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									2008 VILLAGE HANDBOOK
             Basic Guidelines for

 Neighborhood Center, Narra Street, Ayala Alabang Village
              Muntinlupa City Zip Code 1780
   Telephone Numbers : 8092282 / 842-3944 / 842- 4411
                 Fax Number: 842-5203
                             Table of Contents
Part 1   -   General Village Information

                     AAVA Vision & Mission Statement
                     Ayala Alabang Village – Time Line
                     Getting Around (Village Map & Street Names)
                     Significant Structures & Facilities Available

Part 2   -   Policies, Rules and Regulations

                     Policy on Members’ Decorum
                     Members’/Residents’/Tenants’ Registration
                     Association Dues
                     Rules on Public Order, Safety and Traffic
                     Rules on the use of Sports & Recreational Facilities
                     Various Permits and Clearances
                     Observing Deed of Restrictions

Part 3   -   Governance

                     Basic Organizational Structure
                     Organizational Chart
                     Election Rules

Part 4   -   Community Services and Activities

                     Security Department
                     Community Relations Department
                     Maintenance & Architectural Department
                     Administration & Finance Department

Part 5   -   Directory of Services Available
             (In and around the village)

                     AAVA Basic Services
                     AAVA Office Directory
                     Service/Utilities Providers
                     Local Government
                     Commercial Establishments


                                   Directory                                    Ayala Alabang Village, after over 30 years in existence, remains the most sought-after
                                                                      residential subdivision in Metro South because of its prime location, first-class facilities, and
                                       Others                         easy accessibility to the business districts of Muntinlupa, Makati, Pasay and Pasig. It has an
                                                                      area of approximately 700 hectares, this sprawling subdivision is located in Barangay Ayala
BANKS                                                                 Alabang, Muntinlupa City bordered by (Las Piňas City, Paraňaque City, and Bacoor, Cavite).
                                                                      It is connected by a network of 70 kilometers of concrete roads. It is, by far, bigger than all the
BPI Hotline                               854-5670 / 819-6670         primary subdivisions in Makati City put together.
Bank of the Phils. Islands(BPI)           842-2850 to 51 / 842-3001
Far East Bank & Trust Co.                 8421576 to 77                         An official bird sanctuary, Ayala Alabang Village has more than 60 known species of
Phil.Commercial & Ind`l.Bank              842-1406 / 807-4759         resident, migrant, or migratory birds that have found their homes in more than 9,000 full-grown
                                                                      trees spread all over the village. It is also home to an estimated population of 27,000 residents,
Prudential Bank                           842-0976 to 77              occupying 4,283 homes (as of February 2008) while 90 new homes are under construction. The
RCBC                                      807-2245                    village has a built-up capacity of close to 5,500 homes. It is self-sufficient in water coming
Urban Bank                                842-1906                    from several deep wells and water reservoirs, and has its own Sewerage Treatment Plant.
Asian Bank                                850-6836
China Bank                                807-0673                              Divided into seven (7) districts, Ayala Alabang Village has three main gates all located
MERALCO                                   807-0863 / 632-8202         along Commerce Avenue, namely the Acacia, Madrigal Gate, and Mindanao Gate. With 30%
PLDT (Alabang)                            809-6600 / 861-3499         of the village devoted to roads and parks, Ayala Alabang Village has thirteen (13) parks that
NBI (Muntinlupa)                          861-1124                    include children’s playground facilities, and sports facilities such as swimming pools, basketball
LTO (Muntinlupa)                          773-8546                    courts, tennis courts and football fields.
SSS (Alabang)                             807-9864 / 842-2610
                                                                                In addition to basic electricity, telephone, and cable, the village continues to extend and
SM – South Mall                           800-0447 / 800-0454         upgrade the services to its residents by providing direct satellite link (DSL) connections, a fully
Metropolis – Alabang                      809-9120                    equipped clinic (24/7 basis), fire trucks, ambulance service, a community channel, a public
Festival Mall – Alabang                   850-3514                    transportation system, full security (24/7), in addition to other services. There are at least nine
Makati Supermarket                        807-2207 to 08 / 850-7687   (9) institutions of learning within the village walls, and a very active parish. Barangay Ayala
South Supermarket                         842-3159 / 842-3165         Alabang also holds office inside the village.
Manny (Newspaper dealer)                  805-6296 / 829-1010
Sky Cable                                 746-7290 to 99 local 7331           The Ayala Ayala Alabang Village Association works hand in hand with Barangay
Destiny Cable                             825-2218 / 820-3313         Ayala Alabang and the Parish of St. James the Great to ensure that all
                                                                      homeowners/residents/tenants find the peace of mind, tranquility, and community spirit they all
Vivere Hotel                              771-7777                    seek within this village. Needless to say we are a happy AAV –          A B C (Association –
The Bellevue Hotel                        771-8181                    Barangay – Church ) Community.

                                                                               This Village Handbook embodies the basic information about Ayala Alabang Village –
                                                                      our village, the policies and decisions of past and present Board of Governors.

                                                                               For this handbook to move with the times, it has to be reviewed regularly and amended
                                                                      every five years.

                                                                                                                              Governor Apolinario de los Santos III
                                                                                                                                AAVA President, 2007 – 2008

                                  81                                                                                     2
                                              REGIONAL TRIAL COURT (RTC 256) JUDGE
                                              LERMA                                       543-0798
                                                                                          543-0786   ………131
                                              SANGGUNIANG PANGLUNGSUD ( CITY
                                              COUNCIL)                                    543-0754   ………141
   Part 1- General Village                    SANGGUNIANG PANGLUNGSUD
          Information                         SOCIAL SERVICES
                                              SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT

                                              TRFFIC ENVIRONMENT DISCIPLINE
                                              (TED)                                       842-2433
                                              TELECOM                                     543-0812
                                              TREASURY (NELIA BARLIS)                     543-0818   ………115
AAVA Vision & Mission Statement                                                           543-0727
                                              URBAN POOR AFFAIRS OFFICE (UPAO)            543-0816
Ayala Alabang Village – Time Line             VICE MAYOR'S OFFICE
                                              VICE MAYOR'S FAX
                                              ZONING OFFICE                               543-0803
                                              RESCUE                                      862-0064
Getting Around (Village Map & Street Names)   POLICE                                      862-2611
                                              FIRE                                        842-2201

                   3                                                                 80
LAKE MANAGEMENT                        861-6623
LEGAL OFFICE                           543-0811
LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY                   543-0774

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM                                     AAVA VISION
(MIS)                                  543-0775
FOUNDATION                             842-5548            To be the safest, most pleasant, modern
MAYOR'S OFFICE                         543-0809   ………101
                                       543-0729   ………102   and self-sufficient community that is
BRANCH 80)                             543-0797            culturally aware, socially oriented, and
                                       543-0813            environment friendly.
(MDF)                                  842-4561
MTC-(YOLLY)                            543-0797
(NBI)                                  861-1124
                                       543-0728   ………107
                                                                AAVA MISSION
PLANNING OFFICE                        543-0804   ………129
PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK (PNB)         861-2990            We are an organization of committed
POST OFFICE                            543-0821
PROCUREMENT                            543-0805            residents pursuing excellence in
PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE                    543-0795   ………130
                                                           providing, with the assistance of the
OFFICE (PESO)                          543-0815   ………104   Barangay, services that promote
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE (PIO)        862-4926   ………106
PUBLIC ORDER AND SAFETY OFFICE                             quality of life and harmony with the
(POSO)                                 862-0064   ………128
                                       543-0788            environment for our present and future
RECORDS OFFICE                         543-0814   ………103   members.
REGISTERS OF DEEDS (RD)                861-1131
PERELLO                                543-0800

                                79                                           4
                   AYALA ALABANG VILLAGE – TIMELINE                                                                                Directory
1972                                                                                                             CITY GOVERNMENT OF MUNTINLUPA
          The Madrigal family offered to sell to the Ayala Corporation, its land in Alabang.                     OFFICE DIRECTORY AND LOCAL NOS.
Instead of buying the land, the Ayala offered its expertise in real estate development and went                                                DIRECT LINE     ... LOCAL
into a joint venture with the Madrigal family.                                                    ACCOUNTING                                   543-0817      ………117
1975 – 1976                                                                                       ADMINISTRATIVE                               543-0779
                                                                                                  AGRICULTURE                                  543-0789      ………122
        The Madrigal family agreed in principle to Ayala’s proposal in 1975 and            the
development of the land started in 1976.
                                                                                                  ANTI-GRAFT                                   543-0806
1977                                                                                              ARBITRATION & MEDIATION                      543-0767
                                                                                                  ASSSESOR'S STAFF                             862-5111      ………120
           The late Don Enrique Zobel initiated the establishment of the New Ayala Alabang        BUDGET                                       543-0793      ………111
Village in June 1977 and the 661-hectare mango orchards in Muntinlupa was developed into
                                                                                                  BUSINESS PERMITS                             543-0783      ………109
a residential-commercial district with provisions for education, health and recreational
facilities.                                                                                       CITY ARCHITECHTS                             861-1127
                                                                                                  CITY LIBRARY                                 861-1122
1978                                                                                              COMMISSION ON AUDIT                          543-0794      ………118
                                                                                                  COMMISSION ON ELECTION                       543-0801
          On August 11, 1978, the New Ayala Subdivision, Inc. was registered at the
Securities and Exchange Commission with Registry Number 81344. Subsequently, on                   COMMUNITY AFFAIRS                            543-0802      ………124
September 5, 1978, it was renamed New Alabang Village Association, Inc. registered with the       COOPERATIVE                                  543-0789
former Home Financing Corporation, now Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board with                 CULTURAL AND TOURISM                         543-0820
                                                                                                  DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR AND LOCAL GOVT.
registry number 04-818.                                                                           (DILG)                                       543-0792      ………123
                                                                                                  DIVISION OFFICE                              861-4953
1981                                                                                              ENGINEERING (ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION –
        The creation of Barangay Ayala Alabang with Don Enrique Zobel as its first                NIEVES                                       543-0791      ………113
Barangay Chairman.                                                                                ENGINEERING (CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                  DIVISION)                                    543-0781
1985                                                                                                                                           543-0753
        On April 28, 1985, New Ayala Alabang Village Association, Inc. was renamed
                                                                                                  ENGINEERING (ELECTRICAL DIVISION)            543-0753
Ayala Alabang Village Association, Inc.
                                                                                                  ENGINEERING (GIODENIC DIVISION)              543-0787
                                                                                                  ENGINEERING (MAINTENANCE
                                                                                                  DIVISION)                                    543-0819
        Ayala Alabang Village Association celebrated its 25th Anniversary year at the             EPNR                                         842-2835
Alabang Country Club.                                                                             ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION
                                                                                                  COUNCIL (ESC)                                861-1866
2005                                                                                              FISCAL OFFICE                                543-0869      ………130
        Ayala Alabang Village Association opened its expanded and renovated office                GENERAL SEVICES OFFICE                       543-0805
premises.                                                                                         HEALTH OFFICE (ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE)
                                                                                                  POBLATION                                    861-0690
                                                                                                  HEALTH OFFICE (EMPLOYEE'S CLINIC)            543-0749
                                                                                                  HEALTH OFFICE (LYING-IN)                     543-0761

                                             5                                                                                      78
Perpectual Help Medical Center                        874-8515 * 524-5651                                    STREET NAMES
Pamplona, Las Piñas City
                                                                            District 1
Philippine General Hospital                           523-5350
                                                                                         Avenue #100 – 441               Kalapi
RITM                                                                                     Anahaw                          Kamagong
(Research Institute For Tropical Medicine)            807-2628 to 32                     Apitong                         Kamagong Place
Filinvest Corp. City Alabang, Muntinlupa                                                 Banaba                          Lauan
                                                                                         Bayabong                        Ma. Cristina #100 – 120
St. Luke Medical Center                               723-0101* 723-0301
                                                                                         Buri                            Madrigal Avenue #100–134
279 E. Rodriguez St. Blvd.                            723-0199
                                                                                         Bunga                           Molave
Cathedral Heights, Q.C.
                                                                                         Dalumban                        Narra
VRPMC (Polymedic Gen. Gospital)                       531-4911 to 21                     Dao                             Nipa
                                                                                         Guijo                           Palosapis
                                                                                         Ipil-Ipil                       Yakal
                                  Directory                                                                              Yantok
                                                                            District 2
                             Schools in the Village                                      Basilan                         Panay
                                                                                         Bohol                           Polillio
    De La Salle South Santiago Zobel School                                              Lubang                          Samar
    University Avenue, Ayala Alabang Village                                             Luzon                           Siquijor
    Muntinlupa City                                                                      Mindanao                        Sulu
    Telephones: 809-1868 or 842-3220; Fax: 805-7043;                                     Palawan                         Visayas
    Daughter of Virgin Mary Immaculate
    Mindanao Ave, Ayala Alabang Village                                     District 3
    Muntinlupa City                                                                      Agno                            La Mesa
    Telephones: 842-3901                                                                 Ambuklao                        Ma. Cristina#200 – 631
                                                                                         Angat                           MadrigalAve.(odd)#201– 525
    Institute of Child Advancement (1 ½ to 6 ½ years old)                                Balabac #200 – 203              Pagapas
    1127 Kamagong Street, Ayala Alabang Village                                          Beata                           Pansipit
    Muntinlupa City                                                                      Buhi                            Pantabangan
    Telephone: 842-0164; E-mail: none; Web Site: none                                    Country Club Drive #556 – 566   San Bernardino
    The Learning Child                                                                   Caliraya                        San Juanico#101 – 109
    Cordillera Street, Ayala Alabang Village                                             Dingalan                        Sarangani
    Muntinlupa City                                                                      Ipo                             University#111 – 327
    Telephones: 850-9462 or 850-9237; Fax: 850-9332;                        District 4
    Web Site:                                                Acacia Avenue#500 – 821         Country Club Drive#101–305
    Maria Montessori Foundation School                                                   Adelfa                          Dama De Noche#100 – 106
    Caimito Street, Ayala Alabang Village                                                Avocado Drive                   Ilang-Ilang
    Muntinlupa City, Philippines                                                         Begonia                         Macopa Drive
    Telephones: 842-0383 or 842-4360; Fax: 842-6352                                      Bougainvilla                    Padre Garcia
    Web Site:                                       Cadena de Amor                  Rosal
                                                                                         Calachuchi                      Sampaguita
    WoodRose & Rosemont School                                                           Camella                         Sanggumay
    Acacia Avenue, Ayala Alabang Village                                                 Camia                           Santan
    Muntinlupa, Metro Manila                                                             Champaca                        Taysan#100 – 104
    Telephones: 850-6135; E-Mail: none; Web Site: none

                                            77                                                                      6
                            STREET NAMES                                                                        Directory
                                                                                                        HOSPITAL HOTLINES

District 5                                                                  AAV Lifeline Arrows Clinic                      772-3897 * 772-3898
             Anonas                               San Bartolome             Neighborhood Ctr., Narra St., AAV               (Emergency Hotline 16-911)
             Apo                                  San Bartolome Extension
             Arayat                               San Carlos                Alabang Medical Center                          850-8498
             Balabac#204 – 223                    San Enrique               Alabang- -Zapote Rd., Munt. City                807-8189 (info)
             Banahaw                              San Felipe
             Banaue                               San Gabriel               Asian Hospital Center                           711-9000 to 02
             Bulusan                              San Isidro                Filinvest Corp. City Alabang, Munt.
             Cordillera                           San Jose
                                                                            Capitol Medical Center                          372-3825 to 44
             Country Club Drive (odd)#551 – 563   San Juanico#114 – 315
             Kanloan                              San Lorenzo               Sct. Magbanua,Quezon City
             Madrigal Ave. (even)#202 – 516       San Manuel                Cardinal Santos Medical Center                  727-0001 to 25
             Makiling                             San Rafael                Wilson St. Greenhills, San Juan                 727-0070
             Samat                                Santiago Loop
             San Antonio                          Santiago                  Chinese General Hospital                        711-4141 * 743-1440
                                                  Sto. Domingo              286 Blumentritt Manila                          711-3967
District 6
             Atis                                 Langka                    DT Protacio Hospital                            832-1181 * 832-2953
             Caimito                              Mabolo                    484 Quirino Ave. Parañaque City
             Camachile                            Mango Drive
             Chico Drive                          Mangosteen                Las Piñas Doctors Hospital                      829-7715 * 820-9373
             Country Club Drive#306 – 549         Pili Drive                8009 Aguirre Ave., Las Piñas City
             Dayap                                Piňa Drive                Makati Medical Center                           815-9911 * 892-5544
             Duhat Place                          San Juanico#314 – 355
                                                                            2 Amoroslo St., Makati City
             Guava Drive                          Santol Drive
             Guyabano Drive                       Tamarind Drive            Manila Doctor Hospital                          524-3011 to 77
                                                  Tamarind Extension        667 United Nation Ave. Manila
District 7
             Acacia Extension#830 – 913           Gamao                     Manila Sanitarium Hospital                      525-9191
             Agoncillo                            Ibaan                     1975 Donanda St. Pasay City
             Alitagtag                            Laiya Place
             Balayan                              Lemery Place              Medical Center Manila                           523-8131 to 65
             Balete                               Lian                      1122 General Luna                               525-6836 (emergency no.)
             Balibago                             Lipa
                                                                            Medical Center Muntinlupa                       862-0162 * 861-1667
             Balitoc                              Malvar
             Batangas East                        Maricaban                 338 National Highways                           861-1683 (emergency no.)
             Batangas North                       Matabungkay               Medical Center Parañaque                        541-3888 to 90
             Batangas South                       Matoco Place              Dr. A. Santos Ave., Sucat P’que                 825-6911 to 15
             Batangas West                        Nasugbu
             Batulao                              Palico                    Medical City                                    631-8626
             Bauan                                Panamucan                 San Miguel Ave. Mandaluyong City
             Calaca                               Parola                    Olivarez General Hospital                       825-8746
             Calatagan                            Taal                      Dr. A. Santos Ave.                              826-7966 loc. 115 (emergency no.)
             Calicante                            Tallin Place
             Calo                                 Talisay                   Ospital ng Muntinlupa                           771-0127 to 29
             Cuenca                               Tanauan                   Civic Drive, Filinvest Munt. City
             Dama De Noche#300 – 364              Taysan#600 – 678
Pasay City                844-2120             831-8070
                          843-6523             831-5054
                          851-0869             831-8059
Pasig City                641-1939             641-0430
                          641-2815             641-0436
Pateros                   641-1365             642-8235
Polo                                           292-2245
Quezon City               924-1857
                                                                                     Part 2 - Policies, Rules and
San Juan                  721-6655             941-8854
                          725-2079             725-0404
                                               725-8049                              Policy on Members’ Decorum
Taguig                    837-0740             642-2062
                          837-4496             642-3582
Taytay                    658-6439             658-7267                              Members’/Residents’/Tenants’ Registration
Valenzuela                292-3519             292-0518
                          292-5705             291-1995
                                                                                     Association Dues
Patrol 117       - 117                Assn. Of Volunteer Fire Chiefs - 160-161
                                                & Firefighters of the Phils., Inc.
Bantay Bata      - 163                                                               Rules on Public Order, Safety and Traffic
                                      Assn. Of Philippines Volunteer - 522-2222
                                               Fire Brigades, Inc.
Bisig bayan      - 928-4299                                                          Rules on the use of Sports & Recreational Facilities
Meralco          - 16-211 / 631-111   Manilad Water Services, Inc. - 626
                                                                                     Various Permits and Clearances
                                      Manila Water Company, Inc. - 1627
MMDA             - 136
                                                                                     Observing Deed of Restrictions
National Poison Control               Civil Defense Operation Center
    - 524-1078                        (For extreme emergencies caused by
                                      disaster /calamities like typhoons,
                                          floods, earthquake, etc.)
                                             - 911-5061

