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From The Presidents Desk
Happy New Year
        The beginning of a New Year, one I hope will be filled for you with joy and peace. As we look forward
for our Conference United Methodist Women, I believe we will see even more opportunities to serve God and be
in ministry to women, children and youth. We have an exciting year ahead with many opportunities. I am look-
ing forward to Assembly and I hope to see many of you in St. Louis. It is always a time to worship, learn and
fellowship with our sisters from all over the world. We will be blessed with two women from Mozambique com-
ing back to Virginia with us from Assembly. They will be visiting in our district for a week. Our Districts Presi-
dents are arranging events so we can all visit with them and learn more about our sister relationship.
Celebration News!
        I know how hard all of you have worked for United Methodist Women this past year. And I can never
thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our ministries. We have many things to celebrate as we
begin this New Year. We have been working toward making our Pledge for about 4 years.
We did it! Hatsy has sent a check to Women’s Division for $762,000.07 our Pledge was $760,000.00. We
were able to do this because you have been steadfast in fulfilling our Purpose. We appreciate the help of
some supportive pastors and district superintendents.
        We have a great deal to celebrate but we also have a lot of work ahead. I know that God has called
us to do extraordinary things as we reach out to women, children and youth all of the world. Our Purpose
is clear and let us set forth with steadfastness and joy as we fulfill God’s calling.

Blessings and Joy;
Addie Lee Haynes
President Virginia Conference
United Methodist Women

  SPRING 2010
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 Happy New Year! Come celebrate with all the District MNO’s and me! We did it. We have 100% district
 reporting of the Membership as of December 31, 2009. The MNO’s have toiled mightily to get the numbers
 from each of the units. It has been hard work and they aren’t done yet. Keep up your good work and sup-

 This year, I’d love to see each United Methodist Woman in Virginia bring someone new to UMW. These
 women are all around us. They come in all colors. They come in many nationalities. They are many differ-
 ent ages. They wear many kinds of clothes. Ask one or two or ten! Don’t you think it would be terrific if we
 could double our membership in one year! Imagine the surprise at Women’s Division. Your district MNO’s
 have the forms if you form a new unit.

 The Young Women’s Event (18 to 35) will be at VUMAC in Blackstone, VA September 24th and 25th. This
 year will be having dinner together on Friday night (as late as we can make it) at the request of many of our
 arrivals. Your evaluations said you would prefer to drive straight and eat upon arrival than eat on the way.
 Our topic will be God, I’m Listening Now! or something similar. The leader will be announced soon! Look
 for more information at, in the Link and from your District MNO. We will be sending out regis-
 tration forms to the District offices and all Methodist college campuses in Virginia. Check with your chaplain
 and plan to come to VUMAC for a great time!

 Sue Boltz, MNO

                                       VICE PRESIDENT
 PROGRAMS     PRO-                      steps!!                                       We all need to remem-
                                                 We have one national          ber to use our Program Books
 GRAMS PROGRAMS                                                                and the Response Magazine
                                        UMW Project in the Ports-
         Vice Presidents are            mouth District and most other          and make sure we are current
 called on to come up with Pro-         districts have projects that help      with what is happening in our
 gram ideas and carry them              women, children and youth,             "UMW" world. The issues
 through, whether for the Dis-          such as Henry Fork, Danville           dealt with in these resources
 trict, Unit or even the local cir-     District and the Community             are always at the forefront of
 cle meetings. The most conta-          Outreach Program in Roanoke.           what's happening in the world
 gious ingredient for a good--                                                 and how we, as United Meth-
 great program is ENTHUSI-                     There are many United           odist Women, can be of help.
 ASM!! If we don't care about           Methodist Women throughout
                                        the conference who are pas-                    So, VICE PRESI-
 what we are doing, than how                                                   DENTS, think outside the OLD
 can we excite others about the         sionate about mission and will
                                        give a great program. Using            BOX and put that ENTHUSI-
 mission and Purpose of United                                                 ASM you have to work, and
 Methodist Women?!                      Hatsy Droke's article in the
                                        Link as a springboard, we see          let's give our women the food
         In the Virginia Confer-        where our monies should go             they need to carry on our work
 ence we are blessed to have a          and we plan our programs ac-           with women,. children and
 plethora of resources at our fin-      cordingly!!                            youth!!
 ger tips, yea, even at our door-                                               Louise Miller, Vice President
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NEW members on the Virginia Conference UMW Mission Team 2010………

