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									Where the Mountains Talk to You

In the classic fantasy series The Lord of the Rings, the author J.R.R.
Tolkien gives us many enduring and imaginative images. One phrase that
stands out in a passage concerning a dangerous passageway is, “the runes
were carved into the very living mountains…” You can almost envision
those mountains having a life of their own and being able to somehow
express themselves to the Hobbits who were on their noble quest.

The magic qualities of Tolkien’s fiction are wonderful to read about.
But when you go to spend some time on one of the great mountain ranges of
America, you can actually almost see how a gifted writer could ascribe
magical qualities to those amazing peaks and rolling hills.

Of the many mountain ranges that grace this great land, Colorado seems to
have an extra blessing of mountains that have that magic that we are
talking about. And whether you are vacationing in Colorado to enjoy her
many great cities or if the mountains are your destination, there can be
no question that you will find yourself gazing in silent wonder at the
majesty of what God has made in the high lands of Colorado.

There are many delightful ways to make a trip to the mountains of
Colorado a memorable and special event for you and your family. If
camping is within your abilities, that is one of the finest ways to truly
get a feeling of intimacy and oneness with theses powerful mountains.
There is nothing like pitching your tent with the towering mountains all
around you and the tall trees above knowing that soon you will be
virtually alone with the wilderness as the sun sets behind those hills.

Sometimes it is easy to feel a bit fearful of wild beasts that might
prowl the mountains. And to be sure, it is not at all uncommon to look
up and see an Elk or a wandering family of dear drinking from that
mountain stream that gurgles gently near your campsite. There are some
camping precautions that you can take to assure that more aggressive
beasts such as raccoons or even bear do not take interest in your
campsite. But Colorado has some of the finest park rangers in the
country. They will work with you to assure that you know how to camp
safely to keep curious animals from coming too close.

In addition to camping, hiking can give you an up close and personal look
into the wilds of the Colorado mountains in ways that are otherwise
unattainable. The National Parks System works hard to provide hundreds
of well maintained trails that you can use to explore these mountains in
safety. You can easily come upon wildlife or witness a falling tree or
tumbling rocks on a prepared trail as much as you can wild hiking on your
own. But with a prepared trail, you never have to worry about getting
lost and becoming one of those tragic stories we sometimes hear about on
the news.

The mountains of Colorado offer many fun and exciting ways for you to
explore to your hearts content and come away from your time in the
mountains refreshed and feeling that you truly have communed with nature.
If a bit of danger is in your blood, white water rafting tours are
readily available all over the state. The risk level of these tours can
vary from mild for a family with children to somewhat dangerous for the
adventuresome in your party. And as your are hurled down the raging
rivers that cut through the mountains in Colorado, not only will you be
full of adrenaline, you will be having an experience that will bond you
with these mountains for the rest of your life.

Along with these great options, fishing, picnics and searching for wild
moose are other pastimes that fascinate many a Colorado visitor. You
will have no trouble finding a great way for you to come close to the
mountains. And as you watch the sun set behind those majestic peaks, it
will be hard not to want to pour out your hopes and dreams to them. And
when the Colorado mountains talk to you as well, they call to you to come
back again and again. It is a call that gets in your soul and will be
there forever until you comply and return for another great time in some
of America’s greatest mountains.


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