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									              CLASS INFORMATION                                                                  CG3 - COURSE EXPECTATIONS

                                                          THE ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS

• Procrastination is devastating....period! You (and you alone) MUST manage your time efficiently.

• You are expected too strive for excellence. Mediocrity is not what this program is about. This is a college class.

• Attendance is crucial. We will have a business meeting at the beginning of every class period and you are expected to be present, prompt and prepared.
Churchill’s policy is that 2 tardies equal an absence. School functions do not count as absences.

           2nd absence - phone call home
           3rd absence - parent conference
           4th absence - drop from program

           For situations which you know about ahead of time (athletic events, family vacations, religious activities, etc.) you will need to talk with Mr. Eagen in
           a timely manner.

           If you have a legitimate illness then you will call me (790-5146) or email me ( in exactly the same manner that you would
           for your boss at McDonalds.

• You will be dealing directly with the public throughout the course of the semester. In addition to representing Churchill High School you also represent ME! I
take my job and my reputation very seriously. I expect that you will conduct yourself in a manner which is above reproach when you are working with your

• You can also expect these standards of your teacher.

                                                           THE LEGAL INFORMATION

Course:                Computer Graphics 3
Teacher:               Mr. Eagen • •

Course Content: Students are to understand that this year long course is ELECTIVE. Students will learn professional design standards and principles. The
course will also emphasize the study of the computer as a graphic design tool. Successful completion of Computer Graphics I, 2A and consent of the instructor
are prerequisites for the course. Students need to have a working knowledge of Freehand (and/or Illustrator) and Photoshop. Students will use Macintosh
computers as well as flatbed scanners, cd writers, and color printers. Regular attendance, good behavior, the ability to concentrate, turning in assignments on
time, and a sincere effort to understand will result in successful learning. Grades follow. This class will operate as much like a business as
possible. We will be working for paying clients and we will follow procedures and etiquette of the professional
graphic design world.

Students will also have these opportunities:
• College NOW - Students who earn a “B” grade or better in CG1, CG2A, and CG3 may earn 4 units of FREE college credit through LCC (Art 216 - Digital
Tools). An additional 1 unit will be available at the end of the semester (GD110). College credit is contingent upon completing assignments on time. Refer to the
late work policy.
• Graduation Honors - Students will have the opportunity to earn graduation honors (formerly CAM) in graphic design. The majority of the requirements can be
fulfilled in this course.
                           CLASS INFORMATION                                                     CG3 - COURSE EXPECTATIONS

Attendance: The Churchill High School attendance policy will be followed. Class will start on time and students are expected to be ready to learn when the
bell rings. Graphic design is an industry that revolves around deadlines. It is very important to me to instill personal responsibility regarding punctuality and
deadlines. Be aware: I take attendance very seriously.

Grading Policy & Philosophy: Grading for this class will be unlike any other class on campus. Students are essentially both college students as well as
employees Students’ grades are a result of their level of work ethic, participation, attitude, and initiative.

The semester grade results from the average of the first and second quarter grades. Course grades are based on the following grading scale: A (100% - 90%),
B (89% - 80%), C (79% - 70%), No Pass (69% - 0%)

                                             FIRST QUARTER
                           A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F                                                      Example 1
                      A+ A+        A         A-        B+        B         B-        C+                        1st quarter grade: B+
                      A       A         A-        B+        B         B-        C+                                   averaged with
                      A- A         A-        B+        B         B-        C+        C                         2nd quarter grade: A
                      B+      A-        B+        B         B-        C+        C
                                                                                                              final semester grade: A-

                      B A-         B+        B         B-        C+        C         C-
                      B-      B+        B         B-        C+        C         C-
                      C+ B+        B         B-        C+        C         C-        NP
                      C       B         B-        C+        C         C-        NP
                                                                                                                 Example 2
                      C- B         B-        C+        C         C-        NP        NP                 1st quarter grade: C
                                                                                                             averaged with
                      D+      B-        C+        C         C-        NP        NP
                      D B-         C+        C         C-        NP        NP        NP
                                                                                                       2nd quarter grade: D-
                      D-      C+        C         C-        NP        NP        NP
                                                                                                     final semester grade: NP
                      F C+         C         C-        NP        NP        NP        NP

Late Work Policy: We are dealing with real clients who are paying us real money. They will set many of the deadlines. Late work is not acceptable in
the college and working worlds and so it is not acceptable in this program as well.

Students are allowed three late assignments the entire year. Late assignments may be turned in up to one week late. After this point, late assignments will
receive no credit. This is a college course.

Behavior: Good behavior, to me, means treating other people with respect, giving yourself and others the chance to learn, and giving me the chance to
teach. Behavior which endangers students and/or computers will not be tolerated. In addition, absolutely no food or drink is to be brought into the
classroom...period. Please be sure to turn your cell phone off and keep it inside your backpack during class.

Mac lab hours: You will have access to the lab almost anytime that I’m here. Please check with me first and respect other classes. If you are absent you
will have to “double time it” in order to catch up. With rare exception Mr. Eagen arrives on campus by 6:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
          CLASS INFORMATION                                              CG3 - COURSE EXPECTATIONS

                            Graphic Design Career Pathway

                                       3 OPTIONS IN ONE CLASS

   CG3 Class                          LEAP and/or College Credit             Graduation Honors

   parent information night           parent information night               parent information night
   culminating project proposal       culminating project proposal*          culminating project proposal*
   personal statement                 personal statement*                    personal statement*
   2 letters of recommendation        2 letters of recommendation            2 letters of recommendation
   resume                             resume*                                resume*
   business card projects             business card projects*                business card projects*
   real world class project           real world class project*              real world class project*
   graphic design work samples        graphic design work samples*           graphic design work samples*
   culminating project work sample    culminating project work sample*       culminating project work sample*
   culminating project printer disc   culminating project printer disc       culminating project printer disc
   CRLS                               CRLS*                                  CRLS*
   client feedback documentation      client feedback documentation*         client feedback documentation*
   printed poject                     printed poject                         printed poject
   completed portfolio                completed portfolio*                   completed portfolio*
   client invoice**                   client invoice**                       client invoice**
   performance review form            performance review form                performance review form
   presentation evening               presentation evening                   presentation evening
   service project                    service project                        service project

   B or better for 1st semester       classes (B or better):                 classes (B or better):
   <B = withdrawl from 2nd semester     •CG1                                   •CG1
                                        •CG2A                                  •CG2A
                                        •CG3 (both semesters)                  •CG3 (both semesters)

                                                                             additional classes (B or better):
                                                                               •either CG2B, Photoshop, Basic Design

* minimum of “B” quality                                                          ** reasonable effort to get payment
* must be on time

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