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					                       The Autism Society of Greater
                                                                                                          Eileen Hawkins –Administrator

             First Word…..October, 2008                                                                   (216) 556-4937
                                                                                                          Monday—Friday 9AM– 4 PM

We had another wonderful month at the                         any professional providers or any
ASGC. We were pleased to have Kim                             ASD user friendly facilities that           Autism Society of
Gustely join us for our September, 2008                       you feel should be included in the          Greater Cleveland
meeting. She is the Co-director of Vic-                       directory, please e-mail the infor-
tory Gallop, a Therapy Riding Center in                       mation to                         Officers:
Bath, Ohio. She shared with us the
many advantages of horse back riding                          We wish to thank the management                  Rory McLean
therapy with children who have autism                         of the Ridge Park Square Theater
spectrum disorders or other challenges.                                                                          President
                                                              for hosting a second Sensory Ad-
Her wealth of experience was very infor-                      justed Movie on September 20,
mative. Thank you Kim for coming to our                                                                       Jim McIlwee
                                                              2008, for those affected by ASD.
meeting.                                                      This event is sponsored throughout              Vice-President
                                                              the country by the ASA and allows
                                                              those affected by autism and other               John Hearns
We invite you to join us for our next
meeting on October 7, 2008. Our dis-                          challenges enjoy a movie viewing                  Treasurer
cussions will feature information on                          that might not otherwise be possi-
“Preventing Meltdowns” from Chris Ren                         ble. Admission is reduced to $4.25.             Laurene Sweet
of Psychological & Behavioral Consult-                        We are very grateful for all those                Secretary
ants. Chris is a Licensed Social Worker                       who make this enjoyable event
who specializes in working with children                      possible.
                                                                                                              Board Members
and teenagers who have autism spec-
trum disorders. As a courtesy to our                          Again, thank you to all of our mem-               Tom Bregar
members, we provide free childcare dur-                       bers, volunteers and board mem-
ing our meetings. If you would like to                        bers who give so much of their
utilize this service, please RSVP at                                                                              Joe Glass
                                                              time to help our organization grow.
(216) 556-4937 or                            We could not provide the vital as-
no later than September 30, 2008.                             sistance to those in our area that                Gus Gallucci
                                                              live with autism without your help.
                                                                                                                  Barb Rutt
As a reminder, we are in the process of                       We look forward to seeing you at
developing a resource guide for our                           our next meeting.
members for all available providers in the                                                                          ASGC
NE Ohio region who deal with Autism                                                                            P.O. Box 41066
                                                              Eileen Hawkins,
Spectrum Disorders. If you have                                                                           Brecksville, Ohio 44141

     The information in this newsletter is for educational purposes only. The Autism Society of Greater
     Cleveland does not endorse any specific product, method of therapy or organization. Our aim is to
     provide information that assists our membership in making educated decisions. Thank you.
Changes to “Whose IDEA Is This?” from the July 1, 2008 version to the August 29, 2008 version
Changes to the document were very minor and for your convenience are summarized below:
Table of Contents:
Updated to reflect changing the order of the forms (moved Withdrawal Form to the end of the document).
Note section at the bottom of the table of contents changed as below:
July 1, 2008 Version:
Refer to the operating standards which are posted on the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE’s) Web site,, keyword search: Whose IDEA Is This?, for the complete rules.
August 29, 2008 Version:
Refer to the operating standards which are posted on the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE’s) Web site,, keyword search: Operating Standards Disabilities, for the complete rules.

Page 3--Request for evaluation
July 1, 2008 Version:
Parent: Makes a written request for the child to be evaluated for a suspected disability.
August 29th Version:
Parent: Requests that your child be evaluated for a suspected disability either verbally or in writing. It is recommended that your
request for an evaluation be in writing so that there is documentation of when the timelines for the school district’s response be-

Page 10--Referral
July 1, 2008 Version
If you, the parent, make the referral: Make the request in writing to the school district stating that you suspect your child has a
disability and that you are asking for your child to be evaluated.
August 29th Version
If you, the parent, make the referral: Requests that your child be evaluated for a suspected disability either verbally or in writ-
ing. It is recommended that your request for an evaluation be in writing so that there is documentation of when the timelines for
the school district’s response began.

