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Piling Contractors have the ability to install piles off their own floating plant. This equipment is fully transportable
on semi-trailers throughout Australia. We have installed driven and bored piles from NSW through Queensland
and the Northern Territory. The Unifloat style barge compartments are able to be assembled on site in a variety
of shapes to best suit the application.

The various barge arrangements are in survey for the specific uses including mounting one of our 80t cranes
complete with a crane mount drill rig or pile driving leaders. We have also developed a pile driving leader and
winch assembly that is able to drive 32m long piles at over and under rakes of 1:4. This leader assembly is
designed to make use of our 10t hydraulic hammer.

The barge has a 4 point mooring system that is controlled from a single hydraulic panel which is integrated
with the leader winch controls.
                                                             Ancillary equipment for the marine piling crew
                                                             includes a centre console working punt, anchor
                                                             lifting barge and a pile supply barge. The barge
                                                             is fully equipped to comply with the appropriate
                                                             safety and environmental requirements.
                                                                   Some Major Projects
                                                                   • Karuah Bypass – NSW – 35m driven 750mm
                                                                     tubes raked 1 : 4 – Thiess Contractors
                                                                   • Victoria River Bridge – Timber Creek – NT
                                                                     – Casing 1200mm raked 1 : 4 – Steelcom
                                                                   • Townsville Berth 10 – QLD – Prebored
                                                                     driven 610mm tubes raked 1 : 6 – Javelin

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