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     For the Year ending 31st December 2010

              13 MARCH 2011

“Enabling people to flourish spiritually”

This report booklet contains the reports and Financial Statement for Sherwood
Uniting Church for the year ending 31st December, 2010. These reports provide
an overview of the activities within the congregation. Some of the reports also
include insights into events planned for 2011.
On reading the reports you will see we have many reasons to give thanks to God.
May we all be inspired for the year that lies ahead to further glorify God.
Sincere thanks to all who wrote reports and statements, and to the editors.
Estelle Drummond, Secretary

              Values:          Faith Love Light

              Vision:          Loving God;
                               Loving others;
                               Lighting the path;
                               Living the way

              Mission:         To Worship God,
                               Listen to the Spirit,
                               Act in the way of Jesus

Minutes of AGM 08/03/09 ............................................................................ 1
Minister's Message ..................................................................................... 4
Finance and Administration Committee .................................................. 5
  Treasurer's Report .................................................................................... 6
     Balance Sheet ........................................................................................ 7
     Profit and Loss (Income)....................................................................... 8
     Profit and Loss (Expenses) .................................................................. 9
     Budget Analysis ................................................................................... 10
  Hall and Fellowship Room Bookings ................................................... 11
Worship and Education Task Group ....................................................... 11
  Flashpoint ................................................................................................ 12
  Family Worship ....................................................................................... 12
Pastoral Care Portfolio Group .................................................................. 13
Outreach Report ........................................................................................ 13
  Quilting Report ........................................................................................ 14
Youth Pastor Report .................................................................................. 15
Youth and Family Task Group.................................................................. 16
  G0 Club [ground zero]) (prep to yr 6) ................................................... 17
  Priority One (yr 8s).................................................................................. 17
  2B (yr 9s) .................................................................................................. 18
  3D (yr 10 plus) ......................................................................................... 18
  Sunday School ........................................................................................ 19
  Crèche (Sundays during worship) and Cradle Roll ............................ 20
  Playgroup ................................................................................................ 20
Freedom Bible Study ................................................................................. 21
Mother’s Bible Study ................................................................................. 21
Primrose Street Bible Study, .................................................................... 21
Adult Fellowship ........................................................................................ 21
Sherwood Singers ..................................................................................... 22
Ladies Indoor Bowls Club ........................................................................ 22
Men's Indoor Bowls Club .......................................................................... 23
Chapel Gardens Management Committee .............................................. 24
Presbytery of Bremer Brisbane Report ............................................... 26

The meeting opened after morning worships at 10.22am.
It was commented that we are here to worship God, to look back on things in the past and to
look towards the future.
       Present:      44 attended     Apologies:     7 received

Accepted that apologies be received.

Comments – books issued have a couple of discrepancies. New printings will include: Rowena
Solomon‟s name as a member of Church Council.
MOTION      Lex Brasher moved that the Minutes of the meeting of 8 th March 2009 be
            accepted as a true and correct record. Seconded Jess Dallas. Carried.

STRATEGIC PLAN as per back cover of booklet still to be reviewed. Comment if you think
there needs to be changes. Make your thoughts known.

PRESENTATION OF REPORTS: REPORTS were presented in booklet form to the
Congregation (and made available ten days prior to the meeting). Reports from Claire
Neumann for Cradle Roll and Mum‟s Bible Study are available on a separate printout at

Representatives addressed their reports. Some comments were:
Minister‟s Message – Heather spoke to the meeting. Mentioned the number of people involved
        and named throughout the booklet and is proud of the way that Sherwood UC works as a
        „true community‟ as the body of Christ, with all our gifts, and thanked everyone for this
        input. Nick was also thanked for his work, and congratulated on his acceptance into the
        „Minister of the Word‟.
Finance and Administration Committee - address the problem of Stained-glass windows.
        Recommend that we fix the stained glass windows. As we are looking at approx $50,000
        we may need a special appeal.
MOTION          Helen Hollier moved that we would like the Stained Glass windows restored.
                Seconded Iris Lining. Carried.
Pastoral Care Portfolio Group – 125 confirmed members, we have quite a few who have moved
        into retirement homes and we need to look at confirmation classes to maintain our
        numbers. We also encourage members-in-association, this is where people keep
        membership/ affiliation at other churches but become associated with ours.
Worship and Education Task Group - the report looks like it is all music, be assured that there
        are many other aspects to this group and within our services.
Outreach Report – busy year. Successful church camp. Art and craft exhibition. „Christmas in
        July‟ theme for a display this year.
Mission & Social Justice – special thanks for Suzie for the things she introduced.
Youth Pastor – As Nick doesn‟t see people during the week unless they are involved with Youth
        he recommend that people feel free to ask him questions or to see photos of events to
        catch up on what is happening with the youth.
Youth Ministry Task Group – Thank all the leaders. People are busy and there has been an influx
        of members, so we require more leaders. 2B is successful to date because we are
        retaining some our Year 8s. We have „lost‟ these in previous years.
Kids Club – this year it is known as Ground Zero (G0). The group welcomed James Erickson and
        Kate Dempsey, both high school students, to help assist lead.
Priority One – this group is desperate for new leaders, preferably two male leaders. Consistently
        27 students attend.
3D is also looking for more leaders.
Sunday School – After the June holidays a new teacher will be required.
Playgroup – lovely social group. A core group from church and they get to meet others from the
Flashpoint – Children‟s worship service, during Sunday School time, to give kids an experience of
       worship. Singing kids songs and choruses etc…
Family Worship – starts each month with a breakfast and is a free-form service.
Adult Fellowship – one of many opportunities to share with each other in a greater depth.
Bible Study Group – There has been an interesting dynamic with this group. There have also
       been a change of members.
Freedom – older teenagers. This is a valuable group for this age group. Nick is commended for
       running this group, and Natty for encouraging and being so positive. There is an
       exploration of faith.
Primrose Street Bible Study – This year it will change from Thursday evening to 2pm.
Art Group – work will be on display at the Markets.
Chapel Gardens Management Committee – two years without any changes. Sometimes the
       maintenance is challenging, like when roofs and walls are repaired and water still creeps in
       from under the concrete floor.
Presbytery of Bremer Brisbane – a report from the wider church to give people another
       perspective on activities in the church. Nick is candidating through South Morton.
       Meeting noted that Catherine Solomon and David Nix are also candidating.

MOTION        Charlie McEwan moved the reports presented be received. Seconded Aureole
              Edwards. Carried.

Graham Gahan spoke to his report. We have had another year where we have had a significant
loss. This is a trend.
Annette Lose has completed an audit of the books up until the end of 2009. There are ideas for
changes in some of our accounts which we will look at introducing.
Operating losses are substantial. We cannot maintain this trend.
We need to recognise that previous treasurers have been very dedicated and have put in a great
effort. Being introduced into the role Graham is aware that more than one person is needed to
fulfil the role. There is a wonderful team effort (including spouses).

MOTION        Graham Gahan moved the acceptance of the Treasurer‟s Report. Seconded Chris
              Shea. Carried.
MOTION        Graham Gahan moved that the budget be received. Seconded Rob Drummond.

Annette Lose is willing to be our Auditor.
MOTION      Graham Gahan recommended that Annette Lose be appointed as Auditor of
            Sherwood Uniting Church. Seconded Tim Solomon. Carried.

Waree Branjerdporn has been our Presbytery representative and is retiring. We thank her for
the work she has done.

MOTION        Estelle Drummond moved that we nominate Helen Shea to be our representative.
              Seconded Chris Shea. Carried.

Positions declared vacant and positions called. Charlie McEwan took the chair.
Chairperson:               Helen Hollier nominated Grant Erickson. Seconded Iris Linning.
Deputy Chairperson:        Tim Solomon nominated Charlie McEwan. Seconded David
Semple. Carried.
Both men accepted their nominations.

     Membership of the Church Council: Max Busch, Tim Solomon, Grant Erickson, Andrew
     Lose, Estelle Drummond, Charlie McEwan, Judy Thornton, Graham Gahan, Shawn
     Farrow, David Semple, Rowena Solomon, Anne Woodward.

SCRUTINEERS: Rob Drummond and Megan Thomson

Acknowledgement of Ancillary Positions –
Banners – position vacant – need a person for 2010 – Kay Reyment has been working with
   Heather to create a list of banners required.
Blue Card Co-Ordinator, Estelle Drummond
Child Safety Officer, Anne Woodward
Church Historian/Archivist – Lex Brasher
Church News – Editor Heather Griffin, Photocopier Bill Vogler
Cradle Roll – Claire Neumann
Editor required for Church News.
External Sign – Wendy Puri
Flower convener – Judy Thornton
Hall Convener, Peita Cochrane
Local Chaplaincy committee – Helen Shea
Meet and Greet – Helen Hollier and Iris Linning
Noticeboards inside – custodian required.
Property and Workplace Health and Safety Officer – Gar Jones
Risk Assessments – Anne Woodward
Web Masters – Tim Solomon, Rob has offered to help.
Worship Roster: Heather Griffin/Graham Gahan-Estelle Drummond.

