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					                                   Hostess Planner Worksheet
   a About You b
   Name:                                                     Phone: (       )       -             oCell?
   Address:                                                   eMail:
   City:                                                      State:                     Zip Code:
   Interests:      o Hosting a Stampin’/Scrapin’ Workshop o Becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator
   Best Contact    o Morning after 9AM before 11AM               o Afternoon after 1PM before 6PM
   Time:           o Lunchtime after 11AM and before 1PM         o Evening after 6PM before 9PM
   Stampin’ Up!:   o New Customer                  o Rubber Stamper                o Retired Stampin’ Up! Demo
                   o Been Hostess Before           o Scrapbooker                   o I have no idea what I am!

   a About Your Workshop b
   Theme:          o Baby           o Christmas                Date:       ____/____/________ Day: S M T W T F S
                   o Wedding        o Hannukkah          Start Time:                    End Time:
                   o Birthday       o Halloween          Start Time:                    End Time:
                   o Bar Mitzvah    o Valentine’s Day    Start Time:                    End Time:
                   o Just Fun       o Other:             Start Time:                    End Time:
   Craft Type:     o Rubber Stamping o Scrapbooking
   Make & Take:    o Card o 6”x6” Scrapbook Layout o Gift Bag o Gift Box o Gift Tags/ Embellishment
   Technique:      o Blender Pen o Poppin Pastels o Watercolor o Ribbon Dye o Crop-a-Dile/Eyelets o Classy Brass
                   o Embossing o Ink to Paper o Two Step o Definitely Decorative

   a About Your Guests b
        Name:                       Address:                           Phone:            Email:
   1.                                                                  (     )

   2.                                                                  (     )

   3.                                                                  (     )

   4.                                                                  (     )

   5.                                                                  (     )

   6.                                                                  (     )

   7.                                                                  (     )

   8.                                                                  (     )

   9.                                                                  (     )

   10.                                                                 (     )

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   a Make and Take Supplies b
   Stamp Sets:                           Coordinating Accessories:               Colors:
   o109284 p29 Haunting Halloween        o108017 p28 Arachnophobia Wheel                   (circle 3 colors)
                                         o101331 p185 Watercolor Brush - Md
   o109324 p31 Dotted Autum              o109676 p31 Autumn Dots Wheel
                                         o109043 p182 Scallop Circle Punch
   o104105 p36 Holiday Tag Team          o105262 p119 Label Classics
                                         o103579 p184 Paper Snips Scissors
   o105979 p44 Cold Play                 o109369 p140 Short & Sweet
                                         o103579 p184 Paper Snips Scissors
   o104606   p52   Loads of Love
   o107133   p59   Take Three
   o105779   p61   Monkey Business       o106922 p161 Monogram Alphabet M
   o107926   p67   Double Line Doodles
   o108303   p67   Taggers Dozen         o105934   p182 Tag Punch
                                         o108264   p182 Small Tag Punch
   o108549 p68 Polka Dots & Paisley      o103579   p184 Paper Snips Scissors
                                         o105446   p191 Colored Buttons Rich
   o106624 p74 Unfrogettable             o107482   p74 Lily Pad Wheel
   o106598 p76 Simply Said               o106750   p76 Kindness
   o109479 p79 Sweet Thing               o109369   p140 Short & Sweet
                                         o105445   p191 Colored Buttons Soft
   o107169   p82 You’re Neat             o109118   p169 Love Notes
   o105429   p96 Heartfelt Thanks        o105516   p96 Watercolor Joy Wheel
   o108391   p99 Doodle This             o109684   p99 Doodle Wheel
   o106710   p100 Looks Like Spring      o106522   p182 Spring Bouquet Punch
   o109260   p117 Priceless              o109683   p117 So Swirly
                                         o109541   p187 Priceless Classy Brass
   o105262 p119 Label Classics
   o109526 p127 Illuminations            o103579   p184 Paper Snips Scissors
                                         o104183   p185 Pop-Up Glue Dots
   o108249 p128 Carte Postale            o108423   p129 Leaves a la Carte
                                         o109258   p136 Tres Chic
   o109473 p130 Totally Tabs             o108340   p130 Round Tab Punch
   o109445 p133 Pick a Petal             o107047   p132 Letter Patterns
                                         o104879   p150 Curvy Verses
   o107137 p150 Circle of Friendship     o104403   p182 1 ¼” Circle Punch
                                         o109043   p182 Scallop Circle Punch
   o109278 p156 Jumbo Outline Alphabt    o103579   p184 Paper Snips Scissors
   o                                     o

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   a Hostess Benefits b
   You’ll love the experience of hosting a Stampin’ Up! workshop – gathering your family and friends for a memorable
   social and creative event. Please refer to your Stampin’ Up! Catalog when ordering Hostess Sets and Earned
   Merchandise. You fill this form out at the end of your ordering period for your Workshop.

                                             Your Hostess Sets
                        Level 1                             Level 2                           Level 3
        o109367    p17 Event Full              o109375   p20 Perfect Presentation   o109415 p22 Vases in Vogue
        o109304    p17 So Many Sayings         o109419   p20 In The Spotlight       o109611 p23 Happy Me SS Bndl
        o109499    p18 Oh, So Lovely           o109349   p21 Garden Silhouettes     o109812 p24 All About Occsn
        o109497    p18 Party Punch             o109443   p21 Word on Word
        o109722    p19 Creative License SS
        o109485    p19 Sidekick Sayings

                                     Your Earned Merchandise
        Stamps                                             Ink/Paper                        Tools/Accessories
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o
        o                                      o                                    o

        We love getting feedback, please rate your workshop, 1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest
        score. Please provide additional comments below.                                         1   2   3      4   5
        1.   Demonstrator/Workshop was on time.                                                  o   o   o      o   o
        2.   Workshop was conducted in a pleasant and friendly manner.                           o   o   o      o   o
        3.   Make and Take was interesting and easy to make.                                     o   o   o      o   o
        4.   Technique was fun to watch.                                                         o   o   o      o   o
        5.   Guests seemed to enjoy themselves.                                                  o   o   o      o   o

                            Thank You! For being such a Great Hostess!
              Don’t forget to ask me about the next Mystery Hostess Workshop Event!

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