wise
People, they could Positively Eliminate about 8 Years of so-called
“Schooling,” which I call “Foolishness.” However, some People
will Falsely Accuse ME for the Confounded Languages, rather
than Accuse themselves and their Ancestors, who still Persist on
using Barbaric Methods for writing and reading, saying that it
would bring in even more Confusion if the Children were to Learn
how to spell each Sound by using one or 2 Symbols for each
Sound. However, even without any Lessons, most Children can
already read “Peekok Funetik Ingglish,” which is so simple that a
 See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: 30 Good Reasons and Great
Advantages for Spelling and Reading Words according to the Swangkee
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

7-year-old Child can Learn it within 15 Minutes or less, if he or
she is of Average Intelligence. Likewise, some of you People are
wondering HOW you can REDUCE your Taxes? Well, Listen
Carefully, and I will tell you HOW, which none of you can Prove
to be Wrong with Reason and Logic. First of all, a Righteous One-
World Government would not need any Taxes: because it would
Teach all of the People to Learn and Obey The New
would Eliminate all Taxes; but not Tithes and Offerings, which
would be given Freely and Voluntarily by those People who would
LOVE that Good GovernMint. In Fact, if every Person in this
World of Wonders should Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey those
Ten Commandments, just exactly how many Taxes would be
Necessary?? No one would Steal, Murder, Rape, Adulterate, or
otherwise Disobey those Commandments, and therefore there
would not be any Need for Police Departments, Jails, Court
Houses, Judges, Lawyers, and Prison Keepers  not to mention
Expensive National Defense Systems, Federal Burdensome
Investigators, Central Unintelligent Agencies, Bad Food and Good
Drug Administrations, Alcoholic Tobacco and Firearms Fanatics,
nor any other BureauRATS and their Stinking Orifices: because
everyone would be Loving his or her Neighbor as much as he or
she Loves him or herself; and therefore, no one would Lie to any
other Person: because no one would want any other Person to Lie
to him or her. Indeed, everyone would Do unto others as they
would have others Do unto them, which Means that they would all
be Doing GOOD for one another. For Example, they would all
Realize that I gave to you an Endless Supply of Mountains of
Rocks, just for the Building of Beautiful Planned City States, which
you can all Share, as if they belonged to all of you, using the most
Beautiful Polished Stones in Swangkee Castles, which contain the
Government Headquarters for each of the Planned City States,
which Govern themselves according to their own Religious and
Political Persuasions, so that People who are like Sheep and
Goats are not Ruled over by People who are like Lions and
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Wolves: because that is a System of the Devil, who Loves
Confusion and Complications. Therefore, each Kind of People
must Separate themselves from the other Kinds, and Work
Together as Families, in Order to Build all Kinds of Swangkee
Fortresses, which contain Hotels for Visitors, Cathedrals,
Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, Churches, Concert Halls, Schools,
Entertainment Centers, and Swangkee Palaces in Swangkee
Castles.5 Moreover, you shall Build the Great World Temple of
PEACE, in Jerusalem, which will contain the Government
Headquarters for the New RIGHTEOUS One-World
GovernMint, which will be the largest and tallest Building in the
World, having Special Rooms for each Country to Display their
Arts and Crafts, the Size of each Room being made according to
the Number of People within each Country. For Example, the
Chinese will have the Largest Room within that Temple for their
Arts and Crafts. However, the Main Auditorium, or the Throne
Room, will be the Largest Room, which will comfortably seat more
than a million People during one Time. Moreover, that Throne
Room will have Seats for 60 Kings and 600 Governors, according
to the Master Plan of the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge,
whom you shall Elect to be your Righteous King: because, as Bad
as he is, he is the Most Righteous One among you, who can
Answer all of your Questions, who can tell you how to Solve your
Problems, and who can be Trusted to Govern you: because he has
no Selfish Motives, and would even be Willing to Sleep in a TENT,
until every Person who wants to, is Living within a Beautiful
$wangkee Stone Domehome Complex, which has a Stone
Domehome, Homecraft Workshop, Sales Shop, All-Mineral
Organic Garden, Vineyard, and Orchard, as well as a Walk-in
Cooler/Freezer, Bat House, Bird Houses, Honeybee House,
Cisterns for Water Storage, and all Kinds of Useful and Necessary
Buildings, such as Profitable $wangkee Fruit Tree Houses  all
of which can be Built very quickly and efficiently: because of using
  See the Drawing at the End of this Booklet for more Details about those
Planned Cities.
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

United Effort.6 Therefore, STUDY that Peacock‟s Master Plan:
because it is a POSITIVE Revelation from Heaven, which I have
Inspired for your Sakes: because I Love you.‟ And she said, „Well,
O Fox, I am left Speechless in the presence of such Words of Truth
as those Words, and therefore I am going to SHUT UP.‟ Me too.”

