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					                                                                                P.O. Box 755
                                                                                Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

    Summer 2010                           The Deerfield
                                         (954) 429-0378

 Our Mission…is to identify,             A word from our president: Dear Members, Hello! As I
 preserve and maintain historical        look forward to my first season as your president, I am excited
 sites in the Deerfield Beach area; to   and eager to work with the Historical Society to continue our
 acquire artifacts and data and          mission to preserve and present our history to everyone.
 make historical resources               During this difficult economic time we need to repeat history
 accessible to the public, to educate    and emulate our ancestors by digging in and working hard
 and encourage awareness of local        together.
                                         Our executive director, Carolyn, has planned some exciting
                                         programs this year. I am asking each of you to do your part to
     Give us your best shot!             help make this a profitable year.
 Calling all photo enthusiasts, grab
                                         If we each invite friends and bring in new members, that will
      your camera, get out and
                                         boost our membership and volunteers. There are exciting
       “Rediscover Deerfield”!
                                         volunteer opportunities; such as, identifying old photos,
Share your favorite Deerfield shot
                                         inventorying historic items, polishing silver, acting as a docent
with us in 5x7 or jpeg format.
                                         or a volunteer for school field trips. Why not donate an hour
Winners will be chosen for our
                                         of your time to help a worthy cause?
2011 Calendar. Grand prize
                                         I invite everyone to leave your footprint in Deerfield history
winner will be featured on the           by volunteering.
front cover. Deadline is
September 24, 2010 at 4pm. Drop
photos by the Butler House or e-
mail to:                                                                     Bill Muenzenmaier,                                        President

What does “Historic” mean anyway?
Historic means having importance in or influence on history. An example of that is the first voyage
to the moon. On a local note, a historic two-room school, or an old home where pioneers lived and
an old train station that was instrumental in bringing those pioneers to town in the first place.
Who benefits from preservation? The entire community benefits from preservation. From
elementary students to senior citizens, preservation of historic places helps bring American, state
and local history to life. Historic places provide valuable educational tools. It is one thing to read
about the life of early pioneers and quite another to experience hands-on the life they led and the
home and surroundings that inspired them to become the pioneers that inspire us today.
How can you help? You can help by visiting local historic sites in your hometown. Get out of
your car and walk through the city’s historic sites, including the cemeteries and learn about the
people that came before you. Talk to your neighbors and family members and ask what they
remember about our town and what changes they have seen. You can also invite a friend to join us
at the Deerfield Beach Historical Society to help us continue our mission of preserving and sharing
our rich local history. After all, no one else is doing what we do; that is preserving Deerfield Beach
Volunteer Opportunities
Many of you have been vacationing and visiting with family and friends this summer and I’m sorry to
report, summer is nearly over. Hopefully you have enjoyed some time off and are ready to resume
your normal activities. We have begun new activities here at the Historical Society that you may want
to join in on! We are looking for volunteers to help with inventory and various other “fun duties”.
Can’t you just see yourself as a docent? How about a research job? Love old photos? I can see you
raising your hands now to volunteer an hour a week! Give us a call and we will connect you with
something new and exciting.

Financial News equals new challenges for the Society. The City of Deerfield Beach has been a
supporter of our historical society and for that, we are truly grateful. Unfortunately, economic times
are tough everywhere and our city is no exception. The city has cut the amount they donate to the
society from $50,000 in 2010 to $0 for 2011. We depend on donations along with your membership
dues, fundraising events, corporate support, grants and in-kind services to cover operating expenses
and fund educational programs. We face a great challenge going forward. We too must reduce our
expenses and increase donations.
Our board of directors has come up with fundraising proposals that will help make up the difference
in the lost revenue. We will re-launch our 100 for $100 Campaign effective immediately. The idea is
to collect $100 dollars from 100 local businesses. We are also working on gaining more corporate
sponsorships. Corporate sponsorships are $200 each. Our goal is 50 corporate sponsorships.
Memorial/Honorary bricks are still available at $100 each.
If you own a business or know of a business that is community minded and would like to help
support our mission, please contact us to find out how you can get involved. All donations are tax
deductible under the IRS 501(c)(3) tax code.
Our goal this school year is to have each of our local elementary schools visit our historical sites.
Our tours are in accordance with Florida State Sunshine Standards. If you are a teacher or have
connections to our elementary schools, please encourage participation in our educational, hands-on
                     Unless Deerfield history lives in our present, it has no future.

 Look for the signs!
 By the end of August the Florida Department of                    Welcome New Members!
 Transportation will be installing directional signs                   Mary & Wayne Landry
 so visitors can find us more easily. This is very                      Michael Zaidman
 exciting for the Historical Society and we feel
 these signs will bring in additional visitors. More                      New Volunteers
 visitors = more donations. FL DOT will                                   Gerda Creelman
                                                                           Jean Bettner
 be installing signs for the Old School
 Museum as well as the Deerfield Train                        Invite a friend to attend an event or
 Station. The Train Station signs will be                     bring a friend to visit. Share our rich
 installed after the renovations are                        history and help leave a lasting footprint
 complete, that should be later in the                      in the sands of time; Deerfield’s legacy.