LF series cabs - Edition 2009

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					  LF series cabs - Edition 2009

     Having many styling features in common with the            In the LF’s working environment, a cab can easily
     bigger brothers CF and XF, the LF is undeniably a          sustain all kinds of light accidental damages. That’s
     proud member of the DAF family.                            why much attention was given to avoid vulnerability.
                                                                The lower body parts are protected by a strong steel
     The LF cab has been designed to be agile in the            bumper with three centimetres clearance all round.
     busy and often chaotic traffic that characterizes          Many of these panels themselves are made from
     urban distribution. The exterior was carefully styled      high-tech synthetic materials that are not prone to
                                      to be sympathetic         shatter or crack. And the headlamps have almost
                                      towards the public.       unbreakable Lexan glasses.
                                      The large glass area
                                      provides maximum          All in all, the carefully considered exterior design of
                                      visibility on crowded     the LF cab reduces unscheduled downtime and
                                      roads and in loading      contributes to low operating costs, high reliability and
                                      bays. One or two          hence much potential for high profitability.
                                      wide steps make the
                                      cab easy to get in and                                 And for the many
                                      out during the delivery                                companies that are proud
                                      cycle.                                                 to have their names
                                                                                             displayed on the DAF LF
     The cab dimensions are optimised for driving and                                        cab, a large area is
     working in dense areas, yet inside it still offers                                      available below the
     optimum space and accommodation for regional and                                        windscreen for signage
     national distribution, or even border-crossing trips                                    or company logo.
     with an overnight stay.

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  LF series cabs - Edition 2009

            LF45 Day Cab                     LF55 Day Cab                LF55 18t Day Cab

            LF45 Sleeper Cab                 LF55 Sleeper Cab            LF55 18t Sleeper Cab

                                LF Day Cab                      LF Sleeper Cab

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  LF series cabs - Edition 2009

     The interior of the DAF LF cab shares the thoughtful       mate seat, for rental applications or when a third
     choice of materials and colours, the harmonous             crew member is required.
     styling and the perfect fit and finish with the DAF CF
     and XF cabs.                                                                               There are two open
                                                                                                trays with nets above
     Behind the adjustable steering wheel, where drivers                                        the windscreen and a
     of every stature can find a relaxed position, you will                                     third tray in the
                                     feel like being in a                                       dashboard centre
                                     luxury passenger car                                       console, while smaller
                                     rather than in a truck.                                    items can be stored in
                                     With an ergonomically                                      the door cover bins.
                                     arranged, curved
                                     dashboard all controls     The Day Cab has a lockable storage box on the
                                     are within easy reach.     engine tunnel with two cup holders and an A4-format
                                     Integrated steering        open tray with rubber straps in the lid. A removable
                                     wheel switches are         storage net is attached to the cab rear wall. Tools
                                     standard and the           are kept behind the driver’s seat.
                                     instrument panel is        If a dual mate seat is mounted, storage space is
                                     identical to that in the   available below the seat cushion.
                                     prestiguous XF105          The Sleeper Cab has three removable storage boxes
                                     cab, with the same         underneath the bunk, with a total capacity of 85
                                     multifunctional LCD        litres.
                                                                With the renowned two meters long, one-piece
     Effective cab insulation and efficient heating and         mattress the DAF LF Sleeper Cab is the only one in
     ventilation keep the living space comfortable and          the light distribution segment that offers true sleeping
     quiet.                                                     accommodation.
                                                                From inner-city distribution up to trips with overnight
     The low engine tunnel not only allows for good             stop, the LF concept proves to be the best.
     cross-cab access, but also leaves space for a dual

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  LF series cabs - Edition 2009

     Exterior / Interior / Option                                                          Day Cab                           Sleeper Cab

     Green tinted glass                                                                         ●                                    ●
     Halogen headlamps with Lexan lenses                                                        ●                                    ●
     Anti-theft system                                                                          ●                                    ●
     Steel bumper                                                                               ●                                    ●

