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									                          March 2011
  Inside this edition:    Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly ‘Your Circle Bulletin’.

                           From Carey Wallin, Putting People First Programme Manager
 Message from Carey
 PPF becomes             As 31st March is on us and the formal Putting People First programme comes
  ‘business as usual’     to an end, I want to reassure you that we are still at the beginning of a longer
 Raising awareness of    term change programme, and progress will continue over the next seven
  Your Circle across      years.
  the county              PPF has always been a ten year programme of change, with the Department
                          of Health pump-priming the first three year period up until March 2011.
                          The recently agreed Think Local, Act Personal now takes on the mantle for
For more information,     personalisation into the future.
please visit
                          I’m sure you will agree that the breadth and scale of the change has been
                          enormous, but not just for Gloucestershire. Nationally, local authorities have
peoplefirst or
                          been presented with significant challenges, as we promote independence,
                          reduce dependency and provide sustainable and affordable adult social care
To contact the team,      support for the future.
email yourcircle@
                          Working closely with many partners and individuals across Gloucestershire,
                          we have opened the gateway for better use of universally available services
or call 01452 426406      and resources in people’s own communities, through ‘Your Circle’.
To submit an article or   Despite the challenges that the national economic downturn has thrown at
join the mailing list     us, we have made great progress towards personalisation.
contact Rachel Topps,
                          Our performance in promoting independence through reablement is
Corporate Campaign
                          consistently good, with plans for improvement well in hand. With around
Manager on 01452
                          20%, or 2,000 people who are eligible for longer term social care, now using
426406 rachel.topps   either a personal budget or already in receipt of a direct payment, we are on
                          our way.
                          In this bulletin, we outline how PPF will become embedded with our social
                          care staff and partners to continue that change and progress in the years to
                          I would like to thank you for all your involvement and support over the past
                          three years and wish you well for the future continued transformation of
                          adult social care.
                          Carey Wallin, March 2011.
                                               As the formal programme closes, most areas of
 Embedding PPF as ‘business as                 work will be re-assigned within the current health
 usual’                                        and social care structures to enable progression.
Here we outline the ongoing projects, with manager/s responsibility:

Initial Contact
   1. Adult Social Care Help Desk Project: Improving customer service and reducing the level of
      referrals to locality teams (Nicola Ratcliffe - Head of Customer Support; Dean Holliday –
      General Manager, C&ACD).

   2. Your Circle Information provision ( GUIDE/PALS will administer the
      website, whilst Paul Firth (Project Officer) will offer training and resources to promote and
      improve access to information and advice. Graham Twarog (Marketing & Communications
      Manager, C&ACD) will continue to provide resources from the Your Circle Toolkit. (Nicola
      Ratcliffe; Dean Holliday)

   3. Online market place purchasing linked to portal: Solution to be developed (Claire Smart,
      Corporate Procurement; Dean Holliday; Chris Haynes, LD Commissioning)

   4. Buying with Confidence Scheme: Roll out of PPF pump-primed scheme (Eddie Coventry,
      Trading Standards)

   5. Village / Community Agents: Review town agents pilot spread (Nicola Ratcliffe; Helen Bown,
      NHS; Older People/Physical Disabilities Commissioning)

   6. Multi-Agency information and advice points: Maintenance and development as part of
      Information and advice strategy (Nicola Ratcliffe; Paul Firth)

Prevention and Early Intervention
   1. Development of community capacity as part of the strategy action plan: Micro markets and
      ABCD approaches, Active Communities initiative (Sally Byng, The Barnwood Trust; Helen
      Bown, NHS)

   2. Reablement: at the core of integrated health and social care (Julie Goodenough; Rosi
      Shepherd, General Manager; Margaret Wilcox, Joint Director of Operations (sponsor); Steve
      Tubb, Process Improvement Officer)

Customer Journey
   1. Embed Self Directed Support into Business as Usual: Training, policy review, extension of
      Support Planning Team (Dean Holliday; Dawn Porter, Operations Manager; Jeanette
      Kirkpatrick, Training Delivery Manager; Des Gorman, Team Manager; Nic Davies, Principle
      Strategic Planning and Policy Officer)

Page 2                                                        Communications Bulletin – March 2011
   2. Regional Use of Resources work on Voice of the Customer: Ensure agreed Target Operating
      Model is reflected and embedded in the Model of Care (Mark Branton, Director of Strategic
      Commissioning and Performance; Mandy Guest, Business Improvement Manager; Steve Tubb;
      Dean Holliday)
   3. FACE recording to support Common Assessment Framework across health and social care:
      (Dean Holliday; Chris Haynes; Dave Tradgett, Strategic Support Manager)
   4. RAS and management of relationship with FACE: (Margaret Willcox; Dean Holliday; Learning
      Disability RAS: Chris Haynes & Dave Tradgett; Mental Health RAS: Karl Gluck, Social Care
      Development Manager & Steve Dawson, NHS; Carers RAS: Helen Godfrey, General Manager &
      Dave Tradgett)
   5. ERIC enhancements and back office systems that support efficient & effective work: (Dean
      Holliday; Dave Tradgett; Mandy Guest)