                         Chapter 2 

    The Negative Unbelievers take their
        Stand for Satan and Sons,

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Lost Sheep of the
Good Shepherd, bleat: “Oh you Foolish People, don‟t you know
that this Peacock is pulling the Wool over your Eyes, as they say??
Don‟t you know that just as soon as he is Elected to be your so-
called „Righteous‟ King, that he will become another Adulterous
King David, or Polygamist King Solomon, or at least a Puppet
King, whose Strings are Controlled by BIG Corporations like Ford
Motors, IBM, DuPont, Microsoft, ADM, and PXG  all of which
„Chew the same Rag,‟ as they say?? Indeed, he is just another
Political Rabbit, who does a different Hop, and Sings to a different
Drummer; but the End Results will be just the same: because he is
NOT God, and could not Rule us with Righteousness: because
there is no such a Thing as a RIGHTEOUS King, except for Jesus
Christ, who is our ONE and ONLY King, even though the Book of
Revelation refers to other Kings, saying that Jesus will be „the King

 See my Book, called: The BURDENS of The Independent Jackasses! (A
Tale of Woes), by The White Jackass with 2 Long Ears, who can Hear!
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

of kings, and the Lord of lords.‟ Therefore, he must be the Anti-
Christ, False Prophet, or perhaps the BEAST from Angel Ridge,
who shall do all Kinds of so-called „Miracles,‟ such as raising up
Woolly Mammoth Elephants from his own Garden, and
Transforming Rocks into Pure Gold, by calling Fire to come down
out of Heaven, which will Deceive all of you Ignorant People, who
do not know that if Satan should raise up Woolly Mammoth
Elephants, it would DISPROVE his Evil Evolutionary Theories,
and would therefore put him OUT of Business! Yes, it would be a
Case of a House that is Divided against itself, which would surely
Fall. Therefore, Satan will not do such Miracles; but God will do
them in Order to bring Satan‟s Kingdom to an END.” †§‡§§ Well,
O Sheep, why don‟t you make up your Mind one Way or the
other?? Indeed, if I am a Man of God, then you should Do what I
say to Do; but, if I am of the Devil, then I would not have any
Power to Do anything  and especially to raise up Woolly
Mammoth Elephants from my Garden, or Transform Rocks into
Pure Gold, or raise up former President Abraham Lincoln from the
Dead  because Satan has no such Power. Nevertheless, there are
X-amount of Deceived People who will actually Believe that I am
the Anti-Christ, even though I have not Spoken ONE Word against
Jesus Christ. And others will call me the False Prophet, just
because I have told you all of these things before they Happen 
as if THAT would Prove anything, except that I am a TRUE
Prophet! Therefore, you are just a Confused and Lost Sheep, who
ought to read your Bible one more Time, just to Discover WHO I

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Goat with a Short Tale,
ba: “O Peacock, I know WHO you are  the Devil, himself! Yes,
you are that Red-headed Devil, who has come to Torment us
before our Time.” Well, O Goat, you can Imagine that I am your
Tormentor; but the Facts Prove otherwise  you are your own
Tormentor. Indeed, you Goats have Climbed up the Tree, Eaten the
Fruit, Eaten the Leaves, Eaten the Bark, and have KILLED the
            Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

very Tree that was Feeding you: because that is GOAT Mentality,
which Symbolizes CAPITALISM!7 Therefore, you shall get your
Just Reward, and shall even Elect a WICKED King to Rule over
you, who will be a King after your own Heart: because you would
not Listen to Reason and Logic, nor Confess the Truth about
Capitalism, which is the Lust or Love for more Money at any Cost.
Indeed, a True Capitalist would Grind up his or her Grandmother‟s
Bones and Sell them for Fertilizer, just to get more Money:
because such a Person has his or her Priorities out of Order.8
Indeed, I have told you before that MOB Government is BAD
Government: because the Masses of People do not Understand
HOW a Righteous GovernMint should Work, and what Kind of
Person should Govern it.9 In Fact, those People are Seeking a
POPULAR King, rather than a Righteous King, who Does what is
Right for ALL of the People. Therefore, they will get just exactly
what they Deserve, even though I have Warned them, being a

