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					At Mel Trotter Ministries, we track our programs
carefully to make sure we’re helping those who
need it the most. Below is a snapshot of our work
in just one 12-month period:

       • Nights of safe shelter provided

              • Hot meals served

 • Onsite vision & dental clinics people served      To demonstrate the compassion of Jesus
                                                     Christ toward the hungry, homeless and
                                                     hurting of the Grand Rapids area.
         • Group counseling sessions

       • Individual counseling sessions
                                                    • Pray for our residents, staff
                                                                                       l donation
    • Inner-city kids sent to summer camp           • Make a much-needed financia
                                                    • Donate your use   d car, truck, RV or boat
                                                      to Mel Trotter
                                                                                      il stores
                                                    • Shop at one of our three reta
    • Individual lives committed to Christ          • Include Mel Tro  tter in your will
                                                    • Tell others about the work of
                                                       Mel Trotter Ministries
     • Cars donated, repaired and resold

     • Emergency food boxes distributed:

   • Pantry-style meals in those food boxes                         225 Commerce St. SW
                                                                    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
                                                                    (616) 454-8249
        • Thanksgiving meals served:
                                                                Battling Addictions
                                                                Substance abuse is a common problem among             Sources of Mel Trotter support
     What have you worried about this year? What have you       homeless people. Our licensed counselors and
lost sleep over? Tuition costs? Retirement funds? Have you                           recovery program help            2009 Total Income      $10,942,000*
worried about where you will sleep at night? Or what you                             dozens of people each year
will eat in the morning?                                                             break the stranglehold of              Auto/Retail &
                                                                                     addiction so they can devel-           Other Revenue
    The homeless of Grand Rapids have.
                                                                                     op new relationships with              $1,664,000
    This has been a challenging year, in many respects,
                                                                                     God, their family members
                  for Mel Trotter Ministries and its com-
                                                                                     and society.
                  munity. During tough economic times,
                  our needs have grown like all other                                                                    Gifts in Kind
                                                                Feeding the Hungry                                        Donations
                  ministries, but, through your support, we
                  have remained resolute in our mission:        More than 11% of Kent County residents do not          $4,254,000
                  to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus        consistently have enough to eat. We take this
                  Christ toward the hungry, homeless and                             problem very seriously.
                                                                                                                      *From audited financial statement
hurting of the Grand Rapids area.                                                    Each year, we serve more         for period 7/1/08 through 6/30/09     Cash Donations
    Homelessness does not equate to helplessness or                                  than 225,000 meals at            (copy available upon request)         $5,024,000
hopelessness. Not at Mel Trotter Ministries.                                         our Mission and distribute
                                                                                     more than a million pounds       Where does your support go?
    Over the past year, we were able to provide more
                                                                                     of food to others in need in
than 86,000 nights of safe shelter to people within our                                                                                                   Development
                                                                                     a frugal, systematic way.
community; we served more than 226,000 meals; and we                                                                                                         19%
witnessed more than 890 individuals commit their lives
                                                                Helping families in need
to Christ.
                                                                Mel Trotter reaches far into the community to                                                 Administration
    That is something to be hopeful about.
                                                                provide help for our neediest neighbors by                                                         5%
     I have been humbled by your ongoing generosity, and        meeting their basic needs—food, clothing, and
by your continuous support, both financially and spiritually,                          personal items. We also
of Mel Trotter’s programs and initiatives. Homelessness                                meet complex needs such                                               Program
within Kent County has increased 33 percent over the last                              as providing legal advice                                              76%
year, so the need in our community is great. In this annual                            through our Christian
report, you will learn about our programs and services,                                Legal Aid Clinic, and
and how we are seeking to address this need. You will                                  financial help through
also learn about the opportunities we provide to residents                             Budgeting 101.
                                                                                                                      Who supports Mel Trotter Ministries?
battling addictions and families facing extreme poverty.
                                                                Transforming Lives                                           Churches,
Thank you. May God bless you for caring.
                                                                Used vehicles donated to Mel Trotter Ministries          Foundations, other
                   Together in Christ,                          aren’t just sold. We first use them to train our                 1.2%
                                                                                       resident men in the skills
                                                                                       of auto repair. Funds raised       Businesses
                                                                                       through our auto donation             2.2%
                                                                                       program also help support
                                                                                       the ongoing mission of Mel
                    Rev. Chico Daniels                                                 Trotter and those we serve.            Individuals
                    President & CEO                                                                                             96.6%
                                                                                                                      Total number of donors to Mel Trotter Ministries
                                                                                                                      last year was 29,775.

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