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posters - Valdosta State University


									                                Poster Session 12:15-1:30
                                   Magnolia Room 2

             Phillip Williams, Carly Floyd, Stephanie Briggs, Andrew Seliga
                                Valdosta State University
                      The History of Coca-Cola: It's the Real Thing

       This project examines the history of Coca-Cola from its beginnings in Atlanta,
Georgia, in 1885 until the present. Originally registered as a nerve and tonic stimulant,
Coca-Cola has evolved from a pharmacist's potion to a worldwide soft drink. This
presentation focuses on the changes that have occurred in the production, distribution,
and advertisement of Coca-Cola throughout the years and the impact of Coca-Cola on
American households.

                               Aaron Gall and Bette' Ford
                               University of West Georgia
                           Production of Sphingosine Analogue

          Synthesizing Garner’s Aldehyde becomes a precursor to biologically active
compounds, such as the backbone component of sphingolipids, sphingosine, which
inhibits protein kinase C. Over-expression of PKC has been known to result in the
proliferation of cell growth and division in certain cell types, resulting in tumors. We
presume to synthesize a sphingosine analog from Garner’s Aldehyde and to determine
the functionality of the 3-hydroxyl group on sphingosine, as well as the effect of
additional nitrogen substituents.

                                     Amanda M. Brock
                                University of West Georgia
                  Initial Results of Solar Studies at a Sunspot Minimum

          Solar activity varies on average every eleven years. Sunspot activity has been
minimal during recent years. This project of monitoring the Sun started in October, 2008.
Its objectives are to obtain baseline images of the Sun in various wavelengths during the
minimum and to continue this imaging in the initial part of the new sunspot cycle.
Solar photographs have been made through telescopes equipped with three different
                                     Cassie Taylor
                                Valdosta State University
                            World War II’s ‘F’ bomb: Fashion

        While World War II helped establish America as a prominent world power, it is
also a landmark for an aspect of civilian life rarely connected to war: fashion. Using
materials, pictures, and fabrics, this poster presentation covers the important influences
World War II had on the fashion environment and, as a result, the social and economic
standards it forever changed.

                                     Helen Burkett
                                Valdosta State University
                          The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

       This poster presentation depicts the tragic fate of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, sunk by
a Japanese submarine in 1945. Countless stories of survivors and information from U.S.
government documents are included on the display board via photographs, eyewitness
accounts, as well as newspaper excerpts from the time period.

                                    Soumeaya Elias
                                Valdosta State University
                            Propaganda: Capitulating on Fear

        This poster presentation focuses on the topic of fear and how propaganda “used to
promote fear” affected the history of World War II. It also demonstrates a comparable
use of propaganda during the 2004 American presidential election. Propaganda affects all
generations and can change the course of history, regardless of the time period.

                                    Matthew Babcock
                                 Valdosta State University
                                Architecture and Modernity

        This presentation compares the Eiffel Tower and the Tokyo Tower - two pillars of
modern architecture - built in two different countries 69 years apart. In addition to
obvious differences in dimensions and building materials, it investigates the cultural
differences in the two countries and their acceptance of modernity.

                                   Reese Thompson
                                Valdosta State University
                            The Horrors of Human Trafficking
        This poster session focuses on the horrors of human trafficking, the fastest-
growing criminal industry in the world with a global annual market of about $42.5 billion
dollars. It forces men, women, and children into sexual slavery, forced labor,
international adoption, servitude for the removal of organs, and recruitment as child
soldiers. To bring this closer to home, the state of Georgia experiences trafficking
problems, with an example being Atlanta, where ninety percent of all street children are
prostituted, regardless of their age.

                                     Kathryn Calkins
                                Augusta State University
                               An Ethnographic Exploration

        This project uses photography to document a first-person ethnographic study of a
Mennonite community. During my one week living with a Mennonite family, I explored
all aspects of the community’s daily life. Many rules, such as those regarding dress and
technology, challenged my sense of cultural identity as I put aside the trappings of what I
took for granted as constituting “me.” It felt like stepping back into an earlier historical
moment--one, however, that was not immune from the modern world. I was able to
observe the similarities and differences between the world of this community and the one
of my own postmodern life.

                                       Ashley Quartey
                                   Georgia Perimeter College
                   Passionate and Compassionate Love in Relationships
        This poster presentation will explore the different types of love that human beings
exhibit and the ways in which passionate and compassionate love form the foundation for
relationships that are fulfilling.

                                        Adam Valdez
                                   Valdosta State University
                       Rethinking Our Diet: Perspectives on Veganism
        This poster presents the current arguments and the critique of the vegan diet.
Introduced first is the idea of the immorality of eating meat from the perspectives of
Rights Based arguments and Utilitarian and Consequentialist arguments. Follows a
critique of veganism as unfair to women, children, and the elderly and unwittingly
isolating and separating humans from nature. The presentation concludes with an
introduction of ecocentrism and an explanation of how ecocentric thinking can progress
our diet and everyday life.

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