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like that Irreverent Snake,
hisss: “O Peacock, who do you think that you are Fooling? We all
know that you are the only Person who QUALIFIES to be a King
of any Kind: because you are the only Person who can actually
Answer our Questions. For Example, I asked you one Time, Years
ago, for the Reason that you want 60 Thrones for Kings in the
Great World Temple of PEACE, in JERUSALEM, as well as
600 Seats for 600 Governors; and you Responded with a
SHOCKING Answer  namely, that it was Fulfilling Biblical
Prophecies, which had me a bit Confounded, until I Realized that it
might be Possible for one Person to Fulfil 2 Kinds of Prophecies,
being somewhat like the Player of an Organ, who Plays with both

  See my Website for my Free Book, called: A List of the Evils of Capitalism!
 Volumes 1 & 2.
  See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: How to get your PRIORITIES
  See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Is Democracy Reasonable??
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

his Hands and his Feet during the same Time. Yes, I thought this
thing over for myself, and came to the Conclusion that „with God
all things are Possible,‟ including the Fulfillment of all Kinds of
STRANGE Prophecies  such as the Prophecies about the Man
with the Spirit of Elijah, who is supposed to come and Restore all
things before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

        “Now, we Know for a Fact that unless a Person has a
certain Position of Authority, he cannot Restore all Things  and
especially the Throne of God in Jerusalem, which would have to be
within a Great Temple, just to be Meaningful to the Masses of
People, who would not have any Faith in such a Person, unless he
had some GIANT Building from which to Proclaim his Message.
Indeed, the Pope of Rome is a Good Example of what I am saying.
And he Speaks for GOD; but you Speak for the Devil: because
only CHRIST can be our Righteous King, as he himself said. Yes,
„You have one Master, who is Christ; and all of you are Brothers.‟
Therefore, you are an Imposter, even a False Prophet, who has
come  not to Restore Law and Order  but to SEPARATE and
DIVIDE US, in Order to Conquer us. Yes, that is WHY that you
Teach SEPARATION of Church and State, rather than Teach the
UNITY of Church and State.10 Moreover, you Teach that all Men
are Created EQUAL, when we Know for a Fact that NO ONE is
Equal with anyone else in any Way  not in Strength, Ability,
Skill, Wisdom, Knowledge, Trust, Faithfulness, Size, Shape,
Weight, or whatever. Therefore, your Doctrine is a Doctrine of
Devils: because it is not an HONEST Doctrine. Furthermore, you
Teach that Women should have EQUAL RIGHTS with Men, and
should be Paid EQUAL WAGES for EQUAL SERVICES, which
is another Doctrine of Devils: because no Woman can Do even
HALF of the Work that a large Man can Do, much less do it as
Skillfully, or else Women would be the Chiefs of this World; but

  See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Should there be a WALL of
SEPARATION Between Church and State??
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