                                      75                                                                      8
                                                                                                            Alabang Country Club Inc.       842-3530 to 39
                               Village Polices, Rules and Regulations
                            MEMBERS’ DECORUM AND CONDUCT                                                    Ayala Alabang Townhouse         842-1167
                                                                                                            COOPERATIVE STORE
The Association assumes the responsibility of providing the residents of the village an environment            Luzon Drive                  807-5221
of peace and harmony, where they can enjoy their chosen lifestyle within the privacy of their                  Palawan St.                  807-6631
residences and in the facilities, which the Village provides. This atmosphere of peace and harmony          Rustan's Expresslane
can only be achieved if our residents follow simple rules and regulations based on mutual respect of        (Tanauan St.)                   807-1996 to 97
each other’s need for peace, security and privacy.
                              GENERAL STATEMENT OF POLICIES
Because of the above considerations, the Board hereby promulgates the following policies regarding                                      Directory
the conduct and decorum, which our residents should abide by, and the President shall have the
primary responsibility in the implementation of the policies set forth below:                                                  EMERGENCY NUMBERS

      I.       Mutual respect and consideration - All residents of the village must                    AREAS                             FIRE                POLICE
               respect each other’s right to peace and harmony. Activities which tend to               Angono                            651-0064            651-0061
               create noise and disturbances must be kept to tolerable levels, especially                                                                    651-0065
               during times of rest, such as weekends, and at night.                                   Antipolo                                              697-2409
                   1.   Towards this end, the Association must establish specific rules                Binangonan                        652-5796            652-0159
                        and regulations, regulating the amount of noise and disturbance                Cainta                                                656-0366
                        created by parties, community activities, and other social events.             Kaloocan City                     364-5680            362-3276
                        These rules and regulations must be published for all residents and                                              362-4037            362-3280
                        special members to appreciate and abide by.                                    Las Piñas City                    874-6177            874-9201
                   2.   In order to provide a deterrent for inconsiderate behavior, which                                                806-0625            873-9543
                        intrudes on the peace and privacy of other residents, sanctions                Makati City                       816-2553            887-4626
                        must be imposed on such behavior. In this connection, a schedule                                                 818-5150            887-2484
                        of fines and penalties must also be similarly published for                    Malabon                           281-1141            281-1133
                        violations of such rules and regulations.                                                                        281-4607            281-1139
                   3.   These rules and regulations must be reviewed annually, and no                                                    361-9712            281-9999
                        later than May of each year, jointly by the Community Relations                Mandaluyong City                  532-2402            532-2145
                        and Security Committees and they shall also jointly recommend                                                    532-2189            532-2318
                        revisions for Board approval.                                                                                    527-3653            523-5611
                                                                                                       Marikina City                     646-2436            646-1651
      II.      Security issues and violent or abusive behavior - Acts of violence,                                                         161
               threats of violence, rude, abusive and unruly behavior of members of the                Muntinlupa City                   772-3944            862-2611
               Association and/or their employees, dependents, contract workers, are                                                     842-2201            862-2721
               condemned and will not be tolerated within the Village, especially towards              Navotas                           281-0854            281-9099
               Officers and Employees of the Association who are in the legitimate                                                       283-0797            281-9110
               process of discharging their duties:                                                    Novaliches                        930-2237            936-3624
                                                                                                                                         936-3594            937-2177
                                                                                                       Obando                                                292-2043
                                                                                                       Parañaque City                    826-9131            826-8121

                                              9                                                                                                 74
                        TELEPHONE DIRECTORY                             1.          For this purpose, the Association through the joint
AAVA OFFICE                   Trunk Line 807-0511                                   recommendation of the Security and Community Relations
Administration/Purchasing     807-0521 - TeleFax                                    Committees, shall prepare a list of sanctions and penalties which
                              805-0511 loc.                                         will be imposed on members, their employees, and visitors, who
                              701/702/703/704/705/707/802                           commit acts of violence and other forms of misconduct within the village.
Architectural                 807-0511 loc. 401/402/403/404             2.          No later than May of each year, this list of sanctions and penalties shall be
Community Relation            807-0501 - direct line                                reviewed annually, jointly by the Community relations and Security
                              807-0511 loc. 501/502/503/504/505                     Committees and they shall also jointly recommend revisions for Board
AAVA News                     842-9101                                              approval.
Library                       807-0511 loc. 506                         3.          After the said approval of the Board, this list of sanctions and penalties must be
                                                                                    published for all members to appreciate and to follow.
Finance                       807-0531 - direct line
                              807-0511 loc. 601/602/603/604/605/606          III.                     Hearing and Arbitration of Ethics Committee
Maintenance/Infra.            807-5859 - direct line
                              807-0511 loc. 301/302/303/304                         1.           All members accused of violating rules on Conduct have the right
                                                                                                 to be appeal their case. For this purpose the Association
Village Manager’s Office      842-3944 - direct line
                                                                                                 appointed a Committee of 4 to hear any appeal that may be filed.
                              807-0511 loc. 101/102                                              The Ethics committee is composed of the following:
                              842-5203 - fax number                                                   The President of the Association
Governor's Office             807-0511 loc. 103                                                       Chairman of the Security Committee
Security Office               842-2708                                                                Chairman of the Community Relations Committee
Radio Operator                842-4411 / 842-3732 /842-1111/ 842-2222                                 Legal Counsel
                              807-0511 loc. 201/202/203/204/205                     2.           The ruling of the Arbitration and Ethics Committee is final.
Acacia Gate                   807-7660/842-2904
Madrigal Gate                 842-0403 / 842-9909 / 842-9771
Mindanao Gate                 850-9291
Tango Base                    842-2936

Compact Police Sub-Station     809-8564
 (ATC / Besides Post Office)

Philippine National Red
Cross                          809-7131
 (Muntinlupa Branch – ATC )
Barangay Ayala Alabang         842-2472
Ayala Waterworks               807-1984 / 807-1986
STP                            850-9435

St. James The Great            807-1623/842-5140
St. Jerome & Sta. Susana       842-4947

                                          73                                                                            10
                               Village Polices, Rules and Regulations
In order to ensure the protection of both the Leasehold property owners and tenants, we are
promulgating the following guidelines:
         Requirements for Property Owners/Assignees
1.   The property owner should register at AAVA by accomplishing the following:
                    Specimen signature card
                    Photocopies of TCT, Deed of Sale and/or DAS
                                                                                                                        Part 5 - Directory
              -     Photocopies of at least 2 Valid IDs with signature
2.     List of properties for lease and specify whether furnished or not.
3.     Special Power of Attorney for Authorized representative/relative to transact with AAVA
       regarding leasing and specifying extent of authorization. Authorized representatives with
       SPA must submit photocopies of at least 2 valid IDs with signature.
                                                                                                         Association Office
4.     If a new tenant/occupant is moving in to the leased property, the owner is required to give
       the following to the Association:
                                                                                                         Emergency Numbers
              - Photocopy of notarized Lease Contract with amounts deleted (optional)
              - Highlights of Leasehold Contract Form (supplied by the Association)
              - Accomplished Move-In Permit Form (Owner and Tenant)                                      Hospital Hotlines
         If the owner cannot personally submit the above documents and such documents were
         endorsed to the tenant or to the broker, the Association conducts a prior confirmation
         from the owner.                                                                                 Schools in the Village
         Requirements for Tenants
         1.         The tenant prior to moving in to the village should proceed to the AAVA Office       City Government of Muntinlupa
                    to get moving in clearance and must bring the following:
                    -    Photocopy of at least two (2) valid IDs for Identification signatory of Lease
                         Hold Contract (both local and foreigner) - Optional                             Others
                    -    Photocopy of Passport and VISA (for foreigner)
                    -    Duly accomplished Move-In Permit Form/Highlights of Leasehold Contract
                    -    2 pcs. of 1” x 1” Recent picture/s of all authorized occupants as indicated
                         in the Highlights of Leasehold (For Village ID)
         2.         The tenant may then secure vehicle sticker upon presentation of photocopy of
                    OR/CR and accomplished Vehicle Sticker Application form. Please refer to
                    Guidelines on Securing Village Vehicle Sticker.
         Rules for Leasehold Owners and Tenants:
         1.       To ensure a harmonious and safe living in the village, the Association is strictly
                  implementing the following village rules to all members and tenants.
         2.       Only single family occupancy rule shall be applied. No double/multiple tenancy
                  will be allowed per property.

                                               11                                                                                 72
Issuance of Permits and Clearances
    The Administration issues the following permits and clearances:

          Document                          Requirement/s                Fee
  Move In Permit                 Prior registration documents          None                 3.   The leased property is exclusively for residential purpose only. The following are not
  Move Out Permit                Clearances from Association Dues,     None                      allowed:
                                 Library, Security, and Barangay
  Garage Sale                    Duly accomplished form signed by      None                        -       shops, stores, clinics or warehouse of goods of commercial quantity
                                 resident                                                          -       Dormitory, church, school, or sub-leasing
  Endorsement to Barangay        Duly accomplished form signed by      P 50.00                     -       Safe house for illicit activities (gambling, prostitution, etc.)
  (Business/Construction)        resident / clearance form
  Film/Photo/Video Shooting      See Village Rules for the schedule    See                  4.   Pull-out of furniture or large household equipment should be covered by written
  Permit                         and Fee                               Village                   permission from the owner or his/her authorized representative.
                                                                       Rules                5.   Tenant is required to secure and accomplish Move-Out Permit signed by the owner.
                                                                                                 Move-Out form should be filed at least 24 hours prior to actual move-out date to AAVA
                                                                                                 Office during office hours (Monday to Saturday). To expedite the processing of Permit,
Vehicle Sticker Issuance                                                                         the owner is advised to personally inform or call the Association (Admin 807-0521) for
                                                                                                 his/her approval of the Move-out permit form. No move-out will be allowed without
         The Association issues vehicle stickers to all bona fide residents, guests and          securing approved Move-Out permit form from the Association.
members of various institutions of the village. We issue new vehicle stickers every month   6.   Tenant who will be moving to another property within the village upon expiration or
of May and remains valid for one year (May of the current year to May of next year).             termination of his /her Leasehold Contract should obtain a Move-Out Permit form from
Please refer to Vehicle Sticker Issuance Guidelines (Part 3).                                    the previous Lessor. Failure to do so, renewal of ID and Village Sticker will not be
                                                                                                 issued until clearance is obtained from previous Lessor.
                                                                                            7.   The new Lessor should check with the Association, if the incoming tenant is a former
Association Dues Payment (please call 807-0531)                                                  occupant of other properties and has been cleared from all of his/her accountabilities.

        The Finance accepts payment for Association Dues. Every year as early as
December, we transmit Statement of Accounts to inform the residents of their dues and
encourage early payment to avail of the discounted rate. Non-payment of Association
Dues will be our basis for non-issuance of clearances, permits and vehicle stickers.

                                   71                                                                                              12
                               Village Polices, Rules and Regulations
                             ASSOCIATION DUES & RECEIVABLES
                                        OBJECTIVE                                                                                        Utilities                    Service Providers
     The Association Dues are the primary revenue source of the Association and all members                                      Telephone                     PLDT / DSL Broadband
have the responsibility of paying their dues in a timely manner. The Association’s objective in                                                                Innove Communications (Globe)
these policies is to ensure (1) the viability of the Organization, and; (2) that cost effective delivery                         Internet Facility             PLDT – DSL Broadband/ZPDee
of services to all its members remain unimpaired                                                                                                               Globe Broadband
                           GENERAL STATEMENT OF POLICIES                                                                         Water                         Ayala Waterworks
                                                                                                                                 Electricity                   MERALCO
Because of the above considerations, and as stated in our By-Laws, The Board, through the
recommendation of the Finance Committee, hereby lays out the policies pertaining to such dues,
and the Village Manager through the Finance Department (FD) shall have the primary                         Other services available are the contracted services in the following areas:
responsibility in the implementation of such policies as set forth below and in disseminating the
                                                                                                                      1.     Grass Cutting
attendant procedures:
                                                                                                                      2.     Street Sweeping
1. Association Dues - The Association shall assess all its Members in the village an                                  3.     Garbage Collection/ Waste Management System
Annual fee which shall be called Association Dues and any other fees which the Board                                  4.     Park Maintenance
may impose, in order to defray the expenses the Association may incur in providing the                                5.     Utility Service Team (Electrical, plumber, drivers, construction workers)
services to such Members. The following are considered Members of the Association:
                  a.   Regular Members – Lot Owners and Homeowners                                         Architectural (please call 807-5859)
                  b.   Special Members – Lot owners who are institutions and juridical                              The Office continues to provide review and inspection to ensure compliance to the Deed
                       entities that fall within the Village perimeter whose sole purpose is               of Restrictions of the Village. We issue construction permit, clearances and review of
                       recreational, educational, or religious in nature. These are:                       construction plans. We encourage all residents to coordinate with Architectural section if their
                                                                                                           properties have existing violations so that corrective measures are undertaken.
                                   i.   Alabang Country Club
                                  ii.   De La Salle Zobel School
                                iii.    Woodrose                                                                                Basic Community Services and Activities of the Village
                                 iv.    Daughters of Mary
                                  v.    Institute of Child Advancement                                     Administration (please call 807-0521)
                                 vi.    The Learning Child
                                vii.    Montessori
                               viii.    Save Our Soul                                                      Members & Tenants’ Registration
                                 ix.    St. James                                                                   The AAVA Office processes the registration of new property owners and tenants of the
2. Liability for Payment – The Lot owner, and not any Tenant or Lessee, shall be                           village. This is required in order to facilitate the issuance of Village ID of the residents and its
ultimately held liable for the payment of the annual Association Dues together with such                   household helpers and drivers. A new resident’s first visit to the Association Office is vital so that
assessments and other charges as may be levied from time to time                                           queries will be addressed and the processing of necessary permits for move-in, ID processing,
                                                                                                           vehicle stickers etc. are accomplished accordingly.
3. Payments and due dates - As provided in the by-laws, this annual assessment, which
the Board shall levy, shall be due in advance at the start of the Fiscal Year (on or before
February 28th) and all homeowners shall be properly notified of such assessment at least
90 days prior to the due date. The Board may decide to provide incentives for the prompt
payment of the Association Dues. These dues are payable as follows:

                                                13                                                                                                       70
          The Village Clinic located beside AAVA Office operates 24 hours and is currently
managed by Lifeline Ambulance Rescue Inc. The Association has acquired a fully-equipped               a.     Annual Discounted rate as per Board Approval – For Payments made on or before
ambulance that can provide life support while in transport and disaster response readiness.                  January 31st of the coming year, you avail of 22% by paying only P18 per square
Under the present contract, the services of Lifeline Ambulance Rescue Inc. include the following:            meter.
                                                                                                      b.     If you pay from February 1 to 15 of the applicable year, pay P22 per square meter
        1.       Laboratory Tests
                                                                                                             or 4% discount.
        2.       Clinical Services
                                                                                                      c.     Regular Undiscounted rate – For payments made on Feb. 16 but not to exceed Feb
        3.       Laboratory / Diagnostic
                                                                                                             28th of the applicable year it is P23 per square meter.
        4.       Professional Procedures
        5.       X-Ray Services                                                                               4. Late Payments and Penalties - All receivables of the Association must be
                                                                                                             received on time on the date due and delinquent accounts must be subject to
        For more details, feel free to visit the Lifeline Ambulance Rescue Inc. Clinic or call 772-          penalties and interest charges as provided for in our By-Laws as follows:
  3897, 772-3898 or 0915-745-2530 which is on 24-hour service.                                               a. The Penalty rate shall be 1% of the principal per month
                                                                                                             b. The interest rate applicable shall be 1% of the principal
                                                                                                                                   and the interest and Penalty
                         Basic Community Services and Activities of the Village                       c.                           Interest and Penalty charges shall be computed on a
                                                                                                             compounded monthly basis from the date such receivable fell due
                                                                                                      d.                           All Members of the Association whose past due receivables
             Management of The Ecology & Infrastructures (please call 807-5859)                              are beyond 60 days are deemed suspended members and may not avail of the
                                                                                                             services of the Association such as:
  Spraying/Fumigation                                                                                   i.                               Garbage Collection
          The Association provides spraying and fumigation services in case the residents do not       ii.                               Security Stickers
  have any contractor to service their private property. The following are the rates:                 iii.                               Construction permits
                                                                                                      iv.                                and other services as the Board may determine from
                                     Total Lot Area                        Fee (Php)                         time to time
                         500 sqm and below                                        500.00                     5. Notices and Collection Process – The Association must, by itself, rely on its
                         501 to 750 sqm.                                          750.00                     own resources to collect its receivables. Only after the Association has exhausted
                         751 sqm and above                                      1,000.00                     all means to collect can the Association call on third parties for collection
                                                                                                             assistance. Past Due Accounts shall be collected as follows:
  Tree Pruning/Trimming
                                                                                                      a.  30 Days after such account falls overdue, the Member shall be given a written
           Tree pruning / trimming services inside private property are also available, prior             notice of overdue (Letter A) and requested to remit the amount to the association
  inspection is conducted to determine the fee as follows:                                            b. No later than 60 days after the receipt of such a letter, a second letter (Letter B)
                                                                                                          giving the member a warning that he is facing legal action if the amount is not
                                    Estimated Sizes                        Fee (Php) per tree             remitted
                     Small-sized tree                                                   250.00        c. No later than 90 days after receipt of the Second letter, a Demand letter (Letter C)
                     Medium-sized tree                                                   500.00           will now be sent, a copy of which shall furnished our legal counsel and collection
                     Big-sized tree                                                      750.00           agencies.
                                                                                                         Such letter should inform the Member of the consequences of Legal action and
                                                                                                          requesting settlement
  Counter / Complaints Center                                                                         d.                      No later than 120 days, again after letter C is sent, a written
            Our office is available to accept your calls and concerns regarding village upkeep,           notice that we have sent the account to our Collection Agency for legal action
  lighting system problems, and service providers (utilities).

                                             69                                                                                                   14
                                                                                                          * Table Tennis
6. Arbitration and Compromise – Instances may occur when our Members will request                         */ Soccer
for a reduction of their penalties and other charges in consideration of payment of their                 * Football
past due account. Such compromise agreements can be accepted only in the following
instance:                                                                                                      If you are interested in joining the above sports, you may contact the Association for
                                                                                                     the details.
             a.          Substantial amount in excess of P100,000 and cash payment in full – In
                         such a situation the Penalty charges may be waived partially but in any     Saturday Market and Bazaars
                         case not more than 50% of the amount. The percent for waiver shall be                We have our Saturday Market held weekly at Narra Park (District 1) allowing the
                         recommended by the Treasurer and endorsed by the President to the           residents to buy farm produce vegetables, local and imported food stuff. During the year, we
                         Board, provided that:                                                       schedule bazaars at the Cuenca Covered Court for the residents to enjoy shopping without the
                            i. The Member is not a habitually delinquent member who likewise         hassles of going out of the village. Please refer to our weekly AAVA news for the schedules
                               habitually requests for compromise                                    and announcements.
                           ii. The property is owned by a Corporation or a Bank                      Community Library
                          iii. The Property has been purchased by a new owner who did not
                               check with the Association prior to the purchase                                Our library is located at AAVA Office beside the Ubix Service Center. We have an
                          iv. No other Member of the Board or of Management shall have the           internet facility at a minimal fee to help you in your research works and studies. The library
                               power to arbitrate and compromise aside from what has been set        hours are as follows:
                               forth here in                                                                        Monday                     1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
                                                                                                                    Tuesday to Saturday        8:00 am to 5:00 pm
All compromise agreements shall require a Board approval, voted upon in a regular board
meeting, entered into the minutes of such a meeting, and subject to ratification of the              Government Satellite Services
members in a General Membership meeting                                                                      We have tapped government agencies to conduct its services in the village such as:
7. Selection of Collection agencies – In order to aid in the Collection of difficult                 1. NBI Application - Every last Saturday of the month (District 2 Pavilion)
Receivables, which in no case is no shorter than 360 days over due, and after AAVA has                2. SSS Registration/Services - Every 2nd Saturday of the month (AAVA Office)
exhausted all collection efforts outlined above, the Board allows the appointment of Duly            3. Realty Tax Payment - Every Quarter (AAVA Office)
accredited Collection Agencies which are preferably Law offices, under the following                 Please refer to our weekly AAVA News for details.
                                                                                                     Community Information System
        a.        That such Collection Agency is a duly registered firm empowered to
                  undertake Collection functions                                                              Our avenue for effective communication among our residents has been expanded not
        b.        That the Agency has a track record of effective collection and has the             only through print but also modern technology to capture the interest of our residents.
                  organization and competence to:                                                         1.      AAVA News                   -        Weekly news magazine
                    i.     File and prosecute difficult Debtors                                           2.      Community Channel           -        Cable TV announcement
                   ii.     Garnish and attach properties                                                  3.      Daktronics                  -        Electronic Billboard
                  iii.     Trace and identify owners of properties through the registrars of deeds        4.      AAVA Website                -       Web page (under development)
                  iv.      Reconcile accounts and negotiate with Debtors                             5.   Txt Genie             -             SMS Information System (Text
                                                                                                     Community Health Awareness and Clinic Services
                                                                                                                           In support to our drive for healthy lifestyles, the Association through
                                                                                                                  the help of our Health committee, we continue to conduct seminars and
                                                                                                                  information drive about prevention, cure and medical outreach programs.

                                                      15                                                                                      68
Complaints Section                                                                                                                    Village Polices, Rules and Regulations
          The Security Office located at AAVA Office is manned 24-hours by our competent
security personnel to attend to your query, emergency calls and complaints. Feel free to visit the                   RULES ON PUBLIC ORDER, SAFETY AND TRAFFIC
office or call up the above numbers anytime.
                                                                                                         1.       As additional Village ID requirements, all applicants (household helpers, drivers,
Security Operation                                                                                       construction workers and relatives) are required to submit NBI and Result of Drug Test conducted
         We have two Security Agencies manning and keeping the village safe. The security line           by Lifeline Clinic beside AAVA Office. This rule is not applicable to residents and immediate
of defense is divided into two: the outer line and inner line. The outer line of defense represents      members of the family.
the access controls at the gate and the perimeter walls of the village while the inner line of defense
focuses on maintaining order and safety inside with constant patrolling of our roving guards. For        2.      Curfew Hours. Construction workers are prohibited from loitering along streets from
security purposes, the village is divided into five sectors. Each sector is patrolled by a security      8:00pm to 6:00am, and household helpers from 10:00pm to 5:00am.
van identified by code names following the color of the patrol van: Green Horn, White Horse,
Yellow Bull, Blue Bird and Red Flag. Augmenting them are ten motorcycles, all of which keep in
                                                                                                         3.        Wearing of Village IDs by Construction workers. Whenever these workers are in the
touch with base through handheld radios as they patrol some 70 kilometers of roadways. This set-
                                                                                                         village, they must prominently wear their AAVA IDs. This is strictly enforced. This measure
up enables the security to be at the scene of trouble at any point within three minutes after receipt
                                                                                                         helps the guards to spot and detect intruders. Violators of this rule are fined P 100.00
of the message at the base.
Traffic Compliance Team                                                                                  4.       Passing Only on Main Roads. Construction and transient workers in the Village are
         The Traffic Compliance Team also known as “Operation GOTCHA” was established to                 allowed to pass only on the most direct route and main avenues on their way to and from their
implement strictly traffic rules and regulation. Traffic offenders are issued Traffic Citation           respective jobsites. Public conveyances are likewise given their respective routes.
Tickets and fines must be paid at the Barangay Office.
                                                                                                         5.      A Two-Man Stay-in Rule. Each jobsite must only have two workers: is enforced to
                    Basic Community Services and Activities of the Village                               minimize security risk due to great number of workers inside the village.
Community and External Relations Management (please call 807-0501)
                                                                                                         6.        AAVA ID Color Coded System. Imposition of the color-coding system for construction
         Community Events and Outreach Activities                                                        workers and house helpers has been adopted to ensure non-transferring of workers from one
                                                                                                         jobsite to another and to easily detect them in case they roam around the village.
          The Association organizes year-round activities to foster social, environmental and
cultural awareness among the residents. The events regularly held every year are as follows:             7.        No Smoking Areas. Smoking inside a passenger jeepney/tricycle plying inside the
                       Earth Day Celebration                     March or April                          village is strictly prohibited. Applicable penalties await any violator.
                       Easter Sunday Egg Hunting                 March or April                          8.       Loose Dogs. Loose dogs caught are impounded and placed in a cage. Owners are fined
                       Independence Day                          June 12                                 P 2,000.00, payable to Barangay office upon retrieval of the dogs. Dogs not retrieved after three
                       Halloween                                 October                                 (3) days are disposed of to interested parties.
                       Light up of Village Christmas Décor       December
                       AAVA Merry Christmas Outreach             December                                9.      Solicitations, surveys, sample distributions, etc. Door-to-door solicitations, surveys,
                       (Gift-giving to indigents)                                                        samples distributions, and the like are not allowed. Distribution of notices, circulars, flyers, etc.
Sports Fest and Clinics                                                                                  must be cleared and coursed through AAVA office which charges P 2.00 per copy.

  We organize various sports clubs and support their activities for the promotion of healthy             10.     Party Noise. Party noise after midnight that disturbs the peace and tranquility of the
  lifestyles. We envision our homegrown talents and its development that someday we’ll be                neighbor is discouraged and should be avoided. Music and merry making at parties are limited up
  producing Olympic-bound athletes and capturing the first ever gold medal won for our country.          to 11 pm only.
  The village has been promoting the following sports:

             *   Basketball                            *   Chess
             *   Badminton                             *   Tennis
             *   Volleyball                            *   Triathlon
             *   Bowling                               *   Cycling
                                              67                                                                                                      16
11.    Commercial Activity. The Deed of restrictions prohibits the use of the property for                                  Basic Community Services and Activities of the Village
commercial purposes. Residents may use their addresses for applying for business permits but for
                                                                                                   Security (Hotlines: 842-1111 / 842-2222)
communication purposes only. Please refer to the guidelines on applying for Barangay
Endorsement for Business Permit Application.
                                                                                                   Weekly Seminar and Briefing
12.     Use of Gensets. Gensets should be placed inside a concrete housing and reinforced with
                                                                                                            Prior to the issuance of Village ID for household helpers, the Security, Safety and Health
heavy duty muffler to minimize noise. Residents are encouraged to switch off their gensets after
                                                                                                   Management conducts seminar on crime prevention, fire safety, hazardous and accident-prone
11:00 pm to maintain the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
                                                                                                   areas and the identification of any problems. The two-hour seminar includes the training on Waste
13.     Firearms and Fireworks. The discharge of firearms inside the village is prohibited.        Management Segregation program. The seminar is held every Wednesday, 1:00 pm at the Garden
Also prohibited is the use of firecrackers and similar pyrotechnics.                               Club Pavilion (AAVA Office).

14.      Traffic Rules. The Village is enforcing strictly the Operation Gotcha. The following               Issuance of Village ID
are the traffic rules being implemented by the Association along with the Barangay Ordinance                We have two ID Processing Centers. The Tango Office located at Alabang Town Center
promulgated by the Barangay Ayala Alabang:                                                         issues ID for construction workers while the AAVA office issues Village IDs for household
                                                                                                   helpers, drivers and residents.    The following are the types of IDs and corresponding
        Traffic Violations and Fines Imposed (Barangay Ordinance No. 93-01)
                                                                                                              Type of ID             Requirements                        Fee
                                                                                                                                                                 As of January 2007
                        Traffic Violations                           Fines                                   Construction    NBI Clearance, Drug Test by       P 100.00
         1. Speeding over the limit                                          P 500.00                        Workers ID      Lifeline Clinic, ID Application
               40 kph – minor roads                                                                                          Form        (with      seminar
               60 kph – major roads                                                                                          attendance)
         2. Non-wearing of helmet                                            P 500.00                        Household       NBI Clearance, Drug Test by       P 100.00
         3. Reckless driving                                                 P 500.00                        Helpers,        Lifeline Clinic, ID Application
         4. No driver’s license                                              P 500.00                        Drivers and     Form        (with      seminar
         5. Unregistered motor/vehicle                                       P 500.00                        workers         attendance)
         6. Disregarding traffic signs                                       P 200.00                        Relative ID     NBI Clearance, Drug Test by       P 100.00
         7. Obstruction                                                      P 200.00                                        Lifeline Clinic, ID Application
         8. Illegal parking                                                  P 200.00                                        Form        (with      seminar
         9. Driving while under the influence of liquor                      P 1000.00                                       attendance)
         and prohibited drugs                                                                                Resident /      Prior registration with Admin     None
         10. Hitch-hiking                                                    P 200.00                        Tenant ID       (Records Section)
         11. Arrogance/discourtesy                                           P 200.00                        Note:
         12. Smoke belching                                                  P 300.00                        Immediate

                                                                                                                     Fire Prevention Team
                                                                                                            Our village is equipped with three (3) fire trucks and trained personnel to respond in
                                                                                                   times of emergency. This is also complemented with roving patrol vehicles with fire extinguishers.
                                                                                                   Our security hotlines are available 24-hours to receive your calls in case of fire. Please call 842-
                                                                                                   1111, 842-2222, 842-4411, 842-3732.

                                           17                                                                                                   66
                                                                        Village Polices, Rules and Regulations
                                                          RULES GOVERNING THE USE OF AAVA SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL
                                              In order to ensure the proper use of the sports and recreational facilities, preserve the harmonious
                                              relationship among the residents during the conduct of activities.
                                              I.        GENERAL RULES:
                                              1.          All sports and recreational facilities are for the exclusive use of AAVA
                                                          members/residents, tenants and their immediate dependents only. Suspended and
                                                          delinquent residents are not allowed to avail of these facilities during the period of their

Part 4 - Community Services                   2.
                                                          AAVA shall not be held responsible for any untoward incident resulting to injuries or
                                                          eventual death that may occur to person or persons availing of the facilities.
        and Activities                        3.          In registration, residents and their dependents must present their Village Identification
                                                          Card to the AAVA person in charge before availing of the facilities. Registration by
                                                          phone or proxy is not acceptable.
                                              4.          The Sports and Facilities Coordinator and the Security Guards on duty are given
                                                          responsibilities of enforcing these rules and regulations without exceptions. In the
                                                          event of disagreement in the interpretation of these rules, their decision shall prevail
                                                          without prejudice. However, the member has the right to elevate the matter to the
                                                          Village Manager who shall settle the dispute in finality.
Security Safety and Health Management         5.          All members and guests must observe proper decorum and attire.
                                              6.          AAVA reserves the right to refuse any individual or group on the use of its facilities.
                                              7.          AAVA shall not be responsible for any valuables lost or damaged during the use of any
Community and External Relations                          of the facilities.
                                              8.          Fees will be charged to help defray maintenance expenses.
                                              9.          Alcoholic drinks, beverages or prohibited drugs are not allowed inside the facilities.
Management of the Ecology & Infrastructures               No firearms will be allowed inside the facilities.
                                              10.         Official events sponsored or sanctioned by AAVA shall take priority over
                                                                 members/residents in the use of all facilities.
Administration & Resources Management
                                              II.        SPECIFIC RULES

                                                   A.    COVERED COURTS
                                              1.    Covered court shall be opened from 6:00 am to 10:00pm, daily including holidays.
                                                              - For private functions like birthdays, baptismal, weddings, anniversaries and
                                                                   others, can be accommodated daily
                                                              - Association activities (e.g. bazaars, concerts, etc.) take the priority slots
                                                                   during Saturdays and Sundays.

