Bike_Bus_A4 by wpr1947


									                          Bike Bus

  Marrickville/Newtown to City

                    What is a bike bus?
  A bike bus is a small group of people who ride to work together each
  day, for sociability & safety. We ride legally, taking a lane and riding
two-abreast. There is a set timetable & route where we pick up/drop off
  “passengers”. We ride at a social pace (avg 15kph) so we can chat.

     For more information or to confirm call or text 0403 821 374.

    For other time/route options, email

Daily Timetable
06:58 Henson Park Hotel, Illawarra Rd Marrickville
07:01 Stanmore Rd/Merchant St, Enmore
07:09 Newtown Bridge
07:19 George St/Wells St, Redfern
07:30 Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park

17:15   Hyde Park, at Macquarie St
17:20   Taylor Square
17:25   Prince Alfred Park
17:45   Newtown Bridge
17:50   Henson Park Hotel

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