instead, they are only the Mothers of this World, who must do such
CLOTHES and DISHES.11 However, if I were the Elected King,
all of those Mothers would STAY AT HOME, just to raise up little
Devils like you, who can Untwist the most Twisted Minds with
your Sarcastic Statements.” †§‡§§12 Well, O Snake, I Hope that no
one takes your words Seriously: because they might get very
Confused; but, at the same Time, you do make one Good Point 
that “with God all things are Possible,” which might have
something to do with me: because my Life is just one “Miracle”
after another, you might say. For Example, I have written well over
200 Booklets during the past 4 Years, while Working 5 Days per
Week at other Jobs, which would be an Impossible Task for
99.99999999% of the People on this Earth: because they could not
have written so much as ONE Inspired Book during that same
Time, much less write an Average of ONE PER DAY every
Saturday or Sunday! However, some People will say that it is only
because I am Inspired by the DEVIL to do it; but the Devil has no
Interest in Proving himself to be Wrong, which is what the Truth
does. Therefore, they have drawn up a False Conclusion unto their
own Damnation: because the Greatest of Sins is the Rejection of
Truth, which they have Rejected without a Just Cause  such as
the Truth about $wangkee Fortresses, which have at least 248
Advantages over other Kinds of Cities, which I call Cities of
Confusion: because they are usually Built along Meandering
Rivers, where Streets run at all Angles, and in all Directions, being
like Cow Trails, having Stop Lights every few feet, which Waste
BILLIONS of Gallons of Gas each Year: because of having to
Wait for Lights to Change  as if such Cities were Designed for
Gas, Oil, and Automobile Manufacturers to get Richer, while the
Masses of People get Poorer and Poorer; but Swangkee Fortresses
are Designed for everyone to get Moderately Rich. For Example,
 See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: A List of $wangkee Wages!
 See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Justification of Symbols,
Creatures, and Characters!
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

all of the Buildings within a $wangkee Fortress are FIREPROOF,
being Built with ROCKS, Steel, CONCRETE, Glass, and Clay
Bricks. Moreover, there are no Raccoons in the Gardens: because
they are all kept OUT by Profitable $wangkee Moats, along with
Stinking Prostituting Skunks, Barking Dogs, Grunting Hogs,
Political Rabbits, and Porcupine Lawyers. Indeed, each Swangkee
Fortress is like a United Family, which is United with True Love,
where all of the People can Agree upon Basic Principles  such as
to Obey the Ten Commandments, and thus Eliminate all of those
Taxes that would normally be Collected in Order to “Fight Crime,”
Build Prisons, and Hire Lawyers. For Example, how many Prisons
do the Old Order of Mennonites have? NONE! Therefore, leave
them alone, and stop trying to Proselytize them into the Kingdom
of Hell: because they are doing OK for themselves, without so-
called Government Assistance. Likewise, there are any number of
Religious Groups of Sincere People who are doing OK, who
should be Free to Govern themselves, and to Teach their own
Children whatever they Believe is the Truth, even if it is nothing
but a Pack of Lies: because God is only trying to Discover the
Most Righteous People among US during this Age, whomever they
are, so that he might Give to them Positions within his Holy
Kingdom during the Future!13 Therefore, let each Person and each
Group of Wise People CHOOSE what is Good for them, by
Accepting the Truth on ALL Subjects: so that their Minds might be
Enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who Guides us into that Strait and
Narrow Path that Leads unto Everlasting Good Health in the
Paradise of Happiness in the Blest Land of Perfect Oneness.
Therefore, the New Righteous One-World Government will be
Established in Order to Teach the Truth to all People who still have
Ears that can Hear, Eyes that can See, Nostrils that can Smell,
Tongues that can Taste, and Bodies that can Feel. Indeed, the Main
Objective of that Good Government, is to Teach the Truth, which
  See my Website for my Free Booklets, called: WHY were we BORN??,
What is The KINGDOM of GOD??, and: What is the POTENTIAL Destiny
of Mankind??
           Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

is why that Ministers of ALL Religions will be Invited to Speak
from the Great Throne of the Great World TEMPLE of PEACE,
in Jerusalem! Yes, that is WHY there will be Thrones for 6 High
Priests of 6 Major Religions, whose Seats will be near to the
Greater Throne of the Colorful Peacock, who will Speak for all of
the People, even if they are not Represented by those 6 High
Priests. Moreover, there will be 60 Thrones for 60 Kings, who will
Represent Federal Governments of 600 States, each of which will
have its own Governor, each of which will have a Throne or Seat
within the Great World TEMPLE of PEACE, in Jerusalem!

