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									How is a Parasailing Helmet Different From Other Types of Head

The parasailing helmet is one of the most necessary gears for
parasailing. Just like any other extreme and outdoor recreational sports,
parasailing can be dangerous because it involves flying and being towed
by speeding vehicles.

Parasailing is usually done on the surface of water. It isn't an excuse
to get the necessary safety gear. Be reminded that fun doesn't need to
compromise a person's overall safety. It would be nice to enjoy
parasailing, and at the end of the day, you are still in one piece. You
must agree.

But parasailing is different from all other extreme or ordinary sports.
And so the helmet used should be customized for parasailing. That is
because parasailing involves flying and so, extreme protection should be
looked at without compromising comfort for the head.

The most distinct differences of parasailing helmets with other head gear
is indeed the helmet construction. These helmets have interesting
features that can't be found, or isn't applicable, in other helmet types.

Because parasailing is an air sport, parasailing helmets have a twin
shell construction that is characterized by two different layers. Twin
shell indicates that there are basically two shells to provide your head
with two specific types of protection while parasailing.

The helmet's outer shell is made of a composite fibre or special
thermoplastic material. As such, be assured that the helmet can withstand
great temperature changes and resistance to penetration by even the
sharpest objects. So even if your head bangs into anything, your head is

Then there is an inner shell that is usually crushable, meaning the
polystyrene material absorbs energy, helping reduce or avoid possible
head injuries during a collision. However, the inner shell is usually
vulnerable to bumps, so it can be easily dented or deformed.

That means, you have to replace your parasailing helmet immediately when
you find that its inner shell damaged. Otherwise, the helmet won't work
appropriately, and wearing the malfunctioning one is as bad as not
wearing any helmet at all.

Aside from the functions, a parasailing helmet can also be a fashion
accessory. Thus, there are numerous stylish helmets around. Usually, good
parasailing helmets are imported from the United Kingdom, where the
recreational activity was invented and initially popularized.

Get your's now if you are aiming to parasail. Remember to use the helmet
only for parasailing, because it can easily deform from too much bumping.
Furthermore, the parasailing helmet isn't cheap.

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