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									Chapter Eight After leaving Kate, Jack went home to check the local newspapers archives for a list of obituaries for people who had died since 815 had landed safely in Los Angeles. He was looking for one obit in particular. The one for the girl who drowned the first few days they had been on the island. Joanna. If he found it and she’d died in the same way she had on the island he’d be unable to deny the truth no longer. He found it and she did. She had gone swimming alone in Malibu and drowned. Everything was the same, just the location was different. Her body was discovered when it washed ashore. Hawkings was right. They were all dying in similar ways to the way they had died on the island. He hadn’t reset anything. The island had gotten rid of them and now course correction was plucking them all off one-by-one. Of the obits he read, there wasn’t one obit for Shannon Rutherford, so that had to mean she wasn’t dead, yet. She had died after Boone had died and before Charlie had died, so it seemed that course correction wasn’t killing them off in a sequential order, which would make this harder to stop. Of the people he was close to who died on the island, he wouldn’t know which to try and protect, first. Ana-Lucia seemed to be safe for the moment since she was in jail, so he decided to concentrate on trying to circumvent course correction with Shannon. He looked in the telephone book to find the address where the Rutherford’s lived and headed there. Jack wasn’t sure what he was going to do when he got there. He certainly couldn’t tell Shannon the truth. He remembered what she was like. She’d likely laugh in his face if he told her she was going to die because she had died on the island when their plane crashed. At the moment, Shannon was laughing in her stepmother’s face. She had loved Boone and they might have been happy together if his mother hadn’t sabotaged things. Over time her love for him had turned twisted and she had wanted to make him as miserable as she was. She’d never forgiven him for not refusing to work for his mother after she had made sure Shannon was cut-off without a dime, destroying all her dreams. In the end Boone was weak and she’d hated him for that

Right now Sabrina Carlyle was reeling in shock from what Shannon had just told her. It was a pity the old bitch couldn’t have made it easy and just keeled over from a heart attack. But then that would ruin all her fun. “This can’t be true.” She shook her head in denial. “Boone wouldn’t do something like that.” “But he did.” Shannon gloated in return. “You tried everything you could to keep us apart, but Boone and I were finally together right before we boarded the flight, and I’m sure I’m pregnant with his baby. We were too busy tearing each other’s clothes off to use a rubber.” “It’s too soon.” She replied. “You can’t know for sure. Just because you didn’t use any protection doesn’t mean you’re pregnant.” “Even if I’m not pregnant by Boone,” Shannon replied, “I’ll go out and get pregnant and claim the baby is Boone’s. You won’t be able to prove it isn’t Boone’s until after it’s born, and by then I’ll have ruined you.” “What are you talking about?” She looked at Shannon like she was crazy. “I was still recovering from losing my father,” Shannon spat back, “and you cut me off without a cent. You destroyed my dreams, and now I’m going to do the same to you. You haven’t recovered from losing Boone and I’m going to do what you did to me.” “You can’t ruin me.” She assured Shannon. She still thought of Shannon as worthless nothing who was no match for her. She had no idea of the monster she’d created by her petty vindictiveness after the death of Shannon’s father. “You don’t think so?” Shannon smiled at her smugly. As smugly as Sabrina had smiled at her when she’d cut her off financially. “What do you think all your society friends are going to think when they learn I’m carrying your dead son’s baby and yet you’re still hogging all my father’s money like the greedy selfish bitch that you are. You’re letting me and your future grandchild live in poverty, while you get waited on hand and foot by maids and stuff bon bons in your fat ugly face.” She added, as she summoned up some fake tears. “I can’t even afford to see an obstetrician, but do you care? No, you’re too busy living the high life, while I can barely afford to feed myself and pay the rent.”

