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On the Move


									Issue 6 – November 2009

Compass           Striving for a               Healthy Community within Rhode Island

                                                                      BCBSRI Wins Award
   On the Move                                                        for Community
   As a local, nonprofit business, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of        Involvement
   Rhode Island (BCBSRI) understands that we have a responsibil-
   ity to make decisions only after we have considered how they                              On October 23, Providence
   will impact our community. To illustrate this point, take a look                          Business News (PBN)
   at “We’re on the Move” on page 2, which explains the many                                 announced the winners of
   factors that went into the decision to build our new, “green”                             its 2009 Business Excellence
   corporate headquarters.                                                                   Awards—and we are proud
                                                                      to have been named the winner in the Community
   In this issue of Compass, we’re pleased to announce that           Involvement category. One of the region’s longest
   BCBSRI has recently been awarded the Providence Business           running and best known business recognition pro-
   News Business Excellence Award for community involvement.          grams, the Business Excellence Awards acknowledge
   We’re proud of this recognition, especially the acknowledge-       companies in seven categories of business excellence.
   ment of our BlueAngel volunteers. This issue also focuses on
   what we’re doing to improve the quality of healthcare while        “With service, stability, and a healthy community
   controlling costs. For example, the EHR Grant Program and          lying at the heart of our corporate social responsibil-
   currentcare are part of the health information exchange,           ity, winning this award for our community involvement
   which uses technology to improve quality of care. And our          is especially meaningful for us,” says Jim Purcell,
   participation in the Project Hope internship program helped        President and CEO. “This achievement is something
   advance our diversity mission.                                     we’re going to build upon going forward.” The
                                                                      Community Involvement category is judged on
   Finally, in our continuing effort to reduce costs, this is the     the following:
   final issue of Compass you will receive. We are consolidating
                                                                      • Employee volunteerism
   communications to create a new, more cost-effective way to
   stay connected with you. So, look for our new publication to       • How the company encourages employees
   hit your inbox in the new year. Please contact Jensri Pettway        to volunteer
   at (401) 459-5966 or to update or        • The impact of the company’s volunteer
   confirm your e-mail address. And, as always, feel free to call       efforts on the community
   or e-mail me if you have any questions or comments. I can be       • How nonprofit organizations have benefited from
   reached at (401) 459-2200 or                the company’s volunteer efforts
                                                                      • Community involvement by upper management
                                                                                                       continued on page 4

         Linda H. Newton
         Vice President
         Community Relations, CSR & Diversity
    We’re on the Move

    More than two years ago, we announced         building has been a financial boost to          and lighting. In short, the new building is
    our decision to build a new corporate         the local economy, providing jobs during        a positive long-term investment, and will
    headquarters. The decision to construct       one of the worst economic recessions in         enable us to:
    a new, green building within the city of      decades. We are proud to have employed          • Improve employee productivity and
    Providence was reached only after many        local contractors, including women- and           operational efficiency
    years of research and planning. Here’s        minority-owned businesses, as part of           • Increase physical security
    some of the background and factors that       our commitment to the community and             • Decrease operating costs by as much
    were considered in making this move good      diversity and inclusion.                          as 9 percent
    for our members, our employees, and our                                                       • Reduce our environmental footprint
                                                  The fact that our new corporate headquar-
    community—now and in the future.                                                              • Continue to support our community
                                                  ters is the first LEED® -certified commercial
    BCBSRI currently operates out of six          building in Providence further demon-           “As one of Providence’s largest employ-
    buildings in downtown Providence, two         strates our commitment not only to the          ers, this building gives us the platform to
    of which we owned until recently. A           health of our employees and the environ-        operate more efficiently, provide superb
    comprehensive study by Ernst & Young          ment, but long-term sustainability. The         service to our members and providers, and
    showed that it is costing no more to build    building’s new sustainable systems will         further our corporate social responsibility
    and move into the new building than it        help to reduce energy and drinkable water       goals,” says Jim Purcell, President and CEO.
    would to stay in our existing buildings and   consumption, as well as improve air quality
    renovate them—and that doesn’t even
    take into account the money saved from
    increased operational efficiency.
                                                      Green Team Hosts Green Fair
    Our decision to stay in downtown Provi-
    dence for the long term is also extremely         In September, our newly formed Green Team presented BCBSRI’s first-ever
    positive for the community. According to          Green Fair. The fair hosted a variety of environmentally progressive organiza-
    a study conducted by Kahn, Litwin, Renza          tions and vendors, including Farm Fresh Rhode Island, the U.S. Green Building
    & Co., BCBSRI’s total economic impact on          Council – Rhode Island Chapter, Got Sun – Go Solar, Clean Scape, and Eco-
    the state of Rhode Island is nearly $1 bil-       Organizer, just to name a few. Designed to raise environmental awareness
    lion—and the bulk of that is in Providence,       through interactive demonstrations, educational materials, and giveaways, the
    where we pay taxes, employ nearly 1,100           Green Fair gave the more than 150 employees who attended an opportunity to
    people, and purchase goods and services.          learn how their personal choices can make a difference.
    In addition, the construction of the new

