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									Universität Stuttgart · Postfach 10 60 37 · 70049 Stuttgart                                     Thematic Orientation

PhD-Net “Internationalization of Literature and Science                   The PhD-Net “Internationalization of Literature and Science
Since the Early Modern Period”                                            since the Early Modern Period” is a bi-national PhD
                        At a Glance                                       programme run collaboratively by King’s College London and
Partner Institutions
                                                                          the University of Stuttgart, which aims to forge interdisciplinary
        STUTTGART UNIVERSITY                                              connections between various subjects in the Humanities
        Institute for Literature, Departments of Modern German            (German Studies, English Studies, Comparative Literature,
        Literature, American Studies and English Studies; Institute       Philosophy, and the Histories of Medicine, Science and
        for Philosophy, Departments of Theory of Science and              Technology). Partner institutions in Germany include the
        Philosophy of Technology; Institute for History, Department       German Literature Archive in Marbach and the Institute for the
        of History of Natural Sciences and Technology.                    History of Medicine at the Robert Bosch Foundation.
                                                                          An international research team will support and connect
        German Department, Department of Comparative Literature;
        English Department, Literature and Medicine programme             projects which address both inter- and transnational
                                                                          tendencies within the Sciences and Humanities. A particular
Affiliated Institutions                                                   focal point will be the currently under-researched area of
         German Literature Archive in Marbach;                            internationalization within the Humanities.
          Institute for the History of Medicine, Robert Bosch             Although for sound academic and political reasons
                                                                          internationalization is a desirable goal, what exactly the term
Programme Duration                                                        means, how it develops and the consequences for
       Six semesters, of which two are to be spent at a                   international research remain unclear.
       foreign partner institution                                        Aside from noteworthy conceptualizations like the Learned
                                                                          Republic (Joseph Jurt: “The Internationalization of Literature:
Time Frame of Studies for Inaugural Class
                                                                          In Connection with the Monograph of Pascale Casanova: La
       1/4/2009 – 30/9/2013
                                                                          République mondiale des letters,” Internationales Archiv für
Application Deadline                                                      Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur, Tübingen 2000, pp.
        Mid-November of each year – current deadline: 30/11/2009          148-58) and empirical works about internationalization in
                                                                          contemporary research and pedagogy, the notion of
          Dr. Sarah Schmidt (Project Coordinator)
                                                                          internationalization in relation to the history of the humanities
          Stuttgart University – NDL 1                                    has attracted little systematic scholarly attention. (For an initial
          Keplerstraße 17; Germany – 70174 Stuttgart                      attempt at a conceptualization, see “About Internationality and
          Telephone (0711) 685 83071                                      the Internationalization of Science” by Lutz Danneberg and
          Fax (0711) 685 83069                                            Jörg Schönert, in: How International is the Science of
                              Literature, edited by Danneberg and Vollhardt).

The goal of the PhD-Net research team is to theoretically and             literature, including the noteworthy efforts of Anglo-American
historically develop this concept by critically assessing case            scholars (“The Norton Anthology of World Literature,” 6
studies from the Early Modern Period onwards. The purpose                 volumes, David Damrosch (ed.), Princeton, N.J. 2003).
of these case studies will be to address the role of exchange             Examples of related work can be found in the fields of Post-
and the networks underlying this as well as the transfer of               Colonial Studies and Literature and Science Studies.
subjects, practices and methods in literature and science.
Of particular interest is the relevance of literature for the             In terms of methodological approach, the research team will
internationalization of science, as well as critical reflections on       combine two lines of inquiry, which have, until now, been
the circulation, communication, and implementation of                     pursued separately. On the one hand, Literature and Science
knowledge       media      (language,     text,    and      image).       Studies have mainly concerned themselves with one field,
Historical topics which invite a case study approach include              such as medicine, examining synchronically as well as
the international Learned Republic (“Gelehrtenrepublik”) of the           diachronically the relationships between literature and science,
Early Modern Period and the 18th century, the core phase of               and have left questions of internationalization largely
development and differentiation of literature and the “modern”            unanswered. Studies of knowledge reception and transfer
scientific disciplines between 1750 and 1900, the                         have, on the other hand, largely concerned themselves with
historiography of the humanities as well as their                         the perception of literary texts across cultures (and, in doing
nationalization, the rise of Modernism with its international             so, have approached the issues raised by internationalization),
avant-garde      movements,         and    the    trend      toward       but have not yet systematically investigated the questions of
internationalization after the World Wars and its continuing              perception      and    interdependency     across    disciplinary
repercussions in the fields of literature and science. Other              boundaries. This is especially true for comparative literature,
possible topics of investigation within the scope of the                  which focuses on the literary object and for the history of
research team include scholarship focused on antiquity, which             science, which isolates individual disciplines and ignores the
tended to transcend national borders, and the emergence and               role of artistic perception. The research team assumes that a
decline of international scholarly languages in various                   dual perspective focused on disciplinary and media transfers,
disciplines.                                                              as well as diffusion across cultural and national borders, is
Traditionally, the starting point for methodical reflection on            indispensable for the analysis and assessment of literary and
internationalization has been in the field of the History of              scientific internationalization.
Comparative Science and Literature. Since the 1980s,
noteworthy contributions have included the social history-                In pursuing a forward-looking programme of scholarly
oriented studies of literary transfer (“Transferts. Les Relations         research, the research team seeks not only to reveal the
interculturelles dans l’espace franco-allemand (XVIII et XIXe             analytical potential of the term “internationalization” but also to
siècle,” Paris 1988), their criticism and further development in          pay close attention to its normative power. This means
accordance with the term “histoire croisée,” (“De la                      keeping in mind possible applications and inquiring after
comparaison a l’histoire croisée” edited by Michel Werner,                meaningful strategies of internationalization that might be
Paris 2004) the analysis of so-called “global history” ( “History,        implemented after the term has been thoroughly analysed and
Globalization and the Plurality of Cultures” by Jürgen                    researched.
Osterhammel, München 2000), and research on world