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Squirrelly Banker,
bark: “O Peacock, you keep forgetting that there are X-amount of
Wicked People in this World of Wonders, who could not be
Reformed no matter what you tell them, or Prove to them.
Therefore, your Master Plan will not Work: because you will not
be Able to Deal with all of the Criminals that will be Born from the
Rejection of your so-called Righteous GovernMint, which will
virtually Eliminate all Businesses: because everyone will be Hired
to Build $wangkee Fortresses, where each Family will have their
own little Private Paradise. Yes, you will do away with Organized
Crime, as well as big Corporations: because everyone will become
Moderately Rich with the TRUE Riches, and no one will have any
Use for all of those Vain Things that are now found for Sale in
most Junk Stores.14 Indeed, they will be Contented with Real Love
and the Sweet Juicy Fruits from their own Trees of Life: because
they will See an Holy Man, and will come to Understand that they
have been Pursuing Vanity and Pride, among other Vain Things.
Therefore, Babylon will Fall, as it is written: because it is a Self-
destructive System, which is like a Giant Brick Tower, which has
been Carelessly Constructed, using the Slime of Lies for Mortar,
which will come Unglued when the Water of Life or the Words of
Truth are poured over it. Yes, it cannot help but Fall: because the
 See my Website for my Free Booklets, called: Why Buy any more
TRASH??, and: What does it Mean to PROSPER??
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

sheer Weight of DEBTS will bring it down, which are Piled as
High as the Sky: because of People BORROWING more and
MORE Money. For Example, it is said that Americans are more
than 20 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT to us Bankers, which is far
more Money than the American Assets that might be used for
Collateral. For Example, the Total Value of all of the half-rotten
American Firetrap Mouse-infested Cockroach Dens, called
„Houses,‟ is about 8 trillion dollars, if you could Sell them for an
Average of $125,000 each. However, when People Realize that
they could all be Living in Beautiful $wangkee Stone
Domehomes, which have Marble Walls and Granite Floors, for
LESS than $100,000  Interest-free  they will just
Automatically ABANDON the Idea of Buying such Houses, and
especially after they check out your Enlightening Website. (Look
under the front cover of this Booklet for the Location.) Therefore,
all Intelligent People will take a NEGATIVE Look at the present
Interest Slavery System, and a POSITIVE Look at the Future
Interest-free System of the New Righteous One-World
GovernMint, for which they will Gladly Vote: because there is no
Better Plan for their Good Health, Abundant Wealth, and General
Welfare. In Fact, it would be like Heaven on Earth, except for
those Rich Hogs who have Extortionist Habits, who would not be
Contented unless they could get a thousand times more than their
Fair Share of the Earth‟s Wealth. However, for the Average
Person, it would be a Wonderful POSITIVE World, wherein Crime
would almost cease: because it would be more Profitable to
WORK, than to Steal and Murder. Moreover, after a few
Generations, the History Books would refer to this Generation as
the Most Barbaric of all Generations: because we have Known for
Years how to use Solar Power and Wind Power, for Example; but
have not used it: because it is not in the Interest of Industrial Oil
Giants, and Related Companies, who would rather Destroy our
Planet, than to Confess that their System might be Wrong.
Therefore, like most Capitalistic Countries, we have gotten
ourselves into a Military Bind: because the „Ship‟ runs on Fossil
              Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Fuels, and it is Caught in a Storm at „Sea,‟ you might say, which
Means that there is no Turning Back; but there is a Way to Save
the People that are on the Ship, and that is to set up a Righteous
One-World Government, which works Independently of the
present System, as if it were a Great Independent Country, by
itself, which has no Need for this present System. In other words,
we need Seven Great Swangkee Armies of WORKING
Soldiers, who are HIRED to do Good Works, such as the Building
of those Swangkee Fortresses, until at last almost everyone is
Absorbed into that System from this present System. Moreover, if
we have to, we can Tax ourselves in Order to furnish those
Swangkee Armies with whatever Heavy Equipment that they
might need in Order to do their Work: because it will be a lot more
Profitable than Taxing ourselves in Order to Fight in another
World War.”15 Well, O Banker, you make a lot of Sense, except
that most People do not want to Work for a Living, now that they
are SPOILED by the “Get Rich Quick” Idea. Therefore, the so-
called “Smarter” People will not Volunteer for such Armies:
because they would rather Play with Stocks and Bonds, or even
Play the Lottery, with the HOPE that they might get Rich
quickly.16 Nevertheless, “whatever will be will be,” as they say;
and it will probably turn out just like the Positive/Negative Book of
Revelation Reveals it.