                      65                                                                     18
2.   For private parties, AAVA shall charge a fee to help offset the cost of lighting, security
     and maintenance of facilities during the affair. The court shall be turned over after its use   3. The basis for invalidation of proxies shall be as follows:
     without any loss and/or damage. AAVA reserves the right to charge the user or the                             3.1   Signature different from specimen on file
     sponsoring member for any loss and/or damage and other incidental expenses to restore                         3.2   Not verified by any NOMELEC member
     the facilities and its equipment to its original condition.                                                   3.3   Proxy form not signed by member
3.   Reservations should be made by residents only and must be paid three (3) days before the                      3.4   Proxies accomplished by members not qualified to vote
     event.                                                                                                        3.5   Proxy form with correction that is not countersigned
                                                                                                                   3.6   Two proxies with the same date and time but with different designees
4.   Expenses such as setting-up, cleaning/clearing after use, additional
     security shall be at the expense of the resident.                                                X.      BALLOT
5.   The user must guarantee that the sound coming from the sound system (if                            1. Ballots shall state the names of the candidates for each respective district.
     any) will be limited to the party area. Care must be taken that the sound                          2. Ballots shall be released to validated proxy holders during the period from (Date
     will not disturb the nearest house to the park.                                                    specified).
                                                                                                        3. Deadline for casting of accomplished ballots by proxy holders shall be at 5:00 p.m. of
B.   PAVILION, PARKS AND PLAYGROUND                                                                     (Date specified).
     1. The pavilion, parks and playgrounds shall be opened from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm., daily             4. Should the original ballot be lost, a replacement ballot may be given provided there is a
        including holidays.                                                                             request in writing from the proxy. The replacement ballot shall be stamped “Duplicate” and
     2. All parks and playgrounds including pavilion are for the use of AAVA                            should be approved and signed by two (2) NOMELEC members.
        members/residents, tenants and their immediate dependents free of charge.                       X.     BALLOT BOXES
        However, for private functions or parties like birthdays, baptismal, weddings,
                                                                                                        1. AAVA shall provide one (1) ballot box for each district.
        anniversaries and others, AAVA shall charge a fee to offset the costs of electricity,
                                                                                                        2. The ballot boxes shall have two (2) separate locks, the keys of which shall be kept by
        security and the use of other parks and facilities for the duration of the affair.
                                                                                                        two (2) different NOMELEC members.
     3. For private parties, the pavilion, parks and playgrounds being used as venue shall be
                                                                                                        3    The ballot boxes shall be kept inside the Village Manager’s office, which must be closed
        turned over after its use without damages. AAVA reserves the right to charge the
                                                                                                        and locked during non-office hours.
        user or the sponsoring member for the damages and other incidental expenses to
        restore the facilities and its equipment to its original condition.                             XI.    CANVASSING AND COUNTING
     4. AAVA employees are strictly prohibited from offering their services for pay for any
        functions that are not sponsored nor sanctioned by AAVA.                                        1. The NOMELEC shall immediately canvass and count the ballots cast at the close of the
                                                                                                        election period, i.e., (Date and time specified).
C.   TENNIS COURTS                                                                                      2. The candidate with the highest number of votes in each district shall be declared elected.
     1.   Tennis Courts are for the exclusive use and enjoyment of members/residents and
          guests of members/residents.                                                                  XII.    PROCLAMATION
     2.   Operating hours of the tennis courts shall be daily from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Use of           1. The newly elected District Governors shall be proclaimed immediately upon completion of
          the courts for private affairs/tournaments shall require prior authorization by the           canvassing and counting by the NOMELEC.
          Village Manager or his representative.                                                        2.Any protest shall be entertained only after the proclamation.
     3.   The Tennis Court attendant will be in-charge of the operations including registrations        3.Recount of votes shall be allowed only for questioned invalidated votes.
          and court assignment based on a “first-come, first-served” basis, and enforcement of          4. In case of tie after the recount has been made, each shall serve for a term of six months.
          rules.                                                                                        The drawing of lots will be used to determine who shall serve for the first six months ending
     4.   Members/residents availing of the tennis court facilities must present and carry their        September 30. The other governor shall serve as Deputy District Governor during the said
          valid Village Identification Card. Guests should be accompanied at all times by the           period and vice versa.
          sponsoring member/resident. Availing of the tennis court facilities by guests are
          subject to fees and other related charges. Members/residents shall always have                XIII. SPECIAL ELECTION
          priority over the guests.                                                                     1. The NOMELEC shall have the power to call for a special election under the same foregoing
                                                                                                        rules and regulations.

                                          19                                                                                                     64
            1.   Any qualified candidate may withdraw without penalty, provided:
                           His/her withdrawal is in writing and stamped “RECEIVED” by the              5.    The sponsoring members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests and for any act
                    NOMELEC Secretariat at least Twelve (12) days prior to the date of the election;         inimical to the interest of AAVA and its members.
                    and,                                                                               6.    Use of the tennis courts shall be on a “first-come, first-served” basis and shall be on a per
                             He/She nominates a duly qualified substitute candidate.                         hour basis. Listing of players should be logged by the Court Attendant. Listing by proxy
            2.   In the event a lone candidate withdraws, the nomination will be opened to the               will not be allowed. Time slot allotment is non-assignable/non-transferable. Time of play
                             district.                                                                       shall be determined by the clock at the tennis court rest house. Players cannot be
                                                                                                             accommodated for the next hour unless there are no other players waiting. Reservation by
V.        QUALIFIED VOTER                                                                                    phone will not be entertained.
          1. Any member who is not delinquent in the payment of association dues as of every           7.    All persons availing of the tennis court must be in proper tennis attire. Shoes or any
28 day of February shall be entitled to vote for each lot owned.                                             footwear that may damage the court are strictly prohibited.
          2. Tenant or lessee cannot vote unless he/she submits a proxy duly executed in his/her       8.    “Time Limit” for the use of the courts on week-ends: 30 minutes for singles game and 1
favor by the member/lessor to AAVA office on or before 5:00 p.m. of (Date specified). For                    hour for double game.
corporations, the proxy must be supported by a duly notarized Board resolution or secretary’s          9.    No one is allowed to play singles everyday during this time: 6:00 am – 10:00 am.
certificate.                                                                                           10.   Players should come in time for their slot reservation otherwise, it shall be given to
                                                                                                             whoever player is available.
                                                                                                       D.      SWIMMING POOL
           1.    The campaign period shall be from (Date specified – at least 30 days).
                                                                                                       1.      The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of the AAVA members, residents, tenants
VII. PROXY                                                                                                     and their immediate dependents subject to fees and other charges like guest fees, lighting
1.       Members may vote for Governor by proxy, by accomplishing a Proxy Form, a copy of                      fees and private party’s fee.
which is hereby attached.                                                                              2.      Operating hours shall be from Wednesday to Mondays from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.
2.       Deadline for submission of all accomplished proxy forms at the AAVA office shall be           3.      During operating hours, the swimming pool will be manned by a licensed Lifeguard/Pool
5:00 p.m. of (Date specified). Thereafter, no proxies shall be accepted. The official NOMELEC                  Attendant. He shall be in-charge of the operations which includes registration and
wall clock at the AAVA office shall be the official basis of time.                                             monitoring of guests. Likewise, he is tasked to maintain the swimming pool and its
1.       Proxy without Designee will be stamped “NO DESIGNEE” upon receipt thereof by the                      facilities.
NOMELEC Secretariat at AAVA office and thereafter dropped in a sealed ballot box labeled               4.      Members and their spouses and dependents must register in person by presenting their
“NO DESIGNEE”. The “NO DESIGNEE” proxies shall not be used to vote for a candidate. The                        Village Identification Card to the attendant on duty. Reservation made by phone or by
Chairman of the meeting may use such proxies for quorum purposes and to vote on any measure,                   proxy will not be entertained.
motion or resolution and for adjournment, continuation or postponement.                                5.      Guest will only be allowed if they are accompanied by sponsoring member.
2.       New proxies and proxies superseding proxies on file with AAVA must conform to                 6.      A fee shall be charged for the use of locker or their belongings and other valuables. For
the official 2007 proxy form, a copy of which is hereby attached and made as an integral                       members: weekday – P10 per locker/day. Weekend – P20 per day/locker. Guest:
part to this rule.                                                                                             weekday – P20/locker/day. Weekend – P40/locker/day.
                                                                                                       7.      Only those with proper swimming attire like swimming trunks or bathing suits will be
                                                                                                               allowed in the pool. Children wearing diapers are not permitted in the pool.
VIII.      VALIDATION OF PROXIES                                                                       8.      Children under eight (8) years old are not allowed in the children’s swimming pool unless
                                                                                                               accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  1.    The validation of accomplished proxy forms shall be conducted by NOMELEC                       9.      All individuals who use the facilities are expected to comply with the sanitary and safety
  from (Date specified)                                                                                        regulations prescribed herein, as well as with all regulations that are posted on the
                                                                                                               bulletin board.
  2.        In case two or more proxies executed by the same member over the same property are         10.     Eating and drinking inside the pool area is strictly prohibited.
  submitted, the proxy of the latest date and time shall be the valid one. However, if these proxies   11.     Indiscriminate use of swimming pool facilities resulting in damage to the pool
  have the same date and time or are undated, they will be invalidated for voting but considered               equipment/facilities or violations of the rules and shall be penalized by paying of P1,
  valid as one proxy for quorum purposes only.                                                                 000.00.

                                                63                                                                                                 20
12.           Any water sports activity (e.g. Aqua activity, water hockey and swimming lessons, etc.)                                                    Governance
            should have a written request and approval by the Sports Committee.
                                                                                                                                AAVA ELECTION RULES & PROCEDURES
                                                                                                                                         (Revised as of 2005)
                                                                                                              I.   QUALIFIED CANDIDATE
     1.     The Basketball courts are for use of AAVA members/residents, tenants and their immediate
            dependents free of charge.                                                                        1. To qualify as a candidate and be elected as District Governor, any regular member must be:
     2.     The courts are opened from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily including holidays.
                                                                                                                    1.1    Actual owner and resident of the district for at least six months prior to his/her
     3.     The reservations of courts for all games, tournaments, practices and other events will
            strictly be on a “first-come, first-served” basis with minimum of four (4) playing dates per
                                                                                                                    1.2    Not delinquent in the payment of the Association dues; and,
            reservation except for AAVA approved tournaments. All requests for reservation of courts
                                                                                                                    1.3    Not in violation of the deed of restrictions in all of his/her properties in the village.
            should be obtained first from the office of the Village Manager or his authorized
     4.     Office events sponsored or sanctioned by AAVA shall be given priority over                        II. NOMINATION
            members/residents in the use of the courts.
                                                                                                                      1. Any member in good standing (dues not in arrears) may nominate a candidate for
     5.     A reservation is good for a maximum of two (2) hours. However, when no reservation is
                                                                                                                          Governor of his District during the nomination period up to (Date specified). All
            made for the succeeding hours at the same date, teams or groups on the court may be
                                                                                                                          nominees must possess the qualifications set forth in Article I above not only as of
            allowed to extend their allotted time.
                                                                                                                          the time of nomination but also at the time of election.
     6.     Players are required to use proper playing shoes and basketball attire when playing in the
                                                                                                                      2. Upon receipt of nomination, the NOMELEC shall determine if the nominee has all
                                                                                                                          the qualifications set forth in Article I above.
     7.     In the case of games played at night, the security guard on duty shall turn on the lights upon
                                                                                                                      3. If the nominee is qualified to run for office, the NOMELEC shall inform him/her of
            presentation of documents as proof of reservation from AAVA.
                                                                                                                          the nomination. The nominee shall inform the NOMELEC in writing if he/she
     8.     The security guard detailed in the area will be responsible for enforcing these rules and
                                                                                                                          accepts or declines the nomination on or before 5:00 p.m. of (Date specified).

                                                                                                              III. ACCEPTANCE
          1. The Volleyball (Multi-purpose) courts are for the exclusive use of AAVA
                                                                                                                      3.   The nominee shall submit his/her written confirmation of acceptance to the
             members/residents, tenants and their immediate dependents free of charge.
                                                                                                                           NOMELEC on or before 5:00 p.m. of (Date specified). If no confirmation is
          2. Operating hours for the Volleyball courts shall be from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily, including
                                                                                                                           received in writing by NOMELEC as of said deadline, the nominee shall be deemed
                                                                                                                           to have declined his/her nomination.
G.            CUENCA FIELD                                                                                            4.   The confirmation of acceptance must include the undertaking provided for under
                                                                                                                           Rule IV (2) below.
          1. The Cuenca field is for the exclusive use of AAVA members/residents, tenants and their
             immediate dependents free of charge.
          2. Operating hours will be from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily including holidays.
                                                                                                              IV. ABSENCE OF CANDIDATES FOR ANY DISTRICT
          3. A reservation is good for a maximum of two (2) hours. However, when no reservation is
             made for the succeeding hours on the same date, teams or groups in the field may be                      3.   In the absence of any candidate/s, the outgoing Governor may continue to serve on a
             allowed to extend the allotted time.                                                                          hold over capacity until his/her successor is elected and duly qualified. Should
          4. In the case of games played at night, the security guard on duty shall turn on the lights upon                he/she refuse to serve, the Board shall exercise its powers in accordance with the By-
             presentation of documents as proof of reservations by AAVA.                                                   Laws of the Association.
          5. All moving vehicles like cars, bicycles, motorbikes and food cart are not allowed to enter               4.   When the lone candidate of any district withdraws, a special election will be held and
             the field.                                                                                                    the cost of such special election shall be borne by the withdrawing candidate.
          6. No foreign objects like bamboo poles, electrical wires and other heavy structures or objects
             are allowed inside the field.
          7. Pets are prohibited inside the football field.

                                                   21                                                                                                      62
Committees to be merged                                                      a.   Use of the football field is on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Listing of players must be
                                                                                  logged by the security guard on duty. Listing by proxy must not be allowed. Time
      Finance Committee                          Audit                            slot allotment is not assignable or transferable.                      Players cannot be
      Bidding Committee                          Committee                        accommodated for next hour unless there are no players waiting. No reservation is
                                                                                  entertained by phone.
                                                                             b.   Football games will not be allowed during heavy rain.
      Maintenance Committee                                                  c.   Climbing of soccer goal in the football field is strictly prohibited, violators will be fined.
      Health Committee                           Risk Mgt.                   d.   The security guard detailed in this particular area is responsible for the implementation of
      Utilities Committee                        Committee                        the foregoing rules.
                                                                             H.        SAN JOSE GYM
      Transportation Committee                         Community Dev.
      Sports Committee                                 and Advocacies             1.    The court shall be opened Tuesdays to Saturdays and holidays from 6:00 am to 9:00
      Community Relations Committee                    Committee                        pm. It is closed during Mondays.
                                                                                  2.    The court shall be for the exclusive use of AAVA residents/residents, tenants and their
                                                                                        immediate dependents subject to fees to recover the cost of electricity, attendant and
                                                                                        maintenance of the court.
      Personnel Committee         Human Resource Committee
                                                                                  3.    Members/residents availing of the use of the court must present and carry their valid
                                                                                        Village Identification card. “NO ID, NO ENTRY/NO PLAY” policy shall be strictly
      Security Committee                                                                implemented.
      Waste Mgt. & Beautification Committee                    Outsourcing        4.    AAVA members/assignees/Lot owners and their spouses will have priority to use the
      P C M Committee                                          Committee                court over the dependents.
                                                                                             a. The use of the court during free time shall be on “first-come, first-served” basis
                                                                                                with a maximum of thirty (30) minutes. The court attendant must log the listing
                                                                                                of players.
                                                                                             b. The reservations of the court for all games, tournaments, practice games and
                              Community                                                         other events shall be strictly on a “first-come, first-served” basis. All requests
                                 And                                                            for the reservation of court shall be obtained from AAVA office during office
                              Committee                                                         hours and shall be paid in advance.
              Audit                                      Human                               c. Forward reservation of teams or groups is good for one (1) month with a
            Committee                                   Resource
                                                                                                maximum of two (2) hours a day to avoid monopoly of the court.
                                                                                             d. Players are required to use the proper playing shoes and basketball attire when
                                                                                                playing on the court. Leather shoes are not allowed.
                             BOARD OF
                            GOVERNORS                                                        e. The court attendant shall be the officer-in-charge and has the final say in the
                                                                                                enforcement of the rules and regulations including registrations on “first-come,
                                                                                                first-served” basis.
                                                                                             f. No smoking and littering inside the court.
               Risk                                                                          g. Children under eight (8) years old are not allowed inside the court unless
            Management                                  Outsourcing
             Committee                                  Committee                               accompanied by an adult.
                                                                                             h. No pets, skateboard, roller blades, roller skates and bicycle are allowed inside
                            MANAGER                                                             the gym.
                                                                                             i. AAVA will not be liable for any lost items and injuries or eventual death that
                                                                                                may occur to person or persons availing of the facilities.

                    FEES FOR THE USE OF AAVA SPORTS
                            AND OTHER FACILITIES
                                                                                      5. Utilities
                     SPORTS AND OTHER FACILITIES
                                                                                      6. Community Health
                                                                                      7. Beautification
                                                                                      8. Waste Management
                                 Day Time
                                                          Free                        9. Bidding
                    RESIDENT                                                          10. Personnel
                                 Night Time               P60.00/Hour/Court
COURT                                          9:00PM)                                11. Transportation
                                 Weekdays                 P100.00/Hour/Court
(6AM-9PM)                                      9:00PM)
                    GUEST                                                      Councils
                                 Weekends                 P200.00/Hour/Court
                                                                                      1.     Past Presidents
                                                                                      2.     Peace and Order
                                 Weekdays                 P50.00/Head
                    RESIDENT                                                          3.     Disaster Management / Red Cross
                                 Weekends      (9:00AM-   P70.00/Head

                                 Weekdays      5:00PM)    P150.00/Head
                                                                                      Like the reorganization of the AAVA Office operation, the 13 Committees were
SWIMMING                         Weekends                 P200.00/Head                likewise reorganized into 5 Committees, whose functions will take effect April
                    LOCKER RENTAL                                                     2008.