            Study Programme and Credit System                                     During each semester, candidates will attend a PhD
                                                                                  colloquium (4 credits each). Over the course of the doctoral
The doctoral programme involves the successful completion of                      programme, each candidate must inform the PhD colloquium
six semesters (36 months) including the writing of a                              at least twice about the progress of the dissertation project.
dissertation, but not the oral exam. A successful candidate for                   The candidate’s primary and secondary Ph.D. advisors
the doctoral degree will earn 180 ECTS-points (credits). The                      should be present for these updates.
dissertation counts as 120 credits and includes a substantial                     In addition, 4 credits are to be earned by attending special
dissertation proposal by the end of the first year of study. 8                    presentations offered by the Institute of the Science of
credits are given for passing the oral exam and 52 credits are                    Literature at Stuttgart University through the project
earned by successfully completing doctoral courses.                               “Presentation and Discussion Skills: Achieving Competence
                                                                                  in Academic Work and Career.”
Every PhD candidate is continuously supervised by at least
one English professor and one German professor. Should the
topic of the dissertation require a supervisor who is not                 Course Related Credit
affiliated with the research team, an outside supervisor may be
                                                                                 During the doctoral programme, candidates will hand in a
chosen upon the candidate’s request. The candidates will
                                                                                 research paper in each of two seminars (4 credits each).
spend the second year of their studies in King’s College
                                                                                 Each of the research papers will be graded by the
London. Arrangements can be made for those candidates
                                                                                 candidate’s dissertation supervisors and also receive an
whose dissertation topics require them to be in London at
                                                                                 assessment of “pass” or “fail” from the seminar teacher.
other times.
                                                                                 In addition, course credits (up to 36) can be earned for
Programme Requirements                                                           participation in alternative activities, including presentations
                                                                                 at symposia, academic teaching, work on third-party
                                                                                 projects, and scholarly publication. Dissertation supervisors
       After the first year of study, a substantial dissertation
                                                                                 will decide how such participation is to be credited and how
       proposal totalling approximately 30 pages (not including
                                                                                 many ECTS points each activity is worth.
       bibliography) is due for submission. The candidate’s
                                                                                 For the substitution of study credit, candidates must abide by
       supervisors will evaluate the proposal and make an
                                                                                 the following agreement:
       assessment as to whether it passes or fails. A failed
       proposal can be revised and resubmitted within two months.
       Should the reworked proposal also earn a failing grade, the
       candidate will no longer be a part of the PhD-Net and will
       receive no further funding.
       Over the course of the doctoral programme, each candidate
       will participate in four PhD seminars (4 credits each). For
       each seminar, an oral presentation covering a portion of the
       dissertation project is expected.

      Dissertation Work                                                 seminars on distinctive constellations of the dichromatic
      Biannual collaboration on relevant professional third   8cr       processes of internationalization and re-nationalization.
      party funded projects
                                                                        Completion of Dissertation and Viva Voce
      Presenting a lecture or running a seminar or tutorial   8cr
      Publication                                                       After the dissertation is completed and adequate study credits
      Anthology article A-class                               8cr       have been amassed, the dissertation defence can be
      Anthology article B-class                               6cr       arranged.
      Journal article A-class                                 8cr       Successful completion of the viva voce concludes the doctoral
      Journal article B-class                                 6cr       programme.

      In the case of co-authorship, a proportionate award
      of credits will be administered.
                                                                              Conditions of Admisssion and Application Process
      Other Activities
      Summer school (at the German Literature Archive         8cr
      in Marbach)                                                       German applicants from all disciplines are welcome to apply to
      Attendance at relevant professional                     8cr       the programme – both those who are already registered as
      conferences/symposia and lectures                                 PhD candidates at King’s or Stuttgart, and those who are
                                                                        planning to undertake a PhD at either institution. Up to 15 PhD
      In case of co-authorship, a proportionate award of                students will be supported in England and in Germany each
      credits will be administered.                                     year. Support covers: travel costs, book grants, and
                                                                        assistance in obtaining further PhD funding / reduced fees.
                                                                        Successful applicants who decide to undertake a dual degree
Attendance at the international summer school of the German             will qualify for a grant of 2,000 pounds a year.
Literature Archive in Marbach at the University of Stuttgart is
especially desirable but requires PhD fellows to compete for a          The PhD programme is bilingual and German participants are
limited number of places. In other words, selection for the             expected to have a good or excellent knowledge of the English
summer programme is not automatic and is considered a                   language.
                                                                        A complete application should contain the following:
Seminar Programme                                                       • a CV
The seminar programme starts with an introduction to different          • a brief project outline (10.000 characters) including the
methodological approaches whose aim is to grasp the                        topic, thesis, state of research, methods and a plan of work
meaning of the phenomenon of internationalization in literature         • a cover letter (max. 3000 characters) explaining your
and science, as well as to understand case studies from the                interest in the programme and the thematic connections
history of medicine, of science and of technology.                         between your research project and your previous
Subsequently, PhD fellows attend historically oriented                     academic experience


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