     See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Can Bankers be Trusted??
     See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: How GOOD is GAMBLING??
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

                        Chapter 3 

                   The Conclusion
       Few People on this Earth have not Seen BOTH SIDES of
the Tail of a Peacock, if they have Witnessed one in Person:
because the Peacock does a Unique Dance for his Peahen.
Likewise, few People have not Seen BOTH SIDES of the Tale of
the Peacock from Angel Ridge, if they have Studied it: because it
Symbolizes a DOUBLE Message, which is more easily
Understood than the Double Message of the Holy Bible, which
Blinds the Minds of the Fools who Reject its Words of Truth
without a Just Cause. May they continue to be Confused, until they
are Washed Clean by a Great Bloodbath in the Valley of Decision!

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Should Christians OBEY Whatever Authority Rules over
Should People PRAY for PEACE??
Should True Christians Keep God’s Sabbath Day Holy, or
      Men’s Sunday??
The KEY of the Knowledge of All that is Good and Evil!
The Mystery of the RICH MAN and LAZARUS Revealed!
The Religious Controversy of the Millennium!
The Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth!
Was Christ Born on Christmas??
Was Joseph Smith Junior a True Prophet or a False Prophet??
Were all Men Created EQUAL??
What are GHOSTS??
What are the GIFTS of God??
What does BAPTISM Mean??
What does it Mean to be Born Again??
What does it Mean to be HOLY??
What does it Mean to be SAVED??
What does it Mean to BELIEVE and Who does NOT
What does it Mean to “Lay not up for yourselves Treasures
      upon the Earth”??
What does it Mean to REPENT??
What does it Mean to Worship God in Spirit and in Truth??
What Happens when we DIE???  Volumes 1 & 2!
What is a SOUL??
What is God’s NAME??
What is the Gift of Speaking in Tongues??
What is The GREATEST SIN??
What is The KINGDOM of GOD??
What is the Love of God??
         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

What IS the MARK of The BEAST??
What is The MASTER PLAN of The Master Farmer??
What is the POTENTIAL Destiny of Mankind??
What is True Love??
What is WIZDUM??
What is WRong with the UPCI?
What or WHO are ANGELS??
What or WHO is GOD??
WHERE is The City of God??
Which Church is the Right Church??
Who are the False Prophets??
WHO has Authority from God??
WHO is The DEVIL??
WHY were we BORN??
Will Christians be RAPTURED up to Heaven before the Great

          Category 3 ― Government/Politics
101 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Establishing a
       RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint!
A List of the EVILS of DEMOCRACY!
A New Solution for the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!
A Reasonable Solution for Capital Punishment that Everyone
       can Accept!
A Reasonable Solution for Kosovo!
A Reasonable Solution for the ENERGY CRISIS!
A Reasonable Solution for the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!
A Reasonable Solution for the SOCIAL SECURITY
Can Politicians be Trusted??
Do you Belong to some CULT??
Do you Pledge your Allegiance to God, or to a RAG??
         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

How to Bring PEACE to the Middle East!
How to Deal with Natural Disasters!
      Government without Going to WAR!
How Working People can PROSPER and Live in PEACE
      under the Rulership of a RIGHTEOUS King!
Is Democracy Reasonable??
Seven Great Swangkee Armies of WORKING Soldiers!
Should Christians VOTE??
Should The Peacock be Summoned for Jury Service??
Should there be a WALL of SEPARATION Between Church
      and State??
Swangkee Associations of Working Soldiers! (A Tale of
      Unification) by The Army Ants
The BOOK of Swangkee Associations of Working Soldiers! (A
      Tale of Wit and Wisdom) by The Multicolored Camel
      with 2 Humps on his Back
The CRACK in the Liberty Bell, and What it Means!
The Declaration of Interdependence!
The Divided States of United Lies!
The Great World Temple of PEACE, in JERUSALEM!
The Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING!
The Little White BACKHOUSE!
The New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint!
The QUALIFICATIONS for Kings and Queens at Swangkee
      Castles! (A Tale of Revelation) by The Queen Bee
VOTE for The GOAT!
What is FREEDOM??
What is The BEAST??
What IS the MARK of The BEAST??
What is the Punishment for Unjust Judges??
WHO QUALIFIES to Rule over US??
         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Why Vote for One of 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties??