(9AM-5PM)                        Weekdays                 P10.00/Locker/Day    Committees to be kept independent
                                 Weekends      (9:00AM-   P20.00/Locker/Day     1.  NOMELEC
                                 Weekdays      5:00PM)    P20.00/Locker/Day
                    GUEST                                                           Treasurer
                                 Weekends                 P40.00/Locker/Day

                                 Walk-in                  Free
OPEN                                           9:00PM)
                                 Reservation              P150.00/Hour
BASKETBALL                                     9:00PM)

COURTS                                         (6:00AM-
                    GUEST        Reservation              P200.00/Hour

                                 Walk-in                  Free
COVERED                                        9:00PM)
                                 Reservation              P150.00/Hour
BASKETBALL                                     9:00PM)

COURTS                                         (6:00AM-
                    GUEST        Reservation              P200.00/Hour
Concrete Flooring                                         P5,000.00/day
(6AM-9PM)                                                 (with cash bond of
                    PARTIES                               P10,000
                                 & Guests                 refundable)

                                                                                                                       Walk-in w/ AAVA ID               Free
                                                                                                        RESIDENT       Walk-in w/o AAVA ID              P100.00/Head/Hour
                                                                                                                       Reservation                      P800.00/Hour
                                                                                      COVERED                                                10:00PM)

                                                                                      BASKETBALL                                             (7:00AM-
                                                                                                        GUEST          Reservation                      P800.00/Hour

                                                                                      (District-2 &     BADMINTON
                                                                                                                       Walk-in w/ AAVA ID               Free
                                                                                      San Jose)                                              7:00PM)
                                                                                                                       Walk-in w/o AAVA ID              P100.00/Hour/Head
                                                                                      Wooden Flooring                                        7:00PM)
                                                                                      (7AM-10PM)                                             7:00PM)
                                                                                                                                             10:00PM)   P150.00/Hour/Head

                                                                                                        GUEST          Reservation                      P200.00/Hour/Head

                                                                                                                       Walk-in                          Free
        2.      Contracted Personnel                                                                                                         (6:00AM-
                                                                                                        RESIDENT                                        P300.00/Hour
                                                                                      CUENCA                                                 6:00PM)
                        -         Security Force                                                                                             (6:00PM-
                                                                                      FOOTBALL                                               10:00PM)
                -       Ground Maintenance                                                                                                   (6:00AM-
                -       Utility / Janitors / Drivers / Office Aides                                                                                     P300.00/Hour
                                                                                      FIELD                                                  6:00PM)
                                                                                                        GUEST          Reservation
                -       Street Sweepers / Grass Cutting                                                                                      (6:00PM-
        3.      Service Providers
                -       Internal Auditor                                              PARKS &                                                           P5,000.00/day
                -       External Auditor                                                                               Residents
                                                                                      Playgrounds                                            (6:00AM-   (with cash bond of P10,000
                                                                                                                                             9:00PM)    refundable)
        The Standing committees and councils                                                                           & Guests

  The committees and councils are allied groups created by the Board and with
collaboration with entities to support the Association pursuing the most beneficial   District 2                       Residents             (6:00AM-
                                                                                                        Parties etc.                                    P150.00/Hour
endeavors for the present and future members of the village.                                                           & Guests              9:00PM)
        The committees formed by the Association are the following:
                1.      Security, Traffic and Peace and Order
                2.      Maintenance
                3.      Finance
                4.      Community Relations

                                         59                                                                                        24
                            Village Polices, Rules and Regulations                                                                          Governance

                VARIOUS PERMITS, CLEARANCES AND FORMS                                                                   BASIC ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

                                                                                               The Board of Directors (Governors)
  Transaction Description           Trans.     Documentation             Servicing
                                    Code #                               Department                     The Association is being governed by the Board of Directors elected by the members
Moving in of occupants (new         TC001      Gate Pass for Move-In     Administration
                                                                                               during the Annual General
Moving out of occupants             TC002      Gate Pass for Move-Out    Administration        Membership meeting every year. The Board is being mandated to set the direction of the village
(residents/tenants)                                                                            and make policies of the village’s operation. There are seven (7) governors elected respectively
Movement/Transfer           of      TC002      Gate Pass for Transfer    Administration        by their districts wherein they elected from among themselves, the officers, namely: President,
furniture, appliances, etc.                                                                    Vice President and Treasurer.
Conducting garage sale by a         TC003      Garage Sale Permit        Administration
resident/tenant                                                                                The Operations (Organic Staff and Contracted Personnel)
Film, TV and Photo shoots by        TC004      Film/Photo Shooting       Administration
advertising/film/                              Permit                                                   Implementing and doing the day-to-day operations of the village, the Operations is
TV outfit                                                                                      comprised of organic staff (regular employees) hired by the Association. The Village Manager is
Vehicle Sticker                     TC005      Vehicle Sticker           Admin / Finance /     the Chief Operating Officer manages all facets of the operations. He is being supported by
Association’s endorsement for       TC006      Endorsement to            Administration /      Managers in handling the security, traffic, peace and order, logistic, maintenance, engineering,
Barangay Clearance                             Barangay                  Finance           /   community affairs and relations, finance and administrative functions along with the organic staff
to applicants for Business                                               Architectural         and contracted personnel.
Permit and Construction
permit                                                                                                                  Composition of Operations
Association’s endorsement for       TC007      Certificate of            Security / Admin /
Barangay Residency                             Endorsement               VM                                 1. Departments
Use of sports facilities /          TC008      Permit to Use             Community                                        -        Administration
recreational centers                           AAVA Facilities           Relations                                        -        Architectural
Placing an advertisement in         TC009      Ads Placement             Community                                        -        Community Relations
AAVA News                                      Application Form          Relations                                        -        Finance
Applying for booth in AAVA          TC010      Booth Contract            Community
Organized Bazaar                                                         Relations
                                                                                                                          -        Maintenance and Infrastructure
Applying for booth in AAVA          TC011      Booth Contract            Community                                        -        Security
Saturday Market                                                          Relations
Requesting for Certification        TC012      Certification             Finance
                                                                                                         The AAVA Office management and staff was reorganized with the end in view of
for Clearance for                                                                              improving the delivery of services, at least cost and leaner personnel without sacrificing the
Association Dues                                                                               quality of service.
Payment of Association Dues /       TC013      Bill / Official Receipt   Finance                         The reorganization was planned in early 2007 and was launched in October of the same
Billing Request
                                                                                               year when the Implementor – Trainer was hired to implement it and train the management and
Constructing       or   house       TC014      Construction Permit       Architectural
renovation                                                                                     staff to adapt to the new system. It was also in October when the seven (7) personnel who opted
Refund of Construction Bond         TC015      Check payment             Architectural /       to join the redundancy program in line with the reorganization left AAVA, bringing down the
                                                                         Finance               organic staff from 45 to 27. The reduction of personnel, more outsourcing of some services,
Securing Village ID           for   TC016      ID                        Security (Head        multi-tasking and automation of some operations were planned or started.
residents                                                                Office) / Finance
Securing Village ID           for   TC017      ID                        Security (Head
                                                                                                         The structure of the reorganization does not follow the conventional vertical or horizontal
household helpers,                                                       Office) / Finance     line or flow of authority. Instead top Management is supported by a cluster of sub-managements
 drivers, gardeners, etc.                                                                      composed of staff and personnel performing multi-tasking, as shown in the following diagrams,
Security Village ID           for   TC018      ID                        Architectural /
construction workers                                                     Security (ATC
                                                                         Tango Office) /
Toll fees payment                   TC019      Official Receipt          Finance

                                                                                                           Processing Procedures / Guidelines

                                                                                                                   TC001 – Moving In of Occupants (New residents/tenants)
1.     To improve, light, provide for, beautify, equip, operate, supervise, and maintain streets, parks,
       playgrounds, and recreational areas for public use or for the general use of the owners and         Our Counter Clerk of the Administration Department is in-charge of the issuance of both the
       lessees in the area;                                                                                Move-In and Move-Out permits. The following are the guidelines:

2.     To sweep, clean, and maintain the streets; collect and dispose of street sweepings, garbage,                                  1.       The resident or tenant should accomplish and submit the required
       rubbish, and the like and to construct and maintain such public utilities of services as may be                                        documentations      as     stated     in    the   guidelines     for
       necessary in the premises of the area;                                                                                                 members/residents/tenants registration (Please refer to page 11
                                                                                                                                              for the details).
3.     To enforce the covenants, restrictions, reservations, servitudes, easements, liens, and charges                               2.       The applicant should accomplish the Gate Pass for Moving-In
       which exist or may hereafter be imposed for the benefit of the property of the area over which                                         Form affixed by with signature of the duly authorized owner of
       the Association has jurisdiction; to pay all expenses incidental thereto; to enforce the                                               the property.
       decisions and rulings of the Associations over any of said property; to pay all of the expenses                               3.       The applicant is also advised after registering with the
       in connection therewith;                                                                                                               Association, to secure for his/her village ID and vehicle stickers.
                                                                                                                                     4.       Toll fee is charged at the gate for moving in and out when using
4.     To collect the charges affecting said property that may belevied by the Association; to pay all                                        20-footer and longer container vans. Please refer to TC019 for
       expenses in connection with the organization, and all office and other expenses incident to the                                        the schedule.
       conduct of the activities of the Association;                                                       TC002 – Moving Out of Occupants (Residents/Tenants)

5.     To own and dispose of such real or personal property as may be required, necessary or                   To effectively protect the interest of the Association and the registered lot owners, the
       incidental to the purposes of the Association;                                                          following are the guidelines in allowing moving out of residents/tenants:

6.     To enjoy such other powers as are requisite and necessary or incidental to those herein before                           1.        A duly accomplished Gate Pass for Moving Out must be filed during
       mentioned.                                                                                                                         office hours at least 24 hours before any owner / tenant decides to
                                                                                                                                          move-out. The same shall be done at least one day, prior to week-end
     THIRD: That the place where the principal office of the Corporation is to be established or                                          or holiday movement.
     located at Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines.                                                                          2.        No move out of furniture, appliances or materials will be allowed
                                                                                                                                          unless written approval of the owner or his/her authorized
     FOURTH: That the term for which this Corporation is to exist is for FIFTY (50) years from                                            representative is presented to the Office using the same form (Gate
     and after the date of its incorporation.                                                                                             Pass for Moving Out). The gate pass issued by the resident must be
                                                                                                                                          presented to the owner for proper verification and affixed its stamp
     FIFTH: XXX                                                                                                                           marking with “Clearance” on the official form of the Association.
                                                                                                                                3.        The Gate pass will be issued upon securing the clearances from the
     SIXTH: That the number of Directors who will be known as Governor of said Corporation                                                following:
     shall be SEVEN (7) and that the names and residences of the Directors or Governors of the
     Corporation who are to serve until their successors are elected and qualified as provided by the                                        -        Full payment or settlement of Association Dues
     By-Laws. (As amended on May 1, 1998.)                                                                                                            (Finance)
                                                                                                                                             -        Surrender or turn – over of Village ID (Security)
     SEVENTH: That theses articles can only be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds                                                 -        Surrender of books borrowed from the Community
     (2/3) of its membership. (As Amended on May 1, 1988.) XXX                                                                                        Library (Community Relations)
                                                                                                                                             -        Clearance from Barangay Office

                                                                                                                               4.          No move-out will be allowed after 9:00 PM except with prior
                                                                                                                                           arrangement and approval from AAVA office was secured.

                                                57                                                                                                        26
TC002 – Movement/Transfer of Furniture/appliances etc, within the village                                                                             Governance
Transfer or movement of household materials, furniture or appliance within the village must have                                    AYALA ALABANG VILLAGE ASSOCIATION
a written authorization from the registered owner using the same form as described in TC002.                                           (ARTICLE OF INCORPORATION)
This clearance for movement / transfer is not intended for the actual moving-out of the occupant
                                                                                                                                      KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS:
from the village. The Association will monitor such activity and verify with the property owner in
case of moving occupant is a tenant. This type of transaction waives securing clearance from                That we, of legal age, all of whom are residents of the Philippines, have thus voluntarily
Security, Library and the Barangay.                                                                         associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a non-stock, non-profit corporation under
                                                                                                            the laws of the Philippines.
TC003 – Conducting a Garage Sale (Resident/Tenant)
                                                                                                                                              AND WE HEREBY CERTIFY:
A Garage Sale permit is given to tenants and residents for the sole purpose of disposing of used
household items such as old clothes, furniture, appliances and other personal effects. The                  FIRST: That the name of said Corporation shall be “AYALA ALABANG VILLAGE
following are the guidelines:                                                                               ASSOCIATION, INC.” (As amended on April 28, 1985)
        1.   Garage sales are limited to a maximum of two engagements per year (2 to 3                      SECOND: That the purpose of purposes for which such Corporation is formed are: To promote
             consecutives days per engagement).                                                             and advance the best interest, general welfare, prosperity, and safeguard the well-being of the
        2.   No permit will be issued to an applicant using other location or address other than            owners, lessees, and occupants of the property in the Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa, Metro
             his/her own residence.                                                                         Manila, which comprises the following area: “ A parcel of land, Ayala Alabang Village, being a
        3.   An applicant should accomplish an application form for Garage Sale Permit at least             consolidation of PHASES 1,2,-A. 2-B, 3-A-1,3-A-2, 3-B-2, 3-B-3, 4,5,6,7, 8-A, 8-B, 8-C, 9, 10-A,
             one day before the sale date and submit the said form to AAVA office during office             10-B, 10-C, 10-D, 11-A, 11-B, AEHP-P-1, AEHP-P-2, Ayala Alabang Golf & Country Club,
             hours.                                                                                         situated in the Municipality of Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. Bounded on the North, along points 2-
        4.   Prior to the issuance of the permit, the Roving Guard assigned shall conduct an                8, by Ayala Alabang Commercial Center; points 8-27 by Commerce Avenue of the Ayala Alabang
             actual ocular inspection of the garage sale to check the items and compliance of the           Village; on the East along points 27-42, by lots 392 Muntinlupa Estate; along points 42-48, by lot
             applicant to the following conditions:                                                         1487-L-21B, (LRC) Psd 264600; along points 48-49 by lot 1487-A-3-A, Psd 111215; along points
                                                                                                            62-84 by creek; along points 84-88, by lot 388-B-3 (LRC) Psd 128741; along points 88-90, by lot-
     Items not allowed for garage sale:
                                                                                                            388-A-FLS-18 (FLR-295-D); along points 90-91 by lot 386 Muntinlupa Estate; on the West along
              - Export over runs (commercial quantity)
                                                                                                            91-102-1-2 by Estate of Lorenzo Mayuga. Beginning at point marked “1” on plan being S. 78
              - Antiques (commercial quantity)
                                                                                                            deg. 28`W., 1,308.26 m. from Mon. #33 Muntinlupa Estate; thence xxxxxx beginning containing
              - Brand new items (apparels, gadgets, appliances and etc.)
                                                                                                            an area of SIX MILLION ONE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED SEVEN
              - Food and farm produce
                                                                                                            (6,130,707) SQUARE METERS, more or less, “and such additional or contiguous area which in
     Display of items is within the premises of the residence. Display should not extend along the
                                                                                                            the future may apply for an accepted by the governing body of this Association, as members
                                                                                                            thereof or as included in its jurisdiction.
     Putting up of streamer. Only “cartolina” size announcement should be attached to the garage
of the applicant’s residence. No distribution of leaflets or posting of bills at other places.              In addition to the above, the Association is also organized subject to existing laws:
        5.   We encourage the resident to place an advertisement for their garage sale at least one         7. To adopt such measures as may be necessary for the protection and safeguard of the members
             week before the date of sale with the AAVA News.                                               of the Association and their property, consistent with law;
        6.   For appliances or bulk items sold to a buyer, the resident must issue a gate pass        8.         To make and adopt such rules and regulations concerning the use, enjoyment, and occupancy
             and/or coordinate with the Association for release at the gates.                               of all property in the area;
                                                                                                      9.        To levy fee and charges that may be required or necessary for the maintenance of the
        TC004 – Film, TV and Photo shoots by advertising/film/TV outfit                                     Association and its activities;
        The film/photo shoots for commercial purposes are covered by village rules and                10.        To supervise and provide for all needful rules and regulations concerning the construction of
        regulation in order to ensure public order, safety and source of fund to maintain the               building and improvements in the area;
        village.                                                                                      11.       To erect, construct, improve, equip, operate, supervise, and maintain ornamental and
                                                                                                            functional structures in the area.

                                 I. A.    Type of Shoot

                                     Type of Shoot               Duration                   Purpose
                                    Photo               Not more than one day       Commercial
                                    Photo               Not more than one day       News / Magazine Feature
                                    TV                  Not more than 6 hours       News Feature
                                    TV                  One day engagement          Commercial / Advertising
                                    TV                  Not more than one day       Local Production / TV
                                                        engagement                  segment – live broadcast
      Part 3 - Governance           TV                  Not more than one day
                                                                                    News – live broadcast

                                    TV                  Series of shooting days,    Telenovela
                                                        multiple location
Articles of Incorporation           Film                One day engagement          Movie
                                    Film / Digital      Not more than one day       School projects, community
                                                                                    sponsored project
Basic Organizational Structure
                                 I. B. Qualifications
Organizational Chart                 1.       Non-profit organization (schools, cause oriented groups, & church)
                                     2.        Commercial (Advertising, broadcast & film outfit).