Sheila Smith, Mission Coordinator Mission Education & Interpretation
I am a member of John Wesley UMC on the Winchester District. Presently I am secretary of my local unit.
On the district I have served as Mission Coordinator of Membership Nurture and Outreach, Mission Coordina-
tor of Spiritual Growth and on the Nominations Committee. I have been nominated to serve as Mission Coor-
dinator for Education and Interpretation on the Conference United Methodist Women. Please pray for me and
the United Methodist Women as we move forward in God’s great mission. 705 Parkview Drive, Front Royal,
VA 22630, (540)635-7586,
Audrey Frazier, Committee on Nominations
―I’m old and NOT responsible………………..‖ retired executive assistant, married to my sweetheart of 52 ½
years. We lost our dear son ten months ago, have a wonderful daughter-in-law and two grandchildren; served
as Secretary and President eight years in local circle; District Secretary four years, District President four
years; presently Chair of Church Council, Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School teacher for last 45
years. P.O. Box F, Lynch Station, VA 24571, (434) 369-5473,
Miran Kim, Committee on Nominations
Miran Kim has been a lay member of the Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington for close to
two decades, having served in various capacities, starting as a director of a children’s summer vacation bible
school. In the past two years, Miran has served as the Korean Language Coordinator representing the Koran
speaking congregations of Virginia to various United Methodist Women’s conferences. Professionally, Miran
is currently an Assistant Vice President of BB&T Bank, and serves as a financial center manager in a BB&T
bank. Miran Kim is a graduate of the Boston University. Miran is married and has two adult children. 1004
Springvale Road, Great Falls, VA 22066, (703)865-6529,
Geraldine Sanderson, Committee on Nominations
Served in all positions in my local unit. District President, Treasurer, Secretary, Nominations, Communica-
tions (doing newsletter) in my church I am currently Treasurer, Communion Steward, Bible School Coordina-
tor for 10 years. 81 Angola Road, Farmville, VA 23901, (434) 392-4402,
Lillian Sloane, Committee on Nominations
I am a member of the John Wesley UMC on the Winchester District. At present I am treasurer of my local
unit. Previously I served on my district as Mission Coordinator of Global Concerns which is now Mission
Education and Interpretation, Spiritual Growth Coordinator, Zone Leader and District President. I have been
nominated to the Nominations Committee for the Conference United Methodist Women. I ask for your prayers
that we will continue to live out our purpose all to the glory of God. 468 Acton Street, Front Royal, VA 22630-
2102, (540) 635-2623,
Jenny Juhyang Chun Korean Language Coordinator I have lived in VA for 15 years. I am married to
Yunchol Kim, who is a student at Wesley Theological Seminary, and is in the ordination process of the UMC.
My little girl, Emily Kim, is three years old and my family is expecting another girl in May 2010. I am a mem-
ber of First Korean UMC in Herndon, VA. God gave me a chance to serve VA Conference as Korean Lan-
guage Coordinator, and I am grateful and excited to learn and grow in UMW.

Pat Owens,
Chairperson, Committee on Nominations
THE LINK                                             SPRING 2010                                      Page 4


                                                    Why the 80%/20% Split in Giving and What Is It?????

                                              This year we have had a great time celebrating our 140th
                                              Birthday for UMW. In 1869, a small group of ladies in
                                              Boston heard of the harsh lives of the women and girls in
                                              India and began a Women’s Missionary Society to bring
                                              hope to these women. Over the past 140 years, we have ex-
                                              panded our mission to all the continents around the world.
                                              Our purpose states that we are organized ―to expand the
                                              concepts of mission‖. We work first individually and then
                                              as a sisterhood to bring, hope justice and peace to women,
                                              youth and children worldwide. We do this through our giv-
ing to United Methodist Women Missions. Our support comes in the form of our Mission Giving and in the
form of our Designated Giving to these missions sponsored by our organization, United Methodist Women.
We have established these missions, and we need to continue to understand how important it is to support
them. There are many wonderful projects in your churches, communities, and around the world, but they
are supported by other avenues of funding. The women, youth, and children of our missions depend on us
alone for support.
  For that reason, we are asking that each unit in the Virginia Conference UMW look at their giving each
year and work toward a goal of giving 80 percent of their giving to UMW projects, leaving the residual
20% to give to other deserving organizations.
What are the missions that meet this 80% of giving?
   All Mission Giving – Pledge, Special Mission Recognition, Gift to Mission, Gift in Memory,
       World Thank Offering, and Candle Burning
   Designated Mission Giving to the UMW Projects listed in the September Response
   Giving to VUMAC (Dimes for Blackstone), Ferrum, and Henry Fork
   Giving to any of the Mission Projects Grants of Virginia listed in our Annual report or in
               Appendix 3 only of the VA Conference UMC Mission opportunities
What are the missions that meet the 20% of giving?
   Any local missions that are not listed above.
   VUMAC Capital Fund or Renovation, United Methodist Family Services
   Other United Methodist Missions such as Advances or UMCOR
   Virginia UMC projects that are not listed above, such as Heart Havens, Society of Saint Andrews
   Any project not included in the list above such as homeless shelters, clinics, food banks

