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									                      Cell Tower Leasing Information

The process of determining a site for a cell tower is primarily decided by the
radio frequency department of a mobile company. When a site is identified,
the department issues a search ring. This is a marking made on a map to
show the location that would meet the engineering requirements.

The map with the circled search ring marking is handed on to an agent. The
agent is a person either employed by the carrier or by the company
contracted by the carrier. With the mapping, the search for the land with the
minimum criteria begins.

The minimum criteria for a site to be eligible include:

The site must accommodate a cell tower perfectly. It was ideally have an
area of 200' x 200'.

The site must be suitable from a zoning perspective. This would prevent the
installation from facing legal hassles.

The site should not make the construction of the tower expensive. In other
words the land should not be a wetland or have a rocky terrain.

The site owners must charge standard rates.

The agent has to find out if there is any existing tower nearby. If there is, it
will be the preferred location for the cell tower. If not, the site owner will be
approached for the land. However, the tower has to be within the search
ring. If not, the tower will have no value to the carrier.

Once an site is identified, the consent of the site owner matters has to be
taken. The owner has to be convinced in terms of the benefits he would get.
This again rests with the agents ability to convince the owner.

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