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Tekst Canto CD


									Piano Duo Sandra & Jeroen van Veen

Sandra Mol (1968) and Jeroen van Veen (1969) met at the conservatory in
Utrecht in 1987. Since then they play together sharing their passion for
multiple piano music. Their first Cd was a live recording presenting Canto
Ostinato for two pianos by the Dutch “minimalist” Simeon ten Holt. This Cd
was sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Concerts and recitals brought
Sandra & Jeroen from Miami to Novosibirsk. They are initiators of many
concert series, among them the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and the Lek Art
Festival in Culemborg. They recorded over 40 Cds in the last ten years.
Besides playing piano they teach, adjudicate, compose music, and produce
many different concert programs on a variety of common and uncommon
concert locations such as railway stations.

Erik Satie complete pianoworks four hands,10 artistic quality, 10 sound quality
(Classics Today 2010)
…„perfectly judged characterizations, and seamless transitions between
…‟outstanding musicianship‟…
…‟airtight synchronicity and diverse palette of articulations‟…, Jed Distler
(Classics Today 2010)

Dutch pianist and composer, Jeroen van Veen, the leading exponent of
minimalism in Holland today, Alan Swanson (Fanfare, 2010)

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