This is not saying that all of these projects are not just as deserving, but look at all their sources of income.
   We must remain true to the missions for women, children, and youth that we as UMW have started. We
   are their source of income.
                                                               Harriette ―Hatsy‖ Droke
 THE LINK                                               SPRING 2010                                          Page 5

                                                    BECOME A RAINBOW GIVER:

                                   A $60.00 donation to Mission Giving makes you an individual 5 Star
                                   Giver. Ask your unit Treasurer for the Rainbow Giver Form.
                                          $5.00 to Pledge
                                          $5.00 to Gift to Mission
                                          $ 5. 00 to Gift in Memory
                                          $40.00 to Special Mission recognition
                                          $ 5.00 to World Thank Offering

                            Education & Interpretation Coordinator

The purpose of Mission Today is to fulfill the PURPOSE of United Methodist Women by: energizing UMW to be
more involved in mission through prayer, study and action; increasing contacts between units and mission workers
and projects; encouraging use of mission resources; and expanding concepts of mission including social justice as
mission. Mission Today is not a new program. It is putting increased emphasis on what UMW has been doing for
140 years!

Congratulations to each unit who has been a Mission Today unit for 2008-2009! The following districts have the
highest percentage of Mission Today units:

                      First –        Rappahannock District
                      Second –       Portsmouth District
                      Third –        Peninsula District

The Mission Today criteria for 2009-2010 are posted on the conference website and have also been distributed to
each District President & District Education & Interpretation Coordinator. Thanks for all you do and all you will
continue to do to fulfill our PURPOSE as Mission Today units!

Joy & Peace,
Becky Breeding,
Conference E&I Coordinator 2009
Page 6                        THE LINK                                                                Spring 2010
                              Virginia Conference UMW

                            Secretary of Program Resources

Now is the time to start reading        and VHS tapes available for bor-      magazines that supplement our
for the 2006 – 2010 books. The          rowing from the past years Mis-       UMW resources. Both are now
2010 Reading Program List is            sion Studies, and programs.           updated, keep up with our Mis-
now on the web-               Everyone who is on the Resource       sion Projects, and have lots of
site, plus the 2006-2010                Sampler Mailing lists now have        program suggestions.      Please
lists. The Lending Library will         or will be receiving their 2010       consider at least subscribing to
have the 2010 books available for       Program Book, 2010 Prayer Cal-        the RESPONSE magazine - the
lending by the middle of Novem-         endar, and Date book. If your         official magazine for
ber 2009. Some of the books             unit doesn’t receive the Resource     UMW. You are missing good
may also be available at your lo-       Sampler Mailing, you should           connectional information by not
cal libraries. Do not forget that       consider getting one! Just order it   subscribing.
there are also some books that are      from the Resource Center using        I wish you all wonderful read-
Recommended Reading that do             either the internet at                ing. Please call or e-mail me
count towards the reading pro-         with your program resource
gram, but are not available from        or by calling 1-800-305-9857. It      needs.
the Resource Center. The two            is definitely a good buy for your
more popular ones are for 2009 –                                              G a i l    S u t c l i f f e ,
                                        unit.                          or 703-490-
A Thousand Splendid Suns; for
2010 – The Shack. The Lending           RESPONSE and NEW WORLD                3381
Library also has many DVD’s             OUTLOOK – two wonderful

                                            Spiritual Growth

The Spiritual Life Retreat for         the winds whipped up, along            flash of lightning, the child
2010 will be held at VUMAC on          with thunder and lightning. The        would stop, look up and smile.
May 14-16, 2010 with the Rev.          mother of the little girl felt con-    Another and another were to
Janice Prentace being the re-          cerned that her daughter would         follow quickly, each with the
treat leader. Please mark your         be frightened as she walked            little girl stopping, looking up
calendars for a wonderful spiri-       home from school, and she her-         and smiling.
tual weekend!                          self feared that the electrical        Finally, the mother called over
I recently read this cute story        storm might harm her child.            to her child and asked, "What
and would like to share it with        Following the roar of thunder,         are you doing?" The child an-
you:                                   lightning, like a flaming sword        swered, "Smiling, God just
                                       would cut through the sky.             keeps taking pictures of me."
A little girl walked daily to and
from school. Though the                Full of concern, the mother
weather that morning was               quickly got in her car and drove       B   l   e   s   s   i   n   g   s     ,
questionable and clouds were           along the route to her child's
forming, she made her daily            school.                                Mary Jane Rawley,           Spiritual
trip to school.                        As she did so, she saw her little      Growth Coordinator