Those chairing and secretary to task groups (Portfolios):
Outreach - Alistair Campbell, Peita Cochrane
Worship and Education - Una Drummond (resigned) Joel Corney, Megan Thomson
Pastoral Care - Charlie McEwan, Max Busch
Youth and Families – Anne Woodward, Estelle Drummond
Finance and Administration – Tim Solomon, Treasurer - Trent Cochrane/Graham Gahan

MOTION       Helen Hollier moved that we formally recognise and notice people carrying on
             with the above roles. Seconded Nick Patselis. Carried.

Voting papers back for Church Council – all nominated have been voted in by more than the
necessary 2/3 majority.

MOTION       Rob Drummond moved the ballot papers be destroyed. Seconded Megan
             Thomson.    Carried.

GENERAL BUSINESS: No general business.
Meeting closed at 11.50am with a Prayer by Heather Griffin.

                     MINISTER’S REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2010
Again can I commend to you the many reports you will find in this booklet. As always, they
remind me of what being “the body of Christ” in this place is about for us. They remind me of
what God has called us specifically to do in 2010 and the creative ways in which God calls us
forward to be all that God created us to be.

2010 has been a year in which significant work was carried out, behind the scenes, by our
elders and other leaders. It‟s been a year in which we have asked ourselves again “What does
it mean to be God‟s people in this place?” “What is God calling us to?” and equally important
“What is God not calling us to?” given the gifts and resources we have.

Each annual report booklet for many years now has had, on its back cover, the mission and
strategic plan for this congregation.

In 2010 the elders and other leaders met together for two full-day retreats. The first retreat,
held on 20 March, was spent in considering just this issue. Much very constructive work was
done. After a day of prayer on 15 May, to which the whole congregation was invited, the
Church Council, in June, agreed that Sherwood uniting Church‟s current values, vision and
mission are:
      Values :      Faith Love Light
      Vision:       Loving God; Loving others; lighting the path; living the way
      Mission:      To Worship God, Listen to the Spirit, Act in the way of Jesus

We, as a people, are called to reflect the light of Christ wherever, and in whatever situation we
find ourselves. We are a lighthouse church, a beacon of hope in a confusing and sometimes
dark world.

The second retreat was held on 14th August. We focussed on the question “Where to from
here?” I reported on “Signposts of Hope” - and we together reflected on how other churches
are choosing to worship and minister in very diverse ways to very diverse groups of people.
Nick then led us with a very insightful look at what keeps people under thirty connected with
church. Further discussion was held about worship styles.

In 2011 we will need to work further on the goals and possible actions that stem from our
vision, being mindful of pragmatic realities. We need to reflect further on our church structures
and whether these will need some “tweaking”.

So many things have happened in 2010, most of which you will find in other reports throughout
this booklet. I should perhaps mention that the Sunday evening Bible study was put on hold
during the year to enable the running of a confirmation class. I am very happy to report that
three of our young people were confirmed later in the year.

I would like to personally thank all the people who work so effectively behind the scenes
ensuring our church‟s smooth operation and focus on our calling. In particular, I would like to
thank the Church Council, under the guidance of Grant Erickson (chair), David Semple (deputy
chair) and Estelle Drummond (secretary).

And, of course, I could not conclude this report without reference to my co-worker Nick Patselis
who not only does such a wonderful job with the young people, but who is also a candidate
training to become a Minister of the Word. Nick is a young man from whom the light of Christ
shines and we are blessed to have him with us. We congratulate him on his and Danica‟s
engagement and wish them many, many years of happiness, filled with the abundant life which
only God gives.

Grace and peace,
Heather Griffin

During this year we were sorry to receive resignations of committee member, Dee Peiris and
the officer-in-charge of Hall & Fellowship Room bookings, Peita Cochrane. Dee has served
the committee faithfully and provided useful information and services as a practising architect
and we accepted his resignation with regret. Peita, over several years, has controlled access
to our facilities and ensured that time clashes have not occurred. We have, however, been
very pleased to welcome Linda Norris-Buchanan to the committee as her replacement. Linda,
with the helpful cooperation of Peita, has very efficiently managed the transition of bookings to
her role. This is a task that is quite demanding, especially as we find more and more requests
for use of both Hall and Fellowship Room areas.

The year has been busy with both minor and major maintenance matters attended to.
The largest item undertaken has been patching of the numerous cracks that have once again
appeared in the walls of the Church building. One of the cracks over a west-side window
appeared so serious we had concerns that some of the masonry might fall out. The cracks
were repaired by TA Taylor at a cost of approximately $16,500.00 by a process that involved
the insertion and anchoring of steel rods into the walls above and below the windows. The
work was carefully carried out and while it involved much dirt and dust, the overall result
appears to be most satisfactory.
Much consideration has been given to the condition of the leadlight windows of the Church.
Preliminary investigations indicated that to completely refurbish the windows would cost about
$50,000. We have received independent professional opinions that there is no immediate
danger of the windows collapsing, despite the bulges they show. We are now seeking advice
about, and costing of, replacement/reinforcing the window frames but believe that the cost of
renewing the glass is not presently justified.
Minor Maintenance:
The following minor matters have been attended to –
    Security grilles have been fitted to unsecured windows in the Manse.
    The sound-desk computer has been upgraded and replaced at no cost to the church,
       thanks to committee member, Andrew Lose.
    A new portable data projector has replaced the old one that no longer produced a
       satisfactory image.
    Water leaks in Manse and Hall roofs, electrical faults in lights and heating equipment
       and other maintenance matters have all been most efficiently handled by committee
       member, Gar Jones, as usual without fuss or fanfare.
Several working-bees were held in 2010. Attendance has been somewhat variable with the
same loyal church members appearing each time. There is a place for everyone to participate
on these occasions because tasks vary from active outdoor gardening to much lighter indoor
and outdoor cleaning and tidying, through to simply ensuring that items such as first-aid kits
and walkways are kept clear for safety requirements to be met. Mowing of the Church and Hall
grounds continues to be done by Church members who volunteer to be rostered, working in
pairs, twice a year. It would be appreciated if any people who are able, could offer to join this
Once again, thanks to all those involved with the Finance & Administration Committee, and
thanks to all the church members who have taken time out to help with various maintenance
and repair jobs throughout the year.

Tim Solomon
                           FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31/12/2010
Introduction:       My gratitude is extended to Tim Solomon and Judy Thornton for the
invaluable assistance I receive from them, as they attend to the Banking of monies, and
Payment of Accounts, respectively.
As an aftermath of the January floods, our Hon. Auditor, Annette Lose, has not been requested
to Audit our Accounts to date.
The year has been one of on-going rationalisation, with the closing and re-arranging of
Accounts with Banks and U.C.I.S. – and the reorganisation of MYOB Accounts (totalling about
165) to more logically reflect our operations - and also to meet the requirements of the
SYNOD Financial and Statistical Return.

Comments on Finances:           The Reports on following pages are based on our MYOB
Accounting system, and include:
    Balance Sheet – a “Snapshot” of our financial situation at 31/12/10 - summarising
       Assets, Liabilities, Funds - and indicating „Current Earnings‟.
    Profit and Loss Statements – summarising Income and Expenses - with a „Last Year‟
    Profit and Loss “Budget Analysis” Statement - with Budget figures - and tabulated and
       graphical summaries.

    The Balance Sheet shows a Loss of $59,323 – compared to a budgeted loss of
     $73,054. This difference is primarily due to the fact that Capital Expenditure was almost
     $17,000 lower than budgeted.
While “Total Assets” are shown as $603,776, it needs to be acknowledged that an amount of
$258,243 (43% of the total) belongs in Chapel Gardens Accounts. This means that this amount
is not available for the operations of Sherwood Uniting Church – thus reducing our effective
Assets to $345,533 (57% of Total Assets).
„Liabilities‟ and „Fund Allocations‟ are minimal, and Total Funds are $602,752 (of which
$258,243 is in Chapel Gardens Accounts).