     Electrically operated windows                                                             ●                                    ●
     Adjustable steering column                                                                ●                                    ●
     Driver seat                                                                         standard air                         standard air
     Co-driver seat                                                                         fixed                                fixed
     Seat belts                                                                                ●                                    ●
     Lower bunk                                                                                -                                    ●
     Accessory connector                                                                       ●                                    ●

     External sun visor                                                                         ●                                    ●
     Front view mirror                                                                          ●                                    ●
     Heated windscreen                                                                          ●                                    ●
     Combi lights in the bumper                                                                 ●                                    ●
     Alarm system                                                                               ●                                    ●
     Driver seat fixed                                                                          ●                                    ●
     Driver seat air luxury                                                                     ●                                    ●
     Dual mate seat                                                                             ●                                    ●
     Airbag                                                                                     ●                                    ●
     Integrated handsfree telephone kit                                                         ●                                    ●
     Auxiliary heater                                                                           -                                    ●
     Airco                                                                                      ●                                    ●
     Roof hatch                                                                                 ●                                    ●
     Storage box on engine tunnel                                                               ●                                    -
     Rear window                                                                                ●                                    -
     Bumper + step in cab colour                                                                ●                                    ●

     Depending on the vehicle configuration a specific option may not be possible. The availability and specification may differ per country. For
     further information please contact the DAF organisation. Subject to modification without prior notice.

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  LF series cabs - Edition 2009
  General details

    Active safety                                               Passive safety
    The active safety features incorporated in the DAF LF       Passive safety features built into the DAF LF cab
    cab help prevent accidents or injury by optimising          protect the occupants in the event of an incident. They
    conditions for the driver and by making the vehicle         include an integral steel safety cage as part of the cab
    perform more predictably in unexpected                      structure, a laminated windscreen and side windows
    circumstances.                                              made of toughened glass.

    The LF cab has been designed to offer a perfect                                           Soft materials and the
    visibility and easy ergonomic control of the driving                                      absence of sharp edges
    functions, so that the driver can give maximum                                            contribute to injury
                                                                                              limitation in case of a
    attention to the road and to the other traffic. The well-
                                                                                              collision. The standard
    insulated cab reduces noise and helps fight fatigue.                                      safety devices include
    A relaxed driver is an alert driver who is more secure                                    three-point seat belts and
    in dense urban traffic and less likely to be involved in                                  integrated head
    an accident.                                                                              restraints. An airbag is
                                                                                              available as an option.

                                                                                               The safety of the other
                                                                                               road-users is taken care
                                                                                               of by underrun protection
                                                                                               and excellent rear vision
                                                                from four large, vibration-free mirrors.

    Aerodynamics                                                Painting process
    Air management kits for the DAF LF improve                  The high-quality durable finish protects the exterior of
    aerodynamic efficiency and therefore reduce fuel            the vehicle for its full operational life, and helps
    consumption. They also enhance the overall                  maintain its value for a higher return on investment.
    appearance of the cab, and provide extra space for          To obtain a highly corrosion-resistant finish to the cab,
    signage or company logos. The full range of air             double-sided electro galvanized steel is used for the
    management options includes:                                inner and outer cab panels and various brackets.
     Roof spoilers and extensions – that can reduce
        drag by as much as 20 percent                           The metal parts are then degreased and treated with
     Side collar sets and extensions – that ensure air         zinc phosphate before receiving a cataphoretically
        flows smoothly past the body                            applied primer followed by a filler coat. The under
                                                                body is treated to a PVC-based coating and then the
    The air management options are available                    entire cab is painted with a two-component
    individually. As genuine DAF options, the air               polyurethane topcoat.
    management parts have been developed in a wind-
    tunnel together with the cab exteriors, and are not         A grey coloured textured paint is used for mudguards,
    only guaranteed to fit, but also to yield higher fuel       cab steps, headlamp surround and bumper.
    efficiency savings than non-original parts.

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