                 Category 4 ― Education
30 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Spelling and
        Reading Words According to the Swangkee Phonetic
ARE WE DECEIVED  Volumes 1 & 2!
Arkansas Fish!
Can News Reporters be Trusted??
Did People Evolve from Apes??
Do People Need to go to School in Order to get a Good
FREEDOM of SPEECH Magazine of Opinions  Volume 1!
HOW to Read a Good Book!
How to Resolve ARGUMENTS!
Is Ignorance Bliss??
Justification of Capitalization!
Justification of Symbols, Creatures, and Characters!
Should the Ten Commandments be Posted in Public Schools??
The School of FOOLS!
What is WRong with C-span??
What is WRong with the Book of MORMON?? — Volume 1!

      Category 5 ― Money/Economy/Prosperity
A List of Swangkee Wages!
A List of the Evils of Capitalism!  Volumes 1 & 2!
A Reasonable Solution for SWEAT SHOPS!
A Reasonable Solution for TRASH DISPOSAL!
Are we Tax Slaves?? And, What Positive Things we can Do in
       Order to be set Free from Tax Slavery!!
Are you a BAAL Worshipper??
Are you Poor — and not too Proud to Confess it??
Can Bankers be Trusted??
Dear Reverend Ralph Workaholic Beiting!

         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Does the Colorful Peacock have a JUST CAUSE for NOT
         Paying Taxes??
How Could We Afford It??
How GOOD are CARS??
How much would you Pay for an Obedient Goat??
How we can All get Moderately RICH!
Is it a SIN to Make MERCHANDISE of The Words of God??
Looking for a JOB!
The Colorful Peacock Debates the United States Congress over
The KO$T of a Dipstick! (A Hard Lesson to be Learned at a
         Great Price) By Raa Obzervutiv Swangkee
The History of Money!
The New and Wonderful MONETARY and ECONOMIC
         SYSTEM of The New Righteous One-World
The Strange Things that People Do in Order to Get more
What does it Mean: “The Destruction of the Poor is their
What does it Mean to PROSPER??
What ever Happened to the Good Old Days??
WHO are the Real Bank Robbers??
Why Buy any more TRASH??
Why do Lying Preachers Prosper??

               Category 6 ― Social/Moral
A Head to Heart Speech!
A Nation of Prostitutes!
Can Lawyers be Trusted??
Can Peacocks be Trusted??
         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

Can we Do GOOD, without Doing what is RIGHT??
Dear Adam and Eve!
Dear Simon J. and Brenda P.!
Did the Creator Intend for Peacocks to Marry Chickens??
Distractions from Reality!
How GAY is GOD??
How Good or Evil is GREED??
How GOOD was Women’s LIBERATION??
HOW to Run Away! (And when not to.)
Is America Number 1??
Is God GAY??
Is Television a Gift from God, or SATAN??
Is the Peacock a RACIST??
One Nation  Americans Remember September 11
Should Handguns be BANNED in America??
Should we OBEY our Elders??
Should Wives OBEY their Husbands??
SURVEY of Religious Spiritual Political Social Moral Labor
        and Habitual VALUES!
        of Shame) by The White Cow with a Red Face, The
        Black Cow with a White Face, and The Red Cow with
        a Black Face!
The Paradoxical Human Mind!
The Swangkee Association of Truth Seekers and Treasure
        Hunters, Worldwide!
Were you Born to be a Master, or a Servant??
What does ADULTERY Mean??
What is IDOLATRY??
What is the Greatest INJUSTICE??
Why am I so PROUD to be an American??
Why should Men Wear BEARDS??

      Category 7 ― Health/Gardening/Farming
         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

A 100% Weedless Garden! (Not Hydroponics)
A Sure and Free Cure for PIMPLES!
A Sure Cure for Chronic Constipation of the Mind!
A Sure Cure for DEPRESSION!
A Sure Cure for Pimples, Blackheads, Boils, Lumps, Tumors,
       and other Collections of Poisons and Filth!
All-Mineral Organic Gardening! (A Unique Tale of True
       Knowledge) By The Little Brown Earthworm
Are you Addicted to a Weed??
Before you Commit Suicide, TRY FASTING!
Can Medical Doctors be TRUSTED??
Did God Intend for People to Eat Whatever they Want to??
Did STRESS Kill Jon Jackson??
How to PREVENT the Common Cold! (A 90-minute Tape
RULES for FASTING  Volumes 1 & 2, by The PEACOCK
Swangkee Fasting Sanitariums!
The Farmer’s DILEMMA!
What is the PUNISHMENT for Dietary Sins??
What Makes People CRAZY??
What Makes People HAPPY??
What Makes People LAZY??
What Makes People SICK??
What will you Do when the Rain STOPS??
Why does God Allow SUFFERING??