Election Rules                   I. C. Requirements

                                     1.         Residents allowing his/her property for the shoot should be guided by the

                                                The activity will be stopped if it is cumbersome and / or causes annoyance to
                                            nearby residents.
                                                The resident should not be delinquent in the payment of Association dues.

                                     2.         Only registered owner is allowed to use his/her property for the shoot.
                                     3.         Only authorized company representative shall be entertained by the Association.
                                              Company ID and/or Letter of Authorization using the official logo must be
                                              presented by the representative.
                                     4.         The revised form will require the resident/owner to sign in the permit and will
                                              be furnished with the copy of the permit for guidance. AAVA office shall transmit
                                              the permit to the resident at least one day prior to the shoot.

                     55                                                    28
II.A. Location approval from the concerned                                                                III – MINOR RENOVATION/ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION: (3-month period
1.         Location Identification
                                                                                                          Trellis, Service Area, Fence 2 sides, Swimming pool/SPA/Pond, Additional
 Classification                 Location                      Remarks                                     structure/extension less than 20.00 sq.m. floor area; Renovation of only a part/portion of the
Common area            Streets                        Secure approval from                                house.
                       Note: No house will be         Admin. Non-chargeable
                                                                                                          FOR OWNER:
                       used as background in the      but subject to traffic
                       shoot without securing         rules and regulation.                               A. Construction Bond (Refundable if without violation of the Deed of Restrictions) - P
                       approval       from      the                                                       100,000.00
                       residents.                                                                         B. Processing Fee (Non-refundable)        -   P 1,000.00
AAVA facilities        Sports facilities and parks    Secure approval from
and parks                                             Community        Relations                          FOR CONTRACTOR:
                                                      Dept/Maintenance.                                   A. Construction Debris Deposit P 2,000.00 – Deposit for hauling of construction debris
                                                      Subject to availability of                          B. Construction/Security Deposit 5,000.00 - Deposit for Construction & Security Fines & Penalties
                                                      the      location      and                          C. Construction/Security Fee     3,000.00 - Construction Fee for 3 months (Non-refundable)
                                                      corresponding rental fee                                                                               (Add’l P 1,000.00/mo. deduction in excess of 3 mos.)
                                                      is applied.                                         D. Contractor’s Bond                 20,000.00 - Refundable if without violation of the Deed of
Residential            Within the perimeter of        Written approval of the                                    Total                        P 30,000.00                                    Restrictions)
                       the subject house.             resident. Subject to rules                          IV – MINOR REPAIR WORKS; REPAINTING; LANDSCAPING; etc.                                          (2 months
                                                      and regulation on traffic,                          maximum)
                                                      noise, and cleanliness.
                                                                                                          FOR OWNER:
II. B.     Clearance from Association Dues
                                                                                                          A. Construction Bond (Refundable if without violation of the Deed of Restrictions)              -         P
     The Association shall not issue a permit if the property being used for the shoot is delinquent in   10,000.00
     the payment of the Association Dues.           Applicant-company should clear first with the
     Association on the said requirement.                                                                 FOR CONTRACTOR:
                                                                                                          A. Construction Debris Deposit       P 1,500.00 – Deposit for hauling of construction debris
II. C  Verifying the time, equipment, vehicles and number of people.                   Assessment of      B. Construction/Security Fee             500.00 - Construction Fee for 2 months (Non-refundable)
payments                                                                                                                                                      (Add’l P 1,000.00/mo. deduction in excess of 2 mos.)
                                                                                                          C. Contractor’s Bond                   3,000.00 - Refundable if without violation of the Deed of
1.         Allowable time for the shoot is from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. The time is inclusive of ingress             Total                         P 5,000.00                                     Restrictions)
           and egress activity of the production crew/equipment and should not exceed 10:00pm.
           Extension of time may only be allowed but subject to the following conditions:                 Notes:
           -      Prior approval as specified/written on the permit (with corresponding charges
                  applied)                                                                                Construction debris Deposit – Rates for hauling of construction debris is subject to change without prior
           -      Indoor shoot and limited number of personnel / vehicles                                 notice.
           -      Maximum shooting time is 12:00 midnight
                                                                                                          Construction Bond applied is subject for evaluation of the PCM inspector upon site inspection.
2.         News feature on a live broadcast mode shall have the prior approval of the President as
           recommended by the Village Manager. This is to protect the interest of the residents on        Bond not refunded within two (2) years after the completion of the construction/ renovation/repair wor
           issues that may affect the community.                                                          guaranteed by the said bond shall be forfeited for and in favor of AAVA.
3.         The applicant must specify in the permit the following:
           -      number of vehicles and type
           -      utility/service truck
           -      generator set
           -      Offsite Broadcast (OB) Van

                                                 29                                                                                                     54
TO       : ALL HOMEOWNERS/LOT OWNERS/BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS                                                     The applicant is reminded that generator set and OB Van are charged per equipment. Please refer
                                                                                                                to Section III - A for the schedule of payment
         During the Board Meeting on February 23, 2006, the Board of Governors has approved
the Board Resolution No. B2006-02-06, new rates of construction and contractor’s bonds, which
took effect on April 10, 2006.
                                                                                                                           III. A. Schedule of Payment
I – NEW CONSTRUCTION: (10-month period renewable)                                                                   Type of             Purpose                Classification                Fees
FOR OWNER:                                                                                                         Photo         Commercial                Advertising/Production     P20,000.00     per
A. Construction Bond (Refundable if without violation of the Deed of Restrictions)                                                                         Company                    shooting day
                                P 400,000.00 - Floor area below 501 sq.m.                                          Photo         News Feature /            Newspaper/Publishing/      P5,000.00      per
                                P 600,000.00 - Floor area 501-750 sq.m.                                                          Magazine Feature          Advertising/ Broadcast     shooting day
                                P 800,000.00 - Floor area 751-1,000 sq.m.                                                                                  company
                                P 800,000.00 plus P 1,000.00/sq.m. in excess of 1,000 sq.m.
                                  floor area                                                                       TV            Local Production /        Broadcast company          P25,000.00      per
                                                                                                                                 Telenovela                                           shooting day
B. Processing Fee (Non-refundable)
  20” x 30” Plans        -       P 3,000.00                                                                        TV            News Feature /            Broadcast company          P5,000.00 but not
  30” x 40” Plans        -       P 4,000.00                                                                                      Local Show (NO                                       more than 6 hours
                                                                                                                                 OB van)
FOR CONTRACTOR:                                                                                                    TV            Live       Coverage       Broadcast company          P5,000.00per
A. Construction Debris Deposit P 30,000.00 – Deposit for hauling of construction debris                                          (with      OB      Van,                              engagement but not
                                                                                                                                 additional charge)
B. Construction/Security Deposit 40,000.00 - Deposit for Construction & Security Fines & Penalties                                                                                    more than 6 hours
C. Construction/Security Fee     30,000.00 - Construction Fee for 10 months (Non-refundable)                       Film/Video    Commercial                Advertising/Production     P25,000.00      per
                                                      (Add’l P 3,000.00/mo. deduction in excess of 10 mos.)                                                Company                    shooting day
100,000.00 - Refundable if without violation of the Deed of                                                        Film/Video    Full length movie         Local         Production   P25,000.00      per
P200,00.00                                Restrictions)                                                                          production                company                    shooting day

II – MAJ                                                                                                                         Additional Charge                                       Fee
OR RENOVATION/ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION: (6-month period renewable)                                                  Entrance fee for the use of Generator set                    P     2,000.00    per
    Fence 3 or more sides, additional structure/extension exceeding 20.00 sq.m. floor area;                        (silent type with trailer)                                   unit/engagement
Renovation of the entire house (interior or exterior).
                                                                                                                   Entrance fee for the use of Offsite Broadcast                P     2,000.00    per
FOR OWNER:                                                                                                         (OB) Van                                                     unit/engagement
A. Construction Bond (Refundable if without violation of the Deed of Restrictions)                          -      Extension beyond 8:00 pm up to 12:00                         P 2,000.00 per hour
P 250,000.00                                                                                                       midnight (Subject to clearance and approval of
B. Processing Fee (Non-refundable)        -    P 3,000.00                                                          AAVA and affected neighbors)
                                                                                                                   Note: The permit issued and paid is good for 6:00 am
FOR CONTRACTOR:                                                                                                    to 8:00 pm only whether the ingress / egress and or
A. Construction Debris Deposit P 12,000.00 – Deposit for hauling of construction debris                            activity time is moved, no refund on payment and or
B. Construction/Security Deposit  9,000.00 - Deposit for Construction & Security Fines & Penalties                 time will be accommodated. (e.g. The ingress started
C. Construction/Security Fee      9,000.00 - Construction Fee for 6 months (Non-refundable)                        at 11:00 am, the activity must end at 8:00 pm,
                                                     (Add’l P 1,500.00/mo. deduction in excess of 6 mos.)          extending beyond the limit will mean an additional
D. Contractor’s Bond                    50,000.00 - Refundable if without violation of the Deed of                 payment but still subject to prior approval of the
         Total                        P 80,000.00                          Restrictions)                           Association.)

                                               53                                                                                                              30
III. B. Payment of Bond / Payment Mode
1.        Payment of Bond                                                                        NOTE: Diagrams of set backs for all Phases are obtainable from the Architectural
                                                                                                       Section of AAVA office, or call 805-5859
     The following are the applicable bond which is refundable upon
     completion of the activity:
                                                                                                 FINES AND PENALTIES
                    Type of Shoot                    Bond
      Live Coverage                               P 5,000.00
                                                                                                          VIOLATION                          FINES                          PENALTIES
      Photo Shoot Commercial                      P 15,000.00
      TV/Film/Commercial                          P 15,000.00   Stockpiling on st                  reets and sidewalks                      1st offense – P 300.00         Confiscate const. foreman’s I.D.
                                                                                                   and common property without permit       2nd offense -   600.00         Confiscate const. foreman’s I.D.
      News Feature / Local Show Feature           P 5,000.00                                                                                3rd offense - 1,000.00         Stop const, Ban entry.

                                                                                                   Stockpiling on vacant lot without       1st offense – P5,000.00        Confiscate hauler/worker’s I.D.
2.        Payment Mode                                                                             owner’s consent & AAVA consent          2nd offense - 7,000.00         Confiscate hauler/worker’s I.D.
                                                                                                                                           3rd offense - 10,000.00        Confiscate I.D. Ban Entry.
     The Association accepts payments of bond in cash or in the form of Manager’s or
     Cashier’s check. Payment in other mode such as company check may only be applied for          Clogging sewer/drainage utility lines   1st offense – P2,000.00        Confiscate worker’s I.D.
     reputable companies and regular clients of the Association on a case to case basis and/or     due to stockpiled const. material       2nd offense - 3,000.00         Confiscate worker’s I.D.
     subject to prior approval of the Village Manager with the endorsement of the Finance                                                                 3rd offense - 5,000.00        Confiscate I.D. Ban Entry.
                                                                                                   Overtime work conducted without         1st offense – P1,000.00      Confiscate worker’s I.D. one week ban
                                                                                                   permit (to be deducted from the         2nd offense - 2,000.00      Confiscate worker’s I.D. one week ban
III. C. Barangay and Security Clearance                                                            owner’s contractor’s bond)              3rd offense – 3,000.00       Confiscate I.D. Ban Entry

     1.   Barangay Clearance                                                                      Permits (to be deducted from the         2nd offense - 2,000.00        Confiscate workers’ I.D. one week ban
                                                                                                  Owner’s contractor’s bond)               3rd offense- 3,000.00           Confiscate I.D. Ban Entry.
     The applicant after payment of shooting fee and placement of cash bond must secure
     barangay permit for the said shoot.                                                           Canteen operating with expired          1st offense P300.00/head        Confiscate I.D. one week ban to operate
                                                                                                   or no permit                            2nd offense –600.00/head       Confiscate I.D. ban to operate canteen
     2.   Security Clearance
     Before issuance of the permit, the applicant must coordinate and secure clearance from        Unauthorized use of I.D. (False Identity) 1st offense- P 500.00
                                                                                                   Disregard of curfew hours (8PM to 6aM) 2nd offense- 1,000.00
     the Security Department.                                                                      Illegal gambling/indulging in intoxicating 3rd offense- 1,500.00       Confiscation AAVA I.D. Ban Entry
                                                                                                   liquor/ Illegal Entry/exit/Indecent exposure
III. D. Issuance of Permit                                                                         Unauthorized stay-in (max.2                1st offense- P500.00         Ban entry
                                                                                                   Stay-in workers/site)
     The original copy of the form will be forwarded to the Village Manager’s office for his
     final approval. Once the permit is approved, the Admin Staff shall photocopy 4 copies         Loitering                                  1st offense – P 500.00       One week ban
                                                                                                                                              2nd offense - 1,000.00           Ban entry
     which shall be distributed as follows:
                                                                                                   *Non-wearing of AAVA I.D.                 P100.00 upon redemption of AAVA I.D.
             Orignal Copy      -        Admin File
             Duplicate         -        Applicant                                                  Note: Non-wearing of AAVA I.D. includes Services people (Gardener, Swimming Pool, Maintenance &
             Triplicate        -        Owner/Resident                                             Service Maintenance)
             Quadruplicate      -       Security

     The triplicate copy will be forwarded by the Association to the resident at least one day
     prior to the shoot. The copy of the permit will help guide the residents on the terms and
     conditions relative to film/video/photo shooting activities.

                                        31                                                                                                          52
P – 6A – 6B, 10A – 10D           5.00 meters    2.00 meters   2.00 meters
and 12
                                                                                          IV. A. Activity Report
P – 11B – 11D                    5.00 meters    3.00 meters   3.00 meters   1.50 meters   The Security personnel who will be assigned in securing order, traffic, and cleanliness surrounding
                                                                                          the location of the shoot must record the following:
                                                                                              1.   Number of personnel
HI & H2 (DISTRICT 2)                                                                          2.   Number of vehicles
                                                                                              3.   Number of equipment
                                                                                              4.   Time of Ingress / Egress
For Single Detached Units        2.00 meters    2.00 meters   1.00 meter    1.00 meter        5.   Hourly activity or assessment
Building may be flushed                                                                       6.   Untoward incident
line at one side provide,
with firewall                                                                             The Activity Report must be signed by the authorized owner of the residence, the Security
                                                                                          personnel on duty, the applicant and duly noted by AAVA’s Security Coordinator / Department
For Single Detached Units        2.00 meters    2.00 meters   1.00 meter    1.00 meter
                                                                                          The original copy of the Security Activity Report must be forwarded to Admin Department for its
in corner Lots Building
                                                                                          file and photocopy of which will be attached in the application for refund of bond by the
may be flushed to properly
line at one side provided,
with firewall but not on the                                                              IV. B. Clearance from the Owner / Security
side adjoining a street, alley
                                                                                          After the shoot, the applicant must secure the signature of both the owner and security officer on
or parking lot.
                                                                                          his copy of permit. The said clearance given by both the owner and security officer is required in
                                                                                          applying for the release of their cash bond.
For Duplex Units                 2.00 meters    2.00 meters   1.00 meter    1.00 meter    V. Request for Bond Release and Processing
                                                                                          After the shoot or series of shoots (telenovela), the applicant may request for the release of the
                                                                                          bond placed in AAVA. The following are the guidelines to be followed:
For Row Houses /                 2.00 meters    With          1.00 meter
Apartment Interior Units                        6.00sqm                                       1.   The applicant must submit to Admin Department the following documents:
                                                open                                          -    Copy of Permit with signature of clearance from owner and security
                                                courtyard                                     -    Original copy of Official Receipt issued by AAVA cashier. In case of lost, the applicant
                                                (rear yard                                         must secure an affidavit of Lost and a request letter for refund of the company using the
                                                area)                                              company letterhead.
                                                                                              2.   The Admin Staff shall attach photocopy of the Security Activity Report forwarded by the
For Row Houses /                 2.00 metes     2.00 meters   1.00 meter    1.00 meter             Security Department. He shall prepare request for payment and secure the signature of
Apartment End Units a                           (side) and                  (side)                 Admin Head.
Quadruplex Units                                w/ 6.00sqm                                    3.   The request for check preparation will be forwarded to the Finance Department.
                                                open                                          4.   The Association will issue a crossed check payable to company applicant or payee
                                                courtyard                                          appearing on the Official Receipt issued by AAVA.
                                                (rear yard                                    5.   Releasing of check for cash bond will be within two weeks.

                                               51                                                                                      32
A. Film/Video/Photo Shooting Activity                                                                     Workers with expired IDs or found without the same may be charged with illegal entry and shall
                                                                                                          be dealt with accordingly.
   1.    The validity of the permit issued by the Association shall cover only on the specified
         date, time, purpose and location as approved by the Association. The shooting is allowed         DELIVERY OF MATERIALS
         from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Extension beyond 8:00 pm till 12:00 pm should have prior                  Deliveries with toll fee may still be allowed from Monday to Saturday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. No
         approval of the Village Manager.                                                                   deliveries shall be allowed from 5:01 PM to 8:59 A.M.

