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									Parasailing Training

Parasailing has managed to lure people to try the risky and dangerous
sport. For most, this is a risky yet adventurous endeavor. It may look
simple because all the parasailor has to do is to take off from this area
on the boat. Then when he has had enough of flying up in the air with his
parachute, he ends it with a landing.

There are other concerns though. Going through parasailing training with
a credited instructor isn't enough. A parasailor must know what else is
going on in the sport. Example, he should also be updated on the nitty
gritty of the boat he is taking off from.

Elaborating further, the size of the boat that pulls him as he takes off
is an issue. Boats perform depending on their sizes, horsepower, weight,
engine type and hull configuration. In parasailing, there may be no
required horse power but normally any boat can easily pull up a
parasailor as long as it meets the necessary speed and acceleration to do
the required task. Typically, for a 16’ boat, the speed is 100 hp.

Of course the speed and acceleration of the boat also varies on the size
of the parasailor. Other factors affecting the whole parasailing
experience is the direction the wind is blowing.

Remember that heavier flyers need more speed compared to lighter flyers.
Plus, the acceleration of the boat when launching heavier flyers must be
faster as opposed to lighter flyers.

Sometimes after a parasailor has taken in all the marvelous sites and
sceneries up in the sky, he ends the flight with a wet move by plunging
into the water, instead of returning to the take-off area where he is
supposed to land. This can be done. Other parasailors wonder though if
they could take off from the water. That isn't possible because no
parachute is made to do this. How can a canopy fly if it is already wet?

Then there’s doubt. Some parasailors ask their instructors whether this
activity is dangerous. In any activity, there are risks. A participant
can incur injuries – if there is negligence. If the parasailing
environment doesn't have safe conditions, might as well not sign up to do
the activity there.

To make your parasailing experience as memorable as possible, just look
for a parasailing environment that is well credited, has the best crew
and accommodating trainers. In fact, there are some parasailing tours you
can also look into. This will make your risky move something to remember.

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