Financial Responsibility
   1. Capacity Planning Tool: (Steve Tubb)
   2. Financial Sustainability Tool: (Sharon Fossali, Finance Manager)

   1. Commissioning Framework: (Louise Flaherty, Purchasing Officer; Joint Commissioners
      through local implementation teams)
   2. User Led Organisation: (Helen Bown; Chris Haynes; Brenda Yearwood, Voluntary Sector
      Resource Officer; Fiona Jones, Strategic Planning & Policy Manager)
   3. Preparations for providers/VCS to plan, support and deliver services within a personalised
      system: (Louise Flaherty; with links to corporate commissioning)

   1. Performance framework to monitor new adult social care system (quantitative &
      qualitative): (Mark Branton)

   1. Risk Register: (DMT; Fiona Jones)

A summary of the progress and learning from the Putting People First Programme in Gloucestershire
will be produced and published shortly. We will circulate the download link as soon as we have it.

Meanwhile, the national Putting People First website is available, hosting useful tools and guidance
under key resources – Think Local Act Personal:

The South West Regional PPF web pages will continue to ensure that experience and learning from
the programme continues: To join the
discussion forums or post information, contact Bernard Allen or Sue Squire

Page 3                                                         Communications Bulletin – March 2011
 Your Circle: raising awareness across the county

Helping people understand
Over the past few months, we have worked hard to develop a range of resources to help our
service users, carers and voluntary organisations understand some of the complicated changes to
adult social care and the concept of ‘Your Circle’ – enabling people to enhance their independence
through their own network of trusted support.

The Your Circle Toolkit of resources includes presentations outlining how to build your circle, the
changes to adult social care and step by step through Self Directed Support; information sheets;
leaflets; posters; window stickers and more. It’s been developed with and in consultation with
representatives from health, community groups and voluntary groups on the PPF Board, as well as
carers and service users themselves.
Improving accessibility
We have enjoyed working with a range of audiences to enhance ease of access to information,
particularly for those people with sensory or physical disabilities, including:

        Representatives from our learning disability groups featuring in and helping co-produce a
         role play DVD – Rose’s story (download –

        Large print and Easy Read versions of our ‘Live Life Your Way’ leaflet and SDS information
         sheets (available to download – see above)

        Audio files of the leaflet and information leaflet (available to download, or on audio CD
         available from Rachel Topps, Campaign Manager)

        DVD of local and national case studies, including Rose’s story and a selection of subtitled
         and British Sign Language films outlining the benefits of personal budgets (available to
         download, or on DVD disc from Rachel Topps) – transcripts also available online.

        We are working closely with Talking Newspapers to circulate the messages and offer the
         audio CD to people with visual impairments.
Raising awareness
Despite the financial climate, we are still in the midst of a wide-spread and cost effective campaign
to raise awareness of Your Circle to members of the public, carers, families, people who might
need support, partners and much more.

Over 5,000 posters and 20,000 are currently circulating to county and community hospitals, GP
surgeries, Post Offices, pharmacies, Tescos, Citizens Advice Bureaus, locality offices and drop in
centres, Guide & PALS bus, Community Steps, parish councils, district councils, Village and
Community Agents, Area Lead Officers, bus passenger panels, domiciliary care providers, service
providers, centres and homes, voluntary groups and community groups, to name a few!

Page 4                                                            Communications Bulletin – March 2011
Getting the messages out
We have featured free and low cost ads and editorial coverage in Town and Parish newsletters,
The Hoot, the Gloucestershire Care Directory 2011, the Self Care Guide, 50Plus from GOPA, Talking
Newspapers, the NHS GP newsletter, GAVCA and GRCC’s bulletins, and BBC Radio Gloucestershire.
When we have case studies, we will take the editorial coverage more widely to local and regional

We have engaged with elected council members through regular features in their weekly bulletin,
market place events outside council chamber and an MP briefing.

Meanwhile, the Initial Contact Team has been visiting, providing demos and training a wide
audience from District Councils to Housing Associations; Parish Councils to Village Agents;
Voluntary groups to Library staff– all to ensure that ‘no door is the wrong door’ when people are
seeking advice and support.

Your Circle online
Results are encouraging with more and more people using the Your Circle website to enhance
their own circle of support.

        Over 40,000 visitor sessions since September 2010 ‘soft’ launch of the site - and growing

        160% increase in monthly hits between September 2010 and February 2011

        Over 5,000 records of organisations and individuals promoting their support services - from
         mobile hairdressers to domiciliary care providers; lunch clubs to mobility equipment…

        Over 150 advice notes

        150 organisations now managing and updating their own records.

Your Circle will help people live more independently in their own homes for longer and give them
greater choice and control over the care and support services they receive and who provides
them. It will help them avoid institutional care, reduce their need for longer term care provision
and have a more fulfilling life.

Please make sure that you promote it, use it yourselves and encourage more service and advice
providers – individuals and organisations – to list their own support services. Guide & PALS will
continue to maintain the site, whilst we will also continue to promote it.

Come and pay a visit to - it’s expanding every day!
And please use the resources available at to help
explain and promote Your Circle.

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