“Is money what you’re after?” She asked coldly. “Fine! How much do you want so I never have to see your face again?” “Keep the money you were so anxious to steal from me.” Shannon told her. “It’s too late now for me to have the dreams back that you robbed me of. You can offer me all the money you want, but I won’t take it. I want something more than money. I want to see you ruined and there’s not enough money in the world that could make me give that up.” “Just how do you think a little nothing like you is going to ruin me?” She laughed. “Once again, you vastly overestimate yourself.” “Your business is weddings.” Shannon reminded her. “How many people are going to come to you to plan their weddings when I make it known how you did everything you could to keep Boone and I apart, up to disinheriting me and cutting me off without a cent? Happy couples want someone to plan their wedding who believes in love and doesn’t try to destroy it, not a heartless gold digger he ruined her son’s only chance for happiness. And then when you learned I was going to have Boone’s baby, you still refused to share the wealth you purloined from me. The only money you offered me was to get an abortion.” “I never made any such offer.” Although if what Shannon said about being pregnant by Boone was true, that’s exactly what she would do. “You only have your word you didn’t.” Shannon smiled victoriously at her. “And when I’m through your name will be mud. There won’t be any lie I come up about you that anyone won’t believe.” “No one will believe you.” She declared smugly. “You don’t think so?” Shannon was just as smug. “Sabrina, they already know you cut me off without a cent. So do you think anyone is going to think it’s going to be such a huge leap to do what I’m going to say you’re doing?” All of Sabrina’s smugness disappeared in a moment as the truth hit her like a ton of bricks. “You can’t do this to me!” Her voice took on an edge of desperation. “I won’t let you ruin everything I’ve built.”

“Everything you’ve built.” Shannon spat back, “Was built with the money you stole from me.” She put her face in her stepmother’s. “How does it feel to be powerless and helpless while someone toys with your life? It isn’t a pleasant feeling, is it?” “I won’t let you do this to me.” She could see everything she had built crumbling before her eyes. She wouldn’t allow this nothing to destroy her, and if Shannon carried out her threats, she would destroy her. “There’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Shannon told her as she headed for the door. “Just like there was nothing I could do to you when you did this to me.” The desk drawer was open and a gun was lying in view. Before she knew what she was doing, Sabrina picked it up and pointed it at Shannon’s back. “You’re wrong,” she replied. “There is something I can do.” Shannon turned around and her eyes turned wide with terror as she saw the gun pointed at her. Jack was just climbing out of his car when he heard gun shots fired. He ran towards the house and burst in the front door. He found Shannon lying on the floor dead while her stepmother was still holding the gun in her hand. She suddenly looked up at Jack as he stood in the doorway looking on in horror. “I had to do it.” She said in her own defense. “If I hadn’t, she would have ruined me.” She didn’t seem to get that by murdering her stepdaughter she was ruined. She would spend the rest of her life in prison if she was lucky. If she wasn’t, she would soon be joining Shannon, Boone and Shannon’s father in the hereafter. Australia – 2007: “Are you sure he’ll even remember Claire,” Jin wondered as he knocked on Richard Malkin’s front door. “After all, Jack reset everything.” “Resetting the plane crash,” Locke assured, “Won’t change the fact that he tricked Claire into being on 815. He’ll remember that and why he did it. Getting him to tell us why may be the trick.” Richard Malkin opened the front door. “Can I help you?”

