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									Choose your own parasailing method

There are a total of three parasailing methods you can actually utilize
and are also currently popular worldwide. The following are the three
different parasailing methods you could choose from. Select the one that
best suits your style, preference and personality.

Beach parasailing method

The fact of the matter is, though this method is fun and exciting, it is
also very dangerous and not really recommended even for the parasailor
that is experienced.

The process involved in this method is that the parasailor gets to be
strapped to a harness that is then attached to a canopy parasail, this in
turn is connected to a tow boat using a rope.

Instructions for steering are given prior to take off as well as survival
in the water training just in case an emergency arises.
However, there is actually little one could do if in case something does
go wrong.

Once everything is ready, the crew then signals to the driver of the boat
to tighten and power up the rope thus making the canopy parasail inflate
up. Parasailors are then told to walk, step, run towards the line of the
boat while the boat then speeds itself up thereby sending skyward the
attached parasailor.

Parasailing platform method

This method of parasailing isn't as risky compared to the former
parasailing beach method. However, it is still not an experience that
could be considered safe. If you do decide to do this method, the wind
must be under five and at least over fifteen. Also, make sure that you
are away from any buildings and objects.

The initial steps are similar with beach parasailing, however for this
method, instructiosn for steering are really unnecessary.
The platform and tow boat begins to idle forward thus making the canopy
inflate. The altitude is actually controlled by the speed of the boat
while the height is dictated by the tow rope amount.

Winchboat parasailing

This method is where the recovery and parasailor launch starts to take
place from the speed boat. This boat is then equipped by an inflation
parasail system as well as hydraulic powered by an engine main drive in
order to retrieve and launch the parasailor from the deck.

All in all, these parasailing methods are all at your beck and call. You
know best which fits your lifestyle, wants and needs the best. Either
way, it is fun and enjoyable with a little risk involved.

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