    Profit and Loss Statements:      These show Income and Expenses for This Year and
     Last Year (2010 and 2009), relevant percentages of Income, and Net Profit/Loss.
Significant figures or changes compared to last year include:
    A slight decrease in „Total Collection Income‟
    A welcome increase in „Use of Property‟ income
    A welcome increase in „Interest‟ earned on U.C.I.S. accounts (… but only 60% of this is
       credited to SUC Accounts)
    A significant increase in „Total UC Payments‟
    A very significant decrease in „Capital Expenditure‟
    A very significant increase in „Repairs & Maintenance – Property‟
    A slight reduction in „Administration and Other‟ costs
    Overall, a decrease in „Net Loss‟

    Budget Analysis:
Figures have been derived on a Macro basis – and reflect a more or less “steady as she goes”
scenario – except for the budget figure for Capital Expenditure, which allows for unforeseen
     The Pie-charts illustrate a broad analysis of the components of budgeted Income and

       The Line Graph highlights the continuing gap between our main source of Income
        (Collections and Donations) and Expenses

Summary: The continuing losses are significant. Our „working account‟ with the Bank of Qld.
shows an average deficit of about $5,300 per month , and further funds will need to be
transferred into this account to maintain a working credit.

I repeat an extract from last year‟s Report: “We are, of course, historically very dependent on
an inflow of capital as a result of occupancy movements at Chapel Gardens. This factor is an
unknown – and not ideally or realistically to be relied upon as a factor in our considerations of
measures designed to address the continuing annual shortfall of funds”.
I commend the issues outlined herein for your prayerful consideration.

G. Gahan,     Treasurer

       Sherwood Uniting Church - BALANCE SHEET as of December 2010
  UCIS Investments
     Ready Access MSS Credit Scheme                  $1,792
     SUC - E.F.Fielding Investment                   $3,960
     Chapel Gardens Capital Reserve                $204,417
     Beryl Cook Memorial Fund                       $66,111
     Ministry Reserve (4)                          $121,998
     Maintenance Reserve Fund                       $19,399
     UCA Term Deposit                               $75,955
     Secured Capital Replacement CG                 $53,826
 Total UCIS Investments                                       $547,457
 UCIS Parish collection plan                                   $22,868
 General Account
     Bank Accounts
        Bank of Queensland         $30,522
        BoQ Youth Account           $2,929
     Total Bank Accounts                            $33,451
  Total General Account                                        $33,451
Total Assets                                                              $603,776
  For Others (Appeals)
     Bible Society                                      $37
     Christmas Bowl                                  $2,995
     M&SJ – unspecified                               $150
  Total For Others (Appeals)                                    $3,182
  GST Liabilities
  GST Paid                                                     - $2,158
Total Liabilities                                                           $1,024
Net Assets                                                                $602,752
 Opening Fund Balance                                          $734,039
 Fund Allocations
    Windows Refurbishment Fund                       $1,000
 Total Fund Allocations                                         $1,000
 Retained Earnings                                             -$72,964
 Current Earnings                                              -$59,323

Total Funds                                                               $602,752
         Sherwood Uniting Church          -   Profit & Loss [With Last Year]
                          Income - January 2010 through December 2010

                                               This Year     % of Income   Last Year   % of Income
         Collection Income
         Plate Income – Morning                      22845         20.0%      31899         27.8%
         Envelope Income – Morning                   17263         15.1%       5611          4.9%
         Direct Debit Income                         13940         12.2%      16165         14.1%
         Donations - Family Trust                    10000          8.7%       3000          2.6%
         Donations – General                           781          0.7%      10485          9.1%
         Total Collection Income                     64828         56.7%      67159         58.5%
         Ministerial Services
         Donations – Funeral                            0           0.0%        1010         0.9%
         Donation – Wedding                          1550           1.4%         300         0.3%
         Other Committees
         Donations - Lady Bowlers                     300           0.3%         450         0.4%
         Donations – Men‟s Indoor Bowls               400           0.3%           0         0.0%
         Total Donations                             2250           2.0%        1760         1.5%
         Use of Property
         Australia Breast Feeding Assoc                480          0.4%          15         0.0%
         Walker School of Irish Dance                 3492          3.1%        1722         1.5%
         Multiple Births Playgroup                     264          0.2%           0         0.0%
         Zumba Class                                   156          0.1%           0         0.0%
         Hall Use – Other                              130          0.1%        1638         1.4%
         MacIntosh Fitness & Dance                    1275          1.1%        1785         1.6%
         Samoans                                      1080          0.9%         500         0.4%
         Senior Citizens                               800          0.7%         800         0.7%
         Sherwood Singers                                0          0.0%         400         0.3%
         Alcoholics Anonymous                         1764          1.5%           0         0.0%
         Mens Indoor Bowls                               0          0.0%         400         0.3%
         Dancetra Classical Ballet                    2418          2.1%        1812         1.6%
         Total Use of Property                       11859         10.4%        9072         7.9%
         For OTHERS (specific causes)
         Bible Society                                   0          0.0%         141         0.1%
         Benevolent Fund                               411          0.4%        2344         2.0%
         Total For OTHERS (specific causes)            411          0.4%        2485         2.2%
         Grant income                                 0            0.0%        5000          4.4%
         Chair/table hire                           100            0.1%           0          0.0%
         Youth Groups                              1867            1.6%           0          0.0%
         Youth Camps                                480            0.4%           0          0.0%
         Family Camps                              5600            4.9%           0          0.0%
         Youth Ministry                               0            0.0%        2300          2.0%
         Telephone                                  493            0.4%         637          0.6%
         Electricity                                584            0.5%         982          0.9%
         Sundry Receipts                           1544            1.3%        6006          5.2%
         Interest - General Bank                    109            0.1%        4573          4.0%
         Interest – UCIS                          21992           19.2%       14258         12.4%
         Craft Market                               398            0.3%         577          0.5%
         EXPO Event-Windows Restoration            1763            1.5%           0          0.0%
         Sherwood Street Festival                   151            0.1%           0          0.0%
         Total Sundry                             35080           30.7%       34331         29.9%
         Total Income                            114428          100.0%      114808        100.0%

                Sherwood Uniting Church - Profit & Loss [With Last Year]
                                     Expenses - January 2010 through December 2010
                                                    This Year   % of Income     Last Year     % of Income
           UC Payments
           Stipend – Minister
           Stipend - M.                                 46476          40.6%          45120         39.3%
           Car Allowance - M.                           10356           9.0%          10056          8.8%
           Beneficiary Fund - M.                         6948           6.1%           6204          5.4%
           Sickness & Accident - M.                       252           0.2%            252          0.2%
           Continuing Educ'n - M.                         960           0.8%            960          0.8%
           Work Cover - M.                                344           0.3%            336          0.3%
           Total Stipend – Minister                     65336          57.1%          62928         54.8%
           Stipend - Youth Minister
           Stipend - Y.M.                               35269          30.8%          29401         25.6%
           Car Allowance - Y.M.                             0           0.0%           2095          1.8%
           Superannuation -Y.M.                          2694           2.4%           2826          2.5%
           Sickness & Accident - Y.M.                       0           0.0%             53          0.0%
           Continuing Education - Y.M.                      0           0.0%            322          0.3%
           Work cover - Y.M.                              136           0.1%            190          0.2%
           House Allowance - Y.M.                           0           0.0%           1358          1.2%
           Total Stipend - Youth Minister               38099          33.3%          36244         31.6%
           Mission & Service Fund                       16404          14.3%          15996         13.9%
           Beneficiary Fund Levy                         1650           1.4%              0          0.0%
           Total UC Payments                           121489         106.2%         115168        100.3%
           Capital Expenditure                           3037           2.7%          31517         27.5%
           Property Related
           Cleaning                                      6298           5.5%           6956          6.1%
           Rates                                         1543           1.3%           2969          2.6%
           Water & Sewerage                              1940           1.7%              0          0.0%
           Electricity & Gas                             2940           2.6%           4383          3.8%
           Insurance (SUC & CG)                          3909           3.4%           -393         -0.3%
           Repairs & Mtce. - Property                   17910          15.7%           5723          5.0%
           Total Property Related                       34541          30.2%          19639         17.1%
           Administration & Other
           Telephone & Internet                          2199           1.9%           2491          2.2%
           Advertising                                      0           0.0%            111          0.1%
           Ministry Sundry                                351           0.3%           2608          2.3%
           Synod Fees                                     420           0.4%              0          0.0%
           Licenses                                       811           0.7%            759          0.7%
           Bank Charges                                    17           0.0%             12          0.0%
           Sunday School                                  191           0.2%              0          0.0%
           Photocopying                                   120           0.1%           1231          1.1%
           Postage                                        130           0.1%            504          0.4%
           Stationary & Printing                          307           0.3%              0          0.0%
           Books & Multi Media                            265           0.2%            715          0.6%
           Choir                                          573           0.5%              0          0.0%
           Youth Groups                                  2413           2.1%           2017          1.8%
           Youth Camps                                    960           0.8%              0          0.0%
           Family Camps                                  5052           4.4%              0          0.0%
           Repairs & Mtce. - Non Property                1565           1.4%              0          0.0%
           EXPO Event                                     286           0.2%              0          0.0%
           Sherwood Street Festival                       136           0.1%              0          0.0%
           Sundry                                         767           0.7%           7767          6.8%
           Total Administration & Other                 16562          14.5%          18215         15.9%
           Mission Costs/Giving
           Benevolent Fund                               1074           0.9%              0          0.0%
           Chaplaincy                                    2254           2.0%              0          0.0%
           Community Bridges                              805           0.7%              0          0.0%
           Other                                          151           0.1%           7233          6.3%
           Total Mission Costs/Giving                    4284           3.7%           7233          6.3%
           Total Expenses                              179913         157.2%         191772        167.0%
           Operating Profit                            -65485         -57.2%         -76964        -67.0%
           Other Income
           Profit from Chapel Gardens                   4000             3.5%          4000          3.5%
           C G Insurance Contribution                   2162             1.9%             0          0.0%
           Total Other Income                           6162             5.4%          4000          3.5%
           Net Profit/(Loss)                        9 -59323           -51.8%        -72964        -63.6%
                                       Sherwood Uniting Church
                                Profit & Loss [Budget Analysis]
                                      January 2010 through December 2010
                             Actual 2010    Budgeted     $ Difference    % Difference   Budget 2011       % Increase
Income                                                                                                (over 2010 actual)
Collection Income               $64,828      $59,042          $5,786             9.8%       $65,000          0.3%
Donations                        $2,250      $15,000        -$12,750           -85.0%        $2,250          0.0%
Use of Property                 $11,859       $9,000          $2,859            31.8%       $12,000          1.2%
Interest                        $22,101      $26,000         -$3,899           -15.0%       $22,500          1.8%
Sundry and Other                $13,390       $7,794          $5,596            71.8%       $13,500          0.8%
Total Income                   $114,428     $116,836         -$2,408            -2.1%      $115,250          0.7%