“We’d like to talk to you about Claire Littleton.” Locke got right to the point. Jin put his hand up to stop Malkin from slamming the door in their face. “What do you want?” Fear was written all over his face. “We want to know why you tricked Claire Littleton into being on Oceanic flight 815.” Locke told him. “And we’re not leaving until you do.” “Who are you people?” Malkin wanted to know. “We’re from flight 815.” Malkin backed away as if they were the devil themselves. “That’s not possible.” Locke and Jin came inside the house. “If you were on that flight, you should be dead. That plane is supposed to crash. I saw it when I did my reading on Claire. It never makes it safely to Los Angeles” “This time it did.” Locke smiled at him. “So you did know it would crash. So why did you give Claire Littleton a ticket on that flight? Most people knowing the plane would crash would have stopped her from being on it, not given her a ticket on a doomed flight.” “What do you want from me?” Malkin didn’t like having what he did rubbed in his face. Every morning he woke-up knowing what he did. It was something he had a hard time living with. “The truth,” Locke told him. “Tell us why you did it and we’ll leave you alone.” “I can’t.” Malkin’s voice was filled with fear again. “Even if I did, you wouldn’t believe me.” “Try us,” Locke dared. “You might be surprised. Jin and I have a story to tell that you might also find hard to believe. But then again, maybe you wouldn’t.” “I can’t.” Malkin refused again. “You don’t know what might happen if I did.” “Did Jacob tell you not to?” Locke decided to take a gamble and guess whatever reason Malkin did what he did, it was Jacob who put him up to it. “Is that why you’re so afraid to tell us the truth.”

“What did you say?” Malkin stared at him in shock. “How do you know that name?” “We know all about Jacob.” Locke told him. “How do you know about him?” Malkin wanted to know. “Jin and I have had our own experiences with Jacob.” Locke told him. “So why don’t you tell us about yours so we can compare notes. Just how did you meet him?” “I met him in hospital.” Malkin revealed. “The doctors had just told me my daughter was dead, and then this man came up to me and said my daughter didn’t have to be dead if I would do a favor for him. Ten minutes later the doctors came back to me and told me my daughter was alive.” He added. “And I’ve been living in fear since then wondering if this is the day my daughter will die for real.” “And getting Claire on that plane was the favor Jacob wanted.” Locke guessed. “I had to do it!” Malkin tried to make them see he had no choice in the matter. “If I hadn’t, he might have taken back the favor he did for me. My daughter might die, again. It was either Claire Littleton or my daughter and my daughter had to come first.” “Did Jacob say why he wanted Claire on that plane?” Locke didn’t feel the right to judge him for what he’d done. He had firsthand experience of the things the island could get you to do with the proper motivation. “He said he wanted Claire to be with the father of her baby.” Malkin replied. “He made it sound like I was doing her a favor by doing this. That it was in her own best interest if I did this to her.” “That doesn’t make any sense.” Jin finally spoke. “Claire said the father of her baby was a man named Thomas. She never said anything about him being on the plane. Wouldn’t we have seen them together on the island? And wouldn’t she have said something if he died in the crash?”

“Something tells me that’s not who Jacob was talking about.” Locke replied. “Remember,” He reminded Jin, “the island and Jacob didn’t plan for the plane to crash on the island. When it reset things it took James and Claire off that plane.” “Maybe it took him, too.” Jin suggested. “We only know the people we knew weren’t on the plane when it landed. Maybe others were taken off, as well.” “You have a point.” Locke conceded. “We need to check the plane’s manifest and compare it with those that actually made it to Los Angeles so we know who the island took from the plane. We know that Sun was taken from the plane and sent to the island in the year 2007. We have no idea where it sent James and Claire or Rose and Bernard. It’s very possible they’re all in different times on the island.” “I doubt the airline is going to give us those lists.” Jin replied. “It’s not going to admit its passengers disappeared en flight.” “No,” Locke agreed, “but Charles Widmore just might. He helped me last time I left the island. He may do it again.” “Wait a minute.” Malkin interrupted. “What are you two going on about?” Since Malkin had told them his story, they told him theirs. “That’s impossible.” “Just as impossible,” Locke pointed out, “as your daughter being dead and Jacob bringing her back to life.” “What is he?” Malkin suddenly asked. “This Jacob? How can he do the things he does?” “I don’t know.” Locke replied. “But whatever he is, I don’t think he’s one of the good guys.” “Do you think he’ll take his gift back?” Malkin asked fearfully. “That my daughter will suddenly die because I told you about him and what he did for me?”