               Category 8 ― Construction
248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and
      Living within the Borders of Beautiful Planned City
25 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and
      Living within Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehomes!
40 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Making and Using
      $wangkee Solar-powered Electric Cars, Vans, Buses,

         Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

       Trucks, Tractors, Bulldozers, Trains, Ships, Toys, and
       Planned City States! (A Unique Solar System)
77 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Men to Make and
       Wear Swangkee Robes and Cloaks!
A New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas!
A Reasonable Solution for Unnecessary Pollution, Poverty,
       Crime, and Taxes!
How to Live a Simple Life!
Profitable $wangkee Bat Houses!
$wangkee Fruit-picking Machines!
$wangkee Lowtels, Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses!
$wangkee Palaces!
$wangkee Solar Electric Power Plants!
The BURDENS of The Independent Jackasses (A Tale of
Woes) by The White Jackass with 2 Long Ears,
       who can Hear!
The IDEAL Place to Live!  Volumes 1 & 2!

         Category 9 ― Crime/Terrorism/War
A Coward’s War!
Are you a Spiritual COWARD??
Did the Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing get their
How Successful is the War on Drugs??
HOW to CONVERT our Enemies!
Reflections on the War in IRAQ!
Should Christians RESIST EVIL??  Volume 1!
The Mystery of the Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy
       James McVeigh!
The Peabrain Peacock Investigates the Kennedy Assassination!
Those Good American GANGS!
          Is the Tale of the Peacock POSITIVE or NEGATIVE??

What does it Mean to MURDER??
What PRODUCES Criminals??
What would JESUS DO??
WHO are the Real Criminals??
Who are the TERRORISTS??
Who should Pay for the World Trade Center in New York??
Why do Terrorists HATE US??

              Category 10 ― Miscellaneous
Did Men Land on the Moon??
Does God Hate Astronauts??
Does the Earth MOVE??
God’s Christmas Present!
Grandma and Grandpa Swangkee  Volume 1
Mountain Grizzly Bear Meets his Match!
Small Minds are Impressed with BIG THINGS!
The Great Ice Storm of 2000 AD!
Was the Holocaust a HOAX??
Where did Adolf Hitler go WRong?? ― Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

(NOTE: If you have Clicked your Mouse on a Book or Booklet
that does not Open up, or is not Displayed on your Computer
Screen, it is most likely because of the Fact that such a Book or
Booklet has not yet been Posted on my Website, even if it is
Written. Therefore, just be Patient until it Appears in all of its
Glory with the other so-called “Tale Feathers” of the Colorful
Peacock from Angel Ridge, who gets New “Tale Feathers” of
Various Lengths and New Enlightenment every Year.)

   The “TALE of The Peacock” is a Massive
Collection of Inspired Writings by Ray Walter
     Swangkee, which Unbelievers View as
NEGATIVE: because of their own Doubts; but
 Believers View those Writings as POSITIVE:
    because those Inspired Writings Reveal
 Reasonable Solutions for ALL of our Massive
Problems, which Solutions no one on this Earth
 has Proven to be WRong nor Unworkable, or
else they could Collect a MILLION-DOLLAR
   REWARD that is Offered for such Proof!
Therefore, in spite of all of the Criticisms of the
  Tale of the Peacock, nothing could be more
POSITIVE, even though, when someone Looks
at the Negative Side of the Tale of the Peacock,
 they Fail to See the Beautiful Colors that are
 found on the Positive Side of it: because they
are Unworthy to Discover those Great Truths,
which could set them Free from their Prison of
    Lies and Sins. However, after they have
   Suffered Long Enough in the Darkness of
 Ignorance, they will no Doubt REPENT, and
also Accept the Truths concerning all Subjects,
    some of which are Revealed within this
         Inspired Booklet for Believers.

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