As the afternoon progressed,           girl walking along, but at each
                                                                      Spring 2010                              Page 7
The Virginia Conference UMW
                                                Social Action

―The Lord has told us what is         ways remain positive and in-           Award. Everyone is an advo-
good. What he requires of us is       formed when presenting your            cate for justice and needs to be
this:  to do what is just, to         concerns to them.                      recognized for the work you do.
show constant love, and to live       2. I also encourage you to join        I hope by this time all units
in humble fellowship with our         the Women’s Division on-line           know about the award and have
God.‖ Micah 6:8                       community where you get up-            been choosing your priorities
I hope you are enjoying the           dates on issues that interest          and have begun working on
New Year. This is a great time        you. That web address is:              your goals.
to get involved with social is-        This         I will have the Social Action
sues and advocate for justice to      site connects you with other           Award form put on the Confer-
the social ills that surround us      UMW who share your con-                ence UMW website. E-mail or
daily. We can and do make a           cerns.                                 call me with any questions you
difference!                                                                  have.
                                      3. District Social Action Coor-
1. I encourage you to continue        dinators – I need your 2010 So-        Be the light of Christ in some-
to pray, learn and advocate on        cial Action Priorities. I also         one’s life every day.
behalf of social justice issues       need a report of what you ac-
that impact our lives. Contact        complished in 2009.                    Your sister in Christ,
your legislators – visit, call, e-    4. This year we have instituted
mail or fax- to let them know                                                Linda Porter
                                      a Conference Social Action
how you feel about issues. Al-

                                           ASSEMBLY NEWS
         Woman’s Division holds an Assembly of United Methodist Women every four years in the
 United States and this year it will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 29 through noon on May 2,
 2010. This year’s Assembly promises to be a life changing experience for many women. As the vision
 statement for Assembly 2010 states, ―United Methodist Women are disciples of Jesus Christ and called
 to share our belief in the promise of a new heaven and a new earth; our expectation of needs met for all;
 our sisterhood of grace and our embodiment of justice. It is through action that we find fulfillment of our
 faith, hope and love in the name of Jesus Christ.‖
         Assembly 2010 will be a time for United Methodist Women members to celebrate, energize, edu-
 cate and equip themselves for God’s mission in God’s world. These times call for grace and good judg-
 ment, caring and creative thinking, hope and helping hands. The worship, programs, workshops and pan-
 els being planned for Assembly are designed to help United Methodist Women members better serve
 each other, their communities and those around the world.
         In addition to attendance at Assembly, you may elect to join Virginia UMW in a tour of St. Louis
 at the completion of Assembly on Sunday. It doesn’t matter if you drive, fly, or take the bus, you
 may participate in the tour from Sunday afternoon through Monday evening. Take a sightseeing
 tour of the Gateway Arch, Museum, tram ride and Riverboat Cruise; tour the New Cathedral and visit the
 Cahokia Mounds, the site of an ancient Native American City and the largest prehistoric earthen con-
 struction in the Americas.            Contact Joyce Winston now if you want more information on this
 great opportunity at or 851-6897.
Page 8                          THE LINK                                                               Spring 2010
                                Virginia Conference UMW

                                BALANCING THE TWO HATS

           As we celebrate our generous giving for 2009 and making our pledge by giving $762,000.07 to
         Mission Giving, we also need to begin to target our giving for 2010. As Women’s Division begins
         their new organization apart from the Board of Global Ministries, we will need to continue to be
         very supportive of the UMW projects. These projects will be funded by UMW alone.

           With this in mind, I would like to share with you some thoughts on UMW giving. Each of us
         wears two hats in our churches, districts, and conference. First, we are members of the connectional
         United Methodist Church and support that church with our prayers, presence, tithes, service, and
         witness. As a church member, we answer the call to support church and community needs by sup-
         porting United Methodist projects and by supporting community projects such as sheltering the
         homeless, the abused and the less fortunate. All of that is done wearing our ―church member hat‖.

