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									                      PCMA Membership Chapter Phone-a-thon
                               Script Template

Bold Italics – member responses
Regular –call script
Plain Italics –notes

Hello _________________. My name is __________________________ and I am a PCMA
member from the _______________ Chapter. How are you today?

I am calling to thank you for your membership in PCMA. Our organization is made up of terrific
industry professionals like yourself and we count on your continued participation.

The current membership cycle expired on June 30th and our records indicate you have not had a
chance to renew yet. We hope you are in the process of submitting your membership renewal as
you have until July 31st to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

Question: Can I assist you with renewing your PCMA membership today? (Please see
script for “Yes” or “No”.

Member Answer YES:

Member Answer 1: Yes, it has just slipped my mind. I’ll do it today.
Question: Great! How will you be paying for your renewal?
Answer 1: Credit Card - You can pay by credit card on the PCMA Web site. I’d be happy to
provide you with the link so you can renew on-line:
Answer 2: Check - If you are sending a check, when can I tell our membership team to expect
the check?

Member Answer 2: Yes, the check is in the mail…
Staff Comment: Great! Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt and you will receive
that within a week or so after we process your payment.

Member Answer 3: Yes, I mailed my check last week, you should have received it.
Answer: Thank you! As you might as well expect, during our renewal cycle it takes about 1
week for payments to be processed as it passes through the system. We did attempt to cross
reference the list with any applications received today, but must have missed it. I apologize for
the inconvenience.

Closing Comment to Each Member Planning to Renew:
Thank you for your continued support of PCMA. Please visit the web-site at to
view the upcoming events calendar (under the chapter section of our site). We are have some
great things scheduled and look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event soon.
Member Answer NO:

Answer: I am very sorry to hear that, but would you mind telling me why you are unable to
renew your PCMA membership? (NOTE: Please get the answer to this question!!!) Is there
anything I or any other member our staff could do to convince you to stay a member? If yes, get
them to the appropriate person ASAP. If no, follow with: I see. This year we have a new tool
that would be helpful in providing us additional feedback. Can our HQ staff e-mail you a short
Membership Exit Interview so we can better serve our members in the future?

Member Answer: Yes
Answer: May I confirm e-mail address? You will receive an Exit Interview and we appreciate
you taking the time to complete it.

Member Answer: NO
Answer: I understand.

Closing Comment to Each Member NOT Planning to Renew:
Thank you for your past support of PCMA. We hope to have you as a member again soon!

NOTE: If the reason for not renewing is negative (do not see a value, not pleased with some
aspect of membership, etc.), PLEASE contact JoAnna Leon at or 312.423.7253
ASAP. Give us a chance to save the member!!!!

Voice Mail Script

Hi, _____________________, my name is ______________________________ and I am
calling from the _________________Chapter with PCMA. We are calling our valued members
who have yet to renew their membership for our current membership year. Your PCMA
membership expired on June 30th and we know you are not going to want to miss out on
upcoming PCMA events.

Please visit our website at to learn about all the new activities and initiatives
underway at PCMA. And, don’t forget about our Annual Meeting being held in January. Renew
now to take advantage of these and other opportunities.

If you have questions or comments, please contact our membership department at (312) 423-

Thank you for your continued support of PCMA…have a great day!

NOTE: If asked, give them the Member ID number without the leading zeros. If they do not
know their password, they can request it from the Web site and it will be sent via e-mail to their
e-mail address…be sure to see if e-mail address we have is correct.

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