Page 44--Appeal of Decision
July 1, 2008 Version
You may appeal the decision: In a district court of the United States within 90 days of receiving notice of the state level review
officer’s decision; or
August 29th Version
You may appeal the decision: In a district court of the United States within 90 days from the date of the state level review offi-
cer’s decision; or
Forms (at the end of document)
Withdrawal Form moved to last page (4th of 4 forms).
Due Process Complaint and Request for a Due Process Hearing moved from last page to 2nd of 4 forms. Instructions on page 1
of this form were also rearranged to match the order in the form.

  This group is moderated by our own ASGC member, Marian Helmick. It is for resi-
  dents of Northeast Ohio in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, Lorain, Medina,
  Summit, Stark, Portage Counties and surrounding areas. They provide network-
  ing, information, a parent discussion e-mail group, a parent contact list for finding a
  family in your area, family events and outings. Our children with autism can some-
  times seem difficult or temperamental; feel welcome to discuss your worries, con-
  cerns and needs.

  AutismNE welcomes parents, grandparents and guardians or caregivers. They
  also welcome professionals who wish to help the parent, grandparent and caregiver members.

  If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, visit Yahoo Groups AutismNE or contact Marian at AutismNE- with any questions or concerns.

           Join the Autism Society of Greater Cleveland!
      Dues for the Autism Society of Greater Cleveland are only $5.00 per year.
                    Checks for dues or donations can be sent to:
                                   P.O. Box 41066
                              Brecksville, Ohio 44141
                                   (216) 556-4937
                    Check out our website at!
Join us for our Meetings October 7th,           Free Childcare is Available for
November 11th & December 2nd.                   ASGC Meetings

    All are welcome to the monthly              RSVP is Now a Mandatory Re-
             ASGC Meeting                       quirement for Free Childcare
    When: 1st Tuesday of each month
                                                at least 7 days prior to meet-
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30 pm
                                                ing date.
Where: Cuyahoga Valley Career Center,
8001 Brecksville Rd. in Brecksville, 44141      (216) 556-4937
Please note our November meeting is the 2nd
Tuesday of the month due to election day.                       Childcare provided by Steps
                                                Behavioral Consultants.

Meetings are held at 8001 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville, Ohio 44141
October 7th 6:30-8:30 PM Speaker—Christina H. Ren, L.I.S.W. of Psychological & Behavioral
Consultants. Topic—”Preventing Meltdowns”
November 11th 6:30-8:30 Speaker Judith C. Saltzman, Atty. At Law
Topic New ODE Regulation Changes
December 2nd 6:30-8:30 Speaker will be a local school administrator
Topic: The IEP Process.
                                                 DIRECTIONS TO THE CUYAHOGA VAL-
                                                 LEY CAREER CENTER

    Register NOW for the 2008 NATTAP Conference November 19-21, 2008

    The Autism Society of America (ASA) and Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence
    (OCALI) present the 2nd annual international conference on autism training and techni-
    cal assistance. The objectives of the conference are to review current systems models
    for addressing the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), promote
    use of best practice in research and intervention and provide methods for capacity
    building – all of which contribute to the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for individu-
    als ages 3-21. Join the estimated 1,500-2,000 attendees from across the national and
    around the globe.

    NEW for 2008! Pre-Conference Sessions - November 18, 2008
    Pre-Conference sessions are provided by leaders and recognized experts in the field
    and provide attendees with a valuable opportunity for in-depth discussion and learning.

    What: 2008 NATTAP Conference
    When: November 19-21, 2008
    Where: Greater Columbus Convention Center | Columbus, OH
    Early Bird Rate: $185
    Parent/Family Member Rate: $100
    Pre-Conference Session Rate: $100
    Conference registration and information available at:
    The Autism Society of Ohio has provided a grant to OCALI reducing the registra-
    tion rate for parents from last year's $185 to $100 for all three days of the confer-
         Did you know:

         •   1 to 1.5 million Americans have autism

         • 1 child in 150 births will be diagnosed with autism, the fastest-growing
         developmental disability with 10-17% annual growth

         •   In ten years, the expected annual cost of autism will be $200-$400 billion

         --Source: Autism Society of America

         The 2nd annual NATTAP Conference will gather educators, service providers
         and parents from across the United States and from around the globe. The 2008
         NATTAP Conference will provide a forum for the continued exchange of ideas
         and promising practices that will provide common solutions to the common prob-
         lems in ASD. Register NOW by going to

                                             THE AUTISM SUMMIT
The first international Autism Summit will be truly extraordinary – it’s a must! Autism Today and Rainbow Ba-
bies & Children’s Hospital have teamed up to produce the Autism Summit in Cleveland, OH October 10 -12,
2008. The Summit will be unlike any other conference you’ve attended whether you’re a family member, a
teen/adult on the spectrum, a doctor or an educator, this conference is for YOU!

