SOMA Local Music Compilation CD by wpr1947


									     SOMA Local Music Compilation CD
         Submission Form

By completing and signing this agreement, I am ensured to retain all rights to my song
____________________________________________. I also give SOMA, the Students
Organizing the Multiple Arts, permission to include my song on the 2007 Local Music
CD Compilation, which may be distributed to various radio, T.V., film and print media in
the USA and Internationally. Copies of the compilation will be available for sale in select
retail establishments and the SOMA organization. By completing and signing this
agreement, I am ensuring SOMA that including my song on this compilation violates no
relationships or agreements with other companies. I take full responsibility should and
existing relationship or agreement be violated, and I assure SOMA that the song to
appear on this compilation CD is my own original work or the song’s creator(s) has given
me the appropriate permission. SOMA is not responsible for false or inaccurate
representation or submissions. By completing and signing this agreement, I concur that I
will not receive royalties from SOMA for compilation CD’s sold in stores, website or
otherwise. SOMA will solely distribute free of charge compilations to radio, T.V., film
and print media. If the applicant is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or
guardian is required to finalize this agreement. Thus, by signing below, SOMA is given
the rights to reproduce the song as part of the compilation and to generate revenue for the

If selected, the artist/band will recieve:
     10 free copies of the compilation CD
     Promotional Information in the CD design
     Free promotion from SOMA
     An increased chance of booking at SOMA Concerts

Please print the following information below:

Name of artist/band: ___________________________________________
Name of contact: ______________________________________________
Email of contact: ______________________________________________
Phone number (not required): ____________________________________
Song Title: ___________________________________________________
Length of Song: _______________________________________________
Songwriters (who wrote the song): ________________________________
Producer (who produced the track): ________________________________

Signature of songwriter: ________________________________________
Signature of band members: _____________________________________
Signature of producer __________________________________________
Please deliver this completed form along with a data cd containing a high quality version
of the recording. We need high quality recordings for mastering purposes. So if you
have a high quality .wav file or .aiff file, please include that. If completely necessary,
submit an .mp3 version of the recording. You may submit the form and the data CD to
one of the two locations.

                                    Danny Greene
                                  a39 Hamilton Hall
                               State College, Pa 16802

                                          - or -

                                hand deliver to:
          SOMA’s Mailbox in the HUB Robeson Center Information desk
            Listed under “The Students Organizing the Multiple Arts

  Please email us when you submit a recording if you would like to ensure that we have
       received your submission. All emails can be sent to

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