           We also wear a second hat, our ―UMW hat‖. As a UMW unit, district and conference, we were
         established 140 years ago to support women, youth, and children around the world and in the
         United States. We do this through supporting the UMW mission projects that are listed in our Sep-
         tember 2009 ―Response Magazine‖ and the Virginia Conference projects listed in our 2010 Annual
         Report. These mission projects belong to us – UMW—and look to us for financial support.

           This now places all of us, the units, district UMW’s, and the Virginia Conference UMW, in a diffi-
         cult and confusing situation where we need to decide where to give our generous monetary gifts.
         For the year for 2010, , I want to ask each of you to carefully consider your patterns of giving.

          To attempt to make this easier, we are asking the district UMW’s and the Virginia Conference
         YMW to give 100% of their funds to UMW projects. We are asking units to divide your giving two

         1. 80% of all giving goes only to UMW projects or the Virginia projects listed in the 2010 Annual
            report. For Virginia Conference projects, this will also include VUMAC Dimes for Blackstone,
            Henry Fork, and Ferrum College, but you will notice that that 80% does not include the VU-
            MAC room renovations or Capital Fund. Also, this 80% does not include designated giving to
            non-UMW International and UMCOR projects.

         2. No more than 20% of all your giving would then go to those organizations that are not listed
THE LINK                                                                Spring 2010                         Page 9
Virginia Conference UMW

 In making your decision about giving to non-UMW projects, please ask yourselves a few questions about
 these organizations:
    How many other sources of income are available to them?
    Can your unit support the organization through giving items instead of a monetary donation?
    What is the percent of the donated funds that go into the administrative part of the organization (10%
     is usually the goal of well-run organizations)?
    Are we supporting this organization already when we wear our ―church member hats‖, and, if so,
     should we also rake UMW money for this project?

   There is so much need around us and each unit gets constant request for funds. It is so much easier for
 us to relate to these local groups that we see than to give to the project that is half way around the world.
 That is why it is so important for unit members to subscribe to and read the ―Response Magazine‖ which
 is our window to seeing UMW projects. Debbie Lewis, the Peninsula District Presidents, says it this
 way, ―Would the American Cancer Society hold a Relay for Life and then give their money to the Ameri-
 can Heart Association, no they would not.‖ I ask should we be giving our UMW dollars away?

                                       VIRGINIA CONFERENCE
                          UNITED METHODIST WOMEN OFFICERS FOR 2010
     Left to right: Charlotte Edge, Hatsy Droke, Gail Sutcliffe, Linda Porter, Shelia Smith, Mary
     Jane Rawley, Joann McClung, Addie Haynes, Pat Owens, Louise Miller, Sue Boltz
Page 10      THE LINK                                      Spring 2010
             Virginia Conference UMW

          Virginia Conference United Methodist Women

                        Spiritual Life Retreat

                           May 14-16, 2010

               Virginia United Methodist Assembly Center
                                707 Fourth Street
                            Blackstone, VA 23824

                  Retreat Leader: Rev. Janice Prentace

                  Registration Form is on our Web Page
                        For more information contact
                               Mary Jane Rawley
THE LINK                                                    Spring 2010                        Page 11
Virginia Conference UMW

             FA ITH , HOP E , LOV E
                  IN ACT ION

                             Virginia Conference School
                                of Christian Mission
                              Virginia United Methodist
                                   Assembly Center
                                   Blackstone, VA

                          JULY 22-25 & 26-29, 2010


          For the Love of God:
             John’s Letters
                                                             Rev. Clarence Brown
       The Beauty & Courage of
                                                 Pastor, Annandale United Methodist Church
        Sudan: Why a dream of                                   Annandale, VA
           peace is possible.                        Leader of the Spiritual Growth Study
                                                             For the Love of God:
           Joy to the World                                   John’s Letters
         Mission & Evangelism                In-depth study of John’s Letters. seeking to answer
                                             questions such as ―Who wrote the Letters?‖ ―To
                                             whom were they written originally?‖ ―What do these
                                             Letters mean to us today?‖ Explores references such
                                             as life and death, light and darkness, truth and false-
                                             hood in John’s Letters and the Fourth Gospel. Also
                                             examines the view that salvation consists of ―having
 Shelia Jones,                               life,‖ God being ―light,‖ Christian life as ―walking in
                                             light,‖ and many others
  Education & Interpretation 2010-2011
   WESLEY MEMORIAL                               NON-PROFIT
                                            NORFOLK, VA
        THE LINK
                                            PERMIT No. 238
 NORFOLK, VA 23505


                                        SPRING 2010

                                 We are on the Web

                              ALL REGISTRATION FORMS
                               ARE AVAILABLE ON THE
                               CONFERENCE UMW WEB

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