UC Payments                    $121,489     $125,770         -$4,281            -3.4%      $123,620          1.8%
Capital Expenditure              $3,037      $20,000        -$16,963           -84.8%       $10,000         229.3%
Property Related                $34,541      $24,200         $10,341            42.7%       $36,000           4.2%
Administration & Other          $16,562      $23,920         -$7,358           -30.8%       $17,000           2.6%
Mission Costs/Giving             $4,284           $0          $4,284                         $6,483          51.3%
Total Expenses                 $179,913     $193,890        -$13,977            -7.2%      $193,103          7.3%

Operating Profit                -$65,485     -$77,054       $11,569            -15.0%      -$77,853          18.9%

Other Income
Profit from Chapel Gardens       $4,000       $4,000               $0           0.0%         $4,000          0.0%
C G Insurance Contribution       $2,162           $0          $2,162                         $2,500          15.6%
Total Other Income               $6,162       $4,000          $2,162           54.1%         $6,500           5.5%

Net Profit/(Loss)               -$59,323     -$73,054       $13,731            -18.8%      -$71,353          20.3%

                               2007        2008   2009      2010        2011

                     HALL & FELLOWSHIP ROOM BOOKINGS
A big thank-you goes out to Peita Cochrane for her work looking after the hall and fellowship
room bookings in the previous years. Her hand-over to me in September 2010 was concise
and articulate. It has been most helpful and has allowed for smooth running, since then.
The Church hall is almost full with bookings. Several groups have changed days and times but
only two mornings are available for use (Monday and Friday). Each group seems well settled in
their own routines. Saturday mornings will be used by a dance school. There are sheets
pinned up showing hall and fellowship room bookings.
We have our youth leader‟s wedding in May. The church will be the marriage venue and the
hall has been requested for the wedding reception. We are most happy to have it used for just
such a purpose.
On occasion we have been able to host the families of babies being Christened, in the
fellowship room for their morning tea after the service. All church associated groups are
continuing with their activities. Requests are being sent out for current Public Liability
insurances where necessary. All groups seem to be happy with their rules and regulations
Linda Norris-Buchanan, Hall & Fellowship Room bookings

The Worship and Education Task Group met approximately each quarter to assist our minister
Rev Heather finalise the roster and plan upcoming worship services.
We have also tried to set aside some time for reflection on such questions as:
   - "Desert Island Worship" - what is the one thing in Worship we could not do without?
   - worship as "Remembering God"
   - How do we do Christian education at Sherwood?
Some of the highlights from 2010 include
    - focus on Nicene Creed during Lent
    - incorporating some sung responses in communion, trying out a few different settings of
       "Holy, Holy"
    - combined Easter Service with Samoans
    - Ecumenical service at Pentecost, with Gospel Choir conducted by Yani
    - incorporating a time of reflection into some services
    - the enrichment of worship through the contribution of a variety of folk, in preaching,
       sharing stories, leading worship and playing music.
   - open church with displays during the Sherwood Street festival
   - community carol singing with some of our elderly folk
Members of the task group also participated in the discussions on the future of "Family
Worship", and what could replace this to involve especially younger folk and families with small
children. Growing out of this, the monthly pattern of worship was changed to incorporate an
intentionally "intergenerational" or whole-of-church worship once a month.
During 2010, Cybele decided to step down from the committee. We give thanks for her work
over many years on this committee, and her broader contribution to the worship life of the
We give thanks for the community of Sherwood Uniting Church that gathers each Sunday (and
in between) to proclaim and celebrate the good news of the crucified and risen Christ; for the
leadership of our minister Rev Heather, and for the generous giving of time and talent of so
many that enriches our common life of faith.
Joel Corney,    W&E Task Group Chair
                         FLASHPOINT ANNUAL REPORT 2010
Flashpoint is a worship service that is designed for kids. It happens on the last Sunday of the
month (unless that Sunday is in School Holidays). Flashpoint is also the moment at which a
combustible material catches fire. We hope that the worship that kids experience at Flashpoint
will spark their curiosity into the faith that we as parents hold so dear.
Flashpoint is usually held in the hall. We sit on carpet facing the western wall. We have a
band that includes Bob and or Sean on guitar, Paul on Bongos, Megan or Grace on Keyboard.
Singing has been lead by a number of people including Natty, Marcus and Chris.
Sometimes we hold elements outside so as not to damage the hall. We are especially careful
not to burn it down or blow it up. We always have a science experiment which is usually lead
by Frank although James Erickson did a great one in 2010. We usually get about 10 to 15 kids
and a few parents and to our knowledge none were damaged during the science experiments.
In 2010 Paul brought us stories that seemingly related strongly to the bible readings and
themes and helped to reinforce the spiritual message of the day.
We also include a memory verse section with prizes to bribe the kids. At the end of the year
we had a super bribe for those who at the end of the year could recall all their memory verses
for the whole year.
Flashpoint Finance and Admin Report
The most critical of activities is the collection and as we are modelling a traditional service, we
include a collection. Usually. Unless we forget of course. I think the money goes to
consolidated revenue. I looked around but I could not find it so I assume the treasurer has it.
Flashpoint is organised by Megan with some assistance from Frank from time to time. We
hope that the kids are inspired and the parents have the opportunity to worship either in the
main church or at flashpoint.
Thank you to all our helpers through the year and we look forward to an inspirational year in
Frank & Megan Thomson

                               FAMILY WORSHIP REPORT
Up to July 2010, for the monthly Family Worship service in the hall, church families were put on
a roster to host Family Worship where a family was rostered to organise an entire service.
From August to November 2010, I was responsible for Family Worship so I organised a roster
where I asked individuals to do a discrete part of the service eg. worship leading, contributing a
message, prayer, reading etc. so that many people participated in a single service, lightening
the load, much like how the church morning services are run. This gave the children more
freedom, they could sing some kids songs, and it caused less disturbance to the church
service. The format of the service was the same as a regular church service except for one
segment - at the time of the message, a preschool children's activity and a school-aged activity
would be run simultaneously.
We also held breakfast in the hall before the service where people brought something to share
and we had a great relaxed time of fellowship.
At the end of the year, it was felt that there was no longer a need for Family Worship in its
current form and a decision was made by the Youth and Family Task Group to substitute
Family Worship in the hall with an Intergenerational Service in the church preceded by a
breakfast in the fellowship room, the first one of which was held in February 2011.
Jenny Manthey

                           PASTORAL CARE TASK GROUP
The Pastoral Care Group now meets on a Tuesday afternoon as all the current members apart
from Rev. H. Griffin are retired from the workforce. We have attempted to encourage younger
worshippers to our group but have not been successful, hence the new time to suit the current
personnel. Whilst this does not appear to cover the whole congregation, we are aware that
many of our young families keep in touch by email and do support their age group in times of
need. This of course is part of the purpose of our group – to be aware of the needs of the

A computer roll of members and adherents is constantly updated and reviewed by the Pastoral
Care Group. It currently shows 122 confirmed members. The previous report showed a figure
of 125 but a number on the roll have not worshipped at Sherwood for many years, so we
transferred 10 to an „on hold‟ roll. A figure of 122 was reached by 3 teenagers becoming
confirmed members and 4 worshippers with membership at a previous congregation accepted
as members by resolution of Church Council.

