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					    Saint Gerard Majella Church
                  121 Dawn Drive, Verona, PA 15147
                                                      A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust

                                                          Weekday Mass
                                                 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
                                                            9:00 AM
                                                         Weekend Mass
                                                        Saturday: 5:00 PM
                                                  Sunday: 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
                                                   Sacrament of Reconciliation
                                                  Saturday after the 5:00 PM Mass
                                                 Rev. Martin F. Barkin, M. Div., Pastor
                                                 Dolores Lauer, Administrative Assistant
                                                         Hank Lauer, Custodian
                                                Roz DeStefano, Administrative Assistant
                                               Cindy Youhon, Director of Music Ministries
                                                  Gloria Gent, CCD Program Manager

           St. Gerard Majella Church                                  St. Susanna Church
   Office:                        412-793-3333            Office:                       412-798-5596
   Fax:                           412-793-4726            Fax:                          412-798-0479
   Email:                      Sacrament of Reconciliation
   CCD:                           412-793-3959            Saturday:                 3:15 PM -3:45 PM
   Hall:                          412-793-9868

St. Gerard,
Powerful intercessor before God and wonder-worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your aid. You,
who on earth always fulfilled God’s designs, help me do the holy will of God. Beseech the Master of Life,
from whom all parenthood proceeds, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the
kingdom of his glory in the worlds to come.                                                Amen.

                                          Mission Statement
The commitment of the St. Gerard Majella Pastoral Council is to build a stronger parish through
prayer, openness to God’s Word and listening to the Spirit and the needs of our people. Strengthened by
the Eucharist and our personal prayer lives, we strive to bring Jesus Christ into our daily lives and into
the community through service, worship and education.

                  Vol. 27, No. 18– Fourth Sunday of Easter - May 3, 2009
Page Two                                                                                                    May 3, 2009
                MASS INTENTIONS                                       DAILY MASS CLUSTER SCHEDULE

Tuesday, May 5th                                              St. Gerard Majella     9:00 am        Tuesday, Wednesday,
 9:00 am Jean Titus (Regina Titus)                                                                  Thursday
                                                              St. Susanna            9:00 am        Monday, Wednesday,
Wednesday, May 6th
 9:00 am Rosanne Giovannini
          (Capol Hysechak)                                    St. Bartholomew       10:00 am        Monday, Thursday,
Thursday, May 7th
 9:00 am Paul Liberto (Connie DelleFemine)                    St. Joseph            9:00 am         Monday, Tuesday,
Saturday, May 9th                                             St. Irenaeus           8:00 am        Tuesday, Wednesday,
 5:00 pm Tony Serrao (Mr. &Mrs. Jeff Dolrack)                                                       Friday
Sunday, May 10th
  8:00 am Carol Macioce (Phil Macioce & Family)                       ANOINTING OF THE SICK— Sunday
 10:00 am Giovanna & Antonio Casciato                         St. Gerard Majella May 3rd         Following the 8am Mass
          (Joe & Carol Casciato)
                                                              St. Bartholomew       May 10th Following the 8am and
                    ALTAR SERVERS                                                            10:30am Mass
                                                              St. Susanna           May 17th Following the 9am Mass
Saturday, May 9th
 5:00 pm Julia Crowe
                                                                 EXPOSITION & ADORATION OF THE MOST
Sunday, May 10th                                                     BLESSED SACRAMENT— Sunday
  8:00 am Tucker Curran                                       St. Susanna           Noon to 1pm
10:00 am Kristen Osunkwo & Cynthia Obiekezie                  May 3rd
                                                              St. Gerard Majella Immediately following the 10am
      BINGO WORKERS, Wednesday, May 6th
                                                              May 17th           Mass until noon. At the closing of
                                                                                 Adoration, there will be a prayer for
Jo                  Anna               Dottie                                    vocations recited. Come spend some
Judy                Debbie             Gail                                      time in quiet Adoration.
Theresa             Bill               John, Caller
                                                              St. Susanna           Noon to 1pm
                                                              May 17th
If you have a conflict with this schedule, call Jo by
Tuesday at 412-793-5392. Do not call the Parish Office.
                                                                             BAPTISM SEMINAR—7pm
                CHURCH FINANCES                               St. Susanna              Monday         May 4th

Offertory ……………………………………$3,476.00                             St. Bartholomew          Monday         June 15th
Votive Lights ………… ………………….......$116.00
St. Vincent de Paul …...……………………. $1,225.00
                                                              MAKE A DIFFERENCE
                                                              There is a need for friendly visitors, relief sitting for care-
               REMEMBER OUR SICK                              givers, reading inspirational texts and prayers, singing
                                                              hymns, Bedside Vigil volunteers. Gateway Hospice will
Betty Austin        Mary Giordano       Mary Lou Stephany
                                                              train you for these positions. Please call 412-536-2020
Melissa Baroni      Tony Girdano        Ron Strzelecki
                                                              for more information.
Rose Cuffin         Tony Lujetic        Rosemary Thurkettle
Betty Gasiorowski   Anthony Pugliese    Louise Walter
Robert Gilbert      Marge Scanga        Jean Wargofchik                 PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN
Lewis Giordano      Jean Spina                                           Diocese of Pittsburgh Abuse Hotline
Fourth Sunday of Easter                                                                                      Page Three

  Through our Baptism, we receive new life in Jesus and are claimed by God as his children. As God’s dearly
  beloved sons and daughters he provides for our needs. Along with our new life at Baptism, we received the Holy
  Spirit. At Confirmation we received the gifts of the Holy Spirit All help us to persevere in the faith .

                              ...and Craft Sale                  “BABY ITEMS”
                                                                 May is the month when we honor Mary, our Heavenly
                                                                 Mother, and our earthly mothers … May 10th, Mothers’
                           SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2009
                                                                 Day. In keeping with this tradition, we are asking the
                                  8am to 2pm
                                                                 generous Saint Gerard parishioners to donate baby items–
                                 ST. GERARD
                                                                 diapers, ointments, Desitin, baby shampoos and lotions,
                               CHURCH HALL
                                                                 bibs, etc. These will then be given to local charities.
                                  Tables $15
                                                                 There is a small baby crib at the stairs leading to the
                             To reserve a table call
                                                                 social hall. We ask that you place your donations in the
                                                                 crib. We will be collecting these special gifts during the
                                                                 month of May.
   (Donations of Baked Goods will be appreciated)
                                                                      If there are any questions,
                                                                               please call
EASTER FLOWERS                                                           Mary Ann LaBertew
Once again we invite you to take for your own personal                       412-793-6713
planting the Easter tulips, lilies and azaleas which are
located in the back hall in the CCD School area. You are
asked not to remove the plants from the sanctuary. The
flowers that remain .. hyacinths and daffodils .. are on the
other side of the CCD wall and will be used as part of a
prayer garden being planned for the near future which
                                                                 CCD SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT
volunteers from the parish will construct on the church
                                                                 CCD classes have ended for the 2008-2009 school year.
                                                                 In the fall of 2009, the scheduled time for all CCD classes
                                                                 (grades 1 through 8) at St. Gerard Majella will be on
ALSO … Some of you might have misinterpreted last
                                                                 Monday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45. If it is not possible
week’s invitation and, in error, also removed the Peace
                                                                 for your child to attend on Mondays, you might consider
Plants which are kept in the sanctuary throughout the
                                                                 enrolling at St. Susanna’s on Tuesday evenings (6:30 to
year. If you know of someone who might have taken one
                                                                 7:45) or at another Catholic CCD program in our area.
of the Peace Plants unknowingly, please ask that they
return them to the church. We appreciate your help.
                                                                                “HEALING MASS”
What better way to enjoy the day than going for a walk ..                      Here at Saint Gerard’s
Walkers are welcomed to the church parking lot on Mon-                            Sunday, May 17th
day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 11am beginning                                   3:00 p.m.
May 4th. With questions, please contact April Ramsey at                       With Father William J. Kiel
                                                                              ALL ARE WELCOME

                                                                                                 Inn the Ruff
                                                                                             6229 Saltsburg Road
                                                                                             Penn Hills, PA 15235
                               See what love the Father has                                 Owners: Harry and Lisa
                                      bestowed on us
                                that we may be called the
                                     children of God.
                                                 -- 1 John 3:1                          —Thank You and God Bless You

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