“Only if he wants something else from you,” Locke answered bitterly. “That’s what he did to me on the island to get me to do what he wanted. Every time he wanted me to do harm to somebody, he made me think he was taking back the gift he gave me.” They left Malkin after that. “Do you think you could use your father-in-laws contacts,” Locke asked as they drove away, “To get us a copy of 815’s manifest? I don’t want to go to Widmore unless we have to. I’m still not sure why he helped me before. If you can use your contacts to get the list instead, I think we need to do that.” “I suppose I could,” Jin admitted reluctantly. “But it’s going to let him know exactly where I am.” Jin hadn’t forgotten about the death threat his father-inlaw’s man had made against him. His time limit had expired and he was no closer to finding Sun. If the man caught up with him, this time he would carry out his threat and kill him. The Island – 2007 They had been walking for at least an hour. Sawyer had no idea where he was going. He’d been waiting for a chance for him and Claire to make a break for it, but there hadn’t been one. Ilana and her people had come well armed. If he and Claire tried to escape they’d be dead before they even hit the ground. “Now what are we going to do?” Claire realized the plan wasn’t going to work, either. “I’m thinking.” He snarled back at her. “Well,” she snarked back, “you’d better think quick.” “What are you two whispering about?” Ilana demanded to know. “Lovers spat,” He looked back at Ilana and flashed his dimples at her. “You wish!” Claire hissed back. “In your dreams, sweetheart,” he shot back at her. “I don’t go in for little Bo Peep.”

“How much further?” Ilana silenced their bickering, growing impatient. “We’ve been walking for over an hour. Shouldn’t we have gotten there by now?” Sawyer and Claire shared a look. “It’s just a little bit further.” He assured her. “He likes to keep his fortress well off the beaten path.” “You’re lying.” She suddenly accused. “You don’t know where he is, do you? You’re just leading us on some wild goose chase so you and your woman can escape us.” This wasn’t going to work, he acknowledged to himself. No matter how long he tried to drag this out, it wasn’t going to give them a chance to escape from them. He turned to her. “You’re right.” He shocked her by admitting, “I don’t. I told you I didn’t know what the hell you were talking about, but you wouldn’t listen, so I told you what you wanted to hear.” What was the point of trying to convince her he did when this plan was a bust? “You beat the crap out of me to get answers I just don’t have to give, and threatened to do the same to her.” He motioned towards Claire. “What else was I supposed to do? Just do nothing while you did the same to her?” “You expect me to believe,” She asked him incredulously, “that even though your plane crashed on this island three years ago and I saw the both of you on that canoe, you two just got here?” “I know it sounds crazy,” he told her, “but it’s the truth. We woke-up on the island and thought the plane had just crashed. We have no memory of what we’ve been doing on this island for the last three years, including being on this boat you claimed we were on.” “How convenient,” Ilana sneered. “So I should just give you a free pass for killing my friend, since you have no memory of it? Is that what you think?” “It’s true.” Claire piped up. “I thought I was still pregnant, when I’d had my baby three years ago on this island. I only found out the truth when I read my own diary, but I have no memory of writing the things I wrote in it.” She added, “If you don’t believe me, you can read it for yourself.” She tried to hand it to Ilana.