There have been 11 baptisms throughout the year and our sub-group of Pastoral Care,
concerned with recently baptised children, has sought to keep in touch with functions
especially for these families.

Whilst this report is for 2010 we are well aware of the possible needs of victims of the recent
floods. We request that if you have concerns for those affected please contact the minister or
members of the Pastoral Care Group.

We pray for God‟s guidance as we seek to do his will.

Max Busch, Secretary

                         OUTREACH COMMITTEE REPORT
After the resignation of Alastair Campbell as Chairperson, the Outreach Committee has barely
managed to keep operational with no Chairperson and only three committee members. Alastair
is sorely missed and many thanks must go to him for his diligence and practical expertise.
Some help has been available from congregation members so that specific activities such as
the Market days and input in the Sherwood Street Festival have been continued.

Four Markets were held during the year with varied success. A significant number of stall
holders have been forced to withdraw because of the expense of Public Liability Insurance
which is a requirement of the Uniting Church and other public bodies.
Morning tea in the Courtyard has continued for the purpose of allowing further opportunity for
the Minister to engage with the community. Thanks to the playgroup mothers and several older
members of the congregation for their input in preparation and serving.

Sherwood Street Festival:
Input into this event focused on the variety of groups utilizing church facilities. Groups
participating were invited to display their aims and activities in separate booths which used
materials developed for earlier church activities. Groups included dance classes, bowls
groups, playgroup, quilting and painting groups, the Neighbourhood Centre, Community
Bridges and church activities.

Painting Group:
The painting group continued to meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 1.00
to 3.00 at Chapel Gardens. Attendance averaged six to eight members. As talent developed it
was decided to hold an exhibition at the Inala Art Gallery in May and was officially opened by
Dr Ian Airey, Patron of the Gallery and an Albert Street Uniting Church member.
The painting group also provided a collaborative work for the 2010 Synod meeting and this
was later exhibited at the Inala Art Gallery and also at the Bremer-Brisbane Presbytery Expo
where Sherwood UC featured.

Church Family Camp:
This was held at Alexandra Headlands in June and was organised by some of the young
families under the banner of outreach. Bob Mitchell was the keynote speaker and his input
was much appreciated. By all accounts, the camp was a success and some new families who
attended have maintained their contact with Sherwood UC activities.

Social Justice Committee:
This group has now been included in the Outreach Committee as members have found that
other commitments have prevented regular attendance at a separate meeting. Ten percent of
Sherwood‟s giving continues to be distributed to Chaplaincy, the Neighbourhood Centre,
Community Bridges, Micah Challenge and Uniting World.

Future Directions:
The Outreach Committee has a significant role in the life of the Sherwood Uniting Church and
it is hoped that in the future new members can be found, particularly some men and younger
persons who can provide balance and support for the current older members of the committee.

Rowena Solomon. Member, Outreach Committee

                                     QUILTING GROUP
It was a very busy year for us during 2010. We started the year with a clear plan to do Linus
quilts – featuring dinosaurs. We set to with a will and created green strip piecing backgrounds
and during March had fun placing our dinosaurs.
Our member numbers fluctuated during the year and we are building up quite a portfolio of
quilting instructions. As well as stitching together, whether it be by hand, or in most instances,
by machine, we enjoy the fellowship of being in a group and working together. With all our
different skills it is good to see what we can achieve.
During the year we finished our five dinosaur quilts, encouraged Campers at our church family
camp in mid-June to create seven quilt tops for us to turn into quilts, and along with our 18
Blankets of Love from 2009 we created a display for the Expo in our church hall at the end of
July which we were proud of.
Early in September we invited Ruby Houston, as the Linus co-ordinator, to our meeting and
handed over all of our quilts for distribution. With our permission Ruby used our Dinosaur
quilts amongst others to create a show of „Linus Quilts‟ in the October Quilt Show in Brisbane.
To date we have had two thank you letters from recipients expressing their appreciation.
Mid way during the year we also had a party where we celebrated our birthdays and our
friendships. After this we started the serious project of preparing our 100plus Christmas bell
decorations for distribution on Christmas day.
We meet 1st and 3rd Monday evenings and welcome people wishing to become involved. We
are hoping to include some new Banners into our program this year. Any ideas for us ….
Estelle Drummond

                              YOUTH PASTOR’S REPORT
“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who
has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48b.

2010 was a great year, very hard at different times but in reflection a year of much growth and
joy. At Sherwood we have updated our vision/values/mission statement. We started off the
year with a new strategy/format for our youth groups and personally I proposed to Danica!

I have continued in the roles that I was doing in 2009:

Religious Education is always a highlight of my week. Our connection with the grade 7s at
Sherwood Primary is a very precious gift. I felt a lot more confident teaching R.E. this year and
enjoyed the interaction with kids who may not have a church background.

Last year my main Friday night focus was our new group 2B. We had a number of combined
nights throughout the year which enabled me to connect with the students from P1 and 3D.

I really enjoyed attending Synod last year. Synod is the State level gathering of the Uniting
Church in Queensland. I loved being with my college friends, former colleagues and meeting
new people who love our church in Queensland.

I also had the great privilege of attending a conference called EL250. EL250 stands for
Evangelical Leaders of Uniting Church congregations of more than 250 members. Now
obviously that doesn‟t really apply to us! But having contacts in the organisation committee
helps marvellously sometimes. This conference was the most inspiring/thought provoking
professional development activity I did last year. I‟m very exciting about attending it again this

Last year I taught at the Darra Vietnamese Youth and Young Adults group. I also preached
twice at St. Davids at Coopers Plains youth and young adult service.

From the 6th to the 22nd of December I was away on a trip to Cambodia. It was an amazing
time connecting with old and new friends. The team did a great job there.

From the 29th of December to the 4th of January I was on NCYC. NCYC is a youth and young
adult camp that the Uniting Church in Australia does every two years. We had three students
go (James, Marcus and Anthea). Megan Thomson was involved with the night rallies. I also
helped MC the night rallies.
From the 8th to the 14th of January I was away on Discoveries Camp. Discoveries Camp is for
primary school aged kids. Alex, Callan Chris, and Dan attended the camp. James went as a
leader. It was a great week although it was difficult in the sense that it occurred during the
same time period as the floods.

I was going to help coordinate the Summer Madness youth camp but I have declined that offer.
I have also deferred University for this year. My reasons for saying no to those two things are I
really want to give my best to my first year of marriage and to my final year at Sherwood. I was
finding that I didn‟t have enough headspace to process every thing that was going on. I‟m
happy that I will have more time to give my best to the things that matter to me.

The Bremer-Brisbane Youth Workers have been in an incredible support group. We meet
together every second month to provide support to one another, to share resources, and to
plan our combined youth and young adults Boost service.

Our presbytery Youth and Young adult gatherings (Boost) have really helped create a great
sense of community in our Presbytery. In 2010 it was held at Oxley, Glebe Road, Moggill and
Sherwood. Thanks so much to everyone that helped run our own Boost. It was an excellent
night and we were blessed to have our Samoan brothers and sisters from Inala lead a time of
worship at the end of the night.

Here is a reminder of the current structure of (the overarching framework for our
youth groups).

The groups that meet currently are:
      G0 Club - Ground Zero (formerly Kids Club) with theological emphasis on the God
             basics. Grades Prep to 6
      P1 - Priority One with theological emphasis on understanding the priorities of a God
             centred life. Grade 7.
      2B - To Be with theological emphasis on making choices that will distinguish you as a
             person walking the Christian faith. Grades 8 and 9.
      3D - Third Dimension with theological emphasis on spiritual depth. Currently grades 10
             to University students.

As we continue into 2011 we have many things to look forward to. All our different programs
are thriving. We have new leaders in some of our groups. I‟m getting married.

Thanks to everyone at Sherwood Uniting for making last year amazing. I can‟t put into words
how much this congregation means to me. Thank you for the affirmation, the meals, and the
way that Danica and I can call Sherwood our home. We feel so blessed.

God bless,
Nick Patselis

                         YOUTH AND FAMILY TASK GROUP
The Youth and Family Task Group has had another very busy and productive year. The
various youth groups all functioned very well and continued to grow throughout 2010 thanks to
all our wonderful leaders and their commitment to the young people of our community.

