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									How to Organize the First Excursion for Your Mountain Climbing Club

If it’s your first time to form your own mountain climbing club, you and
the other members are no doubt feeling a bit insecure and worried about
your first outing. A lot of things can happen during mountain climbing
hikes, after all, most of it could be unpleasant.

Tips for Organizing the Trip
Consider the level of skill of your members. If most of them are
beginners, it’s best to choose a basic hiking trail for your first
excursion. If, however, you’re determined to have your first outing at an
intermediate mountain climbing course, consider requiring your members to
undergo extra courses to ensure that their skills are up to par.

Make sure that you inform the necessary authorities about your trip. In
the event that something untoward happens or all of you don’t get back on
time, the authorities will be alerted immediately and people will be
deployed to look for you.

Make sure that all of your members have adequate physical condition for
the task ahead. Check if they have all the necessary equipment as well.

Tips for Making Your First Excursion Successful
Tip #1 Getting to Know Each Other
All members of your mountain climbing club must know each other even if
it’s only by name and face. Everyone must also be aware of how many
members there are in your club to make counting off possible.

Tip #2 Stick Together, Team
There’s a reason why members of mountain climbing clubs have to stick
together if they’re hiking as a group, and that’s their safety. Members
of your mountain climbing club have better chances of avoiding harm
simply by sticking together. If one of you gets involved in an accident,
other members can pitch in to help.

Tip #3 The Importance of Having a Partner
Each member of your mountain climbing club must be assigned a partner. If
you’ve got an odd number of members, allow one group to have three
members. Partners will have an extra responsibility towards each other
such as the following:

Awareness – You are both accountable for each other’s moves. You need to
know where your partner is at all times and what he or they are doing.
Bonding – Make the effort to build your relationship with your partner
better. Closer ties will allow you to work together more efficiently.

Traveling in a group is always fun, and that’s one of the benefits you
can expect when you form or join a mountain climbing club. Of course,
traveling in a group has its own perils as well but you’ll be safe just
as long as you adhere to common sense.

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