   2.    Other activities undertaken other than as specified in the permit shall not be allowed.            No deliveries shall be allowed on Sundays and Legal holidays. Delivery toll fee shall be
   3.    Any and all necessary permits/licenses as required by respective government regulating             imposed for each vehicle, subject to adjustment by AAVA. (Refer to Delivery Toll Fees
         bodies shall be paid for by the applicant. AAVA shall not be liable of claims or suit from         Schedule)
         other entities arising at or as the result of the said activities.
   4.    The Applicant shall be solely responsible for any damage which may result to any third                                            TABLEOF SETBACKS
         party in connection with the uses of such area.                                                                                                                   ROOF LINE
   5.    The Ayala Alabang Village Association, its officers, affiliates and employees shall be                       PHASE/S               BUILDING SETBACK                SETBACK
         free from any liability, including but not limited to loss, theft, damage to items, etc., as a                                    Fronting    Sides &         Fronting Sides &
         result of the activity.                                                                                                           Street/s    Rear            Street/s Rear
   6.    Written permit will be required from the owner/resident if the shoot will be done inside              P - 1, 2A, 2B, 3A1, 3A2
                                                                                                               Old, 3B2 Old,
         the property.
                                                                                                               3B3 Old, 4, 5, 9 and                           3.00     3.00     1.5
   7.    In order to secure free flowing traffic and avoid converging of vehicles and personnel, the           11A                         4.00 meters        meters   meters   meters
         Association through its Security personnel shall direct parking of other vehicles to                                                                 3.00     3.00     1.50
         strategic areas away from the vicinity. The applicant must have prior arrangement with                P - 3B2 New                 5.00 meters        meters   meters   meters
         the Security Department and lay-out of parking along other streets should be prepared.                                                               2.00     2.00       1.00
         The Association will strictly impose traffic rules and regulations to all participants of the         P - 3B3 New                 5.00 meters        meters   meters   meter
         said activity.                                                                                        If Abutting - Commerce                         3.00     2.00     1.50
   8.    During the shoot, the applicant shall be required of the following, if necessity arises:              Ave. (North)                5.00 meters        meters   meters   meters
                        - Silent type generator set                                                            If Abutting - Mindanao                         3.00     2.00     1.50
                        - One (1) Portalet (Comfort Room) must be provided for crew                            Drive (East)                5.00 meters        meters   meters   meters
                                                                                                               No     ingress,  egress
                        - Utility/maintenance crew that will maintain the cleanliness of the area
                                                                                                               and/or openings
   9.     Waste or garbage accumulated during the shoot should be taken out by applicant. No                   are allowed along walls
         dumping of garbage in the vacant lot will be strictly enforced.                                       abutting
   10.   Extension, change of location or activity not specified in the permit will not be allowed.            Commerce            and
         Prior written approval of the Association must be secured first.                                      Madrigal Aves.
   11.   The crew, staff and talents should not be allowed to loiter away from the vicinity of the                                                            2.00     1.50     1.00
         approved location.                                                                                    Phase 7 (BPI Housing)       4.00 meters        meters   meters   meter
   12.   No fireworks, loud music or power lights will be allowed. Prior approval must be                      Carport may be flushed
         secured.                                                                                              to property line
   13.   Should there be any complaints from nearby neighbors due to noise, disturbance of public              at one (1) side for Model
         order, violation of the guidelines specified, the Association through its Security
                                                                                                               Phase 7A (Tamarind                             2.00     3.00     1.00
         personnel, will enforce its power to stop and cancel the permit issued without recourse on            Cove)                       4.00 meters        meters   meters   meter
         liability claim of the applicant.                                                                                                                    2.00     1.50     1.00
                                                                                                               P - 8A-8C                   4.00 meters        meters   meters   meter
                                                                                                               Carport may be flushed
                                                                                                               to property line
                                                                                                               at one (1) side only.

                                              33                                                                                                         50
                                                                                                          B. Location Hunting/Scouting
       For all new residences, additional and auxiliary structures (including trellises, gazebos,             1.   Location hunting/scouting shall be allowed but with prior approval of the Association.
       roof sheds, pool/filter and gen-set housing, guardhouses, storerooms, greenhouses,           2.             The Association shall issue a permit for location hunting/scouting to companies on the
       swimming pools), which are semi or fully enclosed shall require prior AAVA approval                         following conditions:
       and plans of which shall be submitted in triplicate.                                                             Letter from the company stating the purpose of the video/film shooting.
                                                                                                                        Only camera or handy cam will be allowed to use.
                                                                                                                        Max. of 5 persons to scout the area
      (Refer to Bond Schedule.) Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
                                                                                                                        Letter of approval from the resident if the shoot will be done inside the residence.
                                                                                                              3.   The permit shall be used exclusively for its intended purpose and location only. The
                                                                                                                   permit is not to be used for door knocking or house to house scouting. The Association
         BUILDING PERMIT                                                                                           shall provide a Security Personnel to escort the team. Photo/film shoot for the scouting is
         The compliance of all AAVA existing rules and regulations, with existing                                  restricted only to parks and roads except for houses with prior approval of the resident.
         City/Municipal, Provincial or National government requirements and regulations is                    4.   After the shoot, the permit shall be taken by the Security Personnel assigned and
         the responsibility of the lot/homeowner and/or builder. All requirements for                              forwarded to Admin for file.
         construction may be inquired from the AAVA Architectural Section.
                                                                                                         C. School Projects/Community Projects
         Stockpiling is authorized only on one’s own lot. AAVA has no authority to permit                    1.    The Association is giving permit without fee to school projects provided the following
         anyone from using an adjacent lot without the owner’s permission and will not                             conditions are met:
         accept responsibility or liability for such use.                                                          Letter from the Dean of School about the project. (Letterhead of school)
                                                                                                                   Head cam or back pack camera. NO OB Van and generators
         WORK HOURS
                                                                                                                   Residents of Ayala Alabang Village
         Official work hours are from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mondays to Saturdays.                           2.    For Community Projects, a letter should be forwarded to the office of the Village
         Overtime work beyond 5:00 P.M. requires prior approval from AAVA on a case-to-                            Manager and shall be subject to the approval of the Board.
         case basis. AAVA approval will be predicated on condition that such activity does
         not create noise or disturbance and does not elicit any complaints from neighbors.              VII. Sanctions
         Work or construction activity on Sundays, legal and non-working holidays are not
         allowed.                                                                                            1.    Should there be any complaints from nearby neighbors due to conduct of the said
         WORKERS STAY-IN                                                                                           activity, the shooting shall be stopped immediately by our Security.
         AAVA’s general rule is that ingress of construction workers is not permitted                        2.    Forfeiture of bond shall be imposed for failure of complying with the rules and
         between 9:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. However, in cases where the construction is to be                          regulations.
         secured or for practical reasons, a maximum of two (2) persons per project may be
         allowed. Any number of persons exceeding the maximum limit shall be subject to a
         penalty and fine. For further inquiries, contact the AAVA Security Office.
         All workers must secure their IDs prior to any construction activity. Penalties and
         fines may be imposed on workers who use IDs assigned to a previous construction or
         a construction other than the assigned construction site or residence.

                                         49                                                                                                          34
                                                                                                 X.       ENFORCEMENT OF RESTRICTIONS
TC005 – Vehicle Stickers
                                                                                                 1. The AAVA and its duly authorized representatives, shall have the
                                                                                                    right during reasonable hours of the day and upon due notice to enter
The following are the basic guidelines in securing vehicle stickers:                                and inspect any building constructed on the lot to ascertain compliance
                                                                                                    with all the restrictions herein.
I.         Matrix of Vehicle Stickers
                                                                                                 2. Compliance with the said restrictions, reservation, easements and conditions maybe enjoined
                                                                                                     and/or enforced by Court action by Ayala Corporation and/or the Ayala Alabang Village
       Sticker            Classification                 Cost         Requirement/Limit
                                                                                                     Association, their respective successors and assigns, or by any member of the AAVA.
     Resident      Lot & property owners,                 100.00                                          XI.        INTERPRETATION OF RESTRICTIONS
                   Lessor & registered
                   homeowners                                                                    Where there appears to be a conflict in the interpretation of these restrictions and/or guidelines, the
     Resident      Tenants with existing                  100.00                                         most stringent interpretation shall be adopted.
     Resident      Relatives residing with the            100.00   Endorsement from
                                                                                                          XII.       REFUND OF CONSTRUCTION BOND
                   registered                                      resident                      The AAVA will not issue its final certification of clearance nor release the construction bond until
                   owner/homeowners                                                                    all of the above mentioned requirements have been met.
     Resident      Special Members, provided              100.00   Endorsement of
                   vehicles are registered in the                  authorized signatory          The AAVA will refund the construction bond without interest to the payee of the said bond if the
                   name of the entity                                                                  residential house or all or any improvements found thereon is completed 100%. The term
     Visitor       Relatives not residing with            250.00   Endorsement from                    “100%” shall mean completion of the house in accordance with the approved plans and
                   the registered owner (special                   registered owner, limit up          specifications, completely painted, its services, utilities and permanent fixtures finished,
                   discount, limited to 5                          to 5 endorsements only,             installed and ready for immediate use and occupancy.
                   endorsements only per                           beyond the limit, the
                   registered owner)                               succeeding endorsees shall                        Without prejudice to AAVA’s other rights and remedies, it is also
                                                                   pay the regular rate of                           agreed that due authorization is given to AAVA to deduct charges,
                                                                   P 500.00                      fines, etc. against the construction bond as may be applicable to answer for
     Visitor       Regular guest                          750.00   Registered after cut-off of   liabilities as defined herein.
                                                                   June 30, AAVA visitor
                                                                   sticker is P 1,000.00
                                                                                                                     ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES
     Visitor       Motorcycles used by                    250.00   Endorsement from
                   gardener, plumber, pool                         resident
                   maintenance, foreman,                                                         1.       WORKERS’ IDs/DELIVERY OF MATERIALS
                   construction worker
     Visitor       Employees of residents,                300.00   AAVA Issued ID/Entities’               That should any construction activity commence without the
                   special members                                 authorized company ID.                 necessary permits and/or consent of the AAVA, the latter
                                                                   Limit is two per employee              may have the prerogative to:
                                                                   succeeding car application
                                                                   is P 750.00.                           a.     Refuse issuance of IDs to workers without the approval of the Architectural
     Visitor       ACCI members                           250.00   Endorsement from ACCI.                        Department.
     School        Students currently enrolled            500.00   School registrar’s                     b. Stop the ingress, thru the Security Office, of any delivery
                   in schools inside the village                   endorsement, limit two
                                                                                                              of materials at the Village gates.
                                                                   only, succeeding vehicle
                                                                   visitor’s sticker at P
                                                                                                          c.     Stop construction should any activity commence without
                                                                   750.00, with endorsement
                                                                   from registered owner.                        prior Architectural Section approval or should there be any
                                                                                                                 building violation.

                                                    35                                                                                         48
                                                                                                           Franchise        AAVA accredited                  1,200.00   With accreditation papers
          Grease Traps (to contain oil, grease and must be provided for at the kitchen and/or the                           Public     Utility                          from Community
          carport. Grease traps must discharge into Ayala Sewer System Main.                                                Jeep       (Sticker                         Relations
                                                                                                                            Number           with
          Waste systems to include discharges from kitchen sinks and water closets must                                     designated      parking
          discharge into the Ayala Sewer System Main. Water run-off from house, storm and                                   area)
          area drains must discharge into the village drainage system.
          CONDITIONAL PROVISION: If drainage, sewerage, water, road, and/or others are
          affected by the house expansion, then the repair cost and/or relocation cost should
          be shouldered by the Homeowner.
                                                                                                           Franchise        AAVA accredited                   360.00    With accreditation papers
VI.     VEHICULAR ENTRANCES                                                                                                 Motorcycle                                  from Community
                                                                                                                            (Sticker Number with                        Relations
          No vehicular entrances or exits shall be allowed along the circular curves at street                              designated parking area)
          intersections.                                                                                   Franchise        School buses (AUV, Van or        1,500.00   With accreditation and
                                                                                                                            Bus type) duly accredited by                endorsement from the
VII.    GENERAL CLEANLINESS, SAFETY AND SANITATION                                                                          the schools inside the village              School registrar.
          For the sake of cleanliness, safety and stature of the owners/members, they are                  Franchise        Motorcycles used for              250.00    Endorsement from
          enjoined to observe the following:                                                                                delivery of goods inside the                resident
                 1.   Building fires      in    the   open or     in the household premises is             Franchise        School Buses (50 seats or        2,000.00   Endorsement from
                      prohibited.                                                                                           more) used to fetch children                resident
                                                                                                                            enrolled in other schools
                 2.   Trash cans of respective units should not be put outside the units. It must          Franchise        Delivery trucks, aluminum        1,500.00   Endorsement from
                      be kept inside and should be put out only for disposal. Owners/occupants                              van or elf used for delivery                resident
                      should avoid littering in the premises of the housing project.                                        of food or services, supplier
                                                                                                                            and contractor
                 3. Garbage Dispensing Area (Resolution 95-5-4)- Effective August 1, 1995,
                                                                                                           Franchise        Owned by residents either        1,500.00
                    all new houses under construction should provide garbage dispensing                                     used outside/inside the
                    area within the property to eliminate the unsightly garbage bins along                                  village:
                    sidewalks in the village.                                                                               - Trucks, PUJ, Taxi,
                                                                                                                            Aluminum Van, School
        Duly authorized hospital or medical clinics and educational, charitable, religious,         II.     Limitations of Stickers
        civic or political institutions, and the golf and country club that may be established
        or located within the subdivision shall all be allowed to use the streets in the                    1.    Visitor’s stickers are allowed entry through any gates at the sticker lane from 6:00
        subdivision leading to and form their respective places for their patients, students,                     am to 9:00 pm only.
        teachers, members, employees and guests.                                                            2.    School stickers from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. However, exceptions
                                                                                                                  will be during the school activities as communicated by the school’s
IX.     PERIOD OF RESTRICTIONS                                                                                    principal/Administrator to AAVA Security Office.
        All the restrictions, easements, reservations and conditions enumerated herein shall                3.    Franchise stickers except the AAVA accredited transport, are not allowed to park
        be valid and binding and shall run for a period of FIFTY (50) years from and after                        in the street overnight. Residents with franchise stickers should park their vehicles
        July 1, 1977. Such restrictions maybe added to but not diminished, amended, or                            inside their property.
        changed by the homeowner’s association or by any governing body of the village,             III.    Procedures of Issuance
        provided that the use and occupancy of lots for residential purposes by a single
        family only shall not be changed.                                                                        A.     Renewal for Residents / Tenants
                                                                                                            1.        The residents/tenants applying for sticker renewal shall proceed to the Processor to
                                                                                                                      get the Vehicle Sticker Summary Form.

                                               47                                                                                                     36
                                                                                                       1.0   All buildings, including servant’s quarters, and/or parts thereof, except as hereinafter
2.        The resident shall check which of the following vehicles listed on his form to be                  provided, must be constructed at a distance as indicated in the Table of Setbacks, measured
          renewed and affirm by signing the form.                                                            from the property line to the nearest finished wall or column or any projection from said
3.        The Processor shall check if the owner/registered homeowner has already submitted his              wall or column. Outside edges or roofs and/or eaves, including porte cochere or
          specimen signature card and also proxy form. If not, the resident should accomplish                canopy, all without columns, of the building must follow the roof line setback from the
          specimen signature card and proxy form. Tenants are excluded to accomplish proxy                   property line as indicated in the Table of Setbacks.
4.        The Processor upon completion of the required documents shall assign the appropriate         AUXILIARY STRUCTURES:
          sticker and update the VSSF/Sticker Form. Updates entry to the computer before                       1.0      TRELLISES/GRILLES- all columns/ posts (combustible
          forwarding the sticker and the VSSF/Sticker Form to the Cashier.                                              /non-combustible) for the trellis should follow the building
5.        The Cashier shall check the number of stickers and the VSSF/Sticker Form. He shall                            line setback. Trellises should follow the roofline setback.
          check whether the resident is delinquent or not. If delinquent, he will request the
          resident to settle his past due accounts with the Finance. If settled or no past due                 1.1      GAZEBOS, SWIMMING POOLS, BARBEQUE PITS,
          accounts, issues PR, accepts payment, update VSSF and encode PR number on the                                 CHILDREN’S PLAYHOUSE-follow the building line setback.
          computer.                                                                                            1.2      FILTER/PUMPHOUSE, GEN-SET HOUSING – the housing
6.        The cashier shall issue copy of the VSSF and sticker to the Releasing Section. The                            for a small generator set and/or a swimming pool filter pump
          original copy of the PR to the applicant/resident.                                                            which is made of concrete must not be more than one (1) meter
7.        The Releasing staff shall write the plate number at the back of the assigned sticker. He                      high and should be one (1) meter from the boundary wall/fence.
          then encodes in the computer the date the sticker is released to the resident. If multiple   IV.     WALL / FENCE
          stickers, the stickers are placed inside the envelope with the name of applicant,
          CCODE and sticker numbers written on the front portion of the envelope. The                          Walls on the perimeter of the property shall not exceed two (2) meters
          releasing section staff shall arrange the envelop by surname and by sticker type.                    from the original ground level, except that no restriction as to height
8.        The Processing, Cashier and Releasing Units are required to print their respective                   applies to walls made of live vegetation. Cyclone or mesh wire fence is
          report after the day’s transactions.                                                                 permissible only at the rear and the side boundaries but must not be
                                                                                                               higher than four (4)meters from the original ground level.
B.   New Vehicles for Residents / Tenants
     1.   The resident shall accomplish the sticker application form and attached the following                A laundry sink must not be constructed against the boundary wall/fence.
          documents:                                                                                   V.      UTILITES
     -      Certificate of Registration (photocopy)                                                            The lot owner shall secure all the necessary permits before tapping any utility line.
     -      Official Receipt (Photocopy)
     -      Duly notarized Deed of Sale, if registration is not in applicant’s name                            A booster pump directly connected to the water main is not allowed. However, a booster
     -      Sales Invoice if newly acquired                                                                    pump may be installed to draw water from a ground storage tank of adequate capacity
     -      Certification from company, if company-owned vehicle                                               supplied by natural pressure from the water main.