In 2010 we added another youth group, 2B. This group was coordinated by Nick, our Youth
Pastor, and was aimed at grade 8 students. 2B has developed throughout the year and is now
an established part of our programme and has commenced 2011 with a strong identity of its

This year Crèche is being run on an “as needed” basis and this is working well for our families.
Playgroup has varied in numbers this year with many new parents arriving from outside our
church community. Sunday School has continued as before with good numbers attending.
There is however a need for more Sunday school teachers. G0 (Ground Zero) Club continues
to be popular with the local children. P1 continues to be a core group for our local year 7
children. This is very much the “go to” youth group for this age in our area.           3D ran
successfully throughout the year and will continue again in 2011. A number of the children
who attend 3D on Friday nights also attend Freedom Bible Study on a Sunday. We continue to
be supported by a group of wonderful, hard working and willing youth leaders, who provide an
excellent example of Christ‟s message at work in our community.

Nick and Anne are continuing to cover RE teaching at Corinda and Sherwood primary schools.
This year we are responsible for teaching Year 7s at Sherwood, and years 3 and 4 at Corinda.

Claire did wonderful work again this year with the Cradle Roll running an excellent Christmas
celebration at the end of last year.

Both Family Worship and Flashpoint ran throughout the year. For 2011 Family Worship has
ceased and has been replaced with our new “whole church” worship service on the 3 rd Sunday
of each month. This service will be preceded by shared congregational breakfast where we
can all get together before church. We would welcome all members of the congregation to join
us for breakfast on these. This breakfast is for all members of our congregation.

All current youth leaders have received material and/or training in ChildSafe Church protocols
for Sherwood Uniting Church. Further training will be made available to all new youth leaders
in 2011.

A huge thank you to all our leaders, as we look forward to another busy year bringing the
mission of Sherwood Uniting Church to the families and children of our community.

Anne Woodward,
Chair Youth and Families Task Group.

                          G0 (Ground Zero) CLUB REPORT
G0 (Ground Zero) Club continues to be very popular with the local children. This club now
covers from prep to grade 6 and we see many children both from our congregation and from
the local area. This year we also had one child who has Asperger‟s Syndrome and this has
been an interesting challenge for our leaders.

We have also been trialling various ways of encouraging the children to behave appropriately
during our different activities especially during devotions. This is now working very well with
the number of new strategies we have in place. We have up to 20 children each week and this
year we have two new leaders starting, Kimberley Semple and Georgina Horky. Frank
Thomson has moved from being our coordinator of this group, to being a special guest leader
for complex technical events, and the coordinator role has been taken over by Nick. Many
thanks to Frank for his excellent work in this role.

The children continue to enjoy a great range of activities at G0 Club from bubble making to
baking. We are looking forward to another excellent year in 2011.
Anne Woodward.

                            P1 (Priority One) REPORT 2010
2010 was another great year for year 7‟s in our local community and we again met over 30 of
them by the end of the year, with weekly attendance between 20 and 30. They were a great
group of kids and we fielded many interesting and thoughtful questions from them relating to
spirituality. The usual assortment of unusual activities accompanied our devotions. Thank you
to Church Council for trusting us with the kids and games, ice blocks, campfire, sleepovers,
cooking, running the streets, etc! The graduation dinner at the end of the year was enjoyed by
many P1‟ers and parents. Thanks to Erin, Margaret, Cybele and Jenny for preparing food in
the lead-up. Huge thanks to Ro, Danica, Cybele, James, Grace, Nat, Paul, Tim, Claire & the
3D‟ers for making the night run so smoothly!

Towards the end of the year, we again undertook a service project, sending shoeboxes of gifts
directly to the boys‟ orphanage and disabled children‟s home in Sri Lanka, through Dee‟s
parents‟ contacts there. This gave us the opportunity to share with the P1 kids where and to
whom their gifts would go before they packaged them up. We wrote cards and letters, and
received cards and letters of thanks from the children in Sri Lanka. It was a special night when
we opened the letters from Sri Lanka! We will undertake this again in 2011, with Dee & Eva‟s
help again.
Financially, P1 is a very healthy group. We made a $ contribution to hall maintenance and
have been able to help subsidize t-shirts for the three older groups. These have
been a positive, visual way of connecting the groups and made Nick easy to spot at the Street

A wonderful team of leaders made all this possible. I‟d like to thank Alastair Campbell (though
we „lost‟ him to work after term 1), Dee Peiris, Eva Howie, Erin Mawhinney, David Semple,
Grant Erickson, Jonno and Cath Andress and Nick Patselis. Each gave willingly of their time,
talents and energy. God always provided – when someone was busy or couldn‟t make it,
another always stepped in. Tim Solomon handled the huge admin role with grace and
diligence, making my co-ordinator job so much easier. Thanks to Estelle & Rob who stepped
in the weeks while Tim was away. Heather continues to be a valuable support in many ways –
it was great to welcome her for visits throughout the year.

Again, the relationship building done by Nick during RE lessons at Sherwood SS has a huge
impact on connecting with the kids. The kids really enjoy his lessons and look forward to more
time with him on Friday nights – they were vocally disappointed on nights he was attending 3D
instead of P1! Thank you Nick for being you. : )

So thank you for your prayers and thank you for your continuing support. We‟ll have more
good news for you next year!

Megan Thomson

                                       2B REPORT
2B was a youth group that we launched last year for grade 8s. This year it has now become for
grade 8s and 9s. 2B looks similar to our other Friday night youth groups, we do devotions
together, we have an activity then we have supper together. It has been fairly successful in
managing to transition our grade 7 P1 students and we hope that this year we will manage to
see even more of the last two years kids coming to Friday night youth.

Thank you David Semple and Jenny Manthey for all the help leading 2B. You guys are the
best! Also welcome to Danica Hands who has come in to help with 2B this year.

Nick Patselis
2B Report (new group in 2010)

                              3D “The Third Dimension”

2010 was the second year we have run our upper high school youth group called 3D (The
Third Dimension). We have continued to meet at our house (Paul and Cybele Koning) on a
Friday night from 7pm to 9.30pm as well as having some combined evenings with P1 and 2B
(eg: Iceskating, Bowling, Iceblocking, Youth Worship Night) and some separate outings to the
movies, the Festival of Lights and pool parties. We did not have any other leaders assisting
us last year as all our youth programs were run on tight leadership numbers however for some
outings we had various volunteers including Jenny Manthey and Heather Griffin (thank you to
anyone who helped!).

We followed the same format as in 2009: pizza or sausage sizzle for dinner from 7-7.30pm,
games from 7.30pm to 8.45pm, supper and discussion time from 8.45pm to 9.30pm (times are
rough estimates). This continued to work well, with everyone especially enjoying the catch up
over dinner at the end of the week. We were able to pick up on some more challenging issues

from time to time (eg: the concept of identity, the need for personal reflection, the pursuit of
sacredness) as the relationship and trust between us and each young person strengthened.
We commenced the year with 2 new youth joining us immediately so that our numbers grew to
14. These 14 young people attended fairly regularly (depending on their various music,
sporting, and social commitments).

We changed the cost from $5 in 2009 to $7 in 2010 to cover food costs. We ran at a loss that
was not significant. We were away for several months in 2010 and the youth combined with
2B for that period.

At the end of 2010 we surveyed the youth as to what format they most preferred for 3D
because in Term 4 we had had a lot of outings and not much time at our house. The
overwhelming response was a desire to continue meeting at our house with the usual
dinner/games/discussion format and with less frequent outings. In particular they did not want
to become like the more “rowdy” and larger activities based youth groups. On a separate note
they also said they wanted a Sunday night youth service which is still under discussion.

This year (2011) we have 3 group members going to university and for now we have invited
them back to 3D and they are wanting to come along. We suspect that might change for them
when they establish new networks at Uni but until then, they are welcome to attend.

Regarding the floods, we had 2 families who were inundated. Meg Trenaman (her family
attends Graceville UC) is still living in rental accommodation at Moorooka until her home is
repaired. Grace Hegarty and her family are living in fairly basic accommodation at Darra while
their home in Plumer Street is being repaired. The circumstances of the latter family are such
that they would appreciate any gestures of kindness our congregation might make to let them
know we care. You can approach me for further details.

Thank you to everyone who supports us practically (babysitting, being a taxi driver – Erin! pool
parties – Neumanns and Mawhinneys) and who supports us in prayer.

Cybele Koning

                         SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT
In 2010 the Sunday School continued during school terms on the first, third and sometimes
fourth Sunday of each month with 3 classes of 7 pupils each. Wendy Puri and Judy Thornton
taught the kindergarten and prep school pupils, whereas Shawn Farrow and Grace
Branjerdporn nurtured the lower primary class, and Anne Woodward and sometimes Nick
Patselis led the older primary children following the “C” year of the lectionary through the
Lutheran resource guides of “Come and See Jesus”. It is good to have Wendy as secretary
and Nick as chairperson for our teachers‟ meetings and to have James Erickson, Vivienne
Corney and Natty Branjerdporn assist Shawn and Grace with the craft work for their class.

