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									Session #   Teacher      Session Description

                         Songwriting: Let the musical stylings of Mr. Eric Russ inspire
1                        you to pen your own great songs. Who knows, you might
                         become the next American Idol once Mr. Russ finishes with
            Russ         you.

                         Amazing Race: Like the TV show? Ever wanted to participate
2                        yourself? Come join the Amazing Race: Carrboro High
                         School! Go on a school wide scavenger hunt and emerge as
            TBA          the winner!

                         How to Become a Massage Therapist: Had a tough day?
3                        Learn howto wind down from the stresses of high school life
                         by becoming a massage therapist, and take a load off for the
            Campagna     day.

                         Turkish Dance: Dive into the culture of Turkey with Mrs.
4                        Johnson through the beautiful art of Turkish dance. Learn
                         about the history and practice as it exists today. Maybe you‟ll
                         even pick up a few moves to impress friends at the next Snow
            Johnson      Ball!

                         Guitar Finger Picking: Ever wish you could really pick that
5                        guitar? Join a guitar picker who sometimes steps off the back
                         porch to lend folks a hand learning to play finger style/Travis
                         style like Elizabeth Cotten or Etta Baker; the kind of guitar
                         that Doc Watkins plays so well. I can teach you that. You
            Darrow       must bring an acoustic guitar and some facility with chords.

                         Edible Plants & Acupuncture: Join Mr. Hunter for a
6                        morning of natural healing. In the first session, Mr. Hunter
                         will lead students on an expedition for edible plants. The
            Hunter       second will demonstrate the ancient art of acupuncture.

                         *Morehead Foundation Interview: Interested in taking
7                        awesome trips during the summer, going to UNC-Chapel Hill,
                         and receiving unbelievable opportunities? Come listen to
                         someone from the Morehead Foundation talk about the
                         amazing opportunities that come along with being a
            Sholomon     Morehead Scholar.

                         Improv with John Reitz: High school can be very stressful
8           Gottschalk   especially during this last quarter; so why not laugh it all
                         away? There's nothing like an hour of down-to-earth comedy.
                         Hey, you might even pick up a few jokes!

                         The Culture of YouTube: From “Chocolate Rain”, and
9                        “Charlie Bit Me” to “The Beyonce Clown”, The culture of
                         YouTube has permeated our society. Join Mr. Wilkins as he
                         watches examples of YouTube classics and discusses the
     Kimbrough/Wilkins   issues associated with this new part of our society.

                         Digital Photography: Bring your digital cameras and learn
10                       how to stage and take photos with Ms. Holzer-Lane. In order
                         to be an active participant, you must bring your digital camera
                         along. Ms. Holzer-Lane will offer some pointers on how to
     Holzer-Lane         use digital features.

                         Nail Salon: Pretty up your nails for the weekend in Ms.
11                       O‟Connell‟s Nail Salon! Relax and have a great time! Some
                         supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring along some of
     O'Connell           your favorite polish shades and accessories as well.

                         Hip-Hop Dance: Join our talented teachers in a hip-hop
12                       dancing class and learn some new moves for the dance floor,
                         right in time before prom! Learn a full routine and bust a move
     Malkemes            out on the dance floor!

                         Art of Recycling: Have you ever been to The Scrap
13                       Exchange? Imagine what you could do with a variety of
                         fabrics, plastics, string and other recycled materials. Join Ms.
                         Braker and Ms. Mayfield as they teach you some new and fun
     Mayfield/Braker     ways to reuse materials.

                         Cornhole Tournament: Toss the bean bag of destiny as you
14                       try your hand at this classic carnival game. Prizes go to the
     Cone                best tossers.

                         Salsa Making: Ms. Rogers and Mr. Griffin will make you a
15                       salsa making machine. Enjoy this session as you experiment
                         with the ingredients of salsa, and be the taste testing judge of
     Griffin/Rogers      which salsas you think are better!

                         Rugby 101: Ever wondered how to actually play rugby? Want
16                       to participate in a scrum? Then the Rugby workshop is the one
                         for you! Learn from Mr. Millard all about the awesome sport
     Millard             of rugby and play outside on the field!
                Bowties: Get ready for Prom and Thanksgiving Dance! Learn
17              how to make and tie your own bow-ties! Mr. Brown leads a
                great workshop with the unique skill of producing and tying
     Brown      bow-ties. A bow-tie or two may just be given away as well!

                Origami: Are you a creative person looking for a challenge?
18   Clay       Take a cultural lesson on the Japanese art of origami.

                Soccer 101: This workshop is any soccer fan's dream! Come
19              out and show your moves and pick up some new skills to take
     Kadlecik   onto the field.

                Zen Gardening: Rake the sand of your soul as Ms. Tama
20              takes you through the meditative art of Zen Gardening. This
                relaxing and rejuvenating practice will no doubt brighten and
     Tama       mellow your day.

                Latin Dance: Dance the morning away with non-partner
21              dances such as Merengue, Reggaeton, or Salsa. Strut your stuff
     Griffin    with your friends and your teachers

                Board Games: Do you love games like Monopoly and Apples
22   Varon      to Apples? Get your game on with Board Games!

                Hitchhiking Traveling Stories (con Cookies): Do you want
23              to hear crazy hitchhiking stories? Do you like cookies? Then
     Hite       join Mr. Hite for a great time!

                Yoga Class: Interested in Yoga? Want to relax? Come join
24              our professional Yoga instructor! Learn lots of different poses
                and positions that can help any kind of stress and increase your
                general health level. Everybody is encouraged to come, no
     Karcher    experience necessary. Be sure to wear comfy clothes!

                *Microwave Baking: Does it seem like your pantry or
25              refrigerator is always empty or full of boring food? Learn how
                to spice up your life with simple, easy to create microwave
                baking that will zap life into your cuisine and have your
     French     tummy saying “thank you!”

                Capoeira: Experience the Brazilian combination of dance and
26              martial arts known as Capoeira. Mr. Randolph and a local
                expert will help broaden your horizons and give you a
     Randolph   workout.
                      Freshman Year 101: You‟ve filled out your applications and
27                    been accepted to the school of your dreams. Now what?
                      Come learn some tips on how to manage the transition from
     Eriksen          high school to college.

                      Kiddie Crafts: Take it back to your single digits. Let your
28                    childlike imagination run wild. Make a pretty picture to put on
                      the fridge for Mommy and Daddy. Come and make the
     Carter/Schmidl   childhood crafts you loved when you were little.

                      Cookie Decorating: Everybody loves cookies so why not
29                    decorate those cookies with icing, sprinkles, and all kinds of
                      goodies? Come decorate cookies and listen to music with Mrs.
     Crider           Crider and eat your own work when your done!

                      Sacrificial Poets: The Sacrificial Poets will perform and
30                    instruct poetry workshops! The Sacrificial Poets are a local
                      group of freestyle poets, extremely talented and impassioned
                      with the spirit of poetry. Come learn from some of the best and
     Hart             contribute your own poetry.

                      Karaoke and Dancing: Do you like to dance? Do you like to
31                    sing? Then sing and dance the day away during „Boro Blowout
     J. O'Connell     with Ms. O‟Connell in her karaoke dance party!

                      Exploring Politics Through Film: Are you interested in the
32                    issues that define our society? Do you want to learn more and
                      add to a fruitful political discussion. Sign up for this session
                      and watch an informative and engaging film. Then, be ready to
     Teen Dems        talk about what you saw.

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