     2.     Succeeding steps, please refer to Rule A, Item Nos: 3 - 7                                          Sewage disposal must be connected to the sewage system. No septic tank shall be
C.   School Sticker Applicants
                                                                                                               No lot owner shall be allowed to install any drainage line outside his property without the
     1.    The applicant must secure sticker application form from the processor and get the
                                                                                                               written approval of Ayala Land, Inc. or its corporate successors. Boring through concrete
           necessary endorsement from the school’s Administration Office and/or authorized
                                                                                                               curb and gutter is not allowed. No overhead water tanks are allowed. All water
                                                                                                               requirements are served by the Ayala Water System. No more than 1” diameter pipe may
     2.    The applicant shall accomplish the sticker application form and attach the following
                                                                                                               be used BEFORE the water meter.
              - Certificate of Registration (photocopy)                                                        Water meters must be installed outside of the property fence.
              - Official Receipt (Photocopy)
              - Sales Invoice if newly acquired

                                            37                                                                                                     46
       2.     Lots and housing units shall not be used for any illegal or immoral
              trade or activity or any use, which will disturb the peace and quiet                                     - Certification from company, if company-owned vehicle
              of or be a nuisance to the neighborhood.
                                                                                                                3.   The processor shall forward the form with the assigned sticker to the finance
       3.    No wells may be dug on any lot without the prior written approval
                                                                                                                     staff/cashier for payment.
             of the Association and/ or the proper government offices concerned.
                                                                                                                4.   The sticker staff shall be responsible in installing the sticker to the vehicle.
       4.     The owner of a lot shall at all times keep the grass cut and                                      5.   After the day’s transaction, the processor shall prepare a Sticker Issuance/Sales
              trimmed. If the owner fails to comply after five (5) days written                                      Report. The report shall be forwarded to the Head office upon return and distributed
              notice, the Association may have the grass cut and trimmed and                                         as follows:
               keep the lot clean at the expense of the owner.
                                                                                                                             -      1 copy together with used and unused PR and collections (money) to
       5.     No trees other than those planted by the Ayala Corporation will                                                       the Finance Department.
              be allowed on the planting strip of the sidewalk. No existing                                                  -      1 copy to Admin together with the accomplished form
              trees, whether found within or outside the lot, shall be cut,
              removed or damaged nor shall it be relocated or transferred                                                    -       1 copy to Security with the unsold and sold but not yet released
              without the written approval of the Ayala Corporation or its                                                           stickers
              corporate successors. When all the residential lots in the                                        6.   The assigned encoders c/o Admin Department shall encode the entries and must be
              Subdivision shall have been sold, and all the streets, lanes and open                                  able to submit the sticker report to Finance, Admin and Security.
              spaces shall have been disposed of to the Association or to the
                                                                                                         D.   Visitors Applicants
              government entity concerned, such approval shall be secured from
              the Association.                                                                                  1.       The applicant must secure sticker application form from the processor and get
                                                                                                                           the necessary endorsement from registered owner.
                                                                                                                2.       The applicant shall accomplish the sticker application form and attached the
            2.0     All buildings must be of strong materials and of a type of architecture that is in                     following documents:
                    harmony with the surrounding landscape and homes in the vicinity.
                                                                                                                         -        Certificate of Registration (photocopy)
            3.0     Buildings shall not be higher than 9.00 meters measured vertically from the                          -        Official Receipt (Photocopy)
                    highest projection of the building proper, to the highest original ground level of                   -        Duly notarized Deed of Sale, if registration is not in applicant’s name
                    the lot.                                                                                             -        Sales Invoice if newly acquired
            4.0     Filling of the lot is allowed provided the filling does not exceed one-half (1/2)                    -        Certification from company, if company-owned vehicle
                    meter from the original ground level within the setback on the sides and rear of            3.       The processor shall forward the form with the assigned sticker after encoding of
                    the lot, and one (1) meter above the original ground level within the setback in                     data is done to the cashier for payment. The Finance Staff/Cashier shall check if
                    front of the lot adjoining a street, and provided further that drainage and other                    the endorser (Registered owner) has no delinquent account. If settled, he may
                    facilities are installed to prevent the water from flowing or seeping into the                       accept payment and issues the sticker. Update the form and encodes data in the
                    adjacent lots. All other forms of filling are subject to prior approval of Ayala                     computer.
                    Land, Inc. or AAVA.                                                                         4.       The sticker staff assigned by the Security Department shall be responsible in
            5.0     The plans and specifications of the building and any other structure, including                      installing/pasting the sticker to the vehicle. The Releasing staff shall write the
                    the swimming pool, or any subsequent additions thereto constructed within the                        plate number at the back of the assigned sticker. He then encodes in the
                    property shall comply with all the existing laws, ordinances and/or regulations                      computer the date the sticker is released to the resident. If multiple stickers, the
                    governing the establishments of residences and must be subject to prior approval                     sticker are placed inside the envelope with the name of applicant and sticker
                    of Ayala Land, Inc. or the AAVA prior to construction.                                               numbers written on the front portion of the envelope. The releasing section staff
            6.0     The minimum cost of the Residential House for each lot shall not be less than Ph                     shall arrange the envelope by surname and by sticker type.
                    20,000.00 per square meter and the house shall have a minimum floor area of
                    200 square meters except Phase 8 with a minimum floor area of 150 square
                    meters. The former amount may be adjusted from time to time by the Ayala
                    Land, Inc. or the AAVA.

                                                45                                                                                                   38
E.       ACCI Applicants
         1.    The applicant must secure sticker application form from the processor and get
                                                                                                                       AYALA ALABANG VILLAGE ASSOCIATION
               the necessary endorsement from the authorized signatory from ACCI.
                                                                                                                              DEED OF RESTRICTIONS
         2.    The applicant shall accomplish the sticker application form and attach the
               following documents:                                                                I.    THE AYALA ALABANG VILLAGE ASSOCIATION
                        -        Certificate of Registration (photocopy)                                 The owner of the lot or his successor in interest is required to be and is automatically a
                        -        Official Receipt (Photocopy)                                            member of the Ayala Alabang Village Association, and must abide by the rules and
                        -        Duly notarized Deed of Sale, if registration is not in                  regulations laid down by the Association in the interest of sanitation, security, aesthetic
                                 applicant’s name                                                        and the general welfare of the community. The Association is authorized to make
                        -        Sales Invoice if newly acquired                                         assessments to meet its expenses, which will constitute as a lien on the property, junior
                        -        Certification from company, if company-owned vehicle                    only to liens of the government for taxes and to voluntary mortgages for sufficient
                                                                                                         consideration entered into in good faith.
         3.    The processor shall forward the form with the assigned sticker to the finance
               staff/cashier for payment.                                                          II.   USE AND OCCUPANCY OF LOTS
         4.    The sticker staff shall be responsible in installing the sticker to the vehicle.
                                                                                                         1. Lots shall not be subdivided. However, two (2) lots may be consolidated into one.
         5.    After the day’s transaction, the processor shall prepare a Sticker Issuance/Sales
                                                                                                             Three (3) or more lots may be consolidated and subdivided into a lesser number of
               Report. The report shall be forwarded to the Head office upon return and
                                                                                                             lots, provided that none of the resulting lots be smaller in area than the smallest
               distributed as follows:
                                                                                                             before consolidation. In all cases, the consolidation/subdivision plan shall be duly
                        -        1 copy together with used and unused PR and collections                     approved by the Ayala Land Inc., or its corporate successors and the proper
                                 (money) to the Finance Department.                                          government office or agency and duly registered in the proper Office of the Register
                        -        1 copy to Admin together with the accomplished form                         of Deeds.
                        -        1 copy to Security with the unsold and sold but not yet                 2. Lots shall be used exclusively for residential purposes.
                                 released stickers
                                                                                                         3. Only one (1) single        house for a single family shall be constructed on a
         6.    The assigned encoders c/o Admin Department shall encode the entries and must
                                                                                                             single lot.
               be able to submit the sticker report to Finance, Admin and Security.
                                                                                                         4. Commercial or advertising signs shall not be placed, constructed or erected on the lots.
F.       Franchise Stickers
     .                                                                                                       Name plates and professional signs of the occupants are permitted so long as they
         1.    The applicant must secure sticker application form from the processor and get                 do not exceed 30 cm. x 60cm. in size.
               the necessary endorsement (see sticker matrix), if non-resident.                          5. No cattle, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, roosters, rabbits, goats, or the like shall be
         2.    The applicant shall accomplish the sticker application form and attach the                    maintained on the lots, except, domestic pets like dogs and cats which maybe
               following documents:                                                                          kept subject to regulation and control of the Association. Horses and stables,
                        -        Certificate of Registration (photocopy)                                     however may be allowed but only in lots with an area of 5,000 square meters or
                        -        Official Receipt (Photocopy)                                                more.
                        -        Duly notarized Deed of Sale, if registration is not in                  6. Every lot owner must provide in his lot an open space for purposes of landscaping and
                                 applicant’s name                                                             for an easement of drainage, sewage, water and other public utilities as may be
                        -        Sales Invoice if newly acquired                                              necessary and desirable. The owner, lessee or representative shall permit access
                        -        Certification from company, if company-owned vehicle                         thereto by the authorized representative/s of Ayala Land Inc. or its corporate
         3.    The processor shall forward the form with the assigned sticker to the finance                  successors, the Ayala Alabang Village Association (AAVA), or public utility entities
               staff/cashier for payment.                                                                     concerned for the purpose of which the easement is created.
         4.    The sticker staff shall be responsible in installing the sticker to the vehicle.
         5.    After the day’s transaction, the processor shall prepare a Sticker Issuance/Sales
               Report. The report shall be forwarded to the Head office upon return and
               distributed as follows:

                                          39                                                                                                 44
       Heavy Equipment          1,000.00
       20’ Container Van        1,000.00
       40’ Container Van        1,000.00
                                                         -          1 copy together with used and unused PR and collections (money) to the
                                                                    Finance Department.
For Hauling Trucks
                                                         -          1 copy to Admin together with the accomplished form
         4 – Wheeler              100.00
                                                         -          1 copy to Security with the unsold and sold but not yet released stickers
         6 – Wheeler              200.00
       10 – Wheeler             1,000.00   6.          The assigned encoders c/o Admin Department shall encode the entries and must be able to
                                                       submit the sticker report to Finance, Admin and Security.
For Move-in/Move-Out
                                           IV.           Guidelines / Policies
      20’ Container Van         1,000.00
       40’ Container Van        1,000.00          1.         Only the registered owner and/or the owner of the vehicle should sign the VSSF for
                                                             renewal (residents) and Sticker Application form.
                                                  2.         Representatives/drivers should present a written authorization from the owner with
                                                             valid ID for identification.
                                                  3.         Tenants with less than two months remaining of their stay as per Lease contract shall
                                                             only be issued a Temporary Pass with validity.
                                                  4.         Relatives living with the registered owner/homeowner applying for resident stickers
                                                             should present a Relative AAVA ID to the processor.
                                                  5.         The processors are required to remit unsold stickers provided by the Sticker Custodian
                                                             at the end of the day and duly accounted for by submitting a report on stickers assigned
                                                             on that day.
                                                  6.         Limit for relatives applying for discounted Visitor’s sticker of P 250.00 is up to 5
                                                             applications per resident. Exceeding the limit, the relatives shall pay P 500.00 for each
                                                  7.         Vehicles with franchise stickers other than the AAVA duly accredited public transport
                                                             (jeepney and motorcycle) are not allowed to park in any streets overnight. AAVA
                                                             accredited public transport shall be given its designated parking slots.
                                                  8.         Sticker Staff after installing the sticker must return the back cover of the sticker with
                                                             the bearing the plate number written by the Sticker Releasing staff.
                                           TC006 – Endorsement for Barangay Clearance
                                                The Association issues endorsement for Barangay Clearance as requirement for processing of
                                                government permits for the following purposes:
                                                             1.     Construction permit for major house renovation and/or construction
                                                             2.     Business permit (for communication/postal address only)
                                                To facilitate the issuance of the Association’s endorsement, the following are the guidelines:
                                                             1.   The applicant must be a bona fide resident and/or property owner of Ayala
                                                                  Alabang Village. If not, the applicant must secure a written permit/approval from
                                                                  the owner for the use of the owner’s address for communication purpose only.

2.   AAVA shall charge a non-refundable processing fee of fifty pesos         (P 50.00) for every     authorized to request or approve the application of Village ID of immediate relatives and all
     application.                                                                                     distant relatives. Only those applicants who live in the village shall be given the Village ID.
3.   The Association shall process your application based on the following:                           TC018 – Securing Village ID for Household helpers, drivers, staff and          gardeners
     -    Verifying of records of ownership and violations                                            The Association issues Village IDs for household helpers, drivers, and staff subject to the
     -    Checking of Association dues payment                                                        following guidelines:
     -    Actual inspection of the house
                                                                                                            1.       The Village ID is bought at the Association office at P 100.00 each.
4.   Per Memorandum letter dated January 16, 2006, we shall be foregoing the lead time of 3 to 4            2.       The applicants are required to submit the following:
     days processing due to the actual house inspection in order to expedite the release of                                   -        NBI Clearance
     endorsement. However, we shall be conducting the inspection of the property on other dates.                              -        Drug Test Result (Taken at AAVA Clinic)
5.   The issuance of the Association’s endorsement shall be revoked in case the applicant upon              3.       All applicants are required to undergo a seminar conducted every Wednesday
     our inspection did not comply with the following terms and conditions:                                          from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. The seminar will include Waste Management program,
                                                                                                                     Pest control, and Security Briefing. This seminar is required prior to issuance of
     -    The use of residence address for business permit application is limited for
                                                                                                                     ID for new applicants. For ID Renewal this seminar maybe waived but subject
          communication or postal address purpose only.
                                                                                                                     to change and upon discretion of the Association.
     -    The residence should not be turned into a commercial area wherein merchandise of
                                                                                                            4.       All IDs issued has validity dates. In case of termination from work, the
          commercial quantity shall be brought in for selling.
                                                                                                                     residents (employers) should require the IDs to be surrendered to Security
     -    No boutiques, dormitory, shops, school, day care and clinics
6.   The Association shall not be held liable for the disclosure of addresses, names or telephone
                                                                                                                     TC019 – Securing Village ID for Construction Workers
     numbers of the residents for the use of their residences once these endorsements bearing such
     information is forwarded to the government entity.                                                              For the construction workers, the following are the guidelines:
7.   The resident must conform to our basic requirement of conducting an ocular inspection of
                                                                                                            1.   The Village ID is bought at the Association office at P 100.00 each.
     your residence. Non-compliance will be a ground for the Association to revoke or not issue
                                                                                                            2.   The contractor must present an approved Construction permit issued by the
     your endorsement.
                                                                                                                 Architectural Section. Please refer to the Deed of Restriction for guidelines.
8.   The endorsement is non-transferable.
                                                                                                            3.   The applicants are required to submit the following:
9.   The Association has the right not to issue endorsement to applicant on the following reasons:
                                                                                                                     -         NBI Clearance
     - Residential turned into commercial / warehouse area
                                                                                                                     -         Drug Test Result (Taken at AAVA Clinic)
     - Business of dubious transaction / personalities
     - Illicit or against the Philippine laws                                                        TC020 – Toll Fees Payment (Road User’s Fee)
                                                                                                            The Association has implemented the Toll Fees (Road User’s Fee) on July 01, 2005. The
TC007 – Certificate of Residency intended for Barangay Clearance                                            toll fees collected shall be used in the maintenance of our roads as promulgated in the
          The Association issues endorsements to individuals who reside in the village for                  Board Resolution B2005-05-03 which was ratified on April 02, 2006 General
          Barangay Residency Certification to be used for employment, school enrollment and                 Membership Meeting. The road user’s fee is not applicable to school buses and delivery
          other applicable government transactions. The following are the procedures:                       trucks of basic commodities, household appliances and furniture and light vehicles. The
                                                                                                            following is the schedule of fees:
     1.   The applicant must present an AAVA ID before securing the form from the Security
          Department (Endorsement for Barangay Residency Certification).                                             Type of Vehicle                                    Toll Rate
                                                                                                            For Construction Materials
                                                                                                                   4 – Wheeler truck                                      P100.00
                                                                                                                   6 – Wheeler truck                                        200.00
                                                                                                                  10 – Wheeler truck                                      1,000.00
                                             41                                                                                                 42

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