The Sunday School participated in the intergenerational Morning Worship on Palm and
Pentecost Sundays, Bible Society Sunday and on the Sunday School Anniversary with the
children leading prayers and reading the Bible. They also waved palms and sang as they
processed into church and later sang and acted out the bible reading on Palm Sunday
whereas, on the dais, during the final hymn of the Pentecost Sunday service, they effectively
uncoiled the “windy” flames they had just made from pasteboard.

During the Bible Society project in third term, the children studied the culture and the wildlife in
Kenya and then presented the facts to the congregation in different ways during the service on
Fathers‟ Day.
The children were quietly productive during Nick‟s message in the Sunday School Anniversary
Service as they made greeting cards. All the children of the congregation were presented with
book awards before going off with their families to swim, picnic and have a great time together.
We are yet again greatly indebted to Tim & Rowena Solomon for their hospitality and for the
use of their swimming pool and garden for our Christmas break up party.

Thank you to Nick, Heather, Anne, Wendy, Grace and Shawn for their planning and
coordination of the services and lessons and also to the congregation for their ongoing
encouragement, prayerful support and interest in these delightful children.
Judy Thornton (Sunday School Coordinator)

                       CRECHE AND CRADLE ROLL REPORT
Crèche continued throughout 2010 on a user-needs basis. There was no formal roster so
parents who needed crèche facilities worked it out amongst themselves on the day as to who
would stay in the fellowship room with the children. This system seems to be working well and
will most likely continue into 2011.
It was a quiet year for the Cradle Roll with only one event being staged on Sunday December
5. A total of 34 invitations were sent and 15 children attended. Included with each invitation
was the programme of local Christmas services. We decided to have the event on the same
day as the Sunday School service so that it was more convenient for families who had to
attend both functions. A children‟s service was held in the church followed by morning tea in
the hall. Although there were only 15 children from the Cradle roll there were plenty of siblings
so it ended up being well attended. Several families attended who do not come along regularly
so it provided a great opportunity to connect with these families.

Plans for 2011 have not yet been finalised. Many thanks to all the church families who helped
with preparation and catering on the day.
Claire Neumann

                                  PLAYGROUP REPORT
In 2010 Sherwood UC Playgroup continued to meet in the fellowship room every Friday from
9.30am – 11.30am during school terms. The co-ordinators for 2010 were Erin Mawhinney and
Cybele Koning. The format remained the same with some unstructured play for the children,
morning tea and general chat for the parents. We had approximately 5 – 10 children attend
each week.

Towards the end of the year, Playgroup Qld approached us to use the shed to store more of
their toys and resources with the offer for our playgroup to use those items. Of course we said
yes! We had a shed clean-up, Playgroup Qld erected more shelving and the shed was filled
with new items. Playgroup Qld are also going to seek funding to have a covered sandpit
installed (with Church Council permission).

Sadly, at the end of 2010, playgroup said goodbye to another wonderful long term member,
Erin Mawhinney, whose youngest child commenced Prep at Sherwood State Primary School in
2011. Other children have also commenced school or gone to day care so that Playgroup in
2011, so far, is a very small group. It is possible that at the end of this year playgroup may not
continue unless other parents in our congregation with younger children see the need and wish
to co-ordinate it. If they do, there are some wonderful resources in the cupboards and in the
Cybele Koning

                                 FREEDOM BIBLE STUDY
Freedom Bible Study is a youth and young adult Bible study that occurs on Sundays after
church. We do a Bible study together and have lunch together. In 2010 we did a large series
looking at prayer, we looked at issues of trade versus aid, and we finished the year doing a
confirmation series which ended with three of our students being confirmed.
As always thanks for all the families who allowed the group to meet in their house. Also thanks
to the elders who helped lead Freedom at different times.
Nick Patselis

                          MOTHERS’ BIBLE STUDY REPORT
With several mothers returning to work in 2010, the group shrank to an average of 3-4
The main study of the year involved reading Albert Nolan‟s „Jesus Before Christianity‟ and
discussing a few chapters each week. We all really enjoyed this and there were plenty of
interesting discussions had about „going back to the basics‟ of what Jesus had planned for the
What happens with this group in 2011 is yet to be decided with more people returning to work
and several members affected by the flood.
Claire Neumann

This group changed from evening gatherings to afternoon at the beginning of 2010. We now
meet 2pm each Thursday still in the meeting room at Chapel Gardens.
We read through Luke‟s Gospel sharing our thoughts and challenges.
Genesis was our next study that is yet to be completed.
We are a group of six and happy to welcome new members.
Betty Nix

During 2010 the Adult Fellowship continued to meet on the second Wednesday mornings of
most months. Gar and Ailsa have been there early setting up the chairs and tables and
“boiling the billy” so that we could yarn over a cuppa and listen to very interesting talks, mostly
from people in our midst.

Adult Fellowship is a wonderful way of getting to know each other better and sharing the
variety of life experiences that each has had.

During 2010 we were privileged to hear from John Gierke, Lex Brasher, Helen Shea, Ray
Sprecht (Lex Elliot’s cousin) and Tim and Ro, as well as yours truly, on topics ranging from the
Australian Constitution to the 1948 Expedition to Arnhem Land, to other aspects of history,
travel and feedback from Synod. In July we joined with our friends at Oxley Uniting Church for
the annual Leprosy Mission talk.

We usually have about fifteen people attending, and a lively lot it is too! Thank you all for your
friendship, fellowship and active participation.
Heather Griffin
                                 SHERWOOD SINGERS
We are a ladies ecumenical choir but as we practice in the Church Hall we come under the
umbrella of the Uniting Church. It is good to have contacts with other Churches and
denominations and, as one of our songs says, “Music Brings us Together”. It certainly brings
a wonderful atmosphere of fellowship and friendship. The shared activity of singing the old
songs we know and love, plus the mastering of new arrangements brings much satisfaction.

We had an enjoyable year in 2010 singing a programme called “The Grande Tour” With music
from around Europe. Each Year we choose a theme for our programme. In 2009 it was “I
Love a Lassie” and this year it is “Boys Will be Boys”.

If there are any ladies who enjoy singing and have free time between 1.15pm and 2.45pm on
Tuesdays we would love to see you.

Una Drummond

Welcome to everyone who reads this article. What a wonderful year was had by the ladies in
2010. Friendships grew, membership increased and lots of laughter and fellowship was had in
the Uniting Church Hall (just behind the church) every Tuesday morning from 9.15am until
about 11.30am.

People new to bowls soon picked up how to play. We have ladies who will help you. Ex-lawn
bowlers quickly adjust to the less strenuous indoor game away from the extremes of the

In July our Birthday was held at the Services Club in the KOKODA Room and then for our
Christmas break-up we went to the Oxley Golf Club. Husbands and friends were invited to join
us. Both occasions were well supported.

If you, or any of your friends, have any ideas about joining us contact Gail 3278 4713 or just
arrive on Tuesday morning. You will be welcomed warmly. For the small cost of $2 you will
have a morning of fun, morning tea, a game or two, and friendship.

We are looking forward to you joining us soon.

Gail Jeffs

                       SHERWOOD MEN’S INDOOR BOWLS
                            GAMES DIRECTOR‟S REPORT FOR 2010.

The year commenced with only 8 members and our year ended with only 7 with a new member
being unable to continue.

Fortunately up to 8 ladies from the Tuesday morning Ladies‟ Club have been attending
regularly but some of them only want to play home games so we go out visiting other clubs
with 9 or 10 players.

Twenty matches were scheduled against 6 clubs and our club was represented at Birthday
and/or Christmas parties held at a number of clubs. Our 53 rd Birthday Party was held on 16th
September with 34 people in attendance including representatives from the clubs we play
against and also our Ladies‟ Club. The Rev. Heather Griffin joined us for supper and we were
pleased to have her company on that night as well as on a number of other occasions during
the year.

Our Christmas Party was again held at Forest Place/Aveo Restaurant and 15 people including
wives and friends of members and members of the Ladies‟ Club attended. 12 Indoor Bowlers
from the Forest Place Club celebrated with us with a special Christmas meal.

Bob Morris accepted the role of President again and welcomed our visitors on match nights as
well as representing us at other club‟s special functions. Secretary/Treasurer, Denis O‟Brien
and Assistant Games Director, Allan Carl also attended these functions.

With the support of our Ladies‟ Club members we should be able to maintain our matches
against other clubs in 2011.

As we enter our 54th year we look like having to call ourselves Sherwood Uniting Indoor Bowls
Club, deleting the word “Men” from our name after 53 years but we should hopefully continue
for another year. Most of the clubs we play against are having similar problems so the future
looks doubtful for competitive matches against other clubs.

