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									Landscaping and Vegetables: A Healthy Place in the Sun

Landscaping is nature’s greatest form of art. It is one form of enhancing
the natural splendor of a particular piece of land. It combines the
different facets of creativity into one giant creation of art, beauty,
utility, and practicality.

Shade trees provide protection against the glaring heat of the sun, where
trees can actually soak up almost 85% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Some
people do not know that landscaping can also be a good source of food.

Most garden-lovers think that beauty in nature lies in the flowers and
ornamental plants. What they fail to notice is that vegetables can make a
nice display in the scenery as well.

Vegetable gardeners contend that the bright yellow color of the sunflower
under the heat of the sun is as magnificent as the rich green color of
lettuce. The best thing about it is that these vegetables do not just
feed one’s eyes but their stomach as well.

Most people who realize the value of vegetables in landscaping instantly
decide to start planting edible plants in their garden. They find that
landscaping using vegetables is a gratifying activity, more than merely
landscaping with flowers and shrubs.

The common benefit that these people assert is the fact that landscaping
a vegetable garden does not just add beauty to the area but can also
provide the health-supplying goodness of vegetables.

When landscaping a vegetable garden utilize a detailed principle -
because the main purpose is to grow vegetables that produce continuous

Here is a list of some of the principles in landscaping vegetables:

1. Try to separate ornamental plants from the vegetables. This is to
avoid the contamination of the different pesticides for each type of

2. Crop rotation is extremely important. Keep in mind that landscaping
vegetables should not focus more on the beautification than how the land
will respond to the demands of the plants.

3. Proper maintenance is important. Rotting fruits are not a good sight
nor a positive feature in a landscape.

4. Use vegetables that can easily be maintained and that are very

Landscaping a vegetable garden is the most profitable aspect of the
process. It makes one’s yard productive and fascinating all at the same

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