“You two take me for a fool,” she snarled, “if you believe I will believe this tissue of lies you are trying to sell me. That diary could belong to anyone, and since you’ve read it, you’ve probably just memorized it. I think the truth is that you mean nothing to Samuel. He didn’t tell you where he was going.” “Then why don’t you let us go?” Claire fired back. “We can’t help you find this man, so why don’t you let us go.” “Because you killed Bram,” Ilana shouted back. “And you’re going to pay for it.” She turned to her men. “These two are useless to us. Kill them.” Sawyer shoved Claire behind him as Ilana and her people raised their guns and prepared to execute them. En route to Los Angeles – 2004 Locke and Jin were on a plane heading back to Los Angeles. Locke was looking over the lists Jin had managed to get. “There’s only five people that disappeared from the flight.” Locke told him. “And those people are: James, Claire, Sun, Rose and Bernard. Everyone else landed safely in Los Angeles.” “So,” Jin replied, “Jacob lied to Malkin?” “Apparently,” Locke agreed. “The father’s of Claire’s baby could have been on the plane, there were a few Thomas’ on the list, but he wasn’t one of the people who vanished from it.” “So,” Jin sighed, “what did we really learn from this trip? And where do you want to go next?” He had a feeling it would be another wild goose chase. “Jacob uses your weaknesses against you.” Locke replied. “With you and Malkin it’s your love for someone. With my father it was his greed for money.” He added. “I know you think this is a waste of time, but by finding out all we can about Jacob, we may discover his weakness and be able to use it against him.” “When do we go to the others?” Jin wanted to know, “And find out how they got back to the island. Or are you delaying going to them because you know they won’t tell us?”

“Soon,” Locke promised him not denying Jin’s accusation. “I want to go to this man named Hibbs, next. He’s the one who lured James to Australia.” “Why bother,” Jin was getting frustrated. “He’s likely to tell you the same thing your father and Malkin did. That Jacob made him do it.” “Ladies and gentlemen,” The captain’s voice came over the speaker. “I’m afraid we’re about to experience some turbulence. For your safety remain seated and please buckle you seat belt. Thank you.” “What do you think that’s about?” Jin looked at Locke as everyone felt a bump in the cabin. “You’re behaving like someone who’s been in a plane crash.” Locke retorted. “It happens all the time when you’re flying.” “We’re traveling on the same airliner,” Jin reminded him, “to the same destination that our plane crashed before.” “We’re not about to crash on the island, again.” Locke smiled, as he buckled his seat belt. “The island just got rid of us. Why would it bring us back, again?” The Island – 2007 “If we were going to lie,” Sawyer tried one last time to reason with Ilana. “Wouldn’t we make up a better story than this?” “So,” she replied. “Since your story is so bad, that means you’re telling the truth? For your story to be true you’d both have to have amnesia and I’ve never heard of shared amnesia before, have you?” She added, “Maybe you think if you told such a ridiculous story it would be believed because it was so bad. Unfortunately, you thought wrong.” A humming noise began to fill the air. “What is that?” Sawyer looked around. For some reason the noise seemed familiar somehow and it filled him with dread. “What’s what?” Ilana didn’t appear to hear it. “Is this another one of your tricks?”

The humming grew in intensity. “Do you hear it now?” Everyone began to look around as the day suddenly began to grow brighter. En route to Los Angeles – 2004 The turbulence on the plane began to increase. If Jin hadn’t been buckled into his seat, he might have smashed his skull against the ceiling. “Whatever this is,” Jin yelled over a sudden humming noise that began to fill the plane. “This isn’t normal. This is just like what happened before the plane crashed.” “Why would the island bring us back,” Locke yelled over the increasing volume of the humming noise, “It can’t be the island.” “Then maybe we’re just going to crash.” Jin suggested. “Maybe Jacob doesn’t like that were trying to find out about him and he’s decided to kill us? Or maybe we were supposed to die in the plane crash and course correction is catching up with us?” The cabin suddenly filled with a blinding white light as the humming noise increased to such a pitch it felt like their brains would explode if it got any louder. The Island – 2007 “I remember this.” Sawyer yelled over the humming noise to Claire. “This is what happened on the plane.” He grabbed her hand and began running. “Let’s get out of here.” Ilana and her crew were too busy covering their ears and shielding their eyes from the blinding light to even realize their prisoners had just escaped. En route to Los Angeles – 2004 Everything suddenly settled down on the plane. The humming noise stopped and the blinding light disappeared. “Whatever is was,” Locke commented. “It looks like it’s over.” He turned to Jin. “Are you all right?” He stared in shock at Jin’s empty seat. He was gone.

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