Good bowling in 2011

Max Busch,
Games Director

                               FOR PERIOD 1-1-10 TO 31-12-10

During the year residency of units at Chapel Gardens has remained largely unchanged. It was
with sorrow, however, that we learned of the death of Merv Dreves in the latter part of the year.
Betty, of course, remains with us in Unit 1. We are thankful that reasonably good health has
generally prevailed for other residents, although there have been some hospitalisations during
the year.

A number of minor maintenance items have been addressed during the year. However, the
major maintenance in 2010 has been the painting of the exterior of all the units, a job that
included cleaning, resealing and painting of the roofs. The Chapel has also been painted in
colours matching the units and it is generally agreed that the result is very pleasing to the eye.
Some funds secured for these purposes have therefore now been spent and, as estimated by
the Quantity Surveyor, an increase in the yearly maintenance allocation will need to be made.
This and other ongoing costs continue to rise and while monthly maintenance fees were raised
to $320.00 during 2010, they will be held at this level during 2011despite the need to cover a
forecast deficit for next year that will be met from reserves.

The Chapel and Meeting Room continue to be used regularly. The Church‟s social painting
group met regularly each week with an enthusiastic group and this has allowed some of the
residents to participate. The congregation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has continued to
use the Chapel, meeting weekly on Sunday mornings. This small chapel has been of great
benefit to that congregation and their presence has meant that the Chapel is used and well
maintained. Their monthly financial contribution has covered cleaning costs for both chapel
and meeting room and has provided a small surplus.

Management of Chapel Gardens is in the hands of the Management Committee, led by Mr
Donald Knowlman. Our Secretary is Mrs Helen Hollier who maintains the waiting list for units
and is chairperson for the Residents‟ Committee. Mrs Iris Linning is the Residents‟ Committee
Secretary and collects and banks the monthly charges and keeps an eye on maintenance
matters. I maintain the financial records and attend to some other management matters. We
are most grateful to our minister, Rev Heather Griffin, for her interest in Chapel Gardens and
its residents.

The books of the Chapel Gardens finances have been placed in the hands of the auditors,
KPMG. It is anticipated that the audited statement will be completed in time for the annual
Residents‟ Meeting in May and will be submitted to Church Council as soon as it becomes
available. The summary statement for 2010 follows below.

Tim Solomon, February 2010

                                           Chapel Gardens
                         Comparison with Budget 2010 and Budget proposal 2011

 Payments                                                2010 Budget         2010 Actual    2011 Budget
          Audit                                             $2,800.00          $2,804.31       $2,900.00
          Cleaning                                            $780.00            $738.50         $780.00
          Computer                                            $450.00            $359.41         $180.00
          Electricity                                         $320.00            $319.07         $350.00
          Gardening                                         $5,000.00          $3,495.00       $4,000.00
          Sundries                                            $120.00             $56.09         $100.00
          Insurance                                         $3,150.00          $2,161.89       $2,300.00
          MRF contribution                                  $5,557.00          $5,557.00       $7,373.00
          Quantity Surveyor                                   $430.00            $429.00         $440.00
          Rates                                            $19,000.00         $20,003.80      $21,000.00
          Refuse Collection                                 $4,500.00          $3,230.56       $3,500.00
          Repairs & Maintenance                             $4,000.00          $6,328.62       $6,500.00
          Security/telephone                                $1,100.00            $707.24       $1,000.00
          UCS Transfer                                      $4,000.00          $4,000.00       $4,000.00

           Totals                                          $51,207.00         $50,190.49     $54,423.00
           Residents fees                                  $48,360.00         $48,360.00     $49,920.00
           Interest                                            $15.00             $12.26         $13.00
           Use of Chapel/Meeting
           Room                                             $1,200.00           $1,200.00      $1,200.00

          Totals                                           $49,575.00         $49,572.26     $51,133.00
 Surplus/Deficit for Year                                  -$1,632.00           -$618.23     -$3,290.00

Balance in working account 31/12/10 -         $44317.94
Less amount owing for painting -              $37414.00
Available working funds at 31/12/10 -           $6903.94

                                                          2009                                     2010
            OPENING BALANCE 1/1/                       34404.26                                35346.62
            INTEREST                                     942.36                                  938.00

            Less Painting costs                                                               - 11000.00
            BALANCE 31/12/                                              35346.62                25284.82

                                                          2009                                    2010
            OPENING BALANCE 1/1                        46747.22                                49852.01

            TRANSFER FROM GENERAL SERVICE ACCOUNT                        5536.00                5557.00
            INTEREST                                                      930.06                1499.23

            Less Painting costs                                                               - 44370.00
            BALANCE 31/12/                                              49852.01                12538.24

                                                             2009                                 2010
            Balance 1/1                                   38274.37                             45573.37
            FUNDS FROM UNITING CHURCH SHERWOOD             6560.00                              6875.00
            INTEREST                                        739.00                              1377.81

            BALANCE 31/12/                                              45573.37               53826.18
                 Bremer Brisbane Presbytery : Report to Congregations. 2011.
Presbytery Vision Statement: Building healthy Christian communities living God’s mission.

This vision statement still guides my work and the work of the committees of the presbytery.
It‟s challenging in a number of ways. For our existing Christian communities, we seek to help
the leadership grow in effectiveness and wholeness. Sometimes this arises from a needs-
based approach – i.e., there‟s a problem, and we seek to resource people to solve it. We also
run programmes like the Pastoral Dialogue programme, training and formation activities, and
the Professional Supervision Programme to seek to build into ministers and leadership better
levels of health and wellbeing.

Another way we seek to address it is to seek to grow new communities. This is a big challenge,
and any congregation that wants to birth a new congregation will get all the assistance we can
offer.    It is counter cultural to seek to be a healthy Christian community. The forces of
individualism and consumerism; the rise of a militant atheism; the fact we are a very human
organisation, with all of humanity‟s foibles, are just some of our challenges. But at least now in
the culture in which we live, we‟re in a position where we have to defend our faith! Much better
than being taken for granted! This new environment will increasingly ask of us that we have a
clear reason for the hope within us, a capacity to give voice to it in a way people can
appreciate. Your ministry leaders are there to help you do that.

Our mission statement is: Bremer Brisbane Presbytery will create and sustain healthy
Christian communities through the provision of:
    Inspirational leadership
    Effective management
    An organization with the capacity to plan for and to meet existing and future operational
    Proactive evaluation of growth opportunities as they are identified

We‟re still on a long journey around these themes. We‟ve put in place processes to advance
some of them – including the Pastoral Dialogue programme, training events, taking some
difficult decisions about re-deploying resources – people and capital into new congregational

The recent flooding hit communities in our presbytery very hard. Yet congregations responded
remarkably; the networks that Christian communities keep meant that we could muster
resources to help out. We are working now to give ministers and lay leaders a rest break, and
provide help to congregations to keep ministering in this next, difficult phase of the disaster –
facing the long term consequences of it.

The UCA in Queensland.
We still face serious challenges on a number of fronts: organisationally, financially, leadership,
demographics, growth areas, ministry in rural Queensland and with the First Peoples. All this in
an increasingly complex environment. The Together on the Way journey addresses these
issues for our life together. By the time of Synod this year, in October, we will have a clear,
agreed, sense of direction, and a clear understanding of what we need to do to achieve that

Our statement of call and vision is to orientate our life to what we believe we‟re called to do in
response to the Gospel:
             Uniting in Christ
             Acting with love
             Living in hope
             Witnessing in faith
             Working for Justice.

We‟ve identified nine key areas for our life together stretching out to 2020:

and five more immediate areas to work on to help us get there:
          a. Enabling a greater sense of commitment to the Church‟s reason for living
          b. Promote a discipline of prayer and spirituality – individual and corporate
          c. Developing the way we work and relate together so that it‟s orientated towards
             our mission field.
          d. Developing our people in leadership – lay and ordained
          e. Encouraging and enabling congregations to develop good quality ministries and
             partnerships in their local communities

By the synod in session this October, these areas will have been developed into concrete
steps, organisational structures, and activities. Those that don‟t require Synod in Session
approval will begin to be implemented.

I‟m heartened by the commitment of ministers and lay leaders to the job at hand; I‟m heartened
by new leadership at Trinity Theological College that is seeking to build leaders that have
passion and insight into the challenge and opportunity of being the church today, in our context
and culture. I‟m heartened by the leadership being exercised by our new General Secretary,
Dir. Shirley Coulson. I believe the gospel is as relevant today as it ever was, and I continue to
marvel at the faithfulness of God:
“This is our message that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not counting our
sins against us, but entrusting the message of reconciliation to us.” 2 Corinthians 5:19.

There‟s a life‟s work in being fruitful disciples of this God; let‟s get on with it.

David Baker (Rev)
Presbytery Minister


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