Here’s what you’ll find at the world’s first international Autism Summit:

• Over 40 world class “superhero” speakers in a highly interactive presentation format
  New worldwide resources, information and exhibits

•   New, unique approaches and solutions to common problems. For example, do you want to learn new
    ways of working with melt-downs, transitions to adulthood, or peer interactions? Or do you have a
    “burning question” that you’d like to raise during the conference? You’ll have numerous opportunities to
    get specific questions discussed & answered by experts!

•   A special highlight on Autism and the Arts – find out about “Artism” and the special “autie” connection
    between high performance in the arts, and join us for the premiere music performance of a new group,
    “Autie Rox”!

•   Do you have/know an autism Superhero? We’ll have a special celebration of the accomplishments of
    our Superhero children, adults and mentors!

•   A special conference room where you can personally arrange to meet as Individuals or as a group.

• You’ll stay at Cleveland’s wonderful premiere hotel, the Renaissance Cleveland and . . .
  you’ll enjoy a special surprise Friday evening with 2 music legends – exclusively for
  Summit attendees!

•   On Saturday night you can use a special Summit-only discount (select seats guaranteed) to attend the
    extraordinary A Night At the Rock Opera at Cleveland’s historic Playhouse Square!
                                 More information:

                                        Do you have some news or information to share?
        Send information by email to by the 1st of each month. for the following month’s letter.

                                            Medicaid Buy-In: Start Date was April 1, 2008
The Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities (MBIWD) program began April 1, 2008. Individuals wishing to use the
MBIWD program can apply at your local CDJFS now! To find your local CDJFS (County Department of Job and Family Ser-
vices), visit and click on your county.

Please take the opportunity to thank Governor Strickland for his support of MBIWD and tell him what the program will mean to
people with disabilities. You can contact the Governor by writing a letter, making a phone call, sending a fax or submitting
comments online
Address: Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 S. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215-6108
Phone: (614) 466-3555
Online: Go to
Click on Contact on the bar across the top of the page
Ohio Receives Federal Approval for Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities
Program that allows workers to work and receive Medicaid benefits to start April 1

The program allowing eligible workers with disabilities to continue receiving Medicaid benefits created last year by Governor
Ted Strickland the Ohio General Assembly has received the required federal approval today according to the Ohio Department
of Job and Family Services. Effective April 1, workers with disabilities earning up to 250 percent ($26,000 in 2008) of the Fed-
eral Poverty Level may pay a monthly premium to continue Medicaid coverage.

"We are pleased that our federal counterparts recognized the fact that providing continued access to health care also removes
what otherwise could serve a barrier to work for many individuals who have the ability and desire to take part in the working
community," ODJFS Helen Jones-Kelley said.

State legislators also expressed satisfaction that the collaborative efforts of state government and local advocates are coming
to fruition.

“Through this change, we are empowering thousands of Ohioans with disabilities to be able to work while maintaining their
health benefits”, said State Senator Steve Stivers (R-Columbus), sponsor of the bill authorizing the program. “I view this as a
win-win for the state, because not only are we incentivizing people to work, which is good for the economy, but we are provid-
ing access to health care in a fiscally responsible way.”

“We in the Senate Democratic Caucus applaud the Governor for giving those with disabilities the opportunity to work without
risking the loss of Medicaid coverage”, Senate Democratic Leader Miller said: “People should not have to choose between
earning and living and having access to quality, affordable health care coverage. This move ensures coverage for those who
need it the most while empowering them to support themselves and more fully live the American dream.”

State Representative Jon Peterson, sponsor of Medicaid Buy-In legislation in the House, noted: "This program will change
lives. Participants in the program will be able to live their dreams of becoming fully integrated into the workforce. This program
adds a significant number of highly skilled employees to Ohio's working population."

“The leadership of the Governor and the success of the budget have created this important program, which invests in the econ-
omy by strengthening families, communities and the state economy”, State Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland). “This is a
great day for workers with disabilities the buy-in will enable them to live healthy and contribute to the vitality of Ohio workforce.
Healthy workers create a healthy economy that in turn makes the future of our state more hopeful and prosperous for all Ohio-

Under the program, Ohioans between the ages of 16 and 64 with a disability defined by the Social Security Administration can pay an in-
come-based premium for Medicaid coverage. Additional information on the program is available by calling the Ohio Medicaid Consumer
hotline at 1-800-324-8680.

More than 2 million Ohioans receive health coverage through the state Medicaid program, administered by the ODJFS Office of Ohio Health
                                                                  Office of Literacy Seeks Participant Schools for Pilot Initia-

                                                                  The Office of Literacy is currently considering pilot sites for its
                                                                  literacy-based school improvement initiative in Ohio middle and
                                                                  high schools this fall. The Content Literacy Continuum (CLC)
                                                                  Pilot Initiative is an adolescent literacy school-reform framework
                                                                  (grades 6-12) based on the research of Dr. Donald D. Deshler
                                                                  and the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.
                                                                  This model addresses key instructional and infrastructural com-
                                                                  ponents essential in providing literacy support for all learners by
                                                                  implementing targeted levels of prevention and intervention
                                                                  based on student performance data. These key instructional and
The Foundation For the Challenged envisions people with           infrastructural components are closely aligned with the essential
mental retardation and developmental disabilities having          components of the Response to Intervention framework with a
meaningful, productive roles in their communities. This vision    focus on implementation within a secondary setting.
forms the basis of the Foundation’s charitable purpose in       This pilot initiative involves a significant degree of district and
providing grants to support people with disabilities with life-
                                                                school commitment over the course of multiple years, including
style expenses.
                                                                changes in classroom practice and school infrastructure. During
                                                                phase one, participation in the CLC Pilot Initiative begins with the
In October 2006, the Foundation established the Community training of a School Leadership Team, devel-
Living Fund to direct its charitable giving to individuals with opment of a school profile and careful plan-
developmental disabilities. Qualified individuals in Ohio and   ning for school-wide implementation. During
other states can apply for up to a $1,000 grant. Community      the second and third phases of work, teach-
Living Fund grants are meant to assist with the cost of com-    ers will participate in professional develop-
munity lifestyle needs such as wheelchair ramps, walking        ment & work to implement the CLC frame-
devices and basic furnishings not covered by entitlement pro-
grams. Grants are provided four times a year. Applicants
                                                                work & interventions school-wide. At this
must meet funding criteria and submit a grant application       time, the Office of Literacy is targeting
which can be found at                          schools from central and eastern Ohio to add to the first cohort
                                                                beginning October 1st. For more information ,contact the Office
                                                                of Literacy at or (614) 728-

                                  KARIN HESS-HOPKINS, MSSA
                                      BECKY REMNER, SLP
                        AGES 7-12      6:15 -7:15
                       AGES 13-19       7:30 -8:30
                   THE COST OF 4 SESSIONS IS $80.00
P. O. Box 41066
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Office Hours Mon-Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Phone: 216-556-4937

                    Autism Conferences, Courses and Events

    October 23, 2008                      November 9, 2008                         November 21, 2008
                                          Tools for Encouraging Commu-             Teaching Play and Leisure Ac-
    Career and Employment De-                                                      tivities to Students with Autism
    velopment Strategies for              nication Workshop
                                                                                   Spectrum Disorders
    Individuals with Autism.
                                          This Series is for family members,
    More adults with autism than          caregivers, tutors or others inter-      Individuals with autism are af-
    ever before will need to enter        ested in learning effective strate-      fected every day by challenges in
    the workforce, and preparation        gies for playing communicating and       communication and socialization.
    is essential. This work-shop          interacting in a home with children      This one day workshop will pro-
    will address various aspects of       who have communication and/or            vide the participants with an un-
    career preparation and job            behavioral challenges. These ef-         derstanding of language and
    placement for individuals with        fective strategies are for children of   communication as it relates to
    autism spectrum disorders.            all ages with PDD, Autism and As-        autism and behavioral strategies
     Cost: $150 per person                perger’s Disorders. The workshop         to improve socio-communicative
                                          focus on ages 1 through early ele-       interactions.
                                          mentary. Cost $30 per session
    For more Info on the work-                                                     Cost: $150 Per person
    shop, Call Lisa Szabo at the          Location: Mayfield Village Civic         For more info on the workshop,
    Cleveland Clinic at 216-448-          Center presented by Milestones           call Lisa Szabo at the Cleveland
    6440 or go to                         Autism Organization . For more           Clinic at 216-448-6440 or to         info contact Kiersten Johnston at        http:://
                                          216-371-4765 or


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