                                                        Holiday Card Program
                                                        Supports Meeting Street
                                                        This holiday season, BCBSRI is           families, providing personalized
                                                        pleased to partner with Meeting          services to meet each individual’s
                                                        Street for our annual holiday card       unique needs and learning style
                                                        program. For the past seven years,       through its core programs—
                                                        BCBSRI has supported this orga-          Early Intervention, The Bright
                                                        nization by donating the creation,       Futures Early Learning Center, The
                                                        production, and promotion of holiday     Grace School, The Carter School,
                                                        cards featuring the artwork of           and Outpatient Therapy.
                                                        children at Meeting Street. The
                                                                                                 The holiday card program has been a
                                                        series of holiday cards beautifully
                                                                                                 successful part of Meeting Street’s
                                                        express the spirit of the season.
                                                                                                 fundraising, in recent years earning
                                                        All proceeds from the sale go to
                                                                                                 over $70,000. “We are extremely
                                                        benefit the mission and programs
                                                                                                 grateful to BCBSRI for their contin-
                                                        of Meeting Street.
                                                                                                 ued support. Through their loyalty
                                                        Meeting Street is a nationally ac-       and generosity, the holiday card pro-
                                                        claimed educational innovator for        gram is an important tradition for us
                                                        learners of all abilities from infancy   and raises crucial funds in support
                                                        through young adulthood. Meet-           of our programs,” says Amanda
                                                        ing Street supports nearly 3,000         McMullen, Senior Director of External
                                                        children, young adults, and their        Relations at Meeting Street.

Project Hope Offers a Brighter Future
When you speak with Stacey Goldstein-        every single one of them wanted to go to       and come back to become part of Rhode
Dwyer, Case Manager for Project Hope,        college,” she says.                            Island’s future workforce,” says Linda
you quickly learn how BCBSRI’s                                                              Newton, Vice President of Community
                                             While Project Hope offers students an
participation in this internship program                                                    Relations, CSR & Diversity.
                                             opportunity to explore careers and gain
makes a real and direct impact on the
                                             valuable work experience, it benefits          This summer, BCBSRI was pleased to hire:
community—and on our business.
                                             BCBSRI as well. As part of our diversity       Genesis Terrero, Claims Disbursement,
Now in its sixth year, Project Hope helps    and inclusion initiative, Project Hope gives   Josue Melgar, IT Operations Administra-
high school students from Providence’s       managers and employees from across the         tion, Brian Ramirez, Building Services, and
Hope High School get summer jobs at          company a chance to mentor students            Coraly Perez, Treasury and Cash Manage-
local companies and prepare them for         who are eager to take on challenging           ment. “These students are really, really
life after they graduate from high school.   projects. Meanwhile, it exposes our            technically savvy,” says Jacqueline Giard,
Goldstein-Dwyer reports that all of the      employees to a diverse group of young          Human Resources. “They have so much
students who completed the Project Hope      individuals who may have different points      to offer us, which is one of the most valu-
program in 2009 finished the summer          of view. “We hope that our investment in       able lessons of the program.”
thinking about college, which was not        the students of Project Hope will encour-
the case when they began. “At the end,       age them to continue their education

    currentcare Now Taking                                                                         EHR Grant
    Online Enrollments                                                                             Program Update
                                                                                                   There is strong evidence to support that
    As part of our effort to
                                                                                                   electronic health records (EHR) and
    encourage the use of elec-
                                                                                                   currentcare, the statewide health informa-
    tronic health records (EHR),
                                                                                                   tion exchange can improve quality of care
    we are pleased to announce
                                                                                                   and help control healthcare costs. In July,
    that currentcare, Rhode
                                                                                                   we announced the launch of our EHR Grant
    Island’s Health Information
                                                                                                   Program, which provides funding to
    Exchange (HIE), is now
                                                                                                   primary care physicians (PCP) and
    taking online
                                                                                                   specialists in selected fields who imple-
                                                                                                   ment EHR technology.
    currentcare is a secure
    electronic network that uses          care in Rhode Island. We have                            Since the program’s launch in June, 34
    state-of-the-art technology to        been working closely with RIQI                           physicians have been approved for
    give authorized medical profes-       to promote currentcare to                                $434,500 in funding. We believe this is a
    sionals access to patients’ most      patients, physicians, and other                          prudent investment that will improve health
    up-to-date health information         providers. Now that online enroll-                       and lower costs long term. Of these, BCBSRI
    from doctors, laboratories, and       ment is available, we are expand-                        has approved 26 practices for “new user”
    retail pharmacies. The initiative     ing our internal and external                            funding, and eight practices for “existing
    is jointly sponsored by the Rhode     communications to notify our                             user” funding. The remaining applications
    Island Quality Institute (RIQI) and   employees, members, and all                              were either denied or are still pending
    the Rhode Island Department of        Rhode Islanders about this very                          review by the EHR grant committee.
    Health. BCBSRI is proud to sup-       important initiative and encour-
                                                                                                   Please note, when we originally reported on the launch of
    port currentcare, as it aligns with   age them to sign up. Visit                               this grant program, it was called the EMR Grant Program.
    our efforts to improve the quality, to learn more.                         The name has been changed to the EHR Grant Program.
    safety, and efficiency of health

    PBN Award
    continued from page 1

    Through our BlueAngel Community           $708,000 in cash and in-kind dona-
    Outreach and other programs, our          tions, benefiting more than 200 local
    average employee volunteer rate over      nonprofit agencies.
    the past three years was 41 percent,
                                              “The fact that we are a local, nonprofit
    far exceeding the Rhode Island state
                                              organization means we are fundamen-
    average of 29 percent. Our 1,100
                                              tally connected to the Rhode Island
    employees gave an average of nearly
                                              community,” says Purcell. “We’re
    4,400 volunteer hours in each of those
                                              committed to increasing our volunteer
    three years. In the past year alone,
                                              efforts in 2010.”
    employees gave nearly $154,000 in
    charitable contributions, and corporate
    contributions amounted to more than

                                                                                                                   500 Exchange Street • Providence, RI 02903-2699
                                                                        Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
                                